Monday, 11 January 2010

Japanese schoolgirl outfit

I'm not getting as much time to write (this) as I'd hoped. It's going to take ages at this rate to catch up. It does mean I'm going to have to make an editorial decision about something that happened on New Year's eve (but I've got a few more entries to figure out what to do).


Regular readers will probably remember the anime outfit that Sue brought along before Christmas (and Mike found so appealing). She had promised him another treat (as mentioned in the last post) but he didn’t get to find out what it was until the day after we got back. We had left the heating on full since the previous day and the house was now nice and warm so it was possible for us to dress in a nicer way again.

We did a bit of wedding planning and got a bit caught up in who should be head bridesmaid – as my sister, Sue is the obvious choice, but I would really like for Jen to do it (although if she did I can’t see the best man having much of a chance of getting off with her!) In order to avoid any arguments, we decided to think about it for a while. Jen teased Mike, telling him that on my last night as a single woman (when Mike isn’t allowed to see me of course) that she would be taking good care of me (in every way) and that I might be a bit late to the wedding if she kept distracting me.

The ‘planning’ degenerated in random chatting and gentle petting (which Mike and I do well out of as we have two people to kiss while Sue and Jen only have one). It was obvious that things were going somewhere and Sue said that she would now show Mike her new outfit. She ran upstairs and about 20 minutes later she called him up to look. He was gone for a few minutes before he reappeared with her and she was dressed in the full Japanese schoolgirl sailor outfit complete with the red neck scarf (I’ve seen enough anime that I recognised what the outfit was). For those who don’t know, she had a blue pleated skirt, white blouse with the funny neck, red tie/ribbon, dark blue jacket and long dark blue socks on. She had straightened her hair and came downstairs with a nice demure look on her face (that she must have been practising as she doesn’t usually look like that).

I notice that Jen perked up beside me and I’ll admit that if it had been Jen in the outfit I would have been dragging her back upstairs. She had clearly put a lot of effort into the outfit and Mike thinks it looks really authentic (other than Sue not actually being Japanese – but that would have probably killed him as he has a fetish for Japanese girls). We got Sue to give us a twirl and she sat down in front of us with her legs folded under her. We decided to watch a little anime before heading upstairs and Mike found something suitable with a girl being fucked. (She wasn’t in the same kind of uniform that Sue had on, but I don’t think that really mattered.) As the ‘story’ went on, and the girl had been screwed by a few different guys, she ended up in bed with her sister and they ended up fingering and eating each other (sometimes Mike isn’t very subtle – but that’s not where this entry is going so don’t get your hopes up!) I know Sue has watched anime like this before (since we started doing things with her, Mike has given her some of our anime porn to watch) and she didn’t seem to mind us all watching it together. Jen really seemed to enjoy it as well – especially the bits with the two cute girls making each other cum,

We were all getting a bit fidgety by this point and it was obviously time for us to head upstairs to start things off properly. Before we went up, Mike got Sue to stand facing us and raise her skirt so we could see her panties (which were white cotton ones with a tiny pink bow at the top). He said it was only fair that Jen had something to think about while she heard us doing things and Sue didn’t seem to mind this. Mike stood behind her and reached under her skirt and we watched his fingers appear between her legs and rub over her crotch. Sue seemed to like this and I guess the fact that she had cum in front of (or rather to the side of) Jen the previous day had made her a bit bolder. Mike didn’t push things too far though and just continued to rub her panties until she leant back against him.

Between the anime we’d just watched and the view of Sue in her cute schoolgirl outfit having her panties stroked I was getting very turned on and started stroking myself under my skirt. I wasn’t really trying to hide my pussy but I didn’t lift my skirt up either. Jen was a bit more controlled, but she was still pressing her skirt against her pussy (and I knew she didn’t have any panties on either). Mike was now rubbing up against Sue’s ass and had his arms around her rubbing the front of her panties – he asked her if they should continue there or go upstairs – Jen paused (really hoping Sue would let him make her cum) but was disappointed when Sue said she wanted to go up to bed.

I told Jen I would be back in a while and that she could always come up and listen in and then promised her that I would make sure she was taken care of afterwards. She said she would hold me to that but she might have a little play while we were occupied. I grabbed Mike and he pulled Sue and we went up to the bedroom to get things started properly.

Sue had reverted to her ‘onii-chan’ routine and was acting like the shy little sister (although not so shy that she wasn’t allowing her older brother to fondle her). We ended up on the bed and used various positions. Mike had Sue and I lie beside each other so he could stroke us both at the same time (Sue kept her panties on and Mike worked his fingers into her pussy), I allowed him to keep fingering us for a little while before I reached down to his jeans and started stroking him. With Sue’s help, I got them undone and pulled down slightly and we took turns jacking him off. He sent me to get some of the vibes (they were in the other room) and I took the opportunity to slip off my skirt when I returned. I lay down beside Sue again and Mike started using a vibe on each of us. We continued to play with his cock and I could feel that I was getting close to cumming. I told Mike to fuck me faster and he obliged – I tried to keep stroking him in time with him thrusting the vibe into me and he was really enjoying it but I came before he did (I had an image of him cumming over both of us as I came).

Sue wanted to cum next and Mike said he wanted to try something that we’d seen when sorting through our pictures (we’ve been getting lots of ideas of things to try or try again). He got Sue to climb on top of me (so we were facing each other). I’m sure ideally (from Mike’s point of view) we would have been making out, but his main aim was to have two pussies available to him. I felt him slide into me and he started rubbing Sue’s panties, then pulled the crotch aside and slid into her. It was captivating watching her face as she felt his cock moving in her (and it helped that he would occasionally pull out of her and slide back into me). He did this for a while and then said that it was rather difficult to move in her properly while she had her panties on and that he wanted to use a dildo on her instead. At the time I thought that was a little weird as we are used to doing doggy style while I have panties on but I soon realised what he was up to.

I felt the dildo slide into my pussy and then a few seconds later noticed a reaction from Sue. I couldn’t see, but I guessed (correctly) that he was using our new long dildo on us both. He didn’t really move it inside me much as he was concentrating on fucking Sue with it, but I got some benefit from it. He kept fucking her with it until she came and as far as I know, she never realised that we had been sharing the dildo. I did hug her while she came and she lay on top of me while recovering.

Mike wasn’t finished with her though (I’m going to get one of these outfits as he *really* likes it). Sue lay on the bed and he pulled her panties aside again and started to lick her. I didn’t want to be left out so positioned myself above her so he could alternate between us. He is very practised with his tongue (as you know) and it felt really good when he sucked on my clit. Sue clearly enjoyed it as well and he kept going until we were worked up again. Mike tried to fuck her again and said that her panties kept getting in the way (he didn’t want to take them off as they looked cute). In the end, he got me to turn around and hold them to the side (which meant I got an amazing view of his cock sliding into her).

He tried to convince Sue to play along with the anime theme a bit more (which would have involved her eating me) but she declined. I thought I would give him a bit of a present and held her pussy lips open for him so he could properly see himself sliding into her – I didn’t rub her or do anything else to her, but I was feeling horny enough that if she had agreed to do things to me I would have possibly let it happen (but as I said earlier, this isn’t that kind of story!)

Mike continued to fuck her and ended up lifting her legs up over his shoulders so he could really push deep into her (we haven’t used that position for a while). I know how good this feels - and really wanted to feel something myself so used a hand to play with myself (this obviously meant I wasn’t holding Sue open any more but with her legs up I couldn’t see anything so there wasn’t much point anyway). Mike pounded into her and said that he was doing to make her cum then take me in the same position. That sounded good but I reminded him that I was about to go and make sure that Jen was taken care of so told him to finish off in Sue.

I could feel her moving around under me and it was clear she was ready to cum again – I told Mike to fuck her harder and Sue echoed the wish. I could hear him slapping against her with each stroke and I sped up my own fingering. I knew I wasn’t likely to cum before Sue did but I thought I might be able to beat Mike. Mike could see what I was doing and told Sue to watch her older sister make herself cum – I didn’t know if Sue was really looking, but I liked the idea and imagined that she was staring straight at my pussy (which was only inches above her face). Sue came first and I was a lot closer behind her that I had thought I would be. Mike was imagining that Sue was eating me (and had kept telling her to) and he came not too long after I had.

Sue’s nice white panties were now cum stained so I leant her a pair of mine (to wear when she stopped leaking) and I went in to join Jen next door. We had a little session of our own and Mike and Sue went downstairs to watch some more anime. Mike got Sue to sit on the sofa, spread her legs and masturbate for him (copying something in the anime) – when Jen found out she had missed it Sue said that she would have let her watch if she had been there, but I’m sure she was just teasing her.


  1. Wonderful addition to your stories. Hot hot hot. I need to go get off myself now. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. "It does mean I'm going to have to make an editorial decision about something that happened on New Year's eve"

    Please, please don't spare us any interesting details! :-)


  3. hi andy how are u ur blog is great just recently started reading it what happened to ur slumber parties writing i dying to read what happens to liz when rechel used her to get a date please tell me where u find this blog i want to read next ur awsom