Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Double date

We're up in York now (Mike, Jen and myself) - no Sue this time as there wouldn't really be much for her to do (although a bit more happened with her over Christmas than we had intended - but she didn't technically cheat on her bf).

This follows on from the previous posting...


Pretty much as soon as the door was closed, I pounced on Mike and told him about me fingering myself under the table. He slipped a hand under my skirt and thought that I did indeed feel quite wet (although that was still partially due to his cum from earlier). He asked me what i wanted to do about it and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me. He considered this for a moment and said that it might be better if I was really horny when we went out this evening as it might make things ‘more interesting’. I really didn’t want to wait until we got back (or even until we went out) to cum, so I told him that we should go fuck and then he could tease me later on and get me horny for going out. Mike agreed to this and said that if we were going to fuck, we should do it properly so we went upstairs. On the way up, he grabbed me from behind and buried his face in my cunt (this is why I love short flippy skirts). He licked my cunt and tongued around my ass before giving me a slap and telling me to get ready for a god fuck.

I was more than ready even before he started to lick me so I bounded upstairs, pulled my clothes off and lay on the bed. He slowly undressed and I gave him some encouragement by spreading my legs and pushing a couple of fingers into myself. As he lowered his boxers, his cock sprang free and I told him to get it inside me quickly. He obliged and climbed on top of me, slipping into me straight away. This was probably the horniest I had felt all weekend and I pulled him hard against me and told him to fuck me and make me cum quickly. While we fucked, he got me to describe what I’d been doing while talking to Lis and I pictured it and described the scene to him. This really helped things along and I was getting close by the time I had finished and we turned over so I was on top. Mike grabbed my ass and held it while he pounded into me rapidly. He told me to imagine what might have happened if I had kept going and Lis had noticed that I was fingering myself. He described her moving under the table to get a better look, me spreading my legs and them her mouth making contact with my pussy.

I started to cum, and he kept pistoning in and out of my cunt. He described how I held Lis’ mouth to my cunt and how her tongue explored the inside before focussing on my clit and eating me to orgasm. This was a really powerful image and my orgasm was very intense, but Mike didn’t stop fucking me. I was a bit too sensitive now but he continued to describe how we moved over onto the sofa, Lis’ clothes were pulled off and I buried my face between her legs. I couldn’t take much more and told Mike to hurry up and he continued his description of me eating her, tasting her sweet little pussy and feeling her making me cum. He joined the fantasy at the end of it (but it was the very end as he started to cum in me, so his part was coming in the front door and pushing his cock into Lis and cumming in her).

Once he had cum, he slowed his movements and then stopped, just resting in me. My pussy felt really sensitive and was still tingling and throbbing. We were both rather sweaty and kissed for a while before Mike asked if I had enjoyed the fantasy. I told him that I obviously did and that my cunt felt like it was on fire so he suggested that once we’d had a rest, we go and shower and then get start to get ready for our double date. I wasn’t really with it enough to figure out what he meant (I know it doesn’t take us that long to get ready), but slid off his cock and dozed beside him for a little while. When I woke up, his cum had dribbled out of my pussy and over my leg. I gave Mike a nudge and we headed into the bathroom to clean up. We only needed a quick shower to freshen up, but Mike wanted to make sure that my pussy was nice and clean so he used the pulse setting and gave the whole area a good going over. I had pretty much assumed that he wasn’t just going to clean me, so I wasn’t surprised when he directed the jet mostly at my clit and spread my lips. It certainly felt nice (and I do miss having a decent shower to make me cum) so I settled back to enjoy it.

I didn’t get that close to cumming before the shower was turned off though and I told him that he could finish me off if he wanted. He reminded me that I had agreed he could make me horny again before we went out and I realised what that might mean. While we dried off, he gave my pussy a little rub and said that he was going to take good care of it. Back in the bedroom, this consisted of spending a long time playing with various toys, fingering, licking and fucking me – but not letting me cum. As I got more aroused, the periods where he was doing things to me got shorter (as I got close to cumming in less time). I *very* nearly came at one point but he stopped licking me just as the first wave of my orgasm was about to hit and he held my hands so I couldn’t play with myself (which I would have done at that point).

This continued on and off throughout the afternoon and by the time we were ready to actually get ready to go out I was even more horny than I had been earlier in the afternoon and begged him to let me cum (although a part of me really liked the idea of going out with the girls while feeling like this). It also probably had something to do with my choice of clothes – I wore my partially see-though dress and took a large shawl with me for use in the restaurant (there is only so much you can get away with in a brightly lit place). On the way to the restaurant, we stopped a few times and Mike kept me nicely aroused (actually, more than nicely, more like frustratingly aroused). We arrived first and Lis and Vicky turned up about 10 minutes later. Vicky was still a bit nervous about being seen by people she knew, but I pointed out how I was dressed and that we’d never seen people we knew here. Lis and I popped off to the toilet while Vicky and Mike ordered the drinks and Lis was really excited about having an actual date (it was very cute, she was like a little schoolgirl – but then Lis in a school uniform is a whole other fantasy).

Mike and Vicky get on quite well – she has quite a dirty sense of humour and is very friendly (as well as pretty and large breasted - so is popular with quite a few men). When we returned, they were talking about the fact that nobody else knows about her and Lis and Mike was reassuring her (just as he had with Lis) that he wasn’t going to tell anyone. She seemed to relax a lot more over dinner (although I was somewhat distracted as Mike kept pulling my legs apart and fondling me. I think the others knew that something was happening, but neither of them said anything and we finished up the meal.

I said that we would go onto one of our other places. I noticed that Lis took Vicky’s hand while we walked and how happy she seemed. It wasn’t long before we arrived and after just a short queue, we got inside and checked our coats (and shawl). We headed to the bar and got a drink and stood around chatting (loudly) for a while. One of the reasons I like this place is that there is a good area to stand that overlooks the dance floor and there is a ledge at the bottom of ht banister that is both at a comfortable height to rest a foot on and high enough to separate my legs enough to give a decent view up my skirt. We danced for a bit and had another couple of drinks – Mike hadn’t had much of an opportunity to tease me as Lis and Vicky were around, but just wearing that dress (without panties) usually gets me nice and wet anyway so in my pre-aroused state, I had a nice buzz going. Vicky and Lis were drinking more than we were (I seem to have turned into a lightweight recently) and we got to see them having a proper smooch. Mike took this opportunity to reach behind me and slipped a finger between my legs to rub my pussy.

As Vicky got drunker (she wasn’t really drunk, but a bit tipsy), she said that Lis had told her some of the things I’ve got up to. I didn’t deny anything and told Vicky that I really loved sex and showing myself off. She commented on my dress and I said that I loved wearing it, knowing that people can see my nipples (especially when they are hard – which thanks to Mike’s teasing, they were). Mike was standing behind me and reached round and caressed my breasts, running his hands over them and then teasing my nipples until they were properly hard. Lis and Vicky were right in front of us and could see everything he was doing and I could feel his cock pressing up against my ass. I had expected him to drop a hand to my pussy and rub it, but he said that he needed to pee and would be back. We took the opportunity to go to the bathroom as well and this was the first time the girls had seen my dress properly in good light (I’d made good use of the shawl in the restaurant).

Vicky said it was really daring and asked if I really went out without panties on. I’m sure this is exactly why Mike wanted me to be really horny as I just went with the easiest way of demonstrating and lifted the hem of my dress up and showed off my bald pussy. It was only for a few seconds but it got a nice reaction from Vicky and I saw Lis smile. I asked Lis if she had told Vicky and she looked confused until I mentioned underwear. She shook her head and I told Vicky that Lis was going command as well and made a grab for her dress. Lis pulled away at first, but then lifted her dress – just for a second – and I finally got to see her little patch of hair (but not her pussy as her legs were closed).

Vicky recounted a story where she went to the station to meet her boyfriend (at the time) wearing just a raincoat. I actually think that she had told me about this before (but I’d somehow forgotten) and I said that if she had done that, then surely she could take off her panties and be the same as Lis and I. She hesitated for a minute and Lis pressed up against her and said something and Vicky agreed. I had to turn my back (not very effective in a room full of mirrors, but this seemed to escape their attention) and I saw Lis reach up under Vicky’s skirt and pull of a very lacy pair of black panties. While facing away from them, I gave my pussy a little rub (then a slightly less little rub) and would have probably done a bit more if the door hadn’t opened. I dropped the front of my skirt and looked presentable by the time the inner door opened and saw that Lis had stuffed Vick’s panties into her bag.

I think the newcomer was too drunk to realise that something had been happening and she stumbled into one of the stalls. We had a giggle and I told Vicky and Lis that they could have probably been fucking each other and she wouldn’t have noticed. We headed back out and eventually found Mike again and went to get some water. As the evening went on, he was a bit bolder and did rub my pussy (through my dress) with them in front of us. While I was standing with my back to the railing, he also slipped a hand under my dress and fingered me, but I don’t think they realised that was happening – although people on the dance floor might have done so! Vicky certainly loosened up and they were dancing and kissing, holding each other and even squeezing each others’ asses (only on top of their skirts/dresses).

Mike and I stood watching them dance (me with my foot up on the convenient rest) and Mike standing behind me. We started constructing what the rest of their evening would be like when they got home and Mike started kissing my neck. His hands were being perfectly well behaved (they were just resting on my hips), but his mouth kissed and nibbled my neck in exactly the right way. I kept concentrating on the image of Vicky and Lis and imagined me joining them, their tongues licking my body, my neck, breasts and pussy. I moaned to Mike that if he kept this up, I would cum and he said I should go ahead and try. I didn’t actually expect to be able to cum – while it is possible for me to do so with just my neck being stimulated, it usually takes a long time and I don’t think we’ve ever managed it with me standing. Technically, the fact that I was standing overlooking a large number of people was probably helping, but I was aware that I probably wouldn’t cum and it would just be more teasing.

He continued to kiss and lick my neck – changing sides occasionally and I then heard Lis’ voice. I looked round and her and Vicky were standing watching us. Looking back, I wish I had just let him continue (knowing that they were there), but it sort of broke the spell (although it didn’t stop me from being damn horny). Lis whispered something to Vicky who nodded and when I pressed them I found out that Lis had told Vicky about my sensitive neck and that I can cum like that. Mike was still behind me but I was now facing Lis and I felt his hand slide under my dress once more and his fingers playing with my pussy. We ended up all standing facing the dancefloor (although I think I was the only one with the right kind of skirt on for people to see up) and it was really nice seeing Lis so happy.

I wanted to stay out with them a bit longer, but the horniness had finally become too much for me and I started to make excuses about being tired from travelling and needing to get home to bed (so I was only partially lying as bed was certainly involved in what I would be doing). I got Mike to buy us a final round of drinks and he took Vicky with him so that I could have a chat with Lis. She thanked me once more for arranging the date and I told her that we could repeat it whenever I was in York. She promised (once again) to come up and visit and Lis gave me a hug and a pretty nice kiss. I kissed her back and gave her ass a good fondle while we kissed and she didn’t pull away.

Mike and Vicky returned and found us like this and Mike asked Vicky if she minded me kissing her girlfriend and she said that as long as it was just a kiss, she could cope with it. He then asked her if that meant that Lis was actually her girlfriend and she smiled and gave Lis a kiss and said that she thought she was. He was sensible enough to not push it any further and we had our last drink and chatted. I was fondled a bit more (from behind so Lis and Vicky couldn’t see) and I leant over to Mike and whispered that I really needed to go home and cum or I’d end up having him fuck me with a beer bottle where we were standing. Mike got the message and we finished up and said our goodbyes. We hugged goodbye and when Vicky hugged me she told me that she thought that Mike needed taking care of. I wasn’t too sure what she meant at first, but as we walked out he told me that when he had hugged her, she had pressed up against him hard enough to easily feel that he was very hard and he even thinks that she might have pressed her crotch against his cock a bit. Of course, knowing that she didn’t have any panties on under the skirt had only added to his enjoyment.

We retrieved our coats and headed out – I didn’t bother trying to cover myself up with the shawl on the way home (it was dark and I was horny). We stopped off a couple of times in various alleyways that we are used to and we kissed, I was fingered and Mike knelt in front of me and I lifted a leg over his shoulder so he could lick me. In the last alleyway (before we got home), I fished his cock out and started to rub it while we kissed. Mike pressed me back against the wall and managed to slide into me and we fucked like that briefly (there were people walking past the end of the alley so we didn’t risk it for too long. He had a bit of trouble getting his cock back into his jeans and had to undo them properly. We were pretty close to home by this point so went straight there. At the front door, I had my dress pulled off while I was trying to unlock it) and Mike pushed his cock into me once more. Being at the end of the street, we have a little privacy and managed to fuck for a little while before we actually went indoors.

By this point, we were both pretty desperate to cum and we decided that we would have a quick fuck and release the tension and then do things at a more leisurely pace. The quick fuck was incredibly quick. As soon as we were in the door, I leant over the sofa, Mike reached around to my clit and slid into me and within a minute or so, we had both cum. Mike pulled out of me before he came (se he could eat me later on) and I ended up with streaks of cum covering my back and up in my hair (and some on the sofa that we had to clean up). I felt a bit better after having cum, but even as Mike was rubbing his cum into me, I was ready to go again. He didn’t recover quite as quickly though and needed a little rest (his orgasm had apparently been quite strong).

We moved up to the bedroom and I helped to get him in the mood once more by putting on a little show for him. While I did this, I got him to imagine what is was like when Vicky pressed up against him and we imagined what could have happened if Lis and I had lifted her skirt and started to fondle her. We developed this fantasy nicely and Mike soon joined me while we thought what it would be like to have a foursome. We imagined all the possible combinations (I know that Lis is gay so probably wouldn’t let Mike fuck her – but then this was a fantasy so reality didn’t feature too much and he took turns fucking us while the other two played with each other).

Our extended session didn’t last as long as we had expected (probably due to the imagery we were conjuring up), but it was pretty intense and this time, Mike did cum inside me. He stayed on top of me, pinning me down and whispering in my ear how much he wanted to see me fucking Vicky and Lis, having them both make me cum and watching me eat them in turn. It was a delicious thought (but sadly I don’t think Lis is going to share Vicky with anyone) and we stayed like that, still creating the fantasy for a while until mike eventually went soft and we decided that we needed some sleep.

Unfortunately, I had to get an earlier train back than usual (it was significantly cheaper), so we didn’t get time to do much on the Sunday (of course, we had our morning fuck and Mike added a further load of cum to my pussy. Most of it came out fairly quickly, but there was still a bit of leakage on the way to the station so I ended up having to pop to the toilet and put a pair of panties on before the train journey (or end up with a massive wet patch on my skirt). I wrote a long email to Lis on the journey home and told her how much fun I’d had going out with them. She had replied by the time I got back and said that it had been wonderful to actually go out in public with Vicky and she can’t wait to do it again. I obviously told Jen about everything that had happened and we had a nice phone sex session while thinking about Lis’ little (mostly) shaved pussy and what she might taste like.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Cum cunt in York

Christmas went well - we'll be heading up to York tomorrow to meet up with Jen. Mike has enjoyed seeing Sue again (even though she is now off limits). It's possible that she might have witnessed us doing things though...


The next weekend (still early October), it was my turn to travel down to York. I left work early on the Friday and made it down at a reasonable time so was able to meet up with my old work friends and go out for dinner and drinks (Mike was there with us of course – they are his friends too). It was definitely tights weather (and will be until next spring now) so there was no ‘accidental’ flashing or much touching under the table, but I was still pantiless so could feel the air on my pussy at least a little bit. It was really good to catch up with everyone and a relaxed evening out and we talked about the holiday we had (I suggested another one next year so that we could all spend some time together and people seem to think that it’s a good idea).

I noticed that Vicky and Lis were sitting beside each other, but there was no contact between them (other than talking) and I arranged to meet up with Lis for a coffee to find out how things had been going (of course I’ve been talking to her on the phone, but it’s much more exciting hearing about it in person). Mike and I headed home reasonably early to calls of ‘we know what you’re going to do’ (we knew as well) and only stopped off briefly for a quick fondle on the way. My skirt was slipped off while I was unlocking the front door and once indoors, we lost most of our clothes quickly and made out on the sofa. I kept my tights on (due to Mike’s opaque tights fetish) and he rubbed and fingered me through them and then briefly ate me through them before pulling them down enough to eat me properly. I pulled his cock free and started to suck him (as if you hadn’t guessed, he was already hard). Mike said that he wanted to cum in me and asked me to lean over the sofa, but I said that I wanted to be on top and climbed down his body.

I sat facing away from him and positioned myself over his cock. It was a little difficult as I kept my tights on (still partially pulled down) so couldn’t spread my legs fully. It was quite interesting though as it made my legs feel somewhat restricted. I lowered myself down onto his cock and felt him push up into me until our bodies met. I leaned forwards slightly and rode up and down on his cock – this gave him a really good view of what was happening and he described how his cock was shining with my juices and how my cunt swallowed and then grasped at it as I moved. We got up a good rhythm, Mike pushing up into me as I moved down and our bodies slammed together. There wasn’t quite enough friction for me to cum and I wanted him to cum in me first before worrying about me, but he wanted us to cum together (or at least close together). With a bit of wriggling around, he was able to sit up slightly and reach around to my clit and breasts and this made everything much better. It was a pretty frenzied fuck by the end, he frigged my clit and pawed at my breasts and we made a good stab at a Hollywood orgasm, but he came first. He intensified his action on my clit and I came not too long after, still feeling him twitching inside me.

We had to be quiet careful as I dismounted him as he had deposited a fair amount of cum in me and we didn’t want to stain the sofa. As soon as I lifted myself off him, the cum started to drip out and when I stood up, a fair amount leaked down my legs. Mike thought this was something that Jen would like, so I was passed the phone and relayed the position I was in to her. She said that if she was there, she would lick me clean, but that she couldn’t do much from a distance. While we talked, Mike moved up behind me and slipped his cock between my legs. As he rubbed it back and forth along my pussy, more cum leaked out and Jen said that I should suck him clean. I knelt in front of him and he continued to chat to Jen while I resumed the blow job from earlier. I had to pull my tights back up as I was still dripping slightly. I was surprised that Mike could tolerate fairly intense sucking so soon after cumming, but I worked away at him and he was obviously enjoying it from his conversation with Jen. After a little while, he hung up and said that he had been told that he should eat me, so we got into a 69 position on the floor with me on top. He ripped the crotch of my tights and buried his face in my pussy – he usually doesn’t like eating his own cum that much, but it didn’t seem to discourage him this time.

I noticed that the curtains were wide open and we were in the middle of the floor in a brightly lit room, but we’ve done this before often enough that it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I grasped his cock in my hands and alternated between rubbing and licking it – sometimes concentrating on the shaft and other times on the head. Meanwhile Mike was giving me a good licking and I was getting pretty aroused again. I asked him if he could cum again and he said that if I kept going, he was certain he would, so I went back to work. Mike made it clear (by moaning into my pussy) that he was indeed getting close to cumming, but I couldn’t resist what he was doing to me and I ended up cumming first – my orgasm actually built up really quickly and almost took me by surprise (but it was a nice surprise). I kept my mouth wrapped around his cock while I came and did the best I could to keep sucking, but it was only when my orgasm had subsided, that I could finish him off properly.

As he got close he said that he wanted to cum inside me again so I got him to warn me just before he came and I quickly climbed off him. I knelt on the floor, with my arms up on the sofa and he pushed into me, pounded away a couple of times and then pressed deep into me, pulling me back against him while he came in me once more. There was a little bit of leakage this time, but not as much as before, so I just ignored his cum as it ran down my tights and we went upstairs to bed (where the tights got removed). We snuggled up together and chatted for a while – Mike ended up rubbing my clit and giving me a third orgasm and then we fell asleep with him buried deep in my cunt, slowly pushing into me while I flexed myself around him.

I awoke the following morning in a very similar position – Mike was rubbing his cock against my ass and I wiggled back against him to let him know I was awake. He slipped it between my legs and I pressed it against my pussy, feeling it slide back and forth and slowly getting easier as I became more aroused. He slipped inside me and reached around to rub my clit and we had a quick fuck. It really didn’t take long at all for us both to cum and we stayed locked together until his cock started to soften and fall out of me. While we were still in bed, i sent a txt to Lis asking her if she wanted to come round to the house so that we could talk more openly and she agreed. We arranged to have lunch together while Mike went out to do some food shopping (which he didn’t really need to do, but he enjoys hearing about Lis and Vicky so was prepared to give up an hour of time with me).

I helped clean the place up for her arrival and chose something suitable to wear. I didn’t want to make it too obvious, but wanted to be suitably free to expose myself should the situation arise (in the end I just went for a short black skirt and long black socks (above the knee) – which are very good for drawing the eye up to the thigh area – and then if I happen to be sitting properly, even higher... Mike had an additional plan for the day and we figured out the best way to enact it. He left just as Lis arrived and said that he would be back in an hour or two. Lis and I hugged hello (and had a little kiss) and then got straight down to business over a glass of wine while I got lunch ready. Things are going really well between her and Vicky – they still only see each other a couple of times a week, but they now always spend the whole night together. She said that it is still a secret that they are together (which Lis doesn’t like too much) and this was my chance to strike.

Lis knows that Mike and Jen both know about Vicky (and I assumed therefore that Vicky knew that they both know). It turned out that she did, and both her and Lis were impressed that Mike hasn’t said anything to either of them when they’ve been out places. Having established that they could trust him, I suggested that the four of us go out on a date that evening. Lis was keen on this idea and she went to give Vicky a call while I put the food out. I could tell from the call that Vicky wasn’t as enthusiastic and Lis was trying to convince her. I assumed that it wasn’t going to happen, but Lis bounded into the kitchen and said that Vicky agreed as long as we went to one of ‘my’ places (not frequented by our friends). I’ve told Lis about quite a lot of my exploits (both with Mike and Jen) and how we have some places to use and I asked her how much Vicky knew about these things. Lis quietly told me that she had told Vicky quite a bit and asked if I minded. I told her that I didn’t but in return, I wanted some real details of how things had been going between her and Vicky.

Lis seemed relieved that I didn’t mind (as if I would – it’s only fair given I share her exploits) and we sat down to eat. I found out that they had experimented with a number of the toys I lent her and also that Vicky finally allowed Lis to shave her. I got Lis to describe this in detail and found out that they even use the same smoothness test that we do (tongue). The first time she shaved Vicky, she removed all the hair from around the lips and trimmed the hair above. This made it much nicer to go down on her and Vicky also thought that it made it feel better. The next time, she shaved the lips and removed a bit more hair from above and the time after that (when Vicky also shaved Lis), they both ended up with just a small, trimmed patch of hair left on their mons.

All through Lis’ description, I had been getting more and more aroused at the thought of them both sitting with their legs spread and their cunts being shaved. Almost without realising, I had moved my hand under the table and dropped it into my lap. I slowly spread my legs and pushed two fingers up under my skirt and slightly into my pussy, then moved them further in and gently rubbed my clit with my thumb. I knew that I couldn’t do too much, but was really getting quiet turned on, fingering myself while continuing our conversation. I told Lis how much I love shaving Jen and how nice it is feeling her smooth skin under my tongue when we’ve finished. Lis looked like she was enjoying the conversation as well and I imagined that she had a hand under the table doing the same thing I was. This gave me an extra little rush and I rubbed my clit a bit more than I had intended and felt something like a mini-orgasm (I wasn’t anywhere near cumming, it was just like a little shudder that ran through my pussy). Lis noticed though and gave me a little grin and asked what I was thinking about.

Almost without thinking about it, I said that I wondered what her patch of hair actually looked like and then wondered if I should have said that. Lis seemed quite unphased by the question and described it to me so (in my usual way), I pushed things a bit further. I told her that I would have to see it before she decided to shave completely and if she hadn’t been wearing a pair of jeans it would have been easy for me to see. I got the sort of response I’d hoped for (well, not the actual response which would have been Lis stripping off and spreading her legs) – Lis said that next time she wore a skirt, maybe I would get to see. All I said to this was ‘mmm’ – mostly because I had continued to rub my clit and I was pushing my fingers deep into my pussy. I reluctantly withdrew them as I knew I was very close to the point of going too far and wasn’t sure Lis would actually want me to properly masturbate in front of her.

We moved over to the sofa and started planning for the evening. I sat facing her with both legs up on the sofa and my legs crossed (so my skirt was wide open). The skirt was long enough that I wasn’t completely exposed, but given our conversation was about the fact that I thought Lis should go out that evening without any panties on, it was quite natural for me to give her a quick flash to indicate that I still didn’t wear any. I recounted the number of times that Jen had gone out without any bra or panties (and once again told Lis how lucky she was to have small breasts and to not need a bra). In the end I managed to convince her – partly as payment for having helped get her a ‘public’ date with Vicky and partly as we thought the idea might get Vicky excited and lead to a memorable night for the two of them when they went home.

Mike returned not long after this and noticed how I was sitting (but didn’t say anything). I told him that we were going out with Vicky and Lis and he asked her if he was now allowed to talk to them about the fact he knew. Lis was fine with this (as long as nobody else found out) and he swore himself to secrecy. Mike suggested that we go out for dinner first and after a quick cal to confirm with Vicky, Lis said that she needed to get home to prepare (because it takes over six hours to get ready for a date!).

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Clit slapping

I made it back up here and I'll be heading home (Mum's place) tomorrow (weather permitting) where Mike will be meeting me. We had hoped that Jen would join us, but she will have to spend Christmas with her family and will then join us both in York for a week or so. I hope everyone has a good holiday and I'll be posting a few more tales from the last few months over the Christmas period - I've still got to write up the sex party and Jen's 21st party...


Once we had left Jen gave me a few playful hits and said that I would pay for having made her do that (but I’ve come to assume that I’m going to be made to do things whenever I visit her anyway so I doubt this made much difference). We stayed out for a bit longer before heading back home for dinner. While I was preparing dinner, Jen stood behind me and nuzzled my neck. She kept telling me how naughty I’d been for exposing her in the shop and her hands were running over my breasts and pulling on the nipples. I leant against the counter and let myself enjoy what she was doing and she continued by pushing a hand down into my tights and starting to finger me. I worked my tights down to the middle of my thighs to give her better access and spread my legs as best I could. The kissing on my neck had already progressed things nicely and once she started to rub my clit I knew that I was lost. I undid various buttons and slipped out of my clothes so I was just standing there in my half pulled down tights and asked Jen to finish making me cum. I had assumed that she was going to tease me, get me close and then stop, as punishment for what I’d done to her, but she kept rubbing and kissing and I felt my orgasm build.

She did make it take a little while before I actually came and I did call her some choice names until she rubbed hard enough to take me over the edge. I gave her a running commentary (mostly babbling) as I came and I had to hold on to the work surface to keep myself standing. It was a surprisingly strong orgasm and I had to sit down when it had finished. This put me at the right height to admire (and kiss) her thighs but she wasn’t satisfied with this so I had to move around and sit with my back to the cabinets while Jen effectively ground her pussy against my face. Of course, I didn’t object to this and pulled her to my mouth so that I could repay her for the orgasm she had just given me. I licked and sucked her cunt while rubbing around the entrance to her pussy from behind. Jen was really getting into it (I guess she was just as horny as I had been) and I suddenly felt a cold liquid dripping down over my face. I looked up and saw that she was slowly pouring my glass of wine over her breasts and letting it run down her body and onto me. I was quite surprised by this, but we were in the kitchen so I wasn’t too worried about making a mess and I went back to eating her (now accompanied by a nice sauvignon blanc).

Jen ended up emptying the whole glass of wine over herself – I drank a little as it ran over her pussy, but I ended up sitting in a puddle of wine. Not that this stopped me making Jen cum – I continued to lick and rub her, spreading the wine from her pussy back to her ass and hooked my thumb into her ass and wiggled it around as she started to cum. With my thumb in her ass, it was kind of difficult for her to escape, so I continued to ferociously eat her and held her to my mouth even when she tried to pull away. I didn’t torture her for too long though and let her stagger away and watcher her plop herself down on the floor, still panting. Her whole front was glistening with wine and my hair was pretty wet so we went off and showered before we resumed making dinner (and mopping up the kitchen floor). The rest of dinner was much quieter – but I did sit naked in full view of the window for the duration. We then spent a little while just chatting and deciding what to wear for our night out.

Now while Jen is up with me, she still has to do what I say and I intended to once again make use of this. I decided on a schoolgirl outfit for her – partly as she carries it so well but mostly as I love seeing her dressed like this. She had thigh high white socks, a green and blue tartan skirt that didn’t quite make it down to the middle of her thighs and a white blouse. I nearly felt bad for her having to go out like that so I allowed her to wear a pair of panties (with the provision that they would be removed at some point during the evening). Jen put her hair up in bunches and I decided that if we were going out, that I should copy her outfit and in a short period of time, I was similarly dressed (but with the addition of a bra). We certainly seemed to get a number of comments as we walked to our destination (but we walked fairly quickly as it was a cool evening – at least the socks helped keep our legs warm). We managed to get into the club fairly quickly (but we had got there quite early) and we danced for a bit before heading off to get a drink.

Jen tried to copy what Mike had done to me previously (fondling me while we were at the bar), but it wasn’t busy enough to get away with doing it properly so she just gave me a quick fondle through my panties. We went to sit down, relax and have our drinks and I made Jen sit with a leg folded under the other knee (so her legs were spread). White panties show up quite well under UV light and we ended up attracting a group of squaddies. They were quite fun to chat to for a while but ended up being a bit too pushy so we had to tell them that we were together and weren’t interested in them. Despite their reputation, they seemed to take this quite well as long as we proved that we were together so we put on a little show for them. It wasn’t anything too heavy – just kissing and a bit of fondling (it actually worked out quite well that we both had panties on). They seemed to appreciate our display and said that if had any trouble with anyone, to give them a call.

We danced a bit more and a while later managed to ‘lose’ our panties. The place was a bit busier by this time so we managed to get a bit more involved in the fondling – I rubbed Jen while we were at the bar, but didn’t have long enough to make her cum. We ran into our squaddies a couple more times and I gave them a flash of my ass on one occasion and a brief peek at my pussy another time. They obviously wanted to see something of Jen as well, but she resisted and other than encouraging her to show them, they didn’t try to force the situation. We decided that we didn’t want to stay out too late and ordered a taxi to get home. We probably could have walked, but people keep warning me that it’s not as safe as York up here – plus it was rather cold.

Back home, we obviously wanted to play with each other before we went to sleep and we slowly made our way to the bedroom (stopping off to kiss and fondle in various places throughout the flat). We ended up leaving a trail of our jackets, shoes, tops and my bra, but decided to leave skirts and socks on (and our bunches in place), so we could finish up the schoolgirl theme properly. Of course, we weren’t playing sweet innocent schoolgirls (that’s a completely different game), and we fell onto the bed rubbing, squeezing, kissing and fingering each other. I used two fingers on Jen, fucking her fairly roughly with them and she eventually got me to move around so that she could do the same thing to me. I love the wet slurping sounds that Jen’s little cunt makes sometimes and while I was enjoying what we were doing, I wanted to fuck her properly. I moved away and pulled out the short double dildo, pushed one end into Jen and mounted the other end of it. I had really been missing her and Mike and for some reason I just felt that I really needed for us to have a passionate fuck.

It was a pretty energetic session – I rode up and down on the dildo, slamming myself against her and telling her how much I wanted to see her cum, how I wanted to cum over her and how much I had missed her. At times, we kept our cunt pressed together, the dildo buried completely between us and just humped against each other – almost frantically rubbing our pussies against each other. I remember keeping telling Jen that I wanted to feel her cum (which isn’t really possible given the position we were in), but I enjoyed watching her get more aroused and feeling my own orgasm building. It would have been nice if we could have cum together, but it wasn’t really that kind of session and I told her that we should both just cum whenever we could and then take care of the other one afterwards. Having said that, I did try to hold back as long as possible in the hope that we could cum together, but the sights, sounds and smells (and of course the dildo) got the better of me. I came and continued to ride the dildo, pumping myself up and down on it and telling Jen (many times) that I was cumming (in case she hadn’t figured it out).

I would have loved to stay in that position and keep fucking her until she had cum, but I felt too sensitive by the time my orgasm finished. I pulled myself off the dildo, but made sure it stayed in Jen – I then moved round so we were almost in a 69 position and fucked her with the dildo while either licking or rubbing her clit. It took longer than I had expected for Jen to cum (we’re not talking ages, but it was a good couple of minutes of fairly intense stimulation). I did lose my grip on the dildo a couple of times (for some reason it was rather slippery!) so the rhythm was broken when this happened, but we made it in the end and Jen had what seemed like a fairly satisfying orgasm (she was mewing away in her cute little way).

I had only intended to do things once, but ended up straddling Jen’s face and pushing my mouth against her pussy. I was quite gentle with her at first as she had just cum, but as she recovered and started to lick me, I did the same back to her. We didn’t really say anything to each other while all this was happening and (as far as I can remember) neither of us used anything other than our tongues. I was still being much rougher (or at least more intense) than Jen was and I actually managed to make her cum first this time. I didn’t keep going once she had cum (other than some gentle kissing) and I just enjoyed the feeling of her tongue in and on my pussy. I wasn’t too far behind her and she managed to keep licking all through my orgasm.

I moved round and we kissed for a while before cleaning ourselves up (it had been a fairly messy session). We then removed our skirts and socks, undid our hair and returned to bed to sleep. We actually spent quite a while chatting before we dozed off and things heated up a couple of times, but we didn’t have sex again.

I woke up first in the morning and had to slip out of bed to pee – I had intended to wake Jen up when I returned, but by the time I got back , she was already awake. We both went to the bathroom to brush our teeth (and for Jen to pee) so that we could have a proper morning session (without morning breath) and on the way back to bed, started a tickling game. We’re both fairly ticklish but I managed to endure it for longer and won (by pinning Jen down in the middle of the floor). Once I had her gasping for mercy, I gave her add a couple of slaps and helped her up. She told me that if I was going to start something like that, then I had better be prepared to finish it and that pretty much decided how I was going to make Jen cum.

She led me back into the bedroom and told me that she thought she needed to be punished for what she was going to make me do on my next visit. I tried to get her to tell me what that would be, but all she would say was that I would want revenge. To be honest, I don’t think she actually knew what we would do, but it was a good excuse for me to have to spank her, so I set to work. As always, I started off not being as firm as she would have liked, but with a bit of encouragement, I worked up to a much firmer slap until her ass was a fairly warm pink colour. I didn’t intend to stop with that though and pulled out one of the larger dildos and pushed it roughly into her. I had my hand on the shaft so that I couldn’t push it too far into her (I obviously don’t want to *really* hurt her), but I fucked her with it hard while reaching around and pulling on her nipples.

I then got her to lie on her back so I could continue the fucking while sucking and biting her nips. Jen was really enjoying this so I flicked them a couple of times with my fingers – this elicited gasps from her and I could tell that it wouldn’t take too much to get her to cum, so I moved around to give me better access to her pussy. While fucking her cunt with the dildo, I slapped around her clit with the flat of my hand as if I was clapping. The tone of Jen’s panting and moaning changed when I did this and it sounded like she was enjoying it, so I continued. She spread her legs further and I sped up the ‘clapping’ and put a bit more force into it. When I looked up at her face, she was pulling on her nipples and seemed very close to cumming. I really wanted to lick her, but didn’t want to stop what she was clearly enjoying, so I just carried on until she came (loudly).

She grabbed my hand and got me to stop slapping her fairly soon after she started to cum and I asked if I could keep fucking her and got a mumbled yes (so I did). She jerked around a lot more than usual and then told me to stop with the dildo. With the dildo out of the way, there was nothing to stop me licking her so I dived in. I didn’t lick too hard as I assumed that after an orgasm like that, that she would be rather sensitive, so it was mostly just licking around her pussy and cleaning up her juices. It took her a fair while to recover (not that her orgasm was stupendously strong, but for some reason, it just took a while). By the time she was ready to start doing things to me, I was feeling really horny (I may have been touching myself a bit while she was recovering). Jen knew that I really wanted to cum and she used a method that is usually Mike’s domain – a thumb in my pussy and one in my ass – with some of the tingle gel added in for extra stimulation. I ended up lying on my side with my legs spread (or rather one leg propped up in the air) and Jen fucked me. Her fingers aren’t as big as Mike’s, but they were perfectly sufficient to get the job done and she pumped them into me alternatively until I came.

We snuggled up under the covers again, kissing and chatting for a while. We rubbed against each other’s legs, but decided that we were too hungry to go for a second round before breakfast and so dragged ourselves out of bed. The apartment was a little cold. So we ended up putting on t-shirts while the heating warmed the place up and we sat and had breakfast. We knew that we had a while before Jen needed to set off to the airport and she wanted to see my new workplace so we decided that we would get ready and wander in to the Uni and have some lunch around there.

While in the bedroom, Jen stood looking out the window and I moved up behind her to give her a hug. As often seems to happen (with us anyway), my hand somehow slipped under her t-shirt and the hug turned into me squeezing her breasts (the other hand quickly joined the first one). I was fairly careful to not pull up the t-shirt too far, so even though it was up around her stomach, it wasn’t high enough that people on the street would have been able to see. I wasn’t at all rough and just stroked and gently teased her nipples while kissing around her neck and shoulder, but Jen seemed to be enjoying it so I carried on doing this for a while until she started to grind her ass back against me. This was a sign for me to drop a hand down to her pussy and to start rubbing her clit. I told Jen that she was going to cum while standing in front of the window, with people walking past just a little way below us and she didn’t object to this.

I considered various ways of fucking her, but in the end, I just knelt down, got her to push her ass out a bit and did to her, what she had just done to me (thumb in ass and cunt). I double fucked her like this, but took my time in making her cum until she was pushing back against my hands and asking for it. Once she had reached this stage, I didn’t tease her anymore and also pushed against her clit, which was enough to take her over the edge. She kept herself upright by leaning against the window ledge and when she had finished, I got her to sit down over my face and I greedily licked her clean (hoping to make her cum again, but it was too soon). Jen offered to do something similar to me (she was going to kiss and stroke my neck while I stood by the window), but we decided that we should try to do this while at my work.

We had a quick shower, got dressed and packed a few toys to play with. As we left the flat, we both skipped down the steps (there is a half flight of stone steps leading down to the street). There were only a couple of people around so nobody saw as our skirts flipped up, and we had fun like this a couple more times on the way. Unfortunately, the train wasn’t empty enough to play with each other, but I showed Jen how I would sometimes sit to let people get a glimpse up my skirt. She tried it as well and I caressed her thighs until we arrived at our stop (it’s only a short journey). We wandered around the Uni for a while and then went to my new office. I had hoped that we would be alone (Jen was an orgasm ahead of me), but unfortunately, one of the PhD students was there – a Canadian girl called Hannah. Jen seemed quite taken with her and later pointed out that she think she looks quite a bit like Nadia from Lost (Andrea Gabriel). I hadn’t actually noticed this but I can just about see it (it’s her eyes and smile). Hannah was somewhat confused when I introduced Jen as my girlfriend as she knows that I’m engaged to Mike – it’s not that I’ve hidden the fact that I’m bi – I just haven’t broadcast it around the lab.

We found out that Hannah planned to stay and work for most of the day but she asked if we wanted to meet up for lunch – while I like her, I explained that Jen was heading off soon so we wanted a bit of alone time, but arranged to meet up with her the following Monday (I don’t want to appear unfriendly and piss people off in my first couple of months!). Jen and I headed off and had a bite to eat – I didn’t want to be too risqué given I was at work (even though there only really appeared to be undergraduates around), so we had to wait until we got back home for me to finally get my second orgasm.

We didn’t have a great deal of time, so it was a pretty straightforward session – kissing, moving on to fingering while I sucked Jen’s nipples, her fingering me while she kissed my neck and then finally on to a 69. As much fun as the sex was, I was feeling quite sad by the time it finished as I knew that she was about to leave and I would be alone for another week (or 5 days until I went to visit Mike). We got dressed once more but this time put on long socks to keep our legs warm. Jen had dark blue ones on to match her skirt and I wore black ones. I went with her to the airport and saw her off through security (I couldn’t queue up with her, but stood by the ropes and chatted until she got near the front). I waited to see if she would be searched (no panties and a skirt with a couple of metal studs in it), but she got through without incident and I headed back home.

The one consolation I had was that I could still smell her on the sheets that night (both her perfume and her pussy), which at least made it a bit better. I ended up cumming that night while talking to Mike and telling him about our weekend – he enjoyed the idea of us playing with each other in the sex shop and said that I should have pulled my tights down and shown my own pussy off (and thinking about it, I don’t imagine anyone there would have complained – maybe on our next visit).

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sex shop fingering

I'm stuck in York due to the trains being disrupted with snow. I could probably got back if I risk being stuck on a train overnight, but I'd rather stay here. Annoyingly, I do need to get back before we go to my Mum's place for Christmas or I would have just taken a few days extra holiday and stayed in York until then. It was a good weekend and I managed to be a bit more adventurous, but not as much as I could have been (no 7-way orgies yet).


Jen came up to visit me at the start of October – she had gone back to Uni a bit early so that she could get moved in to the new place (that she is sharing with Lucy). This meant that it was her first time flying up to visit me. At my insistence, she wore a reasonably short skirt and (of course) no panties. Our security searches here in the UK aren’t quite as intrusive as the enhanced pat downs just introduced in the US, but I did insist that she wear a specific skirt with some metal sequins on it. As expected, she set the metal detector off (we don’t have the millimetre wave naked body scanners here yet) and had to be given a pat down. I assume the woman noticed that Jen wasn’t wearing a bra and she felt fairly high up on Jen’s thighs (but not to the point of ‘meeting resistance’ as the TSA phrase seems to be.

I would like to make clear that in no way do I agree with the new TSA procedures that are being forced on people – in our case, Jen and I might enjoy this, but that is our choice and I don’t understand how this can have been passed as a law in the land of the free.

That aside, after the woman had finished feeling up Jen’s thighs (which are very smooth and firm and I can’t get enough of them myself), she was allowed to proceed on to the flight. Amazingly, it left on time and Jen was up at my place by the time I got home from work. Of course I had known that she would be arriving around that time, but I had expected to be able to get home and freshened up before she got there, so I was pleasantly surprised to find her sitting on the sofa, naked, waiting for me. I dropped my bags and quickly slipped out of my coat. We met in the middle of the room and kissed hello (and I had a good fondle of her ass) before moving back to the sofa. I assumed from her naked state, that Jen was as eager to get down to business as I was so we didn’t waste any time. Jen quickly pulled my tights off, pushed my legs apart and pushed her face into my cunt. I slid forwards and down on the sofa and pulled my legs up as far as I could, giving her full access and she made good use of it. Her tongue pushed deep into me and scoured the inside of my pussy (freshly shaved that morning) and then moved on to my clit.

With the position I was in, by ass was nicely presented to her as well and I appreciated the fact that Jen gave it a good licking as well (yet more confirmation that she was feeling particularly horny). I told her not to tease me and she dived in to my pussy properly. I kept my legs held far apart for her but otherwise just enjoyed the attention. I looked out of the windows and wondered if anyone was looking in at us from the other side of the street – I assumed that because it was still relatively light out, that we weren’t that visible (not that I would have cared if we were, but I’ll write about that another time). Jen’s tongue and fingers were working their magic on me and I knew that I was going to cum fairly soon. I didn’t want to do anything to delay this and placed a hand on the back of her head and gently held it against my pussy, while encouraging her to keep going. She switched to pushing two fingers into me and wiggling them around while sucking and licking my clit and this was enough to take me over the edge. I had restrained myself from masturbating the previous evening (and that morning – so it was almost a record for me) and I was rewarded with a wonderful orgasm. I allowed myself to be quite loud as I came and I moaned and panted my way through it (even with a couple of grunts as the particularly strong waves pulsed out from my cunt).

Jen did a really good job of reading my orgasm and eased off the pressure ass it began to fade, but continued to lick and finger me. When it had finished, she missed around my pussy, cleaning me off and only occasionally brushing her tongue across my clit. She even rubbed her fingers over my ass, spreading my juices over it, before licking it clean. I’m not claiming it was an earth shattering experience or anything, but I was still gently panting even when she had finished bring me down, so I knew that I would have to do something equally special for her. She climbed up by body (stopping to have a quick suck on my nipples) and we then kissed and I tasted myself off her face (while she had licked me clean, her face was still pretty covered with my juices).

I reached down between us and gave her clit a little rub – she felt very wet and I brought my fingers back to my mouth to taste her. As I moved my hand back to her pussy, she asked me to not tease her either so I gave her a pussy a more focussed rub before telling her to switch places with me. She climbed up onto the sofa and assumed a similar position to the one I had used (apart from the fact that Jen is a bit more flexible than I am and pulled her legs up even higher). I slid onto the floor and started to rub around her pussy. I had intended to tease her, but she asked me not to and given she’d done as I’d asked, I thought that I should reciprocate. I continued to rub her, but also used my other hand to gently rub her clit. She was nice and wet and I rubbed her juices all around her pussy and down over her ass while telling her that I was going to eat her for as long as she wanted.

I started this with a single long lick with the flat of my tongue, from her ass up to her clit and it was obvious from the sound she made that she was more than ready for me to get stuck in properly. I considered going to fetch some toys to help me, but decided that I didn’t want to waste any of her juices on them so spread her lips apart and pushed my tongue into her. It’s always the same after a long time when I don’t see her – she tastes slightly different than I remember, but still had the quintessential ‘Jen-ness’ that I love. I licked around inside her pussy as far as I could and then withdrew and licked firmly around her ass before returning to her clit. It was a fairly messy session – she hadn’t been excessively wet when I started, but got up to her usual levels by the end. I mostly paid attention to her clit, but kept pushing my tongue into her to gather up her juices. My cheeks and chin were covered and between my saliva and her juices, so was her cunt and ass. I licked up any escaping liquid as it dripped down out of her and then went for the orgasm.

I moved my mouth up to her clit and pushed a couple of fingers into her. I got them as deep as I could and moved them inside her (not long movements, but pushing quite forcefully in each time) while I sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue. She had been mewing away for a little while before I started this and the pitch and volume noticeable increased. I took this as a good sign and continued and was rewarded with some proper moaning. In a very short time, she started to wriggle about under my mouth and let out a stream of ‘oh fucks’. I kept licking until she tried to push my head away, but I didn’t let her and just stopped licking her clit directly and pushed my tongue back into her cunt (after having pulled my fingers out of course). I didn’t waste the fact that they were very wet and slippery and traced them around her ass, gently pressing them into it – I didn’t actually penetrate her, but was on the verge of doing so for a while. As Jen recovered, I reduced the kissing and rubbing more and then allowed her to lower her legs so that I could climb up and kiss her. It’s a good job that she doesn’t mind the taste of her own pussy juice as my face was covered in it. She did a fairly good job of licking me clean while we kissed though and we kissed for long enough almost that we almost ended up going straight into round two.

We decided that we had greeted each other properly though and had a break for some food. The plan was to go out and get a drink later on, but we had plenty of time so we had a leisurely dinner and chatted. Jen had slipped on a t-shirt as it was now dark outside and she was afraid that the people in the flats opposite would be able to see us, but I remained naked as they had probably already seen me by that point. Once refreshed, we showered quickly (or as quickly as two girls can shower), got dressed up and headed out. We didn’t get up to anything wild at the bar – just had a drink and chatted with the occasional kissing bout (which the guys still love to see). It was fairly late by the time we got home (we only had a single drink each, but spent a long time chatting), so we went straight to bed and had a much more relaxed session – kissing, fingering and 69ing until we’d both cum. We then curled up together and fell asleep.

Jen woke me in the morning (by the usual method). I didn’t want to just lie there and let her make me cum so I got her to move round into a 69 position and we helped wake each other up. Suitably awake, we got up and had breakfast (naked) and somehow a banana managed to fall into Jen’s pussy – whenever I tried to pull it out, it seemed to slide back in so I thought the best thing to do was to suck on her clit and let the banana have some fun. This brought Jen off nicely and I then licked around inside her pussy before eating the banana (I wasn’t too greedy and did give a little bit to Jen). We then went and showered and I made sure that her pussy was nice and clean – if we’d had a powerful enough shower, I would have made her cum again, but we had to make do with just rinsing her pussy out and giving her a quick rub.

We didn’t have any real plans for the day so just decided to go shopping – not really to buy anything, but just to look around (money is something of an issue again now that we have two sets of bills to pay plus travel expenses). We wandered around for most of the morning and then stopped off to have lunch in a cafe. After that we wandered into Ann Summers (a mainstream soft core adult shop) and had a look at the sex toys. We decided that there wasn’t really that much of interest (although we did see some cute Santa outfits – or rather Santa’s helpers I guess). Of course I had been up here long enough by now to know the locations of some real sex shops, so we decided to go and explore some of them. The closest one I knew of was a little way away from where we were, but I didn’t mind the walk as it gave me a chance to explore. We found it without any trouble and headed in. This was a ‘proper’ sex shop with all sorts of outfits and toys. We had a good look around, browsing through the magazines (well, looking at the covers as they were all in sealed bags), DVDs and the various outfits. I considered getting a whip to punish Jen with, but even though I know that she enjoys a bit of pain, I don’t quite see myself as the dominatrix type so she will have to do with the occasional spanking and rough nipple play for now.

We moved on to the various sex toys and had a good fiddle with them. I got Jen to be fairly graphic with her descriptions of what she thought they would be like to use and made sure she was loud enough that the person behind the counter could hear. I haven’t forgotten the things that she made me do earlier in the year during my visits and I decided to take some further revenge. We selected a reasonably large dildo and I got Jen to go up to the counter, pull up her skirt and ask the guy if he thought that she would be able to fit it into herself. To his credit, the guy didn’t seem to be too embarrassed and told her that it was difficult to tell and it depended on what she could usually take. Jen said that she would think about it and wandered back over to me with her face turning a fairly good shade of red. We put the dildo back and continued to look around and noted a few items that we might ask Santa to bring us for Christmas.

We were about to leave when someone else came in and I decided to have a bit more fun. Unfortunately I had a pair of tights on (Jen can take the cold better than I can – it must be related to her being so much younger than me!), but I was desperately thinking of what we could do. The customer looked a bit sheepish when he saw us, but we carried on browsing and discussing the items as if he wasn’t there. We got into another fairly graphic description of what we could do with the full selection of things and he stayed close enough to us to be able to overhear our discussion. I decided on my course of action and bent over to look at something on a lower shelf. I indicated for Jen to bend forwards as well and we pretended to be looking at something (I can’t even tell you what was on the shelf) and I slid a hand between my legs and rubbed my crotch. I indicated to Jen that she should do the same and watched her hand slip between her legs.

My skirt was slightly shorter than hers and I was fairly confident that my fingers would be visible to the guy watching us. I pressed hard against my pussy and pushed the material of my tights between the lips. I switched hands and then reached back to Jen’s ass, ran a hand up her leg and lifted her skirt as I rubbed her bare ass. I was really enjoying myself and I considered if I could get away with pulling my tights down far enough to finger myself properly (and show off properly), but in the end I (reluctantly) decided against it. I slid my hand down to Jen’s pussy and pushed a finger into her and wiggled it about a bit. As I removed it, I traced it up and over her ass and then let her skirt fall. I continued to rub myself a bit longer and then decided that I either needed to stop or actually pull my tights down, so I did the sensible thing and stopped. It was only then that I looked behind us and saw that we were indeed being watched (closely) and there was a suitable bulge in the guy’s trousers. He looked away as soon as he saw me look (as if it wasn’t obvious that we’d been putting on a show). We straightened ourselves up and walked out of the shop. On the way I saw the assistant give us a smile and I noticed that there was a CCTV camera pointing down the aisle (hopefully the material won’t be appearing online).

Friday, 17 December 2010

Open curtains

Another short entry but a couple of people have asked for a few details of my new place and to elaborate on some things I keep alluding to. I'm posting this early as I'm back down to York tonight and will be occupied tomorrow at the sex party in York. I'm thinking of being a bit more adventurous this time as I really need to unwind after the way work has been going, but I haven't decided what I want to do there...


I live in the ground floor of some sandstone flats/apartments. When I say ‘ground’ floor, it’s more like half a story up as you climb steps to get up to the front door – so you can’t see in from the pavement outside. It’s quite a nice street (given I’m here by myself, we decided to pay a little more and find a safe area). The street is quite wide, but the windows of the flats are quite large, so it is possible to see in from across the street.

Both my living room and bedroom are at the front of the flat and I mostly ‘forget’ to shut my curtains even when I’m walking around naked. In the day this makes very little difference as it’s much harder to see in, but at night (if I have the lights on), I know that I’m visible to a number of the windows opposite and have made good use of this. I generally don’t stand too close to the window so it isn’t obvious that I’m letting people see me, but I’ve figured out the places in the room where I’m probably the most visible and have taken to using those areas when playing with myself at night (and at other times as detailed in previous postings).

I’ve done pretty much all my ‘usual’ kind of things – from sitting on the sofa an idly touching myself to lying down with my legs spread (conveniently facing the window of course) and using fingers and dildos on myself. Most of the time I’m pretty sure that there is nobody watching, but there have been one or two occasions where I’ve seen people standing in the window looking over at me (the giveaway being when I see someone at a window, the lights are turned off and then I see the curtains move again). Even if there isn’t anyone watching, it still feels really nice knowing that they ‘could’ be watching.

Just last week, I got home from work and was feeling lonely so (after having had dinner), I gave Mike a call and we decided to have a little session together. We both stripped off and lay on our beds – he had the curtains closed while mine were open. We both added some of the tingle gel and waited a few minutes for it to start to take effect before starting to play with ourselves. We took turns describing what we would do to each other if we were together and we each acted out the other person’s instructions. ‘I’ started off by gently rubbing Mike’s cock and then wrapping my hand around it and using long firm strokes. Obviously if I had actually been there, I would have also sucked him, but he can’t do that to himself.

‘His’ fingers (or at least two of them) rubbed around my pussy and then slid into me and pumped in and out, getting nice and wet. They then alternated pushing in me and rubbing my clit. By this point I was lying down fully with my legs spread towards the window and I’m pretty sure that I saw someone watching – when I told Mike this, he said that we should put on a good show. I removed my hand from my pussy and reached around my leg and pushed my fingers into myself from behind – at the same time, I rubbed my clit from above and slowly teased myself towards an orgasm. I can cum fairly quickly like this, but we kept talking and I held back until Mike was ready to cum as well. We described to each other what we were feeling and doing (although this became rather unintelligible as we got very close to cumming) and managed to cum reasonably close together (it’s a lot harder without the person there and being able to read their body).

We moaned down the phone at each other and I pushed my fingers as far into myself as I could (this position is good for stimulation, but not so good for depth) while I came. My legs were spread wide apart and I imagined people standing all the windows opposite watching me with my cunt being presented to them. Mike said that he made quite a mess when he came, his cum squirted up in the air and landed on his stomach and the bed. I pictured this and told him that Jen would probably be happy to lick him clean and lay there just idly stroking my clit (just gently).

We’ve done things like that a number of times – and I’ve also done the equivalent with Jen where sometimes we’ve both used one of the double ended dildos and imagined that we are sharing it. I’d like to think that whoever has been watching me might well have been jacking off at the same time and of course I’ve fantasised about everyone from over the road coming over and watching from close up, being surrounded by cocks and having them cum all over me.

As you can probably tell, I’ve still not really adapted to living by myself here – Mike has another couple of job applications in, but there are so few for him to even apply for that we’re not overly hopeful things will change that quickly. At least it will be Christmas soon though and we’ll have a couple of weeks together.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Just a brief post to describe my travels to work...

I need to get a train for part of my journey to work now – it’s not a long ride, but the train is often quite busy (depending on what time I travel). A couple of months ago, on a particularly crowded train, an image from an anime we watched came into my mind. I think it was triggered by the fact that there were a number of schoolgirls around me – in the anime, there is a girl on a train and a hand starts to rub against her ass. She tries to move away, but the train is so crowded that she can’t escape and the hand ends up rubbing her pussy. While I obviously don’t condone any kind of sexual attack on anyone, I did quite like the idea of being randomly groped and I took the opportunity to lean back a bit harder whenever the train bumped or swayed. I don’t think I was doing anything too obvious, but I pushed my ass against the person behind me and didn’t pull away. Nothing else happened, but it got me thinking about ways to enjoy myself on the way to and from work and I’ve been working on this ever since.

As with most things I do, I started out gently and have worked up from there. Initially, it was just pressing back against someone relatively lightly, or when the train wasn’t as busy, sitting with my legs open a bit more than they should be. I’ve been wearing opaque tights for a couple of months now as it’s quite cold (very cold at the minute) and so I was relatively brave as to how far I would spread my legs. It’s particularly good if I get to sit at one of the seats for disabled/elderly people (which I don’t do if anyone else needs it) – as there is a little step that I can rest my feet on. This obviously raises my knees and gives the person sitting opposite a view up my skirt.

Now that I’m no longer a student, I’m trying to be very well behaved when I’m actually in work, so my skirts haven’t been too short. One way I found to get round this problem is to roll up my skirt at the waist before I set off in the morning – this means that I have a nice short skirt while travelling, but a quick trip to the toilet at work and I can roll it back down to a more reasonable length. The advantage of a shorter skirt is that I can give a much clearer view to whoever might be looking. I played around with this for a little while and on some days had my skirt rolled up almost all the way (which I hid with my coat when not on the train). In the end I had to admit defeat though. Most of the schoolgirls on the train go to one of the private schools here (and they are dressed very properly and smartly in pleated tartan skirts either with long socks or tights). Some of the other girls clearly go to state schools though and their skirts are shorter than I was wearing mine. Okay, so they also mostly have dark tights on, but I know that I certainly didn’t dress like that at school.

I switched tactic and didn’t roll up my skirt quite as much, but instead tried wearing opaque hold-ups instead of tights. These have the obvious advantage of leaving my pussy exposed, and if the skirt is just the right length, anyone looking can tell that they are stockings and this seems to encourage them to look more. (Obviously if the skirt id short enough then they’ll be able to see bare skin above the stockings, but the game is to encourage them to look.) This only works when I manage to get a seat, but this happens often enough if I go in a bit earlier that I get to show myself off often enough to be worth the effort. Of course, as I got more daring, my skirt got a bit shorter again and I’ve sat a number of times with my legs just far enough apart to give a glimpse of my pussy and it’s fun watching people look while trying to not be caught looking.

I’ve also made good use of the times when the train has been really busy – I’ve found that most men don’t seem to mind a woman leaning back against them (or if they do, they don’t actually complain about it). It works best when the journey is slightly bumpy as I get to sway back and forth as the train rocks and on a couple of occasions I’ve felt a stiffening against my ass before the person has pulled away. This has been a real thrill, but nobody has yet pressed back against me so I think I need to find a new strategy.

Over the past few weeks (before it got really snowy here) I tried out something else. I wore a coat over my skirt but cut holes in the pockets. I’ve only had the chance to try this out a couple of times as it needs a fairly packed train so it’s not noticeable, but I’ve managed to get a hand into a pocket, lift up my skirt and rub my crotch (it’s not been busy enough on the days I wore hold-ups so I haven’t had a chance to actually finger my pussy directly). I haven’t been able to touch myself enough to even get close to cumming, but it’s still been fun stroking myself and rubbing hard against my clit while surrounded by people.

Due to the cold weather over the past week, I’ve been wearing much heavier coats and haven’t been brave enough to go with just hold-ups. I realised that it’s probably going to be like this for a number of months so I’ve switched tactics again. I’ve tried using an egg (and wearing tight panties to keep it firmly against my pussy) and today went for my crotchless tights (still a bit exposed, but more covered than with stockings) and the long dildo. It isn’t as good using this when I’m not cycling, but it makes running up stairs much more interesting and I kept the dildo inside me for a while (so I could make a few more trips up and down stairs). Again, it’s not enough for me to cum with, but any additional stimulation is welcome as my morning session is somewhat less interesting without someone else there to make me cum. I haven’t stopped playing with myself at night (and still have an occasional fiddle before I get up), but I seem to be saving up most of my passion for the weekends when we tend to go all out (about which, there is more to come...)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bar cum

Mike has just headed back to York. It is technically Jen's turn to have me next weekend but I'll be heading back down to York as we got an invite back to the next sex party (I'll be posting about the first one very soon). I'm hoping it will be as much fun as it was last time and it's certainly going to keep me excited throughout the week while thinking about it.

Now back to the second part of our night at the end of September...


When we awoke, we showered to get cleaned up properly and Mike decided that I could do with a quick shave. We returned to the bedroom and I got lathered up and lay back to allow him to remove the little stubble I had. Once he had finished and I’d been rinsed off, he gave me a thorough check (the usual way), but didn’t carry on for long enough for me to cum. It still felt nice though – and he hadn’t gone far enough that I was desperate to cum, so I didn’t mind. I once again put on a pair of opaque tights (fresh ones) and a very short pleated denim skirt (probably too short to wear without tights). We headed off to try some of the pubs we had seen earlier in the day and walked there hand in hand, talking about more wedding plans.

My skirt wasn’t really out of place in most of the pubs we were in so I didn’t feel at all self-conscious, but as the places became more crowded, Mike’s hands became a lot bolder. At first, his hands were rubbing my ass – the skirt only just covered my crotch, so it took hardly anything for his hand to slip ‘under’ the skirt and directly onto my tights. It felt nice, and when his fingers started to press between my legs and slide down to my pussy, I told him to carry on and parted my legs slightly to make it easier. He noticed that a couple of people had seen what we were doing and he moved a hand around to my front and cupped my pussy, using a finger to press my tights between my lips. We didn’t go any further than this, but did repeat it a couple of times before we moved on to a club we had seen earlier.

It was a fair sized place, very loud and very busy. This was idea though and we pushed our way through to dance for a little while. Mike’s hands wandered over my body a fair amount while we danced – especially when I had my back to him. He was rubbing my breasts and fairly openly running his hands over my pussy and it felt great being surrounded by people while this was going on. The touching wasn’t too intense, so nobody seemed to really notice though (other than me who was getting quite turned on). The club was quite warm and we soon needed a drink so fought our way up to the bar. While we were waiting, I wiggled my ass against Mike’s cock and he slipped his arms around me. I continued to run back against him and felt his cock stiffen in his jeans. His hands moved down to my pussy once more, but were a lot more assertive this time and be rubbed along my slit and repeatedly over my clit.

We made it up to the bar and this made things easier as I could press up against it, giving him just enough room to use his hands on me. Because people were packed in around us, what he was doing was hardly visible (plus people were distracted with trying to get alcohol). I made no effort to catch the bartender’s eye and this gave us a bit of time to have fun. Mike continued to rub me through my tights and then he started to pull the front of them down. I guess I should have tried to stop him, but I was already too far gone and just wiggled back against him. He eventually managed to pull the top of my tights down slightly and I felt his fingers pushing into them. I had to hold on to my skirt to stop it moving down with the tights, but only briefly and I then felt Mike’s hand pushing down between my legs and onto my pussy. He pushed two fingers over my clit, along my slit and curled them up into me. He moved his fingers in me a bit and then withdrew them to play with my clit.

His other hand was pulling the front of my tights away from his body (to make it easier to play with me) and I stood on tiptoe to give him better access. I assume it looked like I was hopping up and down as it drew the attention of the bartender and he came over and asked what we wanted to drink. I did a good job of keeping a straight face while ordering, but Mike didn’t help matters by concentrating his rubbing on my clit while we waited for the drinks and I paid for them. I honestly think that if we’d had just a couple more minutes before we’d been interrupted, I would have been able to cum at the bar, but once we had the drinks in front of us, people started to push in and Mike had to pull his hand out of my tights. As we pushed our way out of the crowd, I could feel that my tights were somewhat loose and while it didn’t feel like they were going to fall down, I wondered if they would be visible below my skirt. I decided that it was dark enough that I could probably get away with it for now and we went back to the side of the room to enjoy our drinks. I told Mike how much fun it had been and that if we tried it again I might be able to cum. He loved the idea of me cumming at the bar, but thought that we could find another place to help finish me off and so we went exploring.

It was quite similar to one of the clubs we (used to) frequent in York, in that there are a number of smaller rooms (of wildly varying sizes) off the main dance floor). We didn’t actually find anywhere sufficiently crowded that we would be able to do things without being noticed (there was another smaller bar, but we hadn’t finished our first drinks) and so ended up just kissing in a corner. At least it started off as just kissing, but Mike’s hands found my ass and with my tights still loose, he pushed his hands into the tights and started squeezing my ass cheeks. His hands worked lower and lower until his fingers were dipping between my legs and brushing against my pussy. I was aware that people must have been able to see what we were doing, but it felt really good. He could tell how much I was enjoying it and pulled a hand out, moved it round between us and pushed it down the front of my tights.

I worried slightly that someone from work might suddenly appear, but as his fingers slid over my pussy and pushed into me, I stopped worrying and pulled myself against him. The fingers from both his hands met at the entrance to my pussy and he spent a while toying with my lips before fingering me again. He then used the ‘front’ hand to rub my clit and the ‘back’ hand to play with my pussy and drag the juices back over my ass. By this point I was too close to cumming to care (and he knew it) and when I felt his finger pressing against my ass, I automatically pushed back against it. Mike took this as a sign that I wanted to cum and while his finger worked its way into my ass, his other hand increased the speed at which he was rubbing my clit. I came with a cry (probably masked by the music) and held on even tighter to him. When I looked around, I saw that a few people had noticed what we’d been up to, so I pulled up my tights (there wasn’t much point in trying to hide it) and we left for one of the other rooms.

All things considered, it was a good night out – we’d found a few decent places, had a good dance and I’d cum – what more could a girl want? We stayed a bit longer, but it was obvious that Mike wanted to do things properly and so headed back home. Once we got there, we removed our coats and fell onto the bed. We kissed and dry humped for a bit before starting to undress properly. Mike asked me to keep my tights and skirt on and we resumed humping against each other, but now I could clearly feel his cock rubbing against my pussy. He said that he could feel how hot my cunt was even through the tights and pressed himself even harder against me. Of course I wasn’t entirely passive throughout this and wrapped my legs around him, and started humping back against him. Mike suggested that we give Jen a call and we found out that she was still with her friend. Not that this stopped us of course, she had a one sided conversation with us (about the travel arrangements for her next trip to visit me) while we fucked down the phone at her.

I ended up kneeling on the bed and my tights were pulled down just enough for Mike to slip into me. We fucked doggy style and I told Jen about cumming in the club and as I got closer to cumming, I described to her what Mike’s cock was doing to me. He rubbed my clit until I came and I moaned down the phone even more loudly to her. Mike continued to fuck me until he was close to cumming and then pulled out. He pushed his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbed back and forth until I heard him let out a little moan and I felt his cum splatter up my back. The next few spurts mostly went over my ass and skirt and when he had finished and removed his cock, I felt it run down my ass cheeks and over my pussy. I teased Jen that if she was here, she would be able to lick me clean and she said that it wasn’t fair to tease her and that she would see me the following weekend.

Mike pulled my tights back up and rubbed my ass and pussy, smooshing the cum into me, then pulled my skirt off, wiping the cum onto my tights. He then rubbed what was on my back into me and cleaned his hands off by wiping them on my breasts. We finished up the conversation with Jen (which didn’t take long as she couldn’t really say much with her friend listening and then curled up in bed together. I kept the tights on and Mike occasionally gave my pussy another rub, but (surprisingly) we didn’t do anything more that night.

I woke up in the early morning and needed to pee – Mike’s cum had mostly dried and the tights were partially stuck to me, so I didn’t put them back on once I’d been to the toilet (Jen said that she would have peed through the tights while rubbing herself). Mike had woken up when I got out of bed and when I snuggled back up against him, his cock got hard again (this might have been my fault as I *did* wiggle myself back into position a bit more than was really needed). We didn’t really do anything, but he did slip inside me and move gently while we fell back asleep (which I’ve missed, so I certainly wasn’t complaining).

I hadn’t really thought it through, but the advantage of me having removed my tights was that I could be licked awake the following morning and then fucked. I let Mike cum inside me this time, but enjoyed the feeling of it dripping out down my legs and over my ass while we prepared and ate breakfast. After showering, we went out for another walk and did a bit more wedding planning. We had lunch at a nice little cafe and I sat eating this with my right ankle tucked up behind my left knee. This of course spread my legs and while I don’t think anyone had a direct view up my skirt, still felt rather nice. Mike and I made a number of suggestions to each other over lunch and by the time we had finished, were ready to head home for our ‘goodbye’ session. We didn’t have a great deal of time before Mike had to head to the station, but we made pretty good use of it.

Mike said that he wanted to fully satisfy me and so in the space of an hour, he fingered me (starting off with fingers in my pussy and finishing me off with a thumb in my cunt and the other in my ass). Following this, he ate me – he lay on his back and I sat over his face. I reached around behind me and rubbed his cock a bit, but mostly he just got stuck in and licked in and around my cunt until I came. After only a short time to recover, we then fucked. Mike was obviously well prepared and I was nice and wet so he slid straight into me. We started off with him on top but rolled around a bit and by the time we were ready to finish, I was on top. I lay down on him and we kissed while he pumped into me really fast – his hands holding my ass and spreading the cheeks. I came without any clit stimulation (but his fingers were also tracing around and over my ass while might have helped), and he came in me.

We decided that we would head back to the station without showering (he wanted my scent to remain on him and I wanted to enjoy feeling his cum running out of me – although there wasn’t as much this time). With things packed, we walked back to the station and said goodbye. Mike managed a quick fondle and ended up with rather damp fingers before boarding the train and heading back to York. I went home and unpacked the things he’d brought up with him (mostly clothes and a few books). It was lonely going to bed by myself that night, but we had a chat on the phone after he’d got back home

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cum soaking

Okay, so one person can't produce enough cum to properly soak me, but Mike had a good try... Unfortunately the snow and ice have meant that Lis wasn't able to come up and visit me this week :( - if only she had managed to get here and we'd then been stuck in the flat for a number of days, just huddled up in bed together talking about sex...


The following weekend (end of September), Mike came up to visit me. He arrived late on Friday evening and we decided to just order food and stay in for what was left of the evening. We had obviously been missing each other (as well as the sex), but we decided that we would be reasonably well behaved until we had eaten. Not completely well behaved of course and by the time the food actually arrived it was me who had to go and answer the door due to Mike’s cock being exposed and hard from the gentle stroking I’d been giving it.

We ate dinner without much further playing (we were both quite hungry) and refreshed our drinks before moving onto the sofa. Mike said that by his reckoning, I owed his about 20 orgasms and I told him that if he thought he could manage that in 2 days, he was more than welcome to go ahead. He conceded that this was probably beyond his abilities. I feigned disappointment and told him that I’d wanted to have as much of his cum covering me as I’d had cream during my visit to Jen’s the previous week. He quite liked this image (especially if he was able to cum over Jen as well). We fooled around for a bit while talking about this image and ended up deciding to see how many times he could cum over on in me during the weekend.

Given we intended to make at least a little bit of a mess, we moved into the bedroom and quickly stripped off. Mike was nice and hard and I knew that I was more than ready to get down to things, but we started off fairly slowly anyway. As I’d been playing with his cock before dinner, I decided that I would carry on where I left off and so I got Mike to lie on the bed while I stroked and kissed his cock. He had trimmed his pubic hair just before coming up to visit, so I had good access to the whole length of his shaft and kissed and licked my way up and down it. I wasn’t trying to make him cum just yet, but I used a lot of the tricks I had learned from Sue to make sure that he stayed interested: quick bouts of sucking, flicking the head with my tongue, swirling my tongue around the head...). I rubbed and jerked his cock in a number of different ways, sometimes just using a couple of fingers and sometimes both hands and I really enjoyed watching his reactions to what I was doing.

Mike kept trying to get me to turn around so that he could do things to me at the same time – I resisted this for a while, but in the end my greed got the better of me and I capitulated. I felt so horny by this time that I really wanted him to go to town on my pussy – he teased me a little at first and just gently stroked me, then gently kissed around my pussy. Fortunately, this didn’t last for long and he said that if I really wanted attention, he would give it to me. He pulled my lips open and pushed his face into my pussy (obviously not actually *in* to my pussy – if I can’t take Jen’s fist then I don’t think Mike’s head would fir there!). Nonetheless, he licked and ate me quite ferociously and I knew almost straight away that I wasn’t going to be able to restrain myself so I surrendered to the feelings. I didn’t stop working on his cock though and took it in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down while swirling my tongue around the head.

It took hardly any time for my orgasm to start and I kept my mouth around his cock throughout – he rather liked the vibrations caused by the moaning. As soon as my orgasm finished, I restarted my work on him – I positioned my mouth around the head and flicked it with my tongue while rapidly wanking the shaft with a hand. Mike make it clear that he wasn’t far from cumming, but I just continued what I was doing until he let out a moan and started shooting his cum into my mouth. He came a fair bit, but I didn’t swallow any of it and just made an effort to not let any escape. Once he had finished, I climbed off him and sat up, opened my mouth and let the cum run out down my chin and drip onto my breasts. I used my tongue to push as much of it out of my mouth as I could and when it was all out, I rubbed it over my breasts, across my stomach and into my pussy.

Mike was watching me closely and I could tell he was enjoying my little display, so I continued to play with myself in an exaggerated fashion (think porn video). I spread my legs wide and used a hand to rub my pussy while I used the other hand on my breasts. After not too long, Mike wrapped a hand around his cock (which hadn’t really gone soft) and started to slowly stroke himself. I asked if he was ready for more and he said that he might be, so I quickly clambered over him and positioned my pussy above his cock. Mike still had a hand around his cock and he rubbed the head up and down the length of my slit. I separated my lips and lowered myself ever so slightly so that the head could just rub between then. It was a delicious feeling and the expectation of having his slide into me only helped to heighten it. I lowered myself a bit more and he guides the head into my pussy. I flexed myself around the head and then very slowly slid down his cock. It probably took about 30 seconds until he was fully inside me and I concentrated on what I could feel as his cock stretched my cunt.

Once he was fully inside me, I pushed myself down on him hard and slowly rocked my body back and forth, grinding my clit against him and feeling his cock wiggling slightly in me. This is mostly for me (he doesn’t feel that much when I do this), but I wanted to really enjoy having him fill me once more. I didn’t tease him for too long like this though and soon started to move up and down the shaft, alternating the length of strokes fairly frequently, just to keep it interesting. Mike helped out by reaching down to my clit and giving it a rub from time to time, but I told him that I didn’t need a great deal of help at that point or I would probably end up cumming again too quickly. He continued to play with me, but applied less pressure and I started to move up and down on his cock a bit more energetically. He soon stopped rubbing me and used his hands to guide my hips so he could thrust in time with my movements.

Our combined actions felt really good and I ended up rubbing my clit myself. I told Mike I was getting close and he said that he could probably cum fairly quickly too. I reminded him that he was meant to be cumming over me and he told me that I should cum and then he would pull out (or rather I would have to dismount him). I sped up my fingers and he pushed harder into me and I did indeed cum quite quickly. He kept fucking me through my orgasm and when I said I’d had enough, he told me to get off him quickly. I half fell off him and he quickly moved up so he could aim his cock at my breasts. Almost as soon as he started to rub himself, he came over me – two powerful squirts and then a couple of dribbles. While his cum was still running down my body, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean (not too hard as he’s usually rather sensitive just after cumming).

I rubbed his cum into myself once more and we snuggled up under the covers (it’s somewhat colder up here than in York). We rested for a little while and Mike thought it would be a good idea to give Jen a call (he hadn’t spoken to her for a few days). She was at home and went up to her bedroom so we were able to talk freely. She asked what we’d been up to (as if she couldn’t have guessed) and when I described what we’d done, she said that she wished she was there to lick me clean. Mike said that he could always give me a good licking to make up for her absence and Jen thought this was a good idea. I started to object (I’d already cum twice quite quickly), but knew that arguing would be futile so I didn’t try to stop him when he disappeared under the covers.

I described to Jen exactly what he was doing and told her that it was only fair that she have a play with herself so I could hear her cum. She didn’t want to make too much noise, but with her parents downstairs, she could at least be vocal enough that it came over the phone quite well. I put her on speakerphone so that Mike could listen in as well and we had a nice little phone-sex session (and I didn’t even have to play with myself). I could be a lot more vocal and made sure than Jen got to fully experience what my orgasm was like. Mike was still working on me when Jen came, but I lifted up the covers so that he could hear her orgasm reasonably well (which he appreciated). Jen had stripped off to play with herself and she quickly got dressed once she came – we then chatted for a bit longer, reliving the events of the last month in York. Mike started rubbing up against me and we ended up spooning (while still talking to Jen). What started off an gentle movements, turned into proper fucking and Mike got Jen to describe what she was thinking when she got to lick Sue.

Of course, Jen’s description went way beyond what actually happened and she described what she had wanted to happen (which was a real turn on – for both Mike and I) and he ended up reaching down to my clit to rub me. Jen’s description ran out before we had cum, but we then moved onto the various episodes by the lake near her house and these saw us through to our orgasms. I let Mike cum inside me this time (I doubt he came a lot on his third cum of the night) and I came not too long after he did. Jen thought it was a bit unfair that she was all alone and Mike told her that if she ever wanted to be here with both of us, she was more than welcome and he would take care of her orgasms. She told us that she should probably head back downstairs, but she might well have another play with herself when she went to bed and might give us a call back (she did play, but didn’t call us back as her parents were in their room next door by the time she went to bed).

Mike and I decided that we had probably done as much as we could that night, so settled down to sleep. He wasn’t hard enough to get back in me at first, but perked up a bit while we snuggled – not enough to go another round, but enough to be in me for at least a little while before he went soft again.

The following morning I was woken by Mike eating me (he says that the advantage of him cumming over me instead of in me is that I taste better). Once I’d cum, he climbed up onto me and slid straight into me. While we fucked, we discussed whether he should cum over or in me, but both decided that he should cum in me properly at least once, so this is what we went with. I ended up with my legs wrapped around him and we kissed deeply while we finished fucking and he came. He stayed in me (and on top of me) until he went soft and then we got up, showered and had breakfast.

We didn’t get up to much during the day – mostly just wandered around the town finding our way round and exploring. I showed Mike some of the things that I’d discovered so far and we had a trip into the Uni so I could show him where I was working. There were other people there so we couldn’t get up to any mischief (and I don’t know the ‘safe’ areas in terms of CCTV coverage yet). We got some food for dinner, returned home late afternoon and flopped down to recover from all the walking. After a brief rest, we decided to get dinner started so that we could head out again later in the evening and check out some of the nightlife. Well, the plan *was* to get dinner ready, but as we unpacked some of the food, various bits got ‘used’ on me.

It started with Mike rubbing one of the carrots against my crotch (I had tights on as it was beginning to get cold – which is nothing compared to how it is now!). This became more forceful with each item taken out of the bag, and by the time we got to the courgette, he was pushing it into me (my tights were stopping it from actually going in). He pulled the front of my tights away from my body and slid the courgette into them, rubbing along the length of my pussy. I joked that we wouldn’t be able to use it for dinner now and Mike said that given he doesn’t have access to my cunt juice on a daily basis any more, that he wanted to get as much as he could during his visits. Of course, I’ve never been one to stop him from eating me (or pretty much doing anything to me), so I told him to take as much as he wanted and get the courgette properly covered.

Mike tried to angle it and push it into me while I still had my tights on, but this didn’t work too well, so I ended up removing them and sitting up on the work surface with my legs spread. I help my lips apart and he slowly worked it in to me. I was quite pleased that it still felt like it was stretching me (so at least I know my pussy hasn’t gone all flabby due to Jen’s fisting attempts). It didn’t take too long to get most of it into me and he began to fuck me with it. I was instructed to remove my top and mike sucked on my nipples while pumping the courgette in and out of me. Once he had a good rhythm going, he started to rub my clit and I moaned with appreciation. His kissing moved from my breasts up to my neck and after a while, up further to my right earlobe. I was getting quite close by this point and was telling him (through my panting) to make me cum. He didn’t tease me and kept going until my orgasm hit me. I held on to him and tried to push back against the courgette, but in the end I just let him continue to fuck me with it and enjoyed the pleasure pulsing out from my clit and cunt.

When he pulled the courgette out, I felt rather empty, but sufficiently satisfied that I didn’t care. My legs felt quite weak, so Mike helped me down and then immediately started to cut up the courgette. I straightened up my skirt (but didn’t put my top or tights back on) and gave him a hand getting the rest of dinner prepared. Throughout this stage, I had a few other items pushed into or rubbed against my pussy (carrots and cherry tomatoes inside, cucumber rubbed along) before they were chopped and added to the salad. We had a half chicken to go with the salad (but we didn’t play with that) and once the table was laid out, we moved into the dining room. I thought we were going to eat, but Mike said that all the playing with me had gotten to him and he wanted to cum before we ate. I thought this was fair and bent over the table, lifted my skirt and offered myself to him.

He pulled his cock out, rubbed it along my pussy a couple of times, fucked me between my legs (with it rubbing against my pussy) and then pulled back and positioned it at the entrance to my cunt. I reached around and held myself open for him and he pushed into me, only going a little bit at first and working deeper with each thrust. His cock was much warmer than the courgette and it felt really good feeling him moving inside me. I tried clenching myself around him and this made things feel even better so I continued doing this for as long as I could until the muscles got tired. I hadn’t expected to want to cum again so soon but I ended up being turned on enough that I reached down under myself and rubbed my clit. Mike noticed this and said that he would hold back until I had cum and would then season my salad for me.

This seemed like a really good idea and (sort of) tied in with my aim of getting his cum over me, so I agreed. Mike pulled my ass cheeks apart and used slow deliberate strokes, pushing hard into me each time. I continued to play with my clit and was soon rewarded with the familiar feeling of my orgasm building. I asked Mike to speed up (which he did) and I came again, a much deeper, rolling orgasm this time. Mike continued to fuck me through my orgasm and then kept going for a little bit afterwards. He checked once more that I wanted salad dressing and when I said I did, he pulled out, moved around to my bowl and came over it. My face was quiet close to the bowl and I watched as his hand rubbed up and down his cock and his cum squirted out and splattered over my food. Once he had squeezed out the last few drops, he rubbed his cock over the salad and then offered it to me. I sucked him clean, tasting both his cum and my juices and we then sat down to eat.

I decided to give Jen a call and tell her what my dinner consisted of and when she found out, she rather liked the idea (I’ve never met a lesbian who likes boy-cum so much – admittedly I don’t know many lesbians and I haven’t asked the ones I do know about this specifically, but you know what I mean...). Mike said he would be happy to fuck her and cum over her food at Christmas, and they agreed that they would arrange something (although the way Jen said ‘something’, I don’t think it will be her that Mike fucks). I started to eat while on the phone to her and it was actually quite a good flavour. I’ve come to appreciate the taste of Mike’s cum over the past few years and I now know that it actually makes a fairly good salad dressing – not too strong a taste, but it still added something. Of course, the ‘naughty’ factor was probably a help and the fact that I was sitting there mostly naked (I still had my skirt on, but it was pulled up) also helped.

Jen said that she was bored but was going to meet up with a friend later on – I told her to give us a call when she got back and we would have an ‘animated chat’ to help relieve any further boredom. She liked this idea and told me to behave myself when we went out later on (as if that was going to happen). We finished up dinner and moved on to dessert – I knew full well what was going to happen here as we’d bought chocolate mousse. We took turns eating – Mike obviously ate it out of my cunt and I rubbed it over his cock and then licked him clean. He wasn’t ready to cum again just yet but with the last scrapings smeared over me, he went to town on my cunt and ate me until I came. By the time he finished, I was feeling quite exhausted and we thought that we could do with a rest before going out. We quickly cleaned up and retired to bed for a couple of hours sleep.