Saturday, 12 December 2009

Trade old pictures?

We're looking through our rather large collection of porn pics and vids in order to delete the ones that we don't really want any more (we have somehow amassed over 50,000 pictures over the years). Most of them are being deleted, but instead of just getting rid of them (and yes, I know they are digital images) - I was wondering if anyone would want to take them.

We could upload them somewhere (probably in zip files) and you can find out the sort of things we like - mostly cute young girls (legally young, no pedo stuff here), lots of lesbian, close up pussy, masturbation, some fucking and some cumshots.

When we end up with the (much reduced - we're being quite ruthless) set of pictures, we would be prepared to put them up as well and hopefully some kind soul will be prepared to send some similar pictures our way to repay us for the effort we've gone to...


  1. Andi, why don't you upload them to imagefap? If not you could send them my way and I will post them.

  2. It's been a while since I've fapped. I may upload the good sets of pics to there so I can keep them online.

    I have no idea how long it would take to upload 50,000 pictures though!

  3. I could give you some I have pictures downloaded off of legal websites

  4. you could also use , you can put tons of stuff up on there and keep them organized.

  5. Dear Andi,

    I'd be happy to exchange zipped files.


  6. I will package them up (in sections) and post links to where I put them for people.