Friday, 29 January 2010

Food dun with Sis - Part 2

I told Sue that if she wanted a courgette for herself that there was another one downstairs. She said she would prefer it (so either the carrots were having an effect or she really has given up all pretence of being innocent). I was feeling a bit mean (or horny – it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes) and told her that she had to go get it herself as I was enjoying myself. She got up and started to look around for something to wear and Mike told her she had to go naked. We had been doing things for a while so it was likely that Jen was going to be out of the shower and Sue realised this. She seemed to think about it briefly and decided that she wanted the courgette badly enough so opened the door and dashed out. Jen had indeed finished and was sitting downstairs in her robe painting her nails. Jen tells us that she got a good view of the rather messy naked Sue and that Sue didn’t even bother trying to cover herself up or hide what she was getting.

When she returned, she lay beside me and Mike concentrated on getting the new courgette into her pussy. Using the cream as lubricant, this didn’t take long and he then returned to fucking us both at the same time. I was a lot further along than Sue so stopped rubbing my clit to allow her to catch up (but then got a bit distracted and went back to the rubbing). Mike had figured out how deep he could get the courgettes into us without it hurting and was holding them so he could move them quite forcefully without going too far. I ended up cumming first (as it should always be!) and loved the feeling of it buried deep in my pussy. As I came I rotated my hips around the courgette so I could feel it pressing on every part of my pussy. Even when I had finished cumming, he left it in me and I practised contracting myself around it.

While I was doing this, Mike concentrated on Sue and licked at her clit while he continued to fuck her. As she got closer to cumming, he moved up beside her and told her to rub her clit. He kissed her and told her that we would all be eating the courgettes with dinner tonight. Sue was a bit surprised by this but he had timed it well and she was too close to cumming to really care. He carried on by pointing out (again) that she had already tasted my juices a number of times and that she had also eaten food with Jen’s juices on it and liked it. I was surprised that he told her that and it seemed to shock her a bit (but he hadn’t stopped using the courgette on her and she was now really close). She did ask when and he told her about the chocolates before moving back down to lick her clit until she came.

I was very impressed with the way he had timed it (but later found out that he hadn’t really intended to tell her that so it wasn’t as if the timing was down to brilliant planning). He kept moving the courgette in her and licking at her clit until she had cum (and I leant a hand by stroking and lightly pinching one of her nipples). She was lying there, covered in strawberries, cream and ice cream panting and Mike was sitting beside her with his cock looking rather large and hard (he was obviously ready for some more action). He dipped it in what was left of the ice cream (now almost completely melted), crouched by Sue’s face and offered it to her to suck. She took it and did the best she could given the position they were in. He poured a bit more onto his cock and some missed and ran over Sue’s face while some ran down his cock and dripped onto her hair. She looked a real mess but clearly didn’t care as she kept licking him.

While I know Mike enjoys Sue’s blowjobs, he wanted a bit more and so moved down between her legs and slipped into her. He lifted her legs right up and started a steady rhythm. Whatever he was doing, Sue enjoyed it and he kept going until she came. Being Mike, he hadn’t cum yet so continued to fuck her, but sped up a bit and started to push harder into her. Sue enjoyed this for a bit but it then started to feel a bit too intense. Mike told her he wanted to cum in her and asked if she could keep going until he finished and she agreed but told him to hurry up. He started pumping into her even harder and it was obvious from the look on Sue’s face that it was too intense for her but, to give her credit, she held on quite well. Whenever she said it was getting too much, Mike told her how much he loved her little pussy and how he wanted to fill her cunt with his cum and she let him continue.

Eventually (and it did take a while), he pushed deep into her and came. Sue looked like she really couldn’t have taken much more anyway and just sort of slumped into the bed when he put her legs down. Given how long he’d been at it (or her) Mike seemed to still have energy and said we should go get showered. He pulled on a t-shirt and called out that we would be using the shower. We both helped Sue get up (she was still a bit shaky) and walked out into the hall. Jen popped out of the other bedroom to say hi and noted the outline of Mike’s cock through his top and his cum dripping out of Sue’s pussy. Sue didn’t seem to mind Jen seeing her naked (she still seemed a bit out of it) and Mike handed her the courgettes and asked her to take them down for dinner. With everyone watching her, she licked them both and commented how Sue tasted different to me.

Sue didn’t say anything about this but did turn down Jen when she asked if she could lick Sue clean. Jen had another suck on (what she claimed was) Sue’s courgette and went downstairs, leaving us to shower. I allowed Mike to have a go at cleaning my pussy with the pulse setting and he was thorough enough that I managed to cum again. I’m sure he would have done the same for Sue, but she wasn’t ready yet so we just cleaned her off and got out of the shower.

We did eat the courgettes and carrots with dinner. While we were eating, Jen picked up one of her carrot pieces and rubbed it along her pussy (under the table) and fed it to me and then did the same things again and let Mike have it (which he enjoyed). She offered her last bit to Sue who turned it down at first until Mike bribed her by (once again) pointing out that she had tasted my juices and that if she ate it, he would wake her up in the morning by eating her. This seemed to do the trick and she took it, sniffed at it and then ate it. She didn’t mention (to Jen) that Mike had told her about the chocolate incident.

I later found out that the whole Jen seeing Sue naked in the hallway was something that Mike and Jen had planned (hence why he called out that we were going to shower). I know they had a lot more planned (Jen had hoped to have a chance to play with Sue or even eat and be eaten by her, but Mike didn’t think that Sue was ready for that (I’m still not sure she will ever want to try that, but they’re not giving up!)

Jen and Sue left a few days later (Sue first, then Jen the next day). I haven’t had time to see Jen since then and really miss her (but will hopefully see her soon). Mike has been keeping in touch with Sue and continuing her conditioning (I said he wasn’t giving up). He’s also been working more on me, but that’s another entry and I have other things to post before it...


  1. Things must be quite busy in your neck of the woods (no posts in over a week, is Jen there? If so, I have my answer I assume. LOL)?

    Hope things`re good with you & yours, have many good ones! :)

  2. Yep, I've been busy - but as you see there is a new post up and another one on the way (probably tomorrow)