Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Heading home

We're heading home today so will be having a few days of wholesome family fun (not the kind of family fun that Mike Sue and I have been having - more like Monopoly and mince pies).

I hope everyone has a good Christmas and I'll see you all soon.


  1. Dear Andi,

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (or, if You prefer, happy Christmas and a merry New Year) to You and Yours.


  2. here is a suggestion for some "Christmas fun":
    As long as it is understood that there is no Mike&Jen and no Jen&Sue then all 4 at the same time would work. It might be interesting seeing Mike&Sue put a show on for Andi&Jen (Who can also put a show on themselves).
    That would leave only the below 3 combinations available during the "Show"
    Agreeing before hand to keep the mike/jen & jen/sue thing strictly off limits may open up some adventuresome and voyeuristic sides for all 4 parties involved...

  3. Mike still hasn't seen Jen naked (as much as he'd like to) so I think this is out, but he would love to see the three of us naked at the same time (even if he couldn't do anything to Jen)

  4. True, it would involve a little give on each players part but they do get a little take in return in the form of the show being put on for them