Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Teasing Mike

I think that we might have pushed things a little too far with Sue the other day. I’m certain (‘cos she told me) that she enjoyed most of it – and with a bit of blushing we even got her to admit that she enjoyed having the dildo used on her DP style. She wasn’t so happy about me taking it into Jen for her to enjoy afterwards though.

I was aware that she was only playing along with Mike’s fantasy about her and Jen doing things to keep him happy, but I had thought that she was getting into it at least a little bit by the end (clearly I was wrong). As such, Mike and Jen have decided to back off (for a while at least). This doesn’t mean that they’re giving up, but I think *if* they manage to convince her to try things, it will take a lot longer.

She had told us how she felt when we woke up the following morning and after apologising to her, Mike went down on her to make up for it (which seemed to work for Sue). We all went into town for a few hours and it was nice but very cold (so there were no ‘games’).

I've had a few people mail to ask me why I could try to force Sue to do things with Jen - I want to make it very clear that I don't want to (and won't let them) force her to do anything. If she decided that she wants to give anything a try then I'm happy to let that happen, but I will look after my lil sis. I just don't see why she should be denied some of the pleasures that I've discovered over the past year (and I know it would make Jen very happy to have two sisters at once - she feels that if Mike gets to experience it then so should she!) I still don't think that Sue will go for it at all though - it took many years of association before the idea really started to appeal to me.

Jen decided to give Mike a treat last night (either that or she is torturing him, it's hard to decide which!). She gave him a viewing of the outfit she wore for me in Dunblane (the white lacy panties and bra that looked so cute). She had made a deal with Sue to see how much they could tease Mike and so Sue joined in (on the condition that she wasn’t going to be getting naked). Given that they were both in their underwear, I thought that I should join them. I don't have anything as fancy as Jen's outfit, so I just went with a plain white set. It was somewhat surreal - even though I'm quite used to being naked around them and around the house, having the three of us semi-clothed was something new.

Mike had to remain dressed (as per the terms of the Jen treaty!) but he did end up in his dressing gown to make having an erection for the whole evening a bit more comfortable! Sue seemed to enjoy playing the game and brushed up against him a fair number of times (as did I). Jen even seemed to get into the teasing quite a bit as I saw her press her ass up against him. By the end of things I think he was suffering a bit and was holding us against him and pressing back against us. Given it's usually him who is teasing me (or Sue) then I think it serves him right though so I don't really feel sorry for him (especially as it was fun).

Even Jen let him put his arms around her and pull her ass against his cock. I actually thought he was about to fondle her breasts (or bra) but she tells me that she reminded him that he could look but not touch and he behaved himself (although he did hold her against him a bit longer - but she didn't seem to mind this too much).

From what she's told me, Jen actually used to be fairly shy - especially around boys. She knew from a reasonably young age that she was interested in girls but didn't want anyone to know this and so never pursued any relationships with them. She was propositioned a number of times by boys and didn't know how to handle the situation so sort of retreated into herself. Since coming out, she certainly seems to be a lot more confident (if she was ever as shy as she claims to be - which given how forward she was on the night I met her I'm not *entirely* sure I believe!)

Anyway - the whole point of that aside was that she now seems to enjoy male attention (up to a point). I also think that having me tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is over the past year she now realises a bit more just how much power she can have over men (or bi/gay girls) and she enjoys using that power from time to time - especially to tease Mike :) I know he enjoys it though (which of course means that Jen knows that too).

The only problem with both Mike and Jen reading this blog is that I can't share any secrets with you all without them finding out - so I'm limited to secrets relating to Sue (although I'm still not allowed to know what they have planned for her in future). Something I can tell you though, is that we've planned a New Year's party here in York and in order to commemorate my anniversary (with Jen) it's school uniform themed. Jen and Sue brought theirs with them and I of course have mine as always. I'm really looking forwards to seeing my friends in their uniforms and it should give Jen and I a few fantasy sessions afterwards (I know she thinks Holly is really cute and Anna is even coming back for the night).

I'm probably not going to be able to get many entries written over Christmas (and it is somewhat difficult now with Sue around) so I'm not sure what the best way forwards is. I can either just keep my notes and write my usual long entries and take a while to catch up or just post briefly and keep relatively up to date. If you have any opinions on which would be best, let me know.

Mike decided that due to the teasing it was only fair that he got to have a go at me before I spent the night with Jen (any excuse to get his cum on her - even if it is second hand). Sue is now in the main bedroom and Mike is on the sofa (but that means he gets the fire to keep him warm and can watch anime on the TV so he's relatively happy).

Jen is now fingering me so that when she goes down on me she can taste me as well as Mike and it is getting very distracting so I think that will be all for this post - ooh, minty tingle gel as well now...

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