Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food fun with sis

This will probably be the last entry about the holiday period. I’m way behind now but I don’t have much to talk about since then as I’ve been spending too much time writing to get up to anything too crazy. I also haven’t seen Jen since then (over 2 weeks since she left so I’m missing her).

I mentioned that we had a ‘food’ session last year and decided that we would have another one just before Sue and Jen left (partly because I love playing with food and partly as I knew that I would be busy from then on so wanted a last bit of fun to keep me going). I had started off with Jen up in our room – we were just kissing and fooling around (which had moved onto a bit more than just fooling around) and I decided that we should get some ice cream. I went downstairs naked and interrupted Mike and Jen who were playing on the Wii. They knew that Jen and I had gone up to play so weren’t too surprised that I was nude and Mike paused the game to ask what I had planned.

I told him we were just going to play with food and that when we were done I would come and have a go with them (I don’t see why I shouldn’t take advantage of the fact that I have two opportunities to have people make me cum!) I took a few items upstairs and Jen was waiting where I had left her (lying on the bed with her legs spread). She was gently stroking herself (probably to pass the time while waiting for me) and her pussy looked nice and shiny with her juices. I put the food down on the bedside table and gave Jen a kiss while I climbed on top of her. We had put some towels down on the bed before we had started and I checked that they were in place while I replaced her fingers with my own.

We’ve done stuff with food a number of times before so we weren’t really going for anything new, but I knew she was leaving soon so wanted to enjoy her as much as possible. I took a little cream at first and dripped it onto her pussy before licking her clean. I then put a little bit of ice cream onto her mons and licked it into her pussy before I ate it out of her (plain vanilla is the best I think – I didn’t want to hide her taste too much). This of course got a little squeal out of her – so I did it again and ate her for a bit longer. I took a strawberry (which I had purchased for perfectly innocent reasons) and pushed it into her and let her squeeze against it before sucking it out. I didn’t eat it, but kept it in my mouth and moved up to her face so we could share it.

We kept kissing and rubbing against each other – Jen’s fingers started playing with my pussy and I handed her a strawberry to use. I felt her slide it into me and then felt it slowly slide back out. She pushed it in again and when it dropped out a second time she ate it. I asked her if she felt like getting really messy and was greeted by her wicked little grin (and a yes). I put another strawberry between her breasts and added a little cream. I lay on top of her and pressed against her while we kissed and felt it squish between us. We pressed our bodies together and rubbed back and forth before I sat up to see what we had achieved. Jen’s breasts were now smeared with pink (as were mine) and knowing how much she loves having her nipples played with, I thought I should give them some attention. I tied my hair back first and then started to lick her breasts clean, not caring that my face was getting covered.

When Jen was (mostly) clean, she did the same for me – given my breasts are quite a bit larger than hers, she got even more of the mess over her face than I had. She then took a spoonful of ice cream and put in on my stomach. She sat over me, plopped her pussy down directly onto the ice cream and rubbed herself back and forth on me. I could feel it rubbing down my sides but didn’t really care as the view was somewhat distracting. She climbed up and sat over my face and I licked her clean once more. By the time I had finished, my face was far from clean and Jen kissed around it and then said it was my turn to play.

I was pretty turned on and didn’t want to make things last too long so got her to lie down and moved down into the scissor position with her. As we rubbed our pussies together, I got her to pass me down a strawberry, which I crushed in my hand and let drip onto our cunts. This obviously made everything rather sticky so she passed the cream and I drizzled some of that onto us. As we mashed together, the mess started to spread down our thighs and it was really fun to not care about it at all. I asked for some ice cream and added it to the mix – given the combined heat of our pussies it felt really cold but that didn’t stop us. I really wanted to reach down and finger Jen’s clit but I knew she would probably cum before I did anyway so I resisted. Instead I got her to hand me another few strawberries and the cream and I crushed them in my hand before rubbing them over her stomach and up the leg that was over mine (we use the one-under one-over position). I poured cream onto her and rubbed it over the bits of her I could reach (from her knee to her stomach) as well as my own breasts.

It was obvious that she was getting close from the way she was pressing back against me and I pushed our pussies together hard and let her wiggle against me. Not wanting to be left out I started rubbing my own clit quite fast and actually came before she did. I used Jen’s leg to hold her against me and kept pushing back – it was a bit too intense but I didn’t want to leave her hanging so kept the pressure up on her pussy until she came. She had quite a strong orgasm and made a bit more noise than usual (which is always a good turn on). While she was recovering I climbed back on top of her and we kissed, feeling the mess between us.

I was ready to go again but Jen said she had cum too hard to go another round. I was going to gently lick her clean (and then lick not so gently until she was ready) but decided that seeing as I had round 2 waiting for me downstairs I would let her recover. After a few more minutes of kissing, I got up and said I was going to go get Mike and Sue. To save having to get another set of towels out I decided to use Jen’s bed and she said she would have a shower while I continued to play. She came out into the hall with me – both of us still naked. I was planning on going downstairs naked and thought that it would be fun for Jen to join me so Mike and Sue could see how much of a mess we had made. I knew she wouldn’t come down naked and suggested that she just put on a pair of panties (reminding her that Mike has seen her topless already). She wasn’t up for this (although I know she did like the idea of Sue seeing her naked) and we settled on her wearing one of Mike’s white t-shirts.

She slipped it on and while it covered her to about mid-thigh, between what was visible on her legs and the mess soaking through the top, it was obvious that she was as covered as I was. We went downstairs and presented ourselves. Sue couldn’t believe the state we were in but Mike said that it looked wonderful and he was about to do the same with Sue and I. I said that I wanted to try something a bit different (as well) and went to get some veg out of the fridge. I came back with a few carrots and a courgette (zuchinni for the Americans). Mike’s face lit up even more (he loves seeing me being fucked by veg for some reason). I slid a carrot along my pussy and said we should go upstairs.

Jen went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up (and despite having said she was tired, decided to play with the shower while thinking of little Sue being made to cum). We went into the bedroom and Mike commented on what a mess we had already made of the bed (but that didn’t stop him getting undressed and rubbing up against me). Sue took a little convincing, but Mike told her he wanted to get her cunt covered in cream and eat her until she was screaming. As Sue undressed, he rubbed around my breasts and pussy, getting his hand covered and as soon as Sue pulled her skirt off (she was getting used to going without panties) he rubbed it over her before pulling her onto the bed and emptying the rest of the cream over her in one go (there wasn’t a great deal left, but enough for him to rub it from her face to her legs.

Sue pretended (I assume) to think it was ikky but as he rubbed the cream into her she started to writhe under his fingers and soon gave in. I sat beside them and used one of the carrots on myself, making sure that they could see it sliding into my pussy and getting it as far into myself as I could. Mike moved down between her legs and started to lap away at her pussy. I clambered over Sue and grabbed the bowl with the remaining strawberries and the pot of ice cream (which was about half melted). I rubbed some of the ice cream over my breasts and continued to fuck myself with the carrot while watching Sue get more turned on as Mike ate her harder and faster. He then grabbed one of the strawberries and rubbed it around Sue’s pussy. I told him to squash it and he dutifully did so, spreading the mess around and then went back to licking.

He lifted her ass up so he could get a better angle on her pussy and furiously ate her. I could see that he wasn’t teasing (or at least if he was and had intended to stop then he was being *really* cruel). He kept going until she came and then kept going a bit more – usually he slows down when I (or Sue) cums and continues to eat us slowly, but he kept licking away hard and fast until she pushed him away. As soon as he stopped eating Sue, he moved over, pulled the carrot out of my pussy and slid into me and started to kiss me. His face was covered with cream and strawberry (as was mine still) and we kissed passionately while we fucked.

I knew what he was doing but didn’t really mind – his mouth was obviously coated with Sue’s juices but I kept kissing him back and we ended up with me on top. Mike grabbed my ass and guided me up and down while he thrust into me so our bodies were slapping together. I was already reasonably close from my carrot play and I can’t really hold back when he starts quickly pounding into me. He got Sue to put a blob of ice cream on my ass and I felt him smearing it over me and it melting down the crack and over my pussy. I told him I was nearly there and he slid a finger into my ass (not far, but enough to feel nice) and started fucking me at full speed.

With all the sensations going on I came in very little time and was fairly vocal about it. Mike was being quite loud as well and kept telling me how hot my cunt felt and how he was about to fill it with cum. I had just about finished when he started to cum and he pulled me really hard against him each time he thrust into me (a little too hard on one of the times – remember men, hitting the cervix can hurt!). I think this was one of the few times that Mike was more exhausted than I was (from a single orgasm) and so I just lay on top of him and we kissed while he recovered. Because he stayed inside me (and I might have been moving just a little) he didn’t ever go soft – I could tell when he was ready for more as he started to move in me again.

I said I wanted to try some ‘proper’ food play and climbed off him and lay beside Sue (who had been watching us closely). Mike knew what I meant and took a carrot in each hand and fucked us both at the same time with them. Now the carrot felt nice, but I really wanted to have the courgette so asked him to use that. He gave me what I wanted and started to work it into my pussy – the one I had brought up was a little larger than Mike’s cock and stretched me slightly, but the texture felt really nice. He managed to get the second carrot into Sue’s pussy and I had to sit up so I could watch them sliding into her. I started to rub my clit (usually Mike would have done this, but his other hand was occupied with Sue).

Okay, this is still taking longer than I want – I’ll post this now and try to get the second bit finished quickly (I need to get back to Holly’s ‘friend’).

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