Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Year's Eve

This is a bit longer than I would have liked - if I had time I would split it into two and add a few more details, but you'll have to take it as it is...


Okay, so I’ve missed out a few of the details that I was going to put in previous posts but if I wrote them all (at my current rate) we’d be well into February before I wrote about New Year. So here goes:

We had arranged a New Year’s party with the friends who were going to be around in York at that time. A few people had planned to come back to join in (and some of them couldn’t make it because of the weather) and they had all agreed on our proposed school uniform theme. We hadn’t just chosen this because we like the schoolgirl look, but because it was Jen and my first anniversary and we wanted to recreate the party we had met at (even if it was in a different place with different people).

Now I don’t usually write about special days like anniversaries and birthdays because I want to have some things that are still private and some ‘sessions’ that we can have a nice romantic time (possibly including some more passionate time) and not have to think about writing it up later on. This night however was special in a few ways and Jen doesn’t mind (given our first night is on here!) so here goes...


As I mentioned, a few people didn’t make it back to York in time due to the bad weather so the party wasn’t as full as we had planned. There were still plenty of people there though and I’m not sure if *everyone* had turned up that we would have easily fitted (our place isn’t quite as big as the place I used to share with Hol and Rach).

Sue had spent ages deciding whether she should wear her actual school uniform or her Japanese one – in the end she decided to go with her real one. Technically this should have meant we all matched, but I had a pair of black opaque tights on (because I wore them last year) and Sue went with the same knee high white socks that Jen was wearing. Mike had dared Sue to go the whole evening without panties on (and she had agreed) but Jen and I had decided to stick to the same outfit we had used previously (so we both had white panties).

I hadn’t let Mike cum in me the previous night (he had cum over Sue instead) as I wanted to be ready for Jen to eat me (we weren’t going to stick to just the things we had done last year). Jen and I hadn’t really decided how much we would be flirting with each other at the party as it was the first time that a number of our friends had seen us since Mike and I got engaged. This actually turned out to be quite a fun way of us having our anniversary as we weren’t exactly ‘open’ about what we had run off to do last year (seeing as Jen hadn’t come out at that point).

Anyway, people started turning up at about 7.30 and I think that pretty much everyone was there by about 9.30ish. Most of us hadn’t seen each other for a while so we had a good catch up and found out about each others’ holidays and a few relationship issues (Vicky had broken up with her bf and Peter had broken up with his gf). Alcohol seemed to make them feel better though and when everyone was there we were presented with an engagement present.

There was a bit of dancing, but not too much due to the space – fortunately our neighbours weren’t back from wherever they spent Christmas so we didn’t have to worry about noise too much so we could at least have the music up fairly loud. All the girls had got into the spirit of the party and dressed up properly (although a couple of the uniforms were rather ugly!). Most of the guys had done something, but a pair of dark trousers and a shirt isn’t really that difficult! I was disappointed that Valerie and Sue (other Sue) hadn’t made it along but little Anna had made it and looked absolutely adorable and Jo looked as cute as ever so I was somewhat distracted.

Jen and I sometimes play the ‘imaginary threesomes with my friends’ game that was the way that Mike got me interested in girls in the first place. A few times in the evening, Jen and I would duck into a corner and choose someone to mentally undress, imagine what she would be like naked and what we could do to her. I did the same thing a few times with Mike and was definitely getting rather aroused by all the talk. I really wanted to sneak off with Jen and re-enact our first encounter but we had decided that we should wait until after midnight.

At some point (before midnight, but after people were nicely drunk), Holly and I were talking and she took me to the end of the kitchen and asked if she could talk to me about something. I said of course she could (and expected her to ask me about what would be happening with Jen and I now I was engaged) but she went all quiet and made me promise not to tell anyone what she was going to say. Of course I did this (and I haven’t told anyone who knows us) and we had a long conversation about ‘her friend’ who might be interested in girls. She asked me how I figured out I was bi (I told her a slightly edited version, saying how Mike used to get me to think about other girls but leaving out the bit how we used to fantasise about her).

I kept telling her that there wasn’t anything wrong and if ‘her friend’ (I resisted the temptation to use air-quotes) really thought that she liked girls, whether she was gay or bi, then it wasn’t anything to hide from and she should be honest about what she felt. Of course all through this conversation my mind was working overtime - Holly was one of the first girls that we used to really fantasise about (and the first one I ever tasted, if you include licking her vibe) and the thought that I might actually get a chance to have her properly really (really) appealed. I know that Jen thinks she is very cute (to be fair many of my friends are incredibly beautiful – Mike once said that it was kind of like being in The OC!). I was fairly sure that Mike wouldn’t mind too much if I had another girl (but did actually think that I would have to ask him now that we’re engaged).

I was trying to be supportive of Holly while I was imagining Jen sitting over her face while I tasted her sweet little pussy and in the end had to stop fantasising and concentrate on the conversation or I would have probably tried to drag her upstairs. The party wasn’t really the best place to talk in privacy (although the loud music helped) and we agreed that she (or her friend) could come and talk to Jen or I anytime she wanted. I didn’t tell Mike about the conversation until the following day (Jen found out later that night) as I couldn’t think of a subtle way of doing it while Holly was around.

Midnight came and we all celebrated and kissed (Mike got rather large kisses off Jen and Sue and I think a few people may have noticed the Sue kiss). When Jen and I kissed (also a proper kiss) the lads seemed to appreciate it so we did it again with people cheering us. I got a really nice kiss off Jo (not passionate, but as sweet as I had always imagined kissing her would be). I wondered if I should try anything with Holly but decided to wait until we’d had another chat.

We’d now made it past midnight so snuck off upstairs, snuck into a bedroom and repeated our encounter from the previous New Year (pretty faithfully too – all we did was kiss and finger each other to a single orgasm before coming back downstairs, but we had more plans for later on that night).We decided to go back down without panties on (seeing as Sue had been like that all night) but didn’t really show off (or take advantage of) the fact that we were partly naked.

Sue had been doing so though – Mike had dared her to sit cross legged and she had allowed her skirt to ride up slightly. He said it wasn’t really obvious but thought he had seen a few people glancing at her. She says that she enjoyed doing it so I think we’re beginning to convince her that exhibition is fun in this country just as much as when you’re abroad!

A few people left around 1 and the place had emptied by about 3. Neither Sue or I were that drunk (as we wanted to be able to keep going for a while) and Mike had paced himself reasonably well (a few pints of water and he was fine). Sue was a little drunker but wasn’t really too bad (she thinks that she might have properly flashed some people coming out of the toilet, but can’t quite remember). We cleared a space on the floor as Mike said he would just put a few duvets down and sleep on them rather than setting up the sofa (plus he could be closer to the fire). Jen and I went up to our room and started making out. It was obvious that an evening surrounded by beautiful schoolgirls (and fantasising about them) had made us horny enough that the single orgasm earlier hadn’t really done much to sate our desire.

Before we really got started I decided that it wasn’t really fair to leave Mike by himself so popped in to our room (where Sue was) and told her that as a one off, she could go have fun with him without me being there. I called down to Mike that I was sending something downstairs for him to do and went back to Jen. Seeing as we then had anniversary sex I won’t write much about what we got up to, but we made use of the short double ended dildo so we could rub our pussies together as well as the longer one which meant we could hold each other and kiss properly.

The report that I got from Mike the following day about his and Sue’s night was quite detailed (but he’s used to helping me remember the details of our exploits so he’s used to it). He was very happy that he got to screw Sue (the party had got him quite turned on as well) and Sue seemed more than willing. She hadn’t really got undressed by the time I send her downstairs so was still in her uniform (without panties) and while they were kissing and fondling Mike kept asking her how much she had enjoyed having her pussy exposed. Now she might have just been saying it to keep him happy, but she said that she really loved it and especially when she was sitting so that there was a chance that people might have seen that she didn’t have panties on.

Mike did his usual thing of eating her to get things started properly and told her that he was going to make her cum many times before they finished for the night. She sucked him off while he fingered her and he came over her face and breasts before getting her to stand up against the wall while he ate her again. She kept her skirt and socks on throughout the whole session but her blouse was removed so he could play with her nipples. At one point, while he was fucking her he got her to imagine that she had started to finger herself while sitting in the party with everyone watching her. He said that after a while she seemed to be getting into the fantasy so he moved it on to having some of the people there playing with her breasts, removing her top and sucking her nipples, getting her to start stroking their cocks and then suck them and finally ending up with her on the floor surrounded by people who watched her be fucked by each guy in turn. As she got closer to cumming (he was still fucking her) he got her to imagine everyone pushing their cocks into her mouth and her cunt – feeling herself being fucked endlessly and having jets of cum squirting into her and over her until she was covered and too exhausted to even move.

When he had finished building up the image, he let her cum and he says that she seemed to have quite a powerful orgasm (whether that was the build up or the fantasy I don’t know, but she didn’t complain). Mike came in her (which he hadn’t intended to do just yet, but he had been enjoying the image of her being gang fucked as well). While he was recovering he started to gently play with her pussy, rubbing his cum around her thighs as it leaked out of her. He continued the fantasy saying that the girls at the party were feeling a bit left out so they took turns to sit over her face and have Sue eat each one of them to orgasm. She wasn’t as vocal when he started on this section, but after his fingers had been playing with her clit for a while she apparently even seemed okay with this fantasy (which is also one of my favourites).

She came while he was describing how she would get to experience all the different tastes and textures of pussy and how the girls would decide to return the favour so she would be eating someone while the girls she had just eaten would he eating her. Mike had enjoyed this part of the fantasy as well and was ready for another go. He ended up taking her doggy style with her kneeling on the floor and supporting herself on the sofa and continuing the idea of everyone else taking her (she was helping out with the description this time). She was still rather wet with his cum so he ended up pounding into her while he reached around and rubbed her clit until she came again. As his third orgasm of the night he had a lot more self control and held back until she had finished then got her to lie on her back so he could cum over her – he didn’t cum a great amount but still enjoyed seeing her with his cum on her.

It was fairly late by this point and he restocked the fire and they snuggled up together on his floor bed and slept quite late (as did Jen and I – we’d carried on until fairly late ourselves). Mike was the first one up (discounting a toilet trip I took) and made sure that the fire was restocked before he went to have breakfast. Between the late night and the alcohol, Sue was still very tired and went back to sleep so Mike did what any protective elder brother would do – he made sure she was comfortable and arranged the covers so that her legs and pussy were nicely exposed (she still had her school skirt and white socks on). He came up to Jen’s room and let us know that he was making breakfast but we should be quiet as Sue was sleeping. I could tell that something was up as he really wanted us to come downstairs but didn’t figure it out until I got far enough down the stairs to see Sue lying there.

Of course, she wasn’t arranged like that for my pleasure and as Jen came downstairs she certainly appreciated the view. One of Sue’s legs was bent out slightly so her rather wet looking pussy was pretty much completely exposed. Mike told us to sit at the dining table and watch. I knew he probably wasn’t going to fuck her with Jen watching (the no nudity rule they have – well, she has) but didn’t know exactly what he was going to do. He lay down beside her and started to stroke her pussy – gently at first and then a bit firmer as she woke up. He started to kiss her so she couldn’t lift her head and see Jen and I sitting there and moved on to fingering he properly.

Once Sue was aroused (and wriggling around under his hand) he whispered to her and asked what she would do if Jen was watching her. Sue said she didn’t care (this is how he does things – he gets you so worked up that you go along with whatever he wants – but at least I’ve learned this nwo and can do the same to him from time to time!). He told her that Jen might be watching her and that he could stop so she could check or she could keep her eyes closed and he would make her cum without her knowing if they were alone or not. Of course, he’d been focusing on her clit while saying this so Sue went for the second option. He slid the covers off her body so we could see her breasts (well, all of her apart from the little bit covered by her flipped up skirt) and started to suck on a nipple while he kept playing with her pussy. Sue was apparently fairly horny as she was moaning in no time and clearly about to cum. I had thought that Mike would draw it out a bit more, but other than a brief interruption to have a quick lick of her clit he continued to finger her and rub her clit.

Sue moaned a fair bit when she came – not too loud but guttural enough to know it was real (or she’s a very good actress!) Jen had been fidgeting about on the chair next to me for quite a while and I was looking forward to some hot morning (nearly afternoon) sex. When Sue had finished cumming, Mike waved his hand at us and indicated that we should go upstairs – the idea was that if we could sneak off quietly the Sue would really have never known if Jen had been watching but our stairs aren’t silent and when she heard the creak she peeked and saw us going back up. She was still in the post orgasm glow so even though she was a bit embarrassed, she wasn’t mad at Mike (but did ‘punish’ him by making her cum again while Jen and I were otherwise engaged upstairs).

So all in all, it was a great party, followed by a wonderful night with Jen and Sue’s continuing conversion, followed by a great start to the New Year (both the little show and the private after show). On top of all that, there was the promise of Holly’s confession and what I (or even Jen and I) might get out of it...


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