Friday, 29 January 2010

Food dun with Sis - Part 2

I told Sue that if she wanted a courgette for herself that there was another one downstairs. She said she would prefer it (so either the carrots were having an effect or she really has given up all pretence of being innocent). I was feeling a bit mean (or horny – it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes) and told her that she had to go get it herself as I was enjoying myself. She got up and started to look around for something to wear and Mike told her she had to go naked. We had been doing things for a while so it was likely that Jen was going to be out of the shower and Sue realised this. She seemed to think about it briefly and decided that she wanted the courgette badly enough so opened the door and dashed out. Jen had indeed finished and was sitting downstairs in her robe painting her nails. Jen tells us that she got a good view of the rather messy naked Sue and that Sue didn’t even bother trying to cover herself up or hide what she was getting.

When she returned, she lay beside me and Mike concentrated on getting the new courgette into her pussy. Using the cream as lubricant, this didn’t take long and he then returned to fucking us both at the same time. I was a lot further along than Sue so stopped rubbing my clit to allow her to catch up (but then got a bit distracted and went back to the rubbing). Mike had figured out how deep he could get the courgettes into us without it hurting and was holding them so he could move them quite forcefully without going too far. I ended up cumming first (as it should always be!) and loved the feeling of it buried deep in my pussy. As I came I rotated my hips around the courgette so I could feel it pressing on every part of my pussy. Even when I had finished cumming, he left it in me and I practised contracting myself around it.

While I was doing this, Mike concentrated on Sue and licked at her clit while he continued to fuck her. As she got closer to cumming, he moved up beside her and told her to rub her clit. He kissed her and told her that we would all be eating the courgettes with dinner tonight. Sue was a bit surprised by this but he had timed it well and she was too close to cumming to really care. He carried on by pointing out (again) that she had already tasted my juices a number of times and that she had also eaten food with Jen’s juices on it and liked it. I was surprised that he told her that and it seemed to shock her a bit (but he hadn’t stopped using the courgette on her and she was now really close). She did ask when and he told her about the chocolates before moving back down to lick her clit until she came.

I was very impressed with the way he had timed it (but later found out that he hadn’t really intended to tell her that so it wasn’t as if the timing was down to brilliant planning). He kept moving the courgette in her and licking at her clit until she had cum (and I leant a hand by stroking and lightly pinching one of her nipples). She was lying there, covered in strawberries, cream and ice cream panting and Mike was sitting beside her with his cock looking rather large and hard (he was obviously ready for some more action). He dipped it in what was left of the ice cream (now almost completely melted), crouched by Sue’s face and offered it to her to suck. She took it and did the best she could given the position they were in. He poured a bit more onto his cock and some missed and ran over Sue’s face while some ran down his cock and dripped onto her hair. She looked a real mess but clearly didn’t care as she kept licking him.

While I know Mike enjoys Sue’s blowjobs, he wanted a bit more and so moved down between her legs and slipped into her. He lifted her legs right up and started a steady rhythm. Whatever he was doing, Sue enjoyed it and he kept going until she came. Being Mike, he hadn’t cum yet so continued to fuck her, but sped up a bit and started to push harder into her. Sue enjoyed this for a bit but it then started to feel a bit too intense. Mike told her he wanted to cum in her and asked if she could keep going until he finished and she agreed but told him to hurry up. He started pumping into her even harder and it was obvious from the look on Sue’s face that it was too intense for her but, to give her credit, she held on quite well. Whenever she said it was getting too much, Mike told her how much he loved her little pussy and how he wanted to fill her cunt with his cum and she let him continue.

Eventually (and it did take a while), he pushed deep into her and came. Sue looked like she really couldn’t have taken much more anyway and just sort of slumped into the bed when he put her legs down. Given how long he’d been at it (or her) Mike seemed to still have energy and said we should go get showered. He pulled on a t-shirt and called out that we would be using the shower. We both helped Sue get up (she was still a bit shaky) and walked out into the hall. Jen popped out of the other bedroom to say hi and noted the outline of Mike’s cock through his top and his cum dripping out of Sue’s pussy. Sue didn’t seem to mind Jen seeing her naked (she still seemed a bit out of it) and Mike handed her the courgettes and asked her to take them down for dinner. With everyone watching her, she licked them both and commented how Sue tasted different to me.

Sue didn’t say anything about this but did turn down Jen when she asked if she could lick Sue clean. Jen had another suck on (what she claimed was) Sue’s courgette and went downstairs, leaving us to shower. I allowed Mike to have a go at cleaning my pussy with the pulse setting and he was thorough enough that I managed to cum again. I’m sure he would have done the same for Sue, but she wasn’t ready yet so we just cleaned her off and got out of the shower.

We did eat the courgettes and carrots with dinner. While we were eating, Jen picked up one of her carrot pieces and rubbed it along her pussy (under the table) and fed it to me and then did the same things again and let Mike have it (which he enjoyed). She offered her last bit to Sue who turned it down at first until Mike bribed her by (once again) pointing out that she had tasted my juices and that if she ate it, he would wake her up in the morning by eating her. This seemed to do the trick and she took it, sniffed at it and then ate it. She didn’t mention (to Jen) that Mike had told her about the chocolate incident.

I later found out that the whole Jen seeing Sue naked in the hallway was something that Mike and Jen had planned (hence why he called out that we were going to shower). I know they had a lot more planned (Jen had hoped to have a chance to play with Sue or even eat and be eaten by her, but Mike didn’t think that Sue was ready for that (I’m still not sure she will ever want to try that, but they’re not giving up!)

Jen and Sue left a few days later (Sue first, then Jen the next day). I haven’t had time to see Jen since then and really miss her (but will hopefully see her soon). Mike has been keeping in touch with Sue and continuing her conditioning (I said he wasn’t giving up). He’s also been working more on me, but that’s another entry and I have other things to post before it...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food fun with sis

This will probably be the last entry about the holiday period. I’m way behind now but I don’t have much to talk about since then as I’ve been spending too much time writing to get up to anything too crazy. I also haven’t seen Jen since then (over 2 weeks since she left so I’m missing her).

I mentioned that we had a ‘food’ session last year and decided that we would have another one just before Sue and Jen left (partly because I love playing with food and partly as I knew that I would be busy from then on so wanted a last bit of fun to keep me going). I had started off with Jen up in our room – we were just kissing and fooling around (which had moved onto a bit more than just fooling around) and I decided that we should get some ice cream. I went downstairs naked and interrupted Mike and Jen who were playing on the Wii. They knew that Jen and I had gone up to play so weren’t too surprised that I was nude and Mike paused the game to ask what I had planned.

I told him we were just going to play with food and that when we were done I would come and have a go with them (I don’t see why I shouldn’t take advantage of the fact that I have two opportunities to have people make me cum!) I took a few items upstairs and Jen was waiting where I had left her (lying on the bed with her legs spread). She was gently stroking herself (probably to pass the time while waiting for me) and her pussy looked nice and shiny with her juices. I put the food down on the bedside table and gave Jen a kiss while I climbed on top of her. We had put some towels down on the bed before we had started and I checked that they were in place while I replaced her fingers with my own.

We’ve done stuff with food a number of times before so we weren’t really going for anything new, but I knew she was leaving soon so wanted to enjoy her as much as possible. I took a little cream at first and dripped it onto her pussy before licking her clean. I then put a little bit of ice cream onto her mons and licked it into her pussy before I ate it out of her (plain vanilla is the best I think – I didn’t want to hide her taste too much). This of course got a little squeal out of her – so I did it again and ate her for a bit longer. I took a strawberry (which I had purchased for perfectly innocent reasons) and pushed it into her and let her squeeze against it before sucking it out. I didn’t eat it, but kept it in my mouth and moved up to her face so we could share it.

We kept kissing and rubbing against each other – Jen’s fingers started playing with my pussy and I handed her a strawberry to use. I felt her slide it into me and then felt it slowly slide back out. She pushed it in again and when it dropped out a second time she ate it. I asked her if she felt like getting really messy and was greeted by her wicked little grin (and a yes). I put another strawberry between her breasts and added a little cream. I lay on top of her and pressed against her while we kissed and felt it squish between us. We pressed our bodies together and rubbed back and forth before I sat up to see what we had achieved. Jen’s breasts were now smeared with pink (as were mine) and knowing how much she loves having her nipples played with, I thought I should give them some attention. I tied my hair back first and then started to lick her breasts clean, not caring that my face was getting covered.

When Jen was (mostly) clean, she did the same for me – given my breasts are quite a bit larger than hers, she got even more of the mess over her face than I had. She then took a spoonful of ice cream and put in on my stomach. She sat over me, plopped her pussy down directly onto the ice cream and rubbed herself back and forth on me. I could feel it rubbing down my sides but didn’t really care as the view was somewhat distracting. She climbed up and sat over my face and I licked her clean once more. By the time I had finished, my face was far from clean and Jen kissed around it and then said it was my turn to play.

I was pretty turned on and didn’t want to make things last too long so got her to lie down and moved down into the scissor position with her. As we rubbed our pussies together, I got her to pass me down a strawberry, which I crushed in my hand and let drip onto our cunts. This obviously made everything rather sticky so she passed the cream and I drizzled some of that onto us. As we mashed together, the mess started to spread down our thighs and it was really fun to not care about it at all. I asked for some ice cream and added it to the mix – given the combined heat of our pussies it felt really cold but that didn’t stop us. I really wanted to reach down and finger Jen’s clit but I knew she would probably cum before I did anyway so I resisted. Instead I got her to hand me another few strawberries and the cream and I crushed them in my hand before rubbing them over her stomach and up the leg that was over mine (we use the one-under one-over position). I poured cream onto her and rubbed it over the bits of her I could reach (from her knee to her stomach) as well as my own breasts.

It was obvious that she was getting close from the way she was pressing back against me and I pushed our pussies together hard and let her wiggle against me. Not wanting to be left out I started rubbing my own clit quite fast and actually came before she did. I used Jen’s leg to hold her against me and kept pushing back – it was a bit too intense but I didn’t want to leave her hanging so kept the pressure up on her pussy until she came. She had quite a strong orgasm and made a bit more noise than usual (which is always a good turn on). While she was recovering I climbed back on top of her and we kissed, feeling the mess between us.

I was ready to go again but Jen said she had cum too hard to go another round. I was going to gently lick her clean (and then lick not so gently until she was ready) but decided that seeing as I had round 2 waiting for me downstairs I would let her recover. After a few more minutes of kissing, I got up and said I was going to go get Mike and Sue. To save having to get another set of towels out I decided to use Jen’s bed and she said she would have a shower while I continued to play. She came out into the hall with me – both of us still naked. I was planning on going downstairs naked and thought that it would be fun for Jen to join me so Mike and Sue could see how much of a mess we had made. I knew she wouldn’t come down naked and suggested that she just put on a pair of panties (reminding her that Mike has seen her topless already). She wasn’t up for this (although I know she did like the idea of Sue seeing her naked) and we settled on her wearing one of Mike’s white t-shirts.

She slipped it on and while it covered her to about mid-thigh, between what was visible on her legs and the mess soaking through the top, it was obvious that she was as covered as I was. We went downstairs and presented ourselves. Sue couldn’t believe the state we were in but Mike said that it looked wonderful and he was about to do the same with Sue and I. I said that I wanted to try something a bit different (as well) and went to get some veg out of the fridge. I came back with a few carrots and a courgette (zuchinni for the Americans). Mike’s face lit up even more (he loves seeing me being fucked by veg for some reason). I slid a carrot along my pussy and said we should go upstairs.

Jen went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up (and despite having said she was tired, decided to play with the shower while thinking of little Sue being made to cum). We went into the bedroom and Mike commented on what a mess we had already made of the bed (but that didn’t stop him getting undressed and rubbing up against me). Sue took a little convincing, but Mike told her he wanted to get her cunt covered in cream and eat her until she was screaming. As Sue undressed, he rubbed around my breasts and pussy, getting his hand covered and as soon as Sue pulled her skirt off (she was getting used to going without panties) he rubbed it over her before pulling her onto the bed and emptying the rest of the cream over her in one go (there wasn’t a great deal left, but enough for him to rub it from her face to her legs.

Sue pretended (I assume) to think it was ikky but as he rubbed the cream into her she started to writhe under his fingers and soon gave in. I sat beside them and used one of the carrots on myself, making sure that they could see it sliding into my pussy and getting it as far into myself as I could. Mike moved down between her legs and started to lap away at her pussy. I clambered over Sue and grabbed the bowl with the remaining strawberries and the pot of ice cream (which was about half melted). I rubbed some of the ice cream over my breasts and continued to fuck myself with the carrot while watching Sue get more turned on as Mike ate her harder and faster. He then grabbed one of the strawberries and rubbed it around Sue’s pussy. I told him to squash it and he dutifully did so, spreading the mess around and then went back to licking.

He lifted her ass up so he could get a better angle on her pussy and furiously ate her. I could see that he wasn’t teasing (or at least if he was and had intended to stop then he was being *really* cruel). He kept going until she came and then kept going a bit more – usually he slows down when I (or Sue) cums and continues to eat us slowly, but he kept licking away hard and fast until she pushed him away. As soon as he stopped eating Sue, he moved over, pulled the carrot out of my pussy and slid into me and started to kiss me. His face was covered with cream and strawberry (as was mine still) and we kissed passionately while we fucked.

I knew what he was doing but didn’t really mind – his mouth was obviously coated with Sue’s juices but I kept kissing him back and we ended up with me on top. Mike grabbed my ass and guided me up and down while he thrust into me so our bodies were slapping together. I was already reasonably close from my carrot play and I can’t really hold back when he starts quickly pounding into me. He got Sue to put a blob of ice cream on my ass and I felt him smearing it over me and it melting down the crack and over my pussy. I told him I was nearly there and he slid a finger into my ass (not far, but enough to feel nice) and started fucking me at full speed.

With all the sensations going on I came in very little time and was fairly vocal about it. Mike was being quite loud as well and kept telling me how hot my cunt felt and how he was about to fill it with cum. I had just about finished when he started to cum and he pulled me really hard against him each time he thrust into me (a little too hard on one of the times – remember men, hitting the cervix can hurt!). I think this was one of the few times that Mike was more exhausted than I was (from a single orgasm) and so I just lay on top of him and we kissed while he recovered. Because he stayed inside me (and I might have been moving just a little) he didn’t ever go soft – I could tell when he was ready for more as he started to move in me again.

I said I wanted to try some ‘proper’ food play and climbed off him and lay beside Sue (who had been watching us closely). Mike knew what I meant and took a carrot in each hand and fucked us both at the same time with them. Now the carrot felt nice, but I really wanted to have the courgette so asked him to use that. He gave me what I wanted and started to work it into my pussy – the one I had brought up was a little larger than Mike’s cock and stretched me slightly, but the texture felt really nice. He managed to get the second carrot into Sue’s pussy and I had to sit up so I could watch them sliding into her. I started to rub my clit (usually Mike would have done this, but his other hand was occupied with Sue).

Okay, this is still taking longer than I want – I’ll post this now and try to get the second bit finished quickly (I need to get back to Holly’s ‘friend’).

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Year's Eve

This is a bit longer than I would have liked - if I had time I would split it into two and add a few more details, but you'll have to take it as it is...


Okay, so I’ve missed out a few of the details that I was going to put in previous posts but if I wrote them all (at my current rate) we’d be well into February before I wrote about New Year. So here goes:

We had arranged a New Year’s party with the friends who were going to be around in York at that time. A few people had planned to come back to join in (and some of them couldn’t make it because of the weather) and they had all agreed on our proposed school uniform theme. We hadn’t just chosen this because we like the schoolgirl look, but because it was Jen and my first anniversary and we wanted to recreate the party we had met at (even if it was in a different place with different people).

Now I don’t usually write about special days like anniversaries and birthdays because I want to have some things that are still private and some ‘sessions’ that we can have a nice romantic time (possibly including some more passionate time) and not have to think about writing it up later on. This night however was special in a few ways and Jen doesn’t mind (given our first night is on here!) so here goes...


As I mentioned, a few people didn’t make it back to York in time due to the bad weather so the party wasn’t as full as we had planned. There were still plenty of people there though and I’m not sure if *everyone* had turned up that we would have easily fitted (our place isn’t quite as big as the place I used to share with Hol and Rach).

Sue had spent ages deciding whether she should wear her actual school uniform or her Japanese one – in the end she decided to go with her real one. Technically this should have meant we all matched, but I had a pair of black opaque tights on (because I wore them last year) and Sue went with the same knee high white socks that Jen was wearing. Mike had dared Sue to go the whole evening without panties on (and she had agreed) but Jen and I had decided to stick to the same outfit we had used previously (so we both had white panties).

I hadn’t let Mike cum in me the previous night (he had cum over Sue instead) as I wanted to be ready for Jen to eat me (we weren’t going to stick to just the things we had done last year). Jen and I hadn’t really decided how much we would be flirting with each other at the party as it was the first time that a number of our friends had seen us since Mike and I got engaged. This actually turned out to be quite a fun way of us having our anniversary as we weren’t exactly ‘open’ about what we had run off to do last year (seeing as Jen hadn’t come out at that point).

Anyway, people started turning up at about 7.30 and I think that pretty much everyone was there by about 9.30ish. Most of us hadn’t seen each other for a while so we had a good catch up and found out about each others’ holidays and a few relationship issues (Vicky had broken up with her bf and Peter had broken up with his gf). Alcohol seemed to make them feel better though and when everyone was there we were presented with an engagement present.

There was a bit of dancing, but not too much due to the space – fortunately our neighbours weren’t back from wherever they spent Christmas so we didn’t have to worry about noise too much so we could at least have the music up fairly loud. All the girls had got into the spirit of the party and dressed up properly (although a couple of the uniforms were rather ugly!). Most of the guys had done something, but a pair of dark trousers and a shirt isn’t really that difficult! I was disappointed that Valerie and Sue (other Sue) hadn’t made it along but little Anna had made it and looked absolutely adorable and Jo looked as cute as ever so I was somewhat distracted.

Jen and I sometimes play the ‘imaginary threesomes with my friends’ game that was the way that Mike got me interested in girls in the first place. A few times in the evening, Jen and I would duck into a corner and choose someone to mentally undress, imagine what she would be like naked and what we could do to her. I did the same thing a few times with Mike and was definitely getting rather aroused by all the talk. I really wanted to sneak off with Jen and re-enact our first encounter but we had decided that we should wait until after midnight.

At some point (before midnight, but after people were nicely drunk), Holly and I were talking and she took me to the end of the kitchen and asked if she could talk to me about something. I said of course she could (and expected her to ask me about what would be happening with Jen and I now I was engaged) but she went all quiet and made me promise not to tell anyone what she was going to say. Of course I did this (and I haven’t told anyone who knows us) and we had a long conversation about ‘her friend’ who might be interested in girls. She asked me how I figured out I was bi (I told her a slightly edited version, saying how Mike used to get me to think about other girls but leaving out the bit how we used to fantasise about her).

I kept telling her that there wasn’t anything wrong and if ‘her friend’ (I resisted the temptation to use air-quotes) really thought that she liked girls, whether she was gay or bi, then it wasn’t anything to hide from and she should be honest about what she felt. Of course all through this conversation my mind was working overtime - Holly was one of the first girls that we used to really fantasise about (and the first one I ever tasted, if you include licking her vibe) and the thought that I might actually get a chance to have her properly really (really) appealed. I know that Jen thinks she is very cute (to be fair many of my friends are incredibly beautiful – Mike once said that it was kind of like being in The OC!). I was fairly sure that Mike wouldn’t mind too much if I had another girl (but did actually think that I would have to ask him now that we’re engaged).

I was trying to be supportive of Holly while I was imagining Jen sitting over her face while I tasted her sweet little pussy and in the end had to stop fantasising and concentrate on the conversation or I would have probably tried to drag her upstairs. The party wasn’t really the best place to talk in privacy (although the loud music helped) and we agreed that she (or her friend) could come and talk to Jen or I anytime she wanted. I didn’t tell Mike about the conversation until the following day (Jen found out later that night) as I couldn’t think of a subtle way of doing it while Holly was around.

Midnight came and we all celebrated and kissed (Mike got rather large kisses off Jen and Sue and I think a few people may have noticed the Sue kiss). When Jen and I kissed (also a proper kiss) the lads seemed to appreciate it so we did it again with people cheering us. I got a really nice kiss off Jo (not passionate, but as sweet as I had always imagined kissing her would be). I wondered if I should try anything with Holly but decided to wait until we’d had another chat.

We’d now made it past midnight so snuck off upstairs, snuck into a bedroom and repeated our encounter from the previous New Year (pretty faithfully too – all we did was kiss and finger each other to a single orgasm before coming back downstairs, but we had more plans for later on that night).We decided to go back down without panties on (seeing as Sue had been like that all night) but didn’t really show off (or take advantage of) the fact that we were partly naked.

Sue had been doing so though – Mike had dared her to sit cross legged and she had allowed her skirt to ride up slightly. He said it wasn’t really obvious but thought he had seen a few people glancing at her. She says that she enjoyed doing it so I think we’re beginning to convince her that exhibition is fun in this country just as much as when you’re abroad!

A few people left around 1 and the place had emptied by about 3. Neither Sue or I were that drunk (as we wanted to be able to keep going for a while) and Mike had paced himself reasonably well (a few pints of water and he was fine). Sue was a little drunker but wasn’t really too bad (she thinks that she might have properly flashed some people coming out of the toilet, but can’t quite remember). We cleared a space on the floor as Mike said he would just put a few duvets down and sleep on them rather than setting up the sofa (plus he could be closer to the fire). Jen and I went up to our room and started making out. It was obvious that an evening surrounded by beautiful schoolgirls (and fantasising about them) had made us horny enough that the single orgasm earlier hadn’t really done much to sate our desire.

Before we really got started I decided that it wasn’t really fair to leave Mike by himself so popped in to our room (where Sue was) and told her that as a one off, she could go have fun with him without me being there. I called down to Mike that I was sending something downstairs for him to do and went back to Jen. Seeing as we then had anniversary sex I won’t write much about what we got up to, but we made use of the short double ended dildo so we could rub our pussies together as well as the longer one which meant we could hold each other and kiss properly.

The report that I got from Mike the following day about his and Sue’s night was quite detailed (but he’s used to helping me remember the details of our exploits so he’s used to it). He was very happy that he got to screw Sue (the party had got him quite turned on as well) and Sue seemed more than willing. She hadn’t really got undressed by the time I send her downstairs so was still in her uniform (without panties) and while they were kissing and fondling Mike kept asking her how much she had enjoyed having her pussy exposed. Now she might have just been saying it to keep him happy, but she said that she really loved it and especially when she was sitting so that there was a chance that people might have seen that she didn’t have panties on.

Mike did his usual thing of eating her to get things started properly and told her that he was going to make her cum many times before they finished for the night. She sucked him off while he fingered her and he came over her face and breasts before getting her to stand up against the wall while he ate her again. She kept her skirt and socks on throughout the whole session but her blouse was removed so he could play with her nipples. At one point, while he was fucking her he got her to imagine that she had started to finger herself while sitting in the party with everyone watching her. He said that after a while she seemed to be getting into the fantasy so he moved it on to having some of the people there playing with her breasts, removing her top and sucking her nipples, getting her to start stroking their cocks and then suck them and finally ending up with her on the floor surrounded by people who watched her be fucked by each guy in turn. As she got closer to cumming (he was still fucking her) he got her to imagine everyone pushing their cocks into her mouth and her cunt – feeling herself being fucked endlessly and having jets of cum squirting into her and over her until she was covered and too exhausted to even move.

When he had finished building up the image, he let her cum and he says that she seemed to have quite a powerful orgasm (whether that was the build up or the fantasy I don’t know, but she didn’t complain). Mike came in her (which he hadn’t intended to do just yet, but he had been enjoying the image of her being gang fucked as well). While he was recovering he started to gently play with her pussy, rubbing his cum around her thighs as it leaked out of her. He continued the fantasy saying that the girls at the party were feeling a bit left out so they took turns to sit over her face and have Sue eat each one of them to orgasm. She wasn’t as vocal when he started on this section, but after his fingers had been playing with her clit for a while she apparently even seemed okay with this fantasy (which is also one of my favourites).

She came while he was describing how she would get to experience all the different tastes and textures of pussy and how the girls would decide to return the favour so she would be eating someone while the girls she had just eaten would he eating her. Mike had enjoyed this part of the fantasy as well and was ready for another go. He ended up taking her doggy style with her kneeling on the floor and supporting herself on the sofa and continuing the idea of everyone else taking her (she was helping out with the description this time). She was still rather wet with his cum so he ended up pounding into her while he reached around and rubbed her clit until she came again. As his third orgasm of the night he had a lot more self control and held back until she had finished then got her to lie on her back so he could cum over her – he didn’t cum a great amount but still enjoyed seeing her with his cum on her.

It was fairly late by this point and he restocked the fire and they snuggled up together on his floor bed and slept quite late (as did Jen and I – we’d carried on until fairly late ourselves). Mike was the first one up (discounting a toilet trip I took) and made sure that the fire was restocked before he went to have breakfast. Between the late night and the alcohol, Sue was still very tired and went back to sleep so Mike did what any protective elder brother would do – he made sure she was comfortable and arranged the covers so that her legs and pussy were nicely exposed (she still had her school skirt and white socks on). He came up to Jen’s room and let us know that he was making breakfast but we should be quiet as Sue was sleeping. I could tell that something was up as he really wanted us to come downstairs but didn’t figure it out until I got far enough down the stairs to see Sue lying there.

Of course, she wasn’t arranged like that for my pleasure and as Jen came downstairs she certainly appreciated the view. One of Sue’s legs was bent out slightly so her rather wet looking pussy was pretty much completely exposed. Mike told us to sit at the dining table and watch. I knew he probably wasn’t going to fuck her with Jen watching (the no nudity rule they have – well, she has) but didn’t know exactly what he was going to do. He lay down beside her and started to stroke her pussy – gently at first and then a bit firmer as she woke up. He started to kiss her so she couldn’t lift her head and see Jen and I sitting there and moved on to fingering he properly.

Once Sue was aroused (and wriggling around under his hand) he whispered to her and asked what she would do if Jen was watching her. Sue said she didn’t care (this is how he does things – he gets you so worked up that you go along with whatever he wants – but at least I’ve learned this nwo and can do the same to him from time to time!). He told her that Jen might be watching her and that he could stop so she could check or she could keep her eyes closed and he would make her cum without her knowing if they were alone or not. Of course, he’d been focusing on her clit while saying this so Sue went for the second option. He slid the covers off her body so we could see her breasts (well, all of her apart from the little bit covered by her flipped up skirt) and started to suck on a nipple while he kept playing with her pussy. Sue was apparently fairly horny as she was moaning in no time and clearly about to cum. I had thought that Mike would draw it out a bit more, but other than a brief interruption to have a quick lick of her clit he continued to finger her and rub her clit.

Sue moaned a fair bit when she came – not too loud but guttural enough to know it was real (or she’s a very good actress!) Jen had been fidgeting about on the chair next to me for quite a while and I was looking forward to some hot morning (nearly afternoon) sex. When Sue had finished cumming, Mike waved his hand at us and indicated that we should go upstairs – the idea was that if we could sneak off quietly the Sue would really have never known if Jen had been watching but our stairs aren’t silent and when she heard the creak she peeked and saw us going back up. She was still in the post orgasm glow so even though she was a bit embarrassed, she wasn’t mad at Mike (but did ‘punish’ him by making her cum again while Jen and I were otherwise engaged upstairs).

So all in all, it was a great party, followed by a wonderful night with Jen and Sue’s continuing conversion, followed by a great start to the New Year (both the little show and the private after show). On top of all that, there was the promise of Holly’s confession and what I (or even Jen and I) might get out of it...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Anal threesome

In order to try to catch up I’m going to skip some of the things that happened in the run up to our New Year party. The one event I will post about follows as it will help me figure out how I feel about it.


I had spent the previous night with Jen as I don’t get to see her that often and I live with Mike – this meant that Mike had to sleep alone again but between Sue and I, I think we were making up for it during the day. The weather was still very cold with heavy(ish) snow which is why we spent so long indoors (and then had to find ways to amuse ourselves).

Jen and I got up late (we’re students, it was the holidays, we were snowed in and there is very little better to wake up to than the taste of Jen’s beautiful little pussy). Mike had already lit the fire by the time we went downstairs so we weren’t too cold in our dressing gowns. Mike had returned to ‘bed’ (duvet on the sofa) and Jen went to sit under it with him (she feels the cold a bit more than I do) until he told her that he might not be entirely clothed. She quizzed him as to why he was naked and he admitted that he might have been listening in to our earlier antics and been enjoying them.

Jen seemed to like this (I think she now that she knows, she really enjoys her power over men – and me!) She told him to sit up and then slid under the covers beside him. Mike actually looked unsure as to what to do (I know he’s fairly sure what he *wanted* to do) and Jen snuggled up against his side. He tells me that her arm sort of brushed against his cock (just once) and he put his arm around her. He could smell sex off of her and was clearly suffering so after a few minutes she got out from under the covers, gave him a quick flash of her ass and told him to get ready for breakfast. He joined us in the kitchen with a large bulge in the front of his gown, pulled me to him and rub against my ass. Usually I would have quite happily let him take me but I pointed out that it was Jen that had gotten him in that state – she was standing pouring out some cereal and wiggled her ass at him while looking back at us (she stopped pouring the cereal when she looked back at us!)

Mike just said “Fine” and went over to Jen, put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She let him press up against her and continued to wiggle back against him and only stopped him when he went to lift her gown up. She didn’t seem annoyed that he had tried to do this as she had certainly been leading him on and he sat through breakfast with his erection still causing a bulge in his gown.

Sue only came downstairs near the time we were finishing up, but we sat around and continued to chat while she ate. I knew Mike would want to go up and play fairly soon (listening to Jen and I usually has that effect on him, let alone her additional teasing) and asked him if he would shave me (it had been a few days). Sue asked if he would do her too (which he of course said he would) and he offered to do Jen but she just stuck her tongue out at him. We went up to get started while Sue finished up breakfast and were most of the way through by the time she arrived. Mike rinsed me off, added a little lotion and did his usual tongue test to ensure I was smooth.

Sue slipped off her PJs and sat on the edge of the bed. I watched Mike lather her up and shave her smooth (she has been keeping herself bald recently). He tested her and once satisfied with his work, put the stuff back in the bathroom. Jen had told Sue that she would take a nice long bath to occupy herself while we played and he called down that the bathroom was now free and she could use the shaving stuff herself (she did – I checked later on). I had been telling Sue about Jen’s earlier teasing of Mike and she asked me if I thought Jen wanted to sleep with him. I pointed out that Jen wouldn’t have to tease him to get him to screw her and Sue suggested that we tease him for a bit. Now I’ve tried this before and he has more self control than I do but I thought it might be worth a try with two of us.

When he came back in, we both bent over the bed, presenting ourselves to him. He went to slide into me but I told him to just rub against me. He first rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks and then slipped it between my legs so it rubbed against my pussy. I’m sure it was my imagination, but it felt like the teasing had made him harder than usual. I was just starting to enjoy it when he pulled away from me and repeated his rubbing on Sue. He did this a few times (moving between us) and then tried to slide into me – I told him he had to wait a bit before he could be inside me and he knelt down and started to eat me. Sue suggested that he should lie on his back and have us both and he said okay. I waited until I was sitting over his face and mouthed “what about the teasing” to her and she just positioned herself over his cock and started rubbing herself on it (not with him in her).

Mike was licking away at my pussy and I knew he was enjoying it (we were in his fantasy position after all) while Sue teased him. She was sitting with her pussy on top of his cock, rubbing up and down the shaft but mostly avoiding the head (occasionally she would slide over it, just to keep him interested – although the colour of his cock seemed to indicate that he was more than interested). I actually need to get Sue to teach me exactly what she does when she humps him like this as we have tried it and while it feels nice, I don’t think it feels as good (either for Mike or myself). I focused on watching Mike’s cock sliding between her cunt lips and allowed myself to cum (the licking helped).

I dismounted Mike’s face and he started trying to guide Sue to rub against his glans a bit more – she resisted at first but was obviously enjoying the pressure so soon relented. When she was just about to let him slide into her (or so it seemed), he said he wanted to try something new and asked her to get off him. He lay across the bed so that his feet were on the floor and got Sue to kneel on his cock facing away from him (she was nearly falling off the bed, but Mike held her waist). This meant that I could sit on the floor between his legs and watch his fuck her – once they had started, he said that he wanted me to lick his cock at the same time. Sue seemed a little bit taken aback by this but I wasn’t really surprised (I know it’s one of his fantasies to see the two of us doing things – well, he’s told Sue that so I guess she knows it too!)

He pointed out that we had both already tasted each other from his mouth fingers and cock and so it wasn’t really any different. I don’t know what Sue was thinking, but I know that having seen her in her little anime outfit and then Japanese schoolgirl outfit I has been thinking about doing things with her (plus Mike and I have acted it out while we’ve been having sex a few times). Just to be clear, I didn’t actually do anything with Sue (either this time or up until she left) so I haven’t yet strayed over into the bounds of incest with my little sister, but I wasn’t opposed to trying out Mike’s idea.

I moved a bit closer to them and licked around the base of his cock (he doesn’t like having his balls licked as he had an infection a few years ago and one is now rather tender). I couldn’t really taste Sue’s juices on him so I licked a bit higher. I made sure that I avoided her pussy and Mike held her lips apart. With a bit of practice, I was able to lick up his cock as she moved up and then move out of the way as she slid back down and engulfed him. I was thinking just how much Jen would have loved to be in this position – or how much I would have loved to be sitting over her face at that point so she could be eating me. I’ll admit that I was a bit more than tempted to give Sue’s clit a lick just to see what she would do, but I behaved myself (Jen said she wouldn’t have, but then I can’t imagine that Jen would have been licking Mike in the first place).

Sue seemed to forget about her reservations (Mike was also rubbing her clit while holding her cunt open so I think that helped) and after a little while he said he was going to make her cum. They started moving faster and I sat back a little to enjoy the show. I had a really close up view of his cock sliding into her and ended up playing with myself (pussy and nips). I watched Sue’s face as she came so I know she definitely enjoyed it and as soon as she got off him I took her place. I had figured that Mike hadn’t cum in her and I was right. Mike asked Sue to sit where I had been and she said that she wasn’t going to lick him while he was in me (I hadn’t really expected that she would).

Mike said in that case we should try something different, Sue lay on the bed and I took the 69 position above her so she could watch Mike could entered me. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to see her repeat what I had done, but had a fair idea that Mike would want to make up for it in other ways. I was soon proved right as at various points in the fucking, he pulled out of me and got Sue to suck the head of his cock. He put it to her as a competition to see whether my cunt or her cocksucking skills would be the thing to get him to cum but he really just wanted to watcher her sucking my pussy juices off his cock. I’m sure Sue knew that as well (unless she has the mental capacity of a goldfish) but used the ‘excuse’ of the competition to carry on.

I’m happy to say that I won, although not quite in the way I had been expecting. I had been contracting my pussy around him as he moved inside me (and he always seems to really like that). He pulled out and let Sue suck him and I was prepared to really squeeze him when he entered me again. Instead of my pussy, I felt him press up against my ass. I hesitated a bit but was too horny to really mind Sue seeing so pushed back against him. He worked his cock into me and I felt my ass stretching around him. Once he was properly inside, he asked Sue if she had been ass fucked before and she said that she had – with a bit of further questioning it turned out that she had only done it a few times and Mike promised her that he would give her a go after me (she didn’t object to this, but did ask me a lot what I was feeling).

I thought that Mike had been fairly close to cumming already, but he gently fucked my ass for a few minutes and then suggested that we change position. He took Sue’s place, lying on his back on the bed and got me to sit on his cock (back in my ass). Sue got onto his face and he started to eat her while I rode up and down his cock. My pussy was completely exposed to Sue’s eyes and I figured that I didn’t really have anything to lose so started to rub my clit. I knew that Sue had seen me cum a number of times before, but I felt more exposed than ever with Mike’s cock in my ass and my fingers on (and then in) my pussy. Sue was watching me but was also being distracted by Mike’s tongue. I started to clench my ass around his cock and he came fairly quickly (he had to ask me to stop moving). He did at least keep his cock in me so I could finish myself off and by the time I came he had recovered enough that he could at least move a little in me to help me along.

Sue hadn’t cum yet and it turns out that this was what Mike had been aiming for. While I went and got cleaned up (ass cum is nowhere near as nice as pussy cum) and then brought a cloth back to wipe his cock, he continued to eat her but not let her cum. Once he had fully recovered he said it was Sue’s turn. She seemed a little nervous but he said they could do things slowly and she got into the same position I had used. She couldn’t get him into her so ended up lying on top of him. He pulled her up his body so he could position his cock at her asshole and then asked me to hold it there while he spread her cheeks. He guided her to slowly push back and finally got the head into her – after a bit more time he got her to relax and it was somewhat easier to slide another inch or so into her.

She seemed to be enjoying it (as did Mike as he said her ass was incredibly tight). Once she was used to him moving in her she sat up (but knelt a lot higher than I had) and actually seemed to enjoy that position a lot more (I guess it was because she could control the movement). I thought that she could do with a little help so I got my egg (the wired one as it is more powerful) and handed it to her. She used it on her clit and then came pretty quickly (it is a powerful egg – I suppose I should have given her one of the remote control ones).

Mike had been enjoying things (actually quite a lot) but hadn’t cum yet – I have his cock a quick clean and mounted him again and let him pump into my pussy until he came. We snuggled up in the bed and relaxed for a while until Jen came up to see what was keeping us. She came in and sat on the bed while we chatted but declined to join us in it. We (Mike and I) related what we had been up to and that made Sue go a bright shade of red but given she was naked in bed she couldn’t really run away (or chose not to anyway – I don’t think she would have minded too much if Jen saw her naked).

We did a little more wedding planning over lunch (still haven’t figured out what to do about head bridesmaid) and had a little fun with food in the afternoon. We had another food session the day before Sue went home so I won’t bother writing about this one - but I left Mike to (actually) eat Sue while I played with Jen upstairs.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Japanese schoolgirl outfit

I'm not getting as much time to write (this) as I'd hoped. It's going to take ages at this rate to catch up. It does mean I'm going to have to make an editorial decision about something that happened on New Year's eve (but I've got a few more entries to figure out what to do).


Regular readers will probably remember the anime outfit that Sue brought along before Christmas (and Mike found so appealing). She had promised him another treat (as mentioned in the last post) but he didn’t get to find out what it was until the day after we got back. We had left the heating on full since the previous day and the house was now nice and warm so it was possible for us to dress in a nicer way again.

We did a bit of wedding planning and got a bit caught up in who should be head bridesmaid – as my sister, Sue is the obvious choice, but I would really like for Jen to do it (although if she did I can’t see the best man having much of a chance of getting off with her!) In order to avoid any arguments, we decided to think about it for a while. Jen teased Mike, telling him that on my last night as a single woman (when Mike isn’t allowed to see me of course) that she would be taking good care of me (in every way) and that I might be a bit late to the wedding if she kept distracting me.

The ‘planning’ degenerated in random chatting and gentle petting (which Mike and I do well out of as we have two people to kiss while Sue and Jen only have one). It was obvious that things were going somewhere and Sue said that she would now show Mike her new outfit. She ran upstairs and about 20 minutes later she called him up to look. He was gone for a few minutes before he reappeared with her and she was dressed in the full Japanese schoolgirl sailor outfit complete with the red neck scarf (I’ve seen enough anime that I recognised what the outfit was). For those who don’t know, she had a blue pleated skirt, white blouse with the funny neck, red tie/ribbon, dark blue jacket and long dark blue socks on. She had straightened her hair and came downstairs with a nice demure look on her face (that she must have been practising as she doesn’t usually look like that).

I notice that Jen perked up beside me and I’ll admit that if it had been Jen in the outfit I would have been dragging her back upstairs. She had clearly put a lot of effort into the outfit and Mike thinks it looks really authentic (other than Sue not actually being Japanese – but that would have probably killed him as he has a fetish for Japanese girls). We got Sue to give us a twirl and she sat down in front of us with her legs folded under her. We decided to watch a little anime before heading upstairs and Mike found something suitable with a girl being fucked. (She wasn’t in the same kind of uniform that Sue had on, but I don’t think that really mattered.) As the ‘story’ went on, and the girl had been screwed by a few different guys, she ended up in bed with her sister and they ended up fingering and eating each other (sometimes Mike isn’t very subtle – but that’s not where this entry is going so don’t get your hopes up!) I know Sue has watched anime like this before (since we started doing things with her, Mike has given her some of our anime porn to watch) and she didn’t seem to mind us all watching it together. Jen really seemed to enjoy it as well – especially the bits with the two cute girls making each other cum,

We were all getting a bit fidgety by this point and it was obviously time for us to head upstairs to start things off properly. Before we went up, Mike got Sue to stand facing us and raise her skirt so we could see her panties (which were white cotton ones with a tiny pink bow at the top). He said it was only fair that Jen had something to think about while she heard us doing things and Sue didn’t seem to mind this. Mike stood behind her and reached under her skirt and we watched his fingers appear between her legs and rub over her crotch. Sue seemed to like this and I guess the fact that she had cum in front of (or rather to the side of) Jen the previous day had made her a bit bolder. Mike didn’t push things too far though and just continued to rub her panties until she leant back against him.

Between the anime we’d just watched and the view of Sue in her cute schoolgirl outfit having her panties stroked I was getting very turned on and started stroking myself under my skirt. I wasn’t really trying to hide my pussy but I didn’t lift my skirt up either. Jen was a bit more controlled, but she was still pressing her skirt against her pussy (and I knew she didn’t have any panties on either). Mike was now rubbing up against Sue’s ass and had his arms around her rubbing the front of her panties – he asked her if they should continue there or go upstairs – Jen paused (really hoping Sue would let him make her cum) but was disappointed when Sue said she wanted to go up to bed.

I told Jen I would be back in a while and that she could always come up and listen in and then promised her that I would make sure she was taken care of afterwards. She said she would hold me to that but she might have a little play while we were occupied. I grabbed Mike and he pulled Sue and we went up to the bedroom to get things started properly.

Sue had reverted to her ‘onii-chan’ routine and was acting like the shy little sister (although not so shy that she wasn’t allowing her older brother to fondle her). We ended up on the bed and used various positions. Mike had Sue and I lie beside each other so he could stroke us both at the same time (Sue kept her panties on and Mike worked his fingers into her pussy), I allowed him to keep fingering us for a little while before I reached down to his jeans and started stroking him. With Sue’s help, I got them undone and pulled down slightly and we took turns jacking him off. He sent me to get some of the vibes (they were in the other room) and I took the opportunity to slip off my skirt when I returned. I lay down beside Sue again and Mike started using a vibe on each of us. We continued to play with his cock and I could feel that I was getting close to cumming. I told Mike to fuck me faster and he obliged – I tried to keep stroking him in time with him thrusting the vibe into me and he was really enjoying it but I came before he did (I had an image of him cumming over both of us as I came).

Sue wanted to cum next and Mike said he wanted to try something that we’d seen when sorting through our pictures (we’ve been getting lots of ideas of things to try or try again). He got Sue to climb on top of me (so we were facing each other). I’m sure ideally (from Mike’s point of view) we would have been making out, but his main aim was to have two pussies available to him. I felt him slide into me and he started rubbing Sue’s panties, then pulled the crotch aside and slid into her. It was captivating watching her face as she felt his cock moving in her (and it helped that he would occasionally pull out of her and slide back into me). He did this for a while and then said that it was rather difficult to move in her properly while she had her panties on and that he wanted to use a dildo on her instead. At the time I thought that was a little weird as we are used to doing doggy style while I have panties on but I soon realised what he was up to.

I felt the dildo slide into my pussy and then a few seconds later noticed a reaction from Sue. I couldn’t see, but I guessed (correctly) that he was using our new long dildo on us both. He didn’t really move it inside me much as he was concentrating on fucking Sue with it, but I got some benefit from it. He kept fucking her with it until she came and as far as I know, she never realised that we had been sharing the dildo. I did hug her while she came and she lay on top of me while recovering.

Mike wasn’t finished with her though (I’m going to get one of these outfits as he *really* likes it). Sue lay on the bed and he pulled her panties aside again and started to lick her. I didn’t want to be left out so positioned myself above her so he could alternate between us. He is very practised with his tongue (as you know) and it felt really good when he sucked on my clit. Sue clearly enjoyed it as well and he kept going until we were worked up again. Mike tried to fuck her again and said that her panties kept getting in the way (he didn’t want to take them off as they looked cute). In the end, he got me to turn around and hold them to the side (which meant I got an amazing view of his cock sliding into her).

He tried to convince Sue to play along with the anime theme a bit more (which would have involved her eating me) but she declined. I thought I would give him a bit of a present and held her pussy lips open for him so he could properly see himself sliding into her – I didn’t rub her or do anything else to her, but I was feeling horny enough that if she had agreed to do things to me I would have possibly let it happen (but as I said earlier, this isn’t that kind of story!)

Mike continued to fuck her and ended up lifting her legs up over his shoulders so he could really push deep into her (we haven’t used that position for a while). I know how good this feels - and really wanted to feel something myself so used a hand to play with myself (this obviously meant I wasn’t holding Sue open any more but with her legs up I couldn’t see anything so there wasn’t much point anyway). Mike pounded into her and said that he was doing to make her cum then take me in the same position. That sounded good but I reminded him that I was about to go and make sure that Jen was taken care of so told him to finish off in Sue.

I could feel her moving around under me and it was clear she was ready to cum again – I told Mike to fuck her harder and Sue echoed the wish. I could hear him slapping against her with each stroke and I sped up my own fingering. I knew I wasn’t likely to cum before Sue did but I thought I might be able to beat Mike. Mike could see what I was doing and told Sue to watch her older sister make herself cum – I didn’t know if Sue was really looking, but I liked the idea and imagined that she was staring straight at my pussy (which was only inches above her face). Sue came first and I was a lot closer behind her that I had thought I would be. Mike was imagining that Sue was eating me (and had kept telling her to) and he came not too long after I had.

Sue’s nice white panties were now cum stained so I leant her a pair of mine (to wear when she stopped leaking) and I went in to join Jen next door. We had a little session of our own and Mike and Sue went downstairs to watch some more anime. Mike got Sue to sit on the sofa, spread her legs and masturbate for him (copying something in the anime) – when Jen found out she had missed it Sue said that she would have let her watch if she had been there, but I’m sure she was just teasing her.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Under the duvet

I find it somewhat ironic that when I wasn’t at work I ended up with less time to write blog entries. I obviously spent quite a lot of time with Mike, Jen and Sue so I thought that when I sat down to write I should really be working on thesis instead of this. Now I’m back at work and writing all day though, it’s much more fun to work on this during my lunch break again.


Well we had a busy few days and I’ve got a few good entries to write up – New Year was certainly interesting, but you’ll have to wait for that! Our trip back to York took quite a while due to the weather (we’ve had heavy snow and ice in the UK which has been disrupting travel for the past few weeks). The train was too busy (again) for us to have any real fun (and it was way too cold outside for us to wear skirts on the way to/from the train) so the best we could manage was to rub the crotch of my jeans while hiding our hands under our respective coats. None of us actually got off, but the aim was to see who could get most aroused (without other people noticing of course). Even though he wasn’t actually touching himself, I think Mike won the ‘most aroused’ title by just watching us! We had a picnic on the train and a couple of bottles of wine between us – we weren’t drunk, but affected enough to help keep the cold out.

The house was freezing when we got back even though we put the heating on and lit a fire. To keep warm while we waited for the place to warm up, we all snuggled up under a king size duvet. We were all clothed (it was still too cold to be naked) but as the place heated up, a few hands began to wander. I think Mike started it (or at least given I’m the one writing this I get to blame him!) He started rubbing my crotch and then Sue’s as well. I could see the covers moving around Mike’s cock and when I moved my hand over I found that Sue was already rubbing him through his jeans. Mike was sitting between Sue and I and Jen was on my other side and she soon figured out what was going on. I was pleasantly surprised when her hand joined Mike’s.

The sofa isn’t really big enough for four people and so we were rather squashed together – Mike ended up lifting one of my legs up and resting it on his so that he (and Jen) could get better access to my pussy. Jen did the same thing with the other leg and I felt one of Sue’s legs on mine as she lifted and spread hers. I remember thinking that Mike and Jen must have planned this (so Jen could get to see Sue cum) but they both say that it was spontaneous. They both kept rubbing my crotch and after our game on the train I was getting quite worked up even though there want a huge amount of feeling getting through to my pussy.

Mike says that Sue unzipped her jeans and pushed his hand into them (not that he objected) and he started to rub her panties. He couldn’t do much as her jeans were still in the way, but she seemed to be enjoying it anyway. He fumbled with my jeans and managed to unzip them but couldn’t get the button with one hand. After a little while, Jen undid it and pulled my jeans down (only about an inch or so as I still had my legs spread). I felt their hands on my panties now and it was wonderful – this was the first time I’d ever had two people fondling me at the same time (not counting my own hands of course). Jen wasn’t getting anything done to her but there wasn’t really room and I assumed that she wouldn’t want to cum in front of Mike, plus with global warming and the rising price of oil... (hmm, how else can I justify being selfish?)

Sue shucked off her jeans (still under the covers) and when she had resumed the position with one of her legs over Mike’s legs, he went back to fingering her. Either she was more sensitive than me, more horny or Mike was rubbing her a lot more as she was clearly getting closer to cumming faster than I was (not that I wasn’t really enjoying having two sets of fingers on me). It became clear that he was paying more attention to her pussy than mine when he said that we should all watch her cum – Sue had clearly got past any worries about Jen – or was just too horny to care and let Mike keep running her. (Jen couldn’t really see anything with the covers over us, but I was surprised that Sue was willing to cum in front of her).

Mike ended up using both hands on her to bring her off and was telling her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was louder than the first time she came in front of us, but not as loud as she has been – Jen seemed to appreciate it though as her fingers were working on my pussy a lot faster and I could feel her trying to rub herself even though she was squashed up at the end of the her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was louder than the first time she came in front of us, but not as loud as she has been – Jen seemed to appreciate it though as her fingers were working on my pussy a lot faster and I could feel her trying to rub herself even though she was squashed up at the end of the sofa.

While Sue was cumming, I reached over and found Mike’s cock. His jeans were undone and while it wasn’t completely free, I could at least rub around the head (I was beginning to feel at least a little bit bad that I wasn’t doing anything much to anyone else). Once Sue had finished cumming, Mike returned a hand to my pussy and I felt both his and Jen’s fingers stroking me and sliding into me. Sue started to stroke Mike’s cock and worked his jeans down a bit until it was pretty much free. Mike was clearly enjoying the feeling and asked Sue to suck him. She disappeared under the covers and I felt her kissing and licking him (until I moved my hand out of the way).

I was now really turned on and asked them to make me cum. Mike pulled his hand away and I thought he was going to let Jen finish me off but then he slipped it under my ass and pushed a couple of fingers into my cunt from behind (not too deep, but enough to feel good). This meant that Jen could concentrate on my clit and she started rubbing me faster. Mike was describing what Sue was doing to him and telling us just how good a little cocksucker she is. He said that the way she sucks and uses her tongue makes fucking her mouth pretty much as good as her cunt. The covers were bobbing up and down as her head moved but I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was very close myself. When I started to cum, Mike rubbed around my ass with the palm of his hand (or wrist, I’m not sure which) while he kept pushing his fingers into me. Between that and Jen working on my clit (plus the build up from the train) I came quite hard. I wasn’t as quiet as Sue was and not long after I had finished Mike came.

Sue pulled herself out from under the covers and looked rather flushed (apparently it was rather hot if you were buried under there). I gave his cock a quick rub and found it slick with his cum (and her saliva I guess). As I started to recover I remembered that we still had someone to take care of (hey, I had been distracted). Jen was still rubbing herself through her jeans and I added my hand to hers. This was a lot more than we had ever done in front of each other before (the whole group) and I wondered if she would make her usual comment. Mike had already guessed that she would and before she could say anything, he said that everyone else had cum so it was only fair that she should do the same for us.

Jen hesitated a bit, but said okay and after a bit of shuffling around ended up with one of her legs over mine so I had some room to work. The show had clearly got her worked up – when I got her jeans undone and my hand into her panties, they were sodden. I rubbed around her clit and she pushed back against me – with her jeans on I couldn’t move my fingers much so got her to slip them off and quickly resume her position. It was now much easier and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. As I kept rubbing, she slowly moved her way around so that she was sitting right in the corner of the sofa with a foot on the floor and the other leg across my lap. Mike took the opportunity and caressed her calf (as I mentioned before, he has a thing for Jen’s legs) – he admitted later that if she had been lying a little further down he would have tried to rub himself against her leg, but because I was in the way he couldn’t reach).

He did ‘help’ by reminding her that we were all watching and asking what it felt like knowing that he and Sue were about to see her cum. He made a bit of a slip when she started her mewing and he said something along the lines of having wanted to properly hear the mewing that he’d heard and read so much about (remember, Sue still doesn’t know about this blog – fortunately she didn’t seem to pick up on the comment). I could see that Jen was getting flushed and knew she would cum very soon so slid a couple of fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my other hand. She arched her back and continued to mew so I started to thrust my fingers into her fairly roughly, fucking her little snatch hard. She pushed back against me and as she came I buried my fingers as deep in her as I could while I played with her clit and it had the desired effect – a long mew followed by panting. It is always a beautiful sight watching Jen cum and this time was no exception. The only thing I heard from Mike was an ‘Oh fuck”.

Jen relaxed back into the sofa and then snuggled up to me. Even thought the house had warmed up a bit, it was still a lot colder than we were under the blanket so we snuggled up together. Sue was sent to get some drinks for us from the kitchen and she put her jeans back on (but I think that was more to do with the cold than shyness). We stayed on the sofa for quite a while (until hunger got the better of us) and we had to sort our clothes out and have some dinner. I spent the night with Jen (seeing as I’d been with Mike at home) and we had a play with our smaller double ended dildo (while I like the longer one as we can kiss each other while using it, I still love the small one as we can get our pussies touching).

Sue had wanted Mike to spend the night with her as she had her second treat to show him, but he slept on the sofa so it had to wait until the following day (and blog entry!).

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas at Home - Part 2

Sorry for the delay in postings - I figured out that I could actually write things while Sue was here as I had the perfect excuse for spending time typing on the computer and not wanting to be disturbed (my thesis). Once I actually sat down to start typing though, I realised that I actually should be spending time on the thesis (even though this is much more fun). I've still got my notes from our last week of fun though and will be getting things posted in between serious writing.


This post will be about the only other events of real note that happened while we were at home. The first one didn’t actually involve either Mike or myself but was Jen having some fun (so I’m sure you can guess where this is going). Mike and I kept Sue busy (in a wholesome way – we played Monopoly while Jen went upstairs ‘for a rest’). I guess I should have stopped her given I knew what she was going to do, but since I did similar things when I was living with Hol and Rach it would have been rather hypocritical of me!).

Jen stripped off in my room and crept into Sue’s room. Fortunately Sue’s bed was already slightly stained from our previous adventures and so Jen’s antics didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference (at least Sue didn’t mention she had noticed anything). Jen knelt on the bed, bunched up the quilt and rubbed herself against it while playing with her breasts. She left her juices on the covers (and given how wet Jen can get I can only imagine how much she left).

We had told her where Sue’s vibe was hidden and she used it to good effect – once she was nicely worked up, she teased herself with it, running it along her slit and pressing it against her clit before finally sliding it into herself. She says she found it slightly too large for her, but she wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity and so persevered. It’s not like Sue’s vibe is huge or anything so I can’t imagine she had any problems and Jen told us (Mike and I) that she loved feeling it filling her and knowing it was covered with Sue’s juices and that she was covering it with her own juices for Sue to (unknowingly) enjoy later on.

I was even more impressed with Jen when I found out what she did next. Taking inspiration from some of my previous postings, she found the best one of Sue’s hairbrushes and used it to cum a second time. She sat on the edge of the chair, put a foot up on the desk and pumped the brush into her cunt as deep as she could while she played with her nips and clit. I’m pretty sure that Jen now realises just how strong a turn on doing something ‘naughty’ is and as such has a better understanding of some of the things I’ve done.

She told me that when she had cum the second time she was very wet and was rubbing her juices onto some of Sue’s panties before finding a box of chocolates. Again, I guess I should tell her off, but I know I would have done exactly the same thing... Jen pushed the chocolates into her pussy (one at a time) so that they were ‘flavoured’ but not melted. We all had some of these later on (after Mike and I knew about her antics). Mike loved the chocolates (as did I) and Jen loved watching Sue eat them.

Later that night, I snuck over to the other side of the house to visit Jen. I’m (fairly) sure that Mum wouldn’t have minded too much if she had known that Jen and I were having sex, but it felt nice at least pretending that we were doing something illicit and had to hide it. Remember that Jen was sleeping in the room just opposite Mum’s room so she would have been able to hear pretty much any noise we made. I think we were fairly silent even though it was quite a passionate session.

I crept into the room and Jen embraced me – we quickly got naked (easy when you’re only wearing a dressing down) and Jen had me up against the door, kissing my neck and fingering me. I kept trying to tell her to move over to the bed (away from the hallway) but Jen knelt down, pulled one of my legs up and started to eat me. I knew there was no point trying to resist (plus it felt nice) so I just braced myself so I wouldn’t fall and enjoyed it. Jen lapped away and pushed her tongue into me (she knows how much I like that) and the only way I could let her know what I was feeling was by stroking, squeezing and pulling her hair (the pulling part was when I was cumming).

Jen stood up and we kissed – she still had me pressed up against the door but my hands found their way to her pussy and I fingered her to an orgasm. She was panting as she came but I think it only sounded loud as her mouth was right beside my ear. She pulled me over to the bed almost as soon as she had finished cumming (I’m beginning to think I may have awakened a monster in her!). She lay across the bed with her ass at the edge and put her feet up. I knelt on the floor (if you’d ever seen her pussy then you’d be happy to worship it too) and started to lick away at her. I was impressed that she was ready again immediately after cumming, but I think that should be encouraged so I kept going.

Jen knew that we had to be quiet but I didn’t really help her. She was fairly sensitive and got close to cumming again fairly quickly. I didn’t ease up on her and instead of her usual mewing she was doing something that was a cross between quiet moaning and humming. I pushed a couple of fingers into her and continued to suck her clit as she came. At first she pulled my head against her and then pushed me away. I still had my fingers inside her but didn’t move them until she had recovered.

Having brought her off twice I thought it was only fair I got to cum a second time before heading back to my room. I really wanted to be able to hump her pussy (and I know Mike would have appreciated some of her juices on me) but it would have been too noisy so I went with just laying on the bed beside her and kissing her while she fingered me again. She ended up with three fingers inside me (her fingers are quite slim, but fairly long like her tongue) and I could feel them rubbing deep inside my cunt as I came. After a little recovery time (and more kissing) I returned to Mike (who of course wanted details of what we’d been up to). While recounting the story, he – unsurprisingly – started playing with me and I got to cum a third time while he fucked me (he of course also got to cum).

Something I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned on here – I actually don’t mind sleeping in the wet spot. It isn’t always that nice if it’s been allowed to go cold and then you get back onto it, but if it forms underneath me as his cum leaks out of my pussy and runs over my thighs or ass (depending on which way I’m lying down), I think it feels really nice. Do any other girls (or guys) think like this?