Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Upset Jen

Things haven’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped with the whole ‘getting married’ thing – or to be exact, with the way that Jen is taking it. Just to be clear, she knows that I’m posting this and is okay with it.

When I first told her on Saturday, she congratulated us and everything seemed okay. She has been really upset/worried since then though (without telling me at first), that this means that everything will change and that I won’t want (or Mike won’t want me) to see her anymore. We’ve had a few tearful conversations since then and I think she finally understands how I feel about her and that I have no intention of breaking up with her.

I think Jen was really worried that he would get possessive over me, but Mike has also assured her that he has no problem with a cute young student eating his future wife (surprise, surprise). I don’t think she feels at all threatened by the basic relationship I have with him (seeing as she’s always known I was dating him – well, from after our first fumble at the party anyway). She knows that she means something to me that Mike doesn’t (and can’t) and vice-versa.

She is skipping a few days at the end of term and going home to see her family early so she can come up to York earlier than planned. While we have sorted things out over the phone, it would certainly have been much easier if we could have actually been together to talk and both think that some extra time together will make her feel better about things.

Mike says it will give them more time to plan what they are going to do with Sue (I actually think that they don’t have any plans and are just teasing me, but some of the ideas that people have come up with are certainly interesting I had quite a strange dream involving some of those things, but don’t have time to post about it as I’m really trying to get ahead with work and thesis so that I have time to spend with everyone over Christmas and New Year.

Anyway, it will be great to see her sooner than expected and once she is reassured that I have no intention of stopping burying my face between her beautiful thighs, we can have a wonderful Christmas and celebrate. She will arrive either tomorrow or Friday so I'm getting things ready for her (fresh sheets on our bed) and I'll be freshly shaved tonight...


  1. ?? sounds like getting married won't change anything. If that's the case then why do it?

  2. Beginning of the end, I'd say...

  3. Oh, I don't know about all that but I do think there should be at least some change if they are going to be tying the knot. (You know forsaking all others and all that)
    Otherwise they may be taking an unnecessary financial investment (read: risk) that produces no results.

  4. Wow, people on here are cynical! We're getting married because we love each other and want to be able to show that to the rest of the world (in a slightly different way than we show it on here!)

    Yes, I still love Jen and we may even extend our activities to include other people - but if we did that it would be because it was something we both wanted. We're not going to be doing things with anyone by ourselves or without the other person knowing about it.

    Maybe I'm quite traditional, but i still think that marriage means something more than just the bit of paper and while it's not going to change our relationship in any direct way, it's still important to me.

  5. Why can't we be cynical? If you don't like the comments, stop writing your blog or unable comments. If you're so traditional Andi, why not just marry Mike and only do stuff with him?

  6. I didn't say you *couldn't* be cynical, I just pointed out that people were *being* cynical. If you don't like me commenting on your comments then why don't you stop reading the blog or posting comments?

    (Just to make sure it's clear that I am being sarcastic - you can (within reason) post whatever comments you want).

    As for what marriage means to me - our relationship isn't based entirely on sex (although it's obviously a fairly important aspect so if we changed that it would fundamentally change who we are and how we relate to each other). Jen is a part of our lives and losing her would also change things (in a bad way) so I can't see how that could lead to anything good.

  7. From the way you go on, doesn't seem like any of your relationships are based on anything other than sex. Maybe if I heard about something else, I could see it wasn't.

  8. I'm sorry Andi, it was me who was having a go at you. I was just jealous. Split up with my girlfriend recently.


  9. I kind of assume that people aren't reading this for the romance and relationship side of things or I'd write a bit more (not too much more though as part of the reason I enjoy spending so much time writing is my exhibitionist side).

    Sorry to hear about your break up Steve.