Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas at Home - Part 2

Sorry for the delay in postings - I figured out that I could actually write things while Sue was here as I had the perfect excuse for spending time typing on the computer and not wanting to be disturbed (my thesis). Once I actually sat down to start typing though, I realised that I actually should be spending time on the thesis (even though this is much more fun). I've still got my notes from our last week of fun though and will be getting things posted in between serious writing.


This post will be about the only other events of real note that happened while we were at home. The first one didn’t actually involve either Mike or myself but was Jen having some fun (so I’m sure you can guess where this is going). Mike and I kept Sue busy (in a wholesome way – we played Monopoly while Jen went upstairs ‘for a rest’). I guess I should have stopped her given I knew what she was going to do, but since I did similar things when I was living with Hol and Rach it would have been rather hypocritical of me!).

Jen stripped off in my room and crept into Sue’s room. Fortunately Sue’s bed was already slightly stained from our previous adventures and so Jen’s antics didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference (at least Sue didn’t mention she had noticed anything). Jen knelt on the bed, bunched up the quilt and rubbed herself against it while playing with her breasts. She left her juices on the covers (and given how wet Jen can get I can only imagine how much she left).

We had told her where Sue’s vibe was hidden and she used it to good effect – once she was nicely worked up, she teased herself with it, running it along her slit and pressing it against her clit before finally sliding it into herself. She says she found it slightly too large for her, but she wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity and so persevered. It’s not like Sue’s vibe is huge or anything so I can’t imagine she had any problems and Jen told us (Mike and I) that she loved feeling it filling her and knowing it was covered with Sue’s juices and that she was covering it with her own juices for Sue to (unknowingly) enjoy later on.

I was even more impressed with Jen when I found out what she did next. Taking inspiration from some of my previous postings, she found the best one of Sue’s hairbrushes and used it to cum a second time. She sat on the edge of the chair, put a foot up on the desk and pumped the brush into her cunt as deep as she could while she played with her nips and clit. I’m pretty sure that Jen now realises just how strong a turn on doing something ‘naughty’ is and as such has a better understanding of some of the things I’ve done.

She told me that when she had cum the second time she was very wet and was rubbing her juices onto some of Sue’s panties before finding a box of chocolates. Again, I guess I should tell her off, but I know I would have done exactly the same thing... Jen pushed the chocolates into her pussy (one at a time) so that they were ‘flavoured’ but not melted. We all had some of these later on (after Mike and I knew about her antics). Mike loved the chocolates (as did I) and Jen loved watching Sue eat them.

Later that night, I snuck over to the other side of the house to visit Jen. I’m (fairly) sure that Mum wouldn’t have minded too much if she had known that Jen and I were having sex, but it felt nice at least pretending that we were doing something illicit and had to hide it. Remember that Jen was sleeping in the room just opposite Mum’s room so she would have been able to hear pretty much any noise we made. I think we were fairly silent even though it was quite a passionate session.

I crept into the room and Jen embraced me – we quickly got naked (easy when you’re only wearing a dressing down) and Jen had me up against the door, kissing my neck and fingering me. I kept trying to tell her to move over to the bed (away from the hallway) but Jen knelt down, pulled one of my legs up and started to eat me. I knew there was no point trying to resist (plus it felt nice) so I just braced myself so I wouldn’t fall and enjoyed it. Jen lapped away and pushed her tongue into me (she knows how much I like that) and the only way I could let her know what I was feeling was by stroking, squeezing and pulling her hair (the pulling part was when I was cumming).

Jen stood up and we kissed – she still had me pressed up against the door but my hands found their way to her pussy and I fingered her to an orgasm. She was panting as she came but I think it only sounded loud as her mouth was right beside my ear. She pulled me over to the bed almost as soon as she had finished cumming (I’m beginning to think I may have awakened a monster in her!). She lay across the bed with her ass at the edge and put her feet up. I knelt on the floor (if you’d ever seen her pussy then you’d be happy to worship it too) and started to lick away at her. I was impressed that she was ready again immediately after cumming, but I think that should be encouraged so I kept going.

Jen knew that we had to be quiet but I didn’t really help her. She was fairly sensitive and got close to cumming again fairly quickly. I didn’t ease up on her and instead of her usual mewing she was doing something that was a cross between quiet moaning and humming. I pushed a couple of fingers into her and continued to suck her clit as she came. At first she pulled my head against her and then pushed me away. I still had my fingers inside her but didn’t move them until she had recovered.

Having brought her off twice I thought it was only fair I got to cum a second time before heading back to my room. I really wanted to be able to hump her pussy (and I know Mike would have appreciated some of her juices on me) but it would have been too noisy so I went with just laying on the bed beside her and kissing her while she fingered me again. She ended up with three fingers inside me (her fingers are quite slim, but fairly long like her tongue) and I could feel them rubbing deep inside my cunt as I came. After a little recovery time (and more kissing) I returned to Mike (who of course wanted details of what we’d been up to). While recounting the story, he – unsurprisingly – started playing with me and I got to cum a third time while he fucked me (he of course also got to cum).

Something I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned on here – I actually don’t mind sleeping in the wet spot. It isn’t always that nice if it’s been allowed to go cold and then you get back onto it, but if it forms underneath me as his cum leaks out of my pussy and runs over my thighs or ass (depending on which way I’m lying down), I think it feels really nice. Do any other girls (or guys) think like this?


  1. Now there's a sure moneymaker -- offer some of those chocolates for sale to your faithful audience. You'll have enough profits to pay for several of Jen's trips to your place!

    -- Doug

  2. "It does mean I'm going to have to make an editorial decision about something that happened on New Year's eve"

    Please, please don't leave out any interesting details! :-)


  3. It's not about leaving out any details, just whether I reveal some information I now know or write it as I was thinking then...