Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First vibe dead :(

Just a quick post – my first vibe (the white one that there are pictures of me using) has finally died L I didn’t really use it that much anymore as we have much better ones now but it’s still sad that something that gave me so much pleasure has died.

I was thinking of having a competition – people could come up with idea of things for Mike, Jen, Sue and I to try over Christmas* and I’ll send the vibe to the person who suggests the thing we enjoy most (or not send it, given I can't imagine anyone actually wanting it!)

We would like some ideas though and they would have to take into account the reality of who will actually sleep with who (Jen only does things with me and I can’t see Sue and I doing much more than sharing Mike and maybe a little touching).

Mike wants to add that if anyone can suggest ideas that encourage Sue to do things with Jen or Jen to do things with him, then he will be very happy (but remember that Jen reads this so she will be forewarned of any dastardly plans!) Sue still doesn't know about this though and I'm happy for anything to be done to her (as long as it doesn't harm her of course).


  1. Jen licks Sue, Andi licks Jen, Mike fucks Andi.

    Sorry if I get names wrong.

  2. I would really love to hear about Mike getting to play with Jen. Reading about Jen and Sue playing together would be great too. I think you should create a gloryhole and you three girls could take turns sucking and fucking Mike and he'll have to try to figure out who's mouth or pussy is on the other side of the hole.

  3. Mike would love any of those but Jen still isn't going to let him do anything with her and I still can't see Sue letting Jen do anything to her (btu we have a few ideas of our own about that one).

  4. Dear Andi,

    In a recent post You mentioned Girls "wearing" candles. I've had a similar fantasy for a long time, so perhaps You, Jen and Sue could all spend at least one day all wearing some sort of phallic objects in Your pussies - all held snugly in place by tight panties.

    I'll leave the choice of objects to you, but items to be considered might include:
    - dildos
    - vibrators (perhaps providing a final outing for your first vibrator?)
    - cucumbers
    - carrots
    - parsnips (very Christmassy, especially if worn on the day itself!)
    - bananas
    - ginger (called figging if You'd like to Google it. It's often used as a butt plug in spanking, but I've read that vaginal use of a properly prepared ginger plug can have the Lady desperate to cum)

    As an added bonus You might consider butt plugs, too, in which case You could get Mike to join in! Otherwise I'm sure he'll make sure he isn't left out.

    As to the details, well, it wouldn't be appropriate to provide a script. You're much more inventive and I feel it's better to go with the spirit of the moment.


  5. I'm sure we can work something like that into the Christmas festivities - if we do, I'll obviously report back

  6. I'm sure if you (Andi) and Jen put on a show for Sue it would end up progressing into what you, she and Mike now enjoy. If Sue can see how good it is for you both together i'm sure she will be very tempted by it. Also, if Mike is fucking her as she watches it means he gets a nice little show too (which lets face it - he must deserve by now!!) When Sue is suitably aroused i'm sure she wouldn't mind Jen helping to make her cum.....the rest (along with the methods) i will leave to your imagination.....

  7. I have no idea what Mike and Jen have planned for Sue and I think I'll just wait to find out... I'm sure they would enjoy having Jen make her cum but I'm not sure how ready Sue would be for that to happen - as I said, we will see!

  8. Dear Andi,

    I have another suggestion based on a further fantasy of mine, although this one might not be to Your liking, but, as Jen is introducing You to mild BDSM, one never knows.

    This involves a rope bikini.

    Now, unless You're a real masochist then ordinary rope probably isn't for You. Instead try something like the ropes used for curtain tie-backs (if it's possible to et them long enough).

    The idea is that You tie loops of rope round the base of each of Your breasts. This will restrict blood flow and cause them to swell and become more sensitive - especially, methinks, Your nipples. Tie off the loops behind Your neck, halter-style.

    The "briefs" should consist of a tight loop around Your waist and a crotch rope. Ideally the crotch rope should pass between Your labia. A couple of additional passes (one to the left and the other to the right of Your labia) might make things a little more secure.

    Now simply walk round and enjoy. If it's comfortable enough a trip outside (perhaps shopping or to a pub, club or restaurant) might be in order!

    I think for the bra to work fairly large breasts are needed, so this might not work for Jen (I'm not sure how well developed Sue is), but the briefs should work for You all.

    Oh! I've had another idea; something I read in a Forum collection many years ago. This requires a clit piercing, so it's probably not something You'll be able to do this Christmas, but it might be something to keep in mind. The Lady Who wrote the letter simply passed a length of elastic through Her clit ring and attached the ends to the top of Her stockings. She managed about a dozen steps before Her first orgasm! Practice enabled Her to exercise greater restraint, but She could cum at will while dancing with Her husband.