Saturday, 19 December 2009

Jen finally conviced

Jen arrived last night (edit: actually on Thursday night – it just took longer to write this than I thought it would) and once again, things didn’t go quite as I had expected. She turned up in the late afternoon and I left work a little early to meet her. Things didn’t seem quite the same at first, but we sat and talked (and cried) for a little while and I thought that by the end she knew that I still want her just as much as I ever have (both sexually and as a girlfriend). We decided we would hold off doing anything until we went to bed that night as Mike was going to be home fairly soon anyway (not that that would have really stopped us, it’s not as if he hasn’t heard us making each other cum many times already).

Just because we weren’t going to have sex, it didn’t mean that we weren’t going to touch each other at all and ended up kissing and fondling in front of the fire (Jen likes the idea of making love in front of an open fire, so we’re going to be doing that a lot more through winter). We got a little carried away and by the time Mike arrived, Jen was fingering me (just a little) and I was playing with her breasts under her top.

He came in and said we could continue if we wanted while he got dinner ready but we thought it would be rude to not go and talk to him while he worked. It was fairly easy for me to straighten myself up, but I had done something strange to Jen’s bra and she ended up taking it off (without removing her top, which I thought was quite impressive). She gave him a hug and congratulated him on getting me to marry him but got him to promise that I wasn’t going to take me away from her.

Mike assured her that he had no intention of doing that but that he would of course expect to be allowed to join in with our games in future (so no change in his approach there!). She would usually have made some sarcastic comment but didn’t say anything in return this time (I didn’t pick up on that at the time though). We ate dinner together and discussed random things of no importance. Jen seemed to still be slightly subdued but livened up a bit when Mike and she started to discuss some of the ideas that people have sent in relating to what they could do with (or to) Sue.

Mike was aware of how Jen had reacted to the news (obviously, given I posted about it on here!) and he and I had agreed that Jen would have a lot more of my time for a few days so when we finished dinner and moved back to the seats, I snuggled up with Jen on the sofa and Mike took a seat. We chatted for a bit while half watching TV (there was nothing worth really watching on so we were mostly chatting). Even with the excitement of getting engaged, I had missed Jen and kissed and gently fondled her throughout the evening. I hadn’t really realized it at the time as I was just happy to see her again, but she was letting me do more in front of Mike than usual – she still wasn’t naked or anything, but I had my hand up under her skirt and was stroking around the top of her thighs.

I had thought that she was enjoying it (and she later said that she had been up to a point), but she put her hand on top of her skirt and pressed my hand against her leg, stopping me from moving it and when I looked at her I could see she was upset. While I was thinking of what to say, she looked at Mike and asked him “Do you really want to see me and Andi having sex?”

Mike looked very interested and just answered that of course he did and the he couldn’t think of anything that would be sexier. Jen pulled my hand higher up under her skirt and started to spread her legs and she says that she was prepared to let him watch us do everything to each other at that point. Now I may have the same libido that Mike does and the idea of Jen and I putting on a show for him does really appeal to me (especially as it could lead to all sorts of interesting things), but I knew that it wasn’t what she really wanted (we have been together for almost a year now and our relationship isn’t *just* based on sex).

I put my hand on hers and told her she didn’t have to do anything and she started crying again. Mike finally stopped being male and realised that he wasn’t about to get his (other) fantasy and came over to join us on the sofa.

Jen explained again that she loved me and didn’t want us to split up and it took quite a while to get things calmed down again. Mike and Jen had a long chat about their relationship and he explained that while he certainly thought she was very beautiful and sexy, he knew that she was my girlfriend and had thought she knew that he was (partly) kidding when he teased her about letting him join us. In turn, Jen explained that she didn’t mind the comments, that she enjoyed flirting with him and even liked the attention he gave her. She said that she loved him because she knew that he took care of me and made me happy and had no problem sharing me with him (I didn’t get much of a say in this conversation as I was parcelled out!) but she as just scared that when we (Mike and I) were married that things would be different and that he might not want his wife shared with anyone (even another girl).

We (Mike and I again) explained to her that we had thought about some of the difficulties over the past week (mostly about what other people might think about me being married and having a girlfriend) and that we didn’t care. Mike cares about Jen for pretty similar reasons (she makes me happy) and he has no problem with her doing things with me (to put it mildly). She understands just how much he likes hearing us (either actually hearing during a session or hearing about after). She eventually seemed convinced and was a lot happier (I think actually hearing Mike tell her the same things I had really helped). She gave him a kiss, thanked him and snuggled up to me again.

He suggested that we (Jen and I) go upstairs and enjoy ourselves and we didn’t need to be told twice. We untangled ourselves from each other and quickly ran up to our room. Clothes were quickly lost and we fell onto the bed kissing and touching. It was quite a passionate session and we didn’t even get round to using any toys (just fingers and mouths. I wanted to make sure Jen came first – she was on top of me grinding her pussy against my leg and I was arching back against her to provide more pressure. As she got closer, I grabbed her ass and pulled it tight against my leg to give her as much friction as I could (although her copious juices were doing a good job at letting her slide over me).

I fingered around her ass as she came – moaning into my mouth. I wasn’t exactly far off cumming and continued rubbing my pussy against her. She pressed her leg harder against me and kept kissing me through my orgasm. As I recovered, I promised her that there was no way I would ever want to stop doing that with her. She gave me her cheeky grin, said “Better make sure” and crawled down between my legs. I was going to object and say that I wanted to 69, but she started eating me and I kind of forgot. It was just long enough after I’d cum to feel nice and Jen pushed her long tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my cunt. I love it when she does this and lifted my ass up to give her better access. Jen pulled my lips apart and glued her face to my pussy – she kept licking deep inside me until I was almost crying (with pleasure). I begged her to eat me properly (although what she was doing was a lot closer to ‘eating’ than just licking my clit and labia) – she knew what I wanted and started alternating between licking inside me and sucking on my clit and I came while looking down at her, looking up at me. It was a strong cum and I ended up degenerating into a series of “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, oh fuck...” as it hit me.

I’m not claiming it was so strong I passed out or anything, but I was certainly not quite with it by the time I had finished and didn’t realise that Jen had shifted me around on the bed slightly. I certainly noticed when she moved her pussy over my face and crouched down. It was about this time I realised that she had moved me so I was lying diagonally across the bed and I wondered why but then realised – she was sitting facing the window. Now I’ve done this many times and while there are only a few windows that can look in (and they aren’t too close) it is still enough to stir my exhibitionist side and I loved the fact that Jen was becoming more adventurous about this.

We hadn’t closed the curtains and I couldn’t see if any of upstairs rooms on the other side of the street had any lights on (on account of having a Jen on top of my face) but she later said that a couple of lights had been on (but she hadn’t seen anyone). I was determined to repay her for the orgasm she had just given me and to make sure to show her off should anyone look over while I was working on her. I tried to do the same thing to her that she had done to me – pushing my tongue deep into her. I can’t get as deep as she can, but given how wet she gets, I end up with a lot more of her juices covering my face (and down my throat).

Once I had her squirming around on me I decided to go in for the kill. I could see that she was playing with her nipples (always a good sign that she is ready for more) and so I moved my attention to her clit. I considered telling her that Mike would probably appreciate hearing her cum, but this was meant to be time for us so I didn’t bother and just continued to eat her. She started rubbing herself over my face and I had to grab her ass to keep her pussy within reach. Between the licking and her face fucking, she came. While she wasn’t as loud as she has in the past, her mewing was more like panting so I was satisfied that I had pleased her. I kept licking (a bit more gently) until she stopped moving around and then switched to kissing around her lips and gently licking (trying to clean up some of the mess as the whole area was as covered with her juices as my face).

She moved down my body and lay on top of me again so we could kiss and then said we should go back down to join Mike. I got up and slipped on my dressing gown and Sue put on a new robe (well, new to me anyway). It was very thin – not see through, but light enough that it looked as if it shouldn’t really hide anything. We headed down and I kissed Mike, letting him taste Jen (which he always likes). Between Jen and I, we were putting off a fairly strong smell of sex and this coupled with Jen’s attire certainly got Mike’s attention. Jen knows that Mike has a thing for legs (between the white socks and opaque black tight fetishes) so teased him a bit more by lying on the sofa with her legs across his and telling him that he could play with them if he wanted. She opened the bottom of her robe so he had access up to about the middle of her thighs (but kept her legs together) and he gently stroked up and down them (and tickled her a bit) while we talked.

I ended up working myself under Jen at the other end of the sofa so that her head was on my lap. I was surprised that Mike behaved himself so much given he’s always admired Jen’s legs, but he just gave them a gentle massage and didn’t try anything. Jen seemed to really like it and said that he could do it again as she could tell how much he was enjoying it (given her legs were lying across his, she could feel the bulge of his cock through his jeans).

So at least everything seems to be sorted out now and Jen is happy again (which is always a good thing). Just to reassure my readers – I have a fairly good idea why you are reading a blog like this and I don’t intend to turn it into Andi’s wedding planning blog. There will still probably be the odd mention of things and the occasional emotional crisis, but I hope to keep it focused on our sex lives (until I get married of course and then I never need to have sex again!)


  1. 'Sue put on a new robe'

    Interesting slip there...


  2. Dear Andi,

    There are some wedding planning details which You simply can't omit; the hen night; the night before the wedding spent with Your Bridesmaids; how You were late for the wedding because of all the things Jen did to You; how You spent an hour in the toilet when Jen went to help You by holding Your skirts out of the way; etc!

    And You'll need a whole extra honeymoon (or two) to describe Your activities on the honeymoon proper!



    For you and Jen...have fun :) and congrats.

  4. Anon: Oops. That made both Mike and Jen quite happy as they really want to see Sue and I do things and they know know that they are managing to get into my head!

    Nancy: Of course I'll be putting such things on here - I meant that I'm not going to try to turn this into a blog about all the boring details (although I am rather excited about everything that will need to be planned so I think the odd mention might sneak in relating to menus and dresses...)

    George: Excellent link - that was a nice thing for Jen and I to wake up to and it *might* have led to a bit of playing ;)

  5. How much "playing" Andi? :-)

    Nice vid, they look like your type of babes.

  6. I'm sure you can figure out how much playing was involved :) We re-enacted the scent (with our own interpretation of some bits) - and then continued to make things up for a while until we were exhausted!

  7. Hi Andi

    Congratulations !!!

    I'm very glad that you and Mike are getting married - you do seem to have enjoyed being together these past few years.

    And I am so pleased that Mike was able to convince Jen that he wasn't taking you away from her. Jen's offer to let him watch the two of you having sex must have been quite a hard decision for her and shows what commitment she has to you as well as letting him see her in a clinging thin robe and even letting him stroke her legs - but not too high up (yet?)

    Reading your blog from the beginning has been a bit like time travel ! I hope your adventures continue in the same erotic fashion (but please don’t give anything away)

    Cheers, John