Thursday, 7 January 2010

Under the duvet

I find it somewhat ironic that when I wasn’t at work I ended up with less time to write blog entries. I obviously spent quite a lot of time with Mike, Jen and Sue so I thought that when I sat down to write I should really be working on thesis instead of this. Now I’m back at work and writing all day though, it’s much more fun to work on this during my lunch break again.


Well we had a busy few days and I’ve got a few good entries to write up – New Year was certainly interesting, but you’ll have to wait for that! Our trip back to York took quite a while due to the weather (we’ve had heavy snow and ice in the UK which has been disrupting travel for the past few weeks). The train was too busy (again) for us to have any real fun (and it was way too cold outside for us to wear skirts on the way to/from the train) so the best we could manage was to rub the crotch of my jeans while hiding our hands under our respective coats. None of us actually got off, but the aim was to see who could get most aroused (without other people noticing of course). Even though he wasn’t actually touching himself, I think Mike won the ‘most aroused’ title by just watching us! We had a picnic on the train and a couple of bottles of wine between us – we weren’t drunk, but affected enough to help keep the cold out.

The house was freezing when we got back even though we put the heating on and lit a fire. To keep warm while we waited for the place to warm up, we all snuggled up under a king size duvet. We were all clothed (it was still too cold to be naked) but as the place heated up, a few hands began to wander. I think Mike started it (or at least given I’m the one writing this I get to blame him!) He started rubbing my crotch and then Sue’s as well. I could see the covers moving around Mike’s cock and when I moved my hand over I found that Sue was already rubbing him through his jeans. Mike was sitting between Sue and I and Jen was on my other side and she soon figured out what was going on. I was pleasantly surprised when her hand joined Mike’s.

The sofa isn’t really big enough for four people and so we were rather squashed together – Mike ended up lifting one of my legs up and resting it on his so that he (and Jen) could get better access to my pussy. Jen did the same thing with the other leg and I felt one of Sue’s legs on mine as she lifted and spread hers. I remember thinking that Mike and Jen must have planned this (so Jen could get to see Sue cum) but they both say that it was spontaneous. They both kept rubbing my crotch and after our game on the train I was getting quite worked up even though there want a huge amount of feeling getting through to my pussy.

Mike says that Sue unzipped her jeans and pushed his hand into them (not that he objected) and he started to rub her panties. He couldn’t do much as her jeans were still in the way, but she seemed to be enjoying it anyway. He fumbled with my jeans and managed to unzip them but couldn’t get the button with one hand. After a little while, Jen undid it and pulled my jeans down (only about an inch or so as I still had my legs spread). I felt their hands on my panties now and it was wonderful – this was the first time I’d ever had two people fondling me at the same time (not counting my own hands of course). Jen wasn’t getting anything done to her but there wasn’t really room and I assumed that she wouldn’t want to cum in front of Mike, plus with global warming and the rising price of oil... (hmm, how else can I justify being selfish?)

Sue shucked off her jeans (still under the covers) and when she had resumed the position with one of her legs over Mike’s legs, he went back to fingering her. Either she was more sensitive than me, more horny or Mike was rubbing her a lot more as she was clearly getting closer to cumming faster than I was (not that I wasn’t really enjoying having two sets of fingers on me). It became clear that he was paying more attention to her pussy than mine when he said that we should all watch her cum – Sue had clearly got past any worries about Jen – or was just too horny to care and let Mike keep running her. (Jen couldn’t really see anything with the covers over us, but I was surprised that Sue was willing to cum in front of her).

Mike ended up using both hands on her to bring her off and was telling her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was louder than the first time she came in front of us, but not as loud as she has been – Jen seemed to appreciate it though as her fingers were working on my pussy a lot faster and I could feel her trying to rub herself even though she was squashed up at the end of the her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was louder than the first time she came in front of us, but not as loud as she has been – Jen seemed to appreciate it though as her fingers were working on my pussy a lot faster and I could feel her trying to rub herself even though she was squashed up at the end of the sofa.

While Sue was cumming, I reached over and found Mike’s cock. His jeans were undone and while it wasn’t completely free, I could at least rub around the head (I was beginning to feel at least a little bit bad that I wasn’t doing anything much to anyone else). Once Sue had finished cumming, Mike returned a hand to my pussy and I felt both his and Jen’s fingers stroking me and sliding into me. Sue started to stroke Mike’s cock and worked his jeans down a bit until it was pretty much free. Mike was clearly enjoying the feeling and asked Sue to suck him. She disappeared under the covers and I felt her kissing and licking him (until I moved my hand out of the way).

I was now really turned on and asked them to make me cum. Mike pulled his hand away and I thought he was going to let Jen finish me off but then he slipped it under my ass and pushed a couple of fingers into my cunt from behind (not too deep, but enough to feel good). This meant that Jen could concentrate on my clit and she started rubbing me faster. Mike was describing what Sue was doing to him and telling us just how good a little cocksucker she is. He said that the way she sucks and uses her tongue makes fucking her mouth pretty much as good as her cunt. The covers were bobbing up and down as her head moved but I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was very close myself. When I started to cum, Mike rubbed around my ass with the palm of his hand (or wrist, I’m not sure which) while he kept pushing his fingers into me. Between that and Jen working on my clit (plus the build up from the train) I came quite hard. I wasn’t as quiet as Sue was and not long after I had finished Mike came.

Sue pulled herself out from under the covers and looked rather flushed (apparently it was rather hot if you were buried under there). I gave his cock a quick rub and found it slick with his cum (and her saliva I guess). As I started to recover I remembered that we still had someone to take care of (hey, I had been distracted). Jen was still rubbing herself through her jeans and I added my hand to hers. This was a lot more than we had ever done in front of each other before (the whole group) and I wondered if she would make her usual comment. Mike had already guessed that she would and before she could say anything, he said that everyone else had cum so it was only fair that she should do the same for us.

Jen hesitated a bit, but said okay and after a bit of shuffling around ended up with one of her legs over mine so I had some room to work. The show had clearly got her worked up – when I got her jeans undone and my hand into her panties, they were sodden. I rubbed around her clit and she pushed back against me – with her jeans on I couldn’t move my fingers much so got her to slip them off and quickly resume her position. It was now much easier and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. As I kept rubbing, she slowly moved her way around so that she was sitting right in the corner of the sofa with a foot on the floor and the other leg across my lap. Mike took the opportunity and caressed her calf (as I mentioned before, he has a thing for Jen’s legs) – he admitted later that if she had been lying a little further down he would have tried to rub himself against her leg, but because I was in the way he couldn’t reach).

He did ‘help’ by reminding her that we were all watching and asking what it felt like knowing that he and Sue were about to see her cum. He made a bit of a slip when she started her mewing and he said something along the lines of having wanted to properly hear the mewing that he’d heard and read so much about (remember, Sue still doesn’t know about this blog – fortunately she didn’t seem to pick up on the comment). I could see that Jen was getting flushed and knew she would cum very soon so slid a couple of fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my other hand. She arched her back and continued to mew so I started to thrust my fingers into her fairly roughly, fucking her little snatch hard. She pushed back against me and as she came I buried my fingers as deep in her as I could while I played with her clit and it had the desired effect – a long mew followed by panting. It is always a beautiful sight watching Jen cum and this time was no exception. The only thing I heard from Mike was an ‘Oh fuck”.

Jen relaxed back into the sofa and then snuggled up to me. Even thought the house had warmed up a bit, it was still a lot colder than we were under the blanket so we snuggled up together. Sue was sent to get some drinks for us from the kitchen and she put her jeans back on (but I think that was more to do with the cold than shyness). We stayed on the sofa for quite a while (until hunger got the better of us) and we had to sort our clothes out and have some dinner. I spent the night with Jen (seeing as I’d been with Mike at home) and we had a play with our smaller double ended dildo (while I like the longer one as we can kiss each other while using it, I still love the small one as we can get our pussies touching).

Sue had wanted Mike to spend the night with her as she had her second treat to show him, but he slept on the sofa so it had to wait until the following day (and blog entry!).


  1. Such an amazing read!!! Read your post twice and enjoyed every minute of it! Can't wait to read your next post! Great blog!!!!! :P

  2. hi andy nice post lovely blog hey if u dont mind can u send ur and jen picture not naked just a normal pic please i hope u dont mind love u all specially jen take care

  3. Sorry - Jen doesn't want any of her pics online (or at least not related to the blog anyway)