Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday afternoon of fun

Jen didn’t like the idea of me going to the party so we held off from this one while she thinks about it. While I am a little disappointed, I understand her reasoning. She wouldn’t be a part of it, so said that she would feel left out and more importantly, I don’t think that I would like the idea of random people doing things with her... (of course, I still love the idea of doing things with her, or just making her cum, in front of a group of people so that may be an option in future).

We didn’t set out to do anything specific today as we (or at least I) have had a few exciting weekends over the past month. Sue had wanted to come up and visit, but we had discouraged her due to the fact that we might have been going to the party and I’m not quite ready to introduce her to such things yet (not that we have actually been introduced to such things yet either...)

We did go for a walk into town and I wore my slutty crotchless tights. I still really don’t like the way they look (but given the temperature outside, I do like the fact that they keep me relatively warm while allowing access to bits). The place was packed and Mike took the opportunity to fondle me a few times while we were surrounded by people. We didn’t get a chance similar to the one we had on the bus with Sue (when he made me cum), but I got nicely wet.

Jen had also wanted to visit to ‘make up for stopping us going to the party’ as she put it. I think I would have been getting more out of the ‘making up’ than Mike would, and as much as I wanted to see her, I know she hasn’t got a huge amount of money so thought that we could wait another few weeks for the end of term. She got to listen in to a few of our antics today and came along with us so isn’t feeling too left out – and she’s still being really grateful to Mike for the weekend away.

We (Mike and I) actually ended up spending a bit more money that we had intended as Mike wanted to get a new dildo for us to use (having heard about our antics at the hotel). While we (Jen and I) really enjoy the double ended dildo we have, and purposely got one that wasn’t too long as we wanted to be able to swallow it completely in our pussies, we have wanted a longer one for a while. We really wanted one that was long enough to bend round and be in us both while we were lying face to face (so we could kiss and fuck properly).

We (Mike and I again) found ourselves at one of the private shops and went in for a look (given how busy town was it was nice to go somewhere quiet for a little while). As we looked around, Mike found the perfect thing - a long flesh coloured double ended dildo with a soft (silicon?) texture to it. I think (well, I know – but more on that in a minute) that it is the right length and it isn’t too thick (Jen is still fairly tight and I don’t want to hurt her). There were lots of other goodies in the shop that I got quite excited about (I think I may have given Mike a few ideas for Christmas presents).

A part of me wanted to wait for Jen to turn up to try the dildo out (Mike wanted to get Sue along to try it out with me, but he’s just desperate to see us do something together) but when I phoned Jen to tell her about our latest purchase, she said I could give it a test drive. (I’ve just thought of a really fun thing to try with it and will have to give it a go tomorrow or next week – no spoilers though so you’ll have to wait and find out what it is - and if it works!).

So after we got home (it was too cold to stay out for long), we decided to have a bash at reducing the number of orgasm Mike owed me for his weekend with Sue. We started a fire and settled down on the sofa to get warmed up (in many senses) and slowly lost our clothes. We didn’t rush things – just kissed, fondled and fingered until we were really ready to do more. We first tried calling Jen to see if she wanted to join in, but at this point, she was out with friends and had to listen to us asking if she wanted me to eat her and make her cum without being able to reply properly. She said she would call back later on (when she was alone) and we went back to our own little session. Mike was still sitting on the sofa and I had mounted him (facing him) while we were on the phone to Jen so we just continued in this position. I slid up and down his cock while he rubbed around my ass and then leant forwards so he could nuzzle my neck while I kept riding him.

This had the usual effect and I started to pump up and down a bit faster and harder. I didn’t want to cum too quickly as I love the feeling of my neck being kissed, but the problem is that I love the feeling of my neck being kissed so couldn’t really help myself! We weren’t going for crazy mad fucking at this point, so I didn’t make too much noise – just moaned about how good it felt as I came and then rested against Mike (after urging him to keep kissing my beck of course).

I decided I wanted to cum a dozen times (which was a pretty ambitious target given we hadn’t started until mid-afternoon). I didn’t really think that I’d actually cum that many times, but having a high target to aim for is good! Mike said that he would need some help in getting to twelve so went to fetch some toys from upstairs while I stretched out on the sofa. The fire had made the room nice and warm so the fact it was cold and wet outside had been forgotten.

Mike returned with an armful of toys and knelt on the floor to start using the on me. He started with a massage brush which is about the only mechanical thing that I like being used on my neck and then added the small vibe, which he teased my nipples with. This ended up moving down between my legs and he sucked my nipples in turn. I’ve been getting more used to having them played with and have also been enjoying it more (probably related to how much Jen enjoys having her nipples played with). I was soon lifting my ass in the air and rubbing myself against the vibe and had to ask him to switch to a more powerful one. Fortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to tease me and once I felt the stronger vibrations against my pussy and clit, I could feel my orgasm start to build. He didn’t put the vibe inside me, just kept rubbing it around my pussy (while still sucking my nipples and using the brush on my neck) and I had a nice deep orgasm that I could feel through my whole body (I guess because I was being stimulated in three different places – or four if you count each nipple!).

We snuggled up on the sofa while I rested and Mike suggested a few things we could try over Christmas. He wondered if Jen would be willing to stroke my neck and make me cum with him watching (she will, as long as we – or at least Mike and her – are clothed). He also thought that it might be possible to get Sue to stroke my neck and see if she can make me cum. I can’t remember if I’ve told her just how sensitive I am there, but his idea is to tell her that I find it really relaxing and while we’re watching TV or something, for me to lie with my head on her lap and get her to keep stroking it. I know I can cum quietly but I don’t know if I can hide it from someone looking directly at me – it could be interesting to try.

While we were talking about this, he’d been rubbing his cock against my ass and had started stroking my neck again. My neck was a bit sensitive from the use of the brush, but it still felt nice and that probably had something to do with me going along with another one of his fantasies about getting Sue to make me cum. He said he needed to calm down a bit so we moved so I was sitting on the sofa with me legs spread and he knelt on the floor to eat me. He is a bit more forceful than Jen (which isn’t better or worse – just different) and I came for the third time quite quickly (it had been a while since the last orgasm). He continued to lick me (gently) until I finished and then suggested we move over closer to the fire onto the sheepskin rug.

We spooned again but this time Mike was rubbing against me a lot harder and it was clear that he thought it was his turn to cum. I squirmed my ass back against his cock until he was positioned by my pussy and he slid into me. He was clearly enjoying it, but after a few minutes suggested we go back to the sofa. He sat on the sofa and asked me to mount him facing away from him. As I got into position, he guided me so that he was pressing against my ass and I relaxed to let him in. I think it’s a while since we’ve done anal and he explained that this would be a good position for the next time Sue was here – the idea being that if she sat in front of us, she could see my whole pussy laid open while he fucked my ass. This is something that she hasn’t seen us do so far (I think – I don’t remember doing it in front of her anyway) but she had admitted that she has done it before so I can’t imagine she would be disgusted by it.

Mike grabbed the new egg, slipped it into my pussy and turned it on high – he said he could feel it against his cock and that it felt really good (and that he wouldn’t take long to cum). He used the other egg on my clit and stroked my left nipple with his free hand (it was up to me to balance and move). I didn’t think I would be able to cum again so quickly, but he managed to hold off for long enough that I came before he did. It was very intense (a bit too intense) and I ended up sitting right down on his cock when he came so he was buried as deep in my ass as he could probably get. I actually couldn’t get the egg out of my pussy while his cock was in me and felt quite tender by the time I stood up and retrieved it.

I really needed a rest so we went up to have a shower – he was taking the twelve orgasm target seriously and tried to use the jet on my clit, but I couldn’t take it so we just cleaned off and went down for a snack. We batted around some ideas for Christmas (but we still need more suggestions). He quite likes the idea (when both Jen and Sue are here) of the three of us dressing up in sexy Santa costumes (the little fur lined outfits). It seems a bit strange to me, but I guess it could look cute. Jen is okay with it (with panties of course) and Sue will probably go for it given she did the school uniform thing for him.

While we were eating, Jen phoned back and said she had hurried home and was naked in her room. We had to tell her that we weren’t doing anything at that point in time, but she gave us a bit of encouragement and the last of the food was quickly eaten and we moved to the bedroom. I had wanted to at least wait until Jen was on the phone before trying out our new toy and we took it up with us. I described it to her and told her I was kneeling on the bed on all fours with my ass in the air. Mike slipped one end into mu pussy and described to her what he was doing and what he could see. I felt him bend it round and the other end nudging up against my ass. He added a bit of gel and pushed it into me (given he’d just fucked me there the dildo went in fairly easy). It felt very different than having two different things in me as the ends moved together. I reached behind and experimented with the best way to move it in me, but it felt better when mike did it as he could push one end in while pulling the other end out.

Jen was playing with herself and describing to me what she was doing. I pictured her lying naked on her bed and enjoyed the image of the two of us using the dildo together. (The image that actually slipped into my head was of Jen underneath me, sharing the dildo while Mike was buried in my ass). I really liked this idea and found my pussy tingling once more (but I think the gel was helping with that). I told Jen I wanted to be there and bury my face in her pussy and asked her to be as vocal as she could. I knew she was getting close and she put on a good show for us, asking me to lick her and making it very clear how close she was getting.. I pictured her body getting flushed as her mewing increased in volume and could almost smell her pussy as she came. I told Mike to fuck me harder with the dildo and I helped things along by rubbing my clit. I returned the favour and made sure Jen knew how I was feeling and ended up in a pile on the bed as I fell over while cumming.

Jen couldn’t believe that I’d cum five times since I’d phoned her the first time and she wanted to cum again to catch up a bit. I really needed a rest now though so told her that we would phone her back later on (but encouraged her to keep playing with herself in the meantime). I actually slept for a while and woke up in the early evening. Mike had rested with me for a bit and then gone to get some food for dinner so I woke up to an empty house (but he had left a note so I knew where he was).

I’d had some quite explicit dreams and wished he had been there to wake me up in his usual way (licking) and considered having a solo session, but guessed that there would be more to follow when he returned so I resisted (well, mostly – just a quick fiddle, but not enough to cum). He got back while I was freshening up and had pizza with him so we ate a very unhealthy dinner and returned to the sofa. He was still clothed and I had on my thin dressing gown. He told me that he’d heard from Sue while he was out and she had asked about where we would be over Christmas. I realised that with all the worry over whether Jen would join us at my mum’s place or in York, I hadn’t thought to see if Sue would want to come to York (if we were going to be here). Mike had asked her and she said that if it was going to be anything like our visit then she would be wherever we were going to be.

He also said that Rob has been being a lot nicer to her over the past few weeks. I don’t really have many details yet but Mike got the impression that Sue might actually like him (which would probably stop her doing things with Mike – at the very least he says it would stop him doing things with her if she were to start dating him). I will enquire later tonight or tomorrow if we talk...

Back to today – I ended up naked again and back on the sheepskin rug while Mike got the fire going again. We made love in the standard missionary position and Mike came in me (only his second cum for the day while I was now on six). He then wanted to eat me and so said he should have waited to cum (so he didn’t have to taste himself in me) and went to the kitchen to get some ice cream. I got a towel that had been loft out to dry and arranged it on the rug for me to lie on. I repositioned myself and let him drip ice cream onto my pussy and lick it off. He then put a fairly large bit on my mons and waited for it to mostly melt and run down over my pussy and ass before he licked me clean again.

I didn’t want him to have all the fun (or ice cream) so I took a small mouthful and started sucking his cock. Depending on the mood he’s in, he either really loves this or hates it – from the sounds he made, I was guessing he was in the right mood to love it so I kept going. Of course, I had to eat more ice cream from time to time as it kept melting and as hard as I tried to keep it all in my mouth, some of the ice cream dribbled out down his cock and over his balls. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth (which doesn’t taste as bad when mixed with Haagen Daas), but when he got really close, he told me to stop moving so he could hold back.

I released his cock from my mouth and lay back for him to finish me. He first slid into me and fucked me for a little bit before sliding down my body and really getting stuck into me. The ice cream was fairly soft now but he still added little bits now and then as he ate me. When I started to get close, he stopped eating me and moved up so he could slide into me again. I tasted the ice cream and my pussy juice as we kissed and he started slamming into me quite hard but then stopped again when he got close. I begged him to stop teasing me and he said that he was teasing himself and that he’d eat me until I came this time. He did just that and I had my sixth cum of the day (well, of the session – I haven’t been counting our morning screw).

I’m clearly getting old as I thought I had cum enough (for a while at least) and so I started writing up this posting (which has taken a while). On the positive side, I’m certainly in the mood to do things again now and Mike is stroking my pussy so I think I’ll sign off and see if I can go for my seventh (and possibly eighth) cum of the session. I’m pretty sure from the look of Mike’s cock that he intends to go for his third so I think we’ll give Jen a call and let her join in again if she wants...

I probably won’t post tomorrow as I’ve got lots of work to do, but I might try out my idea with the new dildo next week and will report back on that...

Ooohh – Mike is now on top of me and taking me from behind – must hold off until I get this posted...


  1. Dear Andi,

    What a delightful post to read while passing through York on the train!

    I'm sorry to be boring, geeky and nerdy, but You might like to look at sites such as Tickleberry or Sh! before buying toys, just to make sure You're not disappointed! (I know You're on a budget). It's okay if You're able to touch the toy You're considering, but if they're packaged and one's not available to feel, You might end up buying one You don't like.

    I've had my eyes opened about jelly dildos (they should always be used with condoms due to the chemicals they contain) and some people have allergies to materials such as latex.


  2. We didn't really plan to get the new dildo (well, not on that specific day anyway) it just kind of happened. We've had a look at Sh and there are some things we would like to get when money allows - but we also want to enjoy what we currently have.

  3. Hot story as usual. I jerked off a little while a read it.

  4. Just a little - tsk, I must be losing my touch!

  5. Well I've got other posts you could use to help you or would you rather cum over me?

  6. This is for you Andi.

  7. That's the effect I aim for :)

  8. All for you. Dont stop writing. I wish you would post pics.