Friday, 26 February 2010

Fun at lunch

I’ve started to take the long dildo into work every day now (well, the past few days anyway). I don’t wear it while cycling in, the idea is that I set myself a target for each day and if I get that number of words written or corrections made, I get to wear it while cycling home. I’m getting much better at controlling my bike while cumming (although I still generally have to stop and rest for a minute when I’ve cum).

I wasn’t so restrained today and snuck off to slip it inside me before we went for lunch. I had a quick play with my clit while I worked it into position so I was feeling nice and horny and could enjoy the way it felt without having to move it. We went to Edge for lunch (one of the food places) and sat on the sofas while we ate. When I wasn’t concentrating on eating (I have to keep my energy up!) I contracted my pussy around the dildo, trying to pull it deeper into me. Of course, all that I managed was to push it slightly out but I figured out that if I folder a leg up against my thigh, I could use my foot to push the bottom of the dildo up and then occasionally push it deeper into me with my heel.

I don’t think anyone noticed (or if they did, they probably wouldn’t have guessed what I was really doing). I was nicely turned on by the time we returned to work but I behaved myself and didn’t let myself be distracted from work all afternoon. I did slip it back in before we went out to the pub though (which was a bit of a bad idea as I then spent the evening torturing myself). I really need to find a similar length, flexible vibrator so I could wear it the same way and then possibly cum without me having to move. I know it might seem a bit odd, but I just love the idea of cumming while surrounded by people – even if they don’t know I’m cumming.

I’ve been considering sharing my dildo secret with Lis and finding out if she wants to try it – I think at the very least I might strike up a conversation about various toys and the different ways they can be used to see what she has done so far.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More cycling fun

Hmm, I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something – my libido has been in overdrive for the past week (and it’s not exactly quiet at the best of times). I’m actually wanting to cum more times than Mike has the energy (or time) to make me. I think I might have fucked his cock raw last night as he really didn’t seem to be able to go on any more (but he did continue to eat me, so it wasn’t a total loss).

I’ve even been having sex dreams (I know I’ve had them before, but nowhere near as frequently as I am now). Sometimes they are quite detailed and I am doing something with a particular person and other times they are very surreal and just a whole mess of people and images. Unsurprisingly they have been featured Lis a number of times, which has led to Holly being involved. The whole thing with Sue has come into it (as well as Jen and Mike of course, but I assume that would be obvious). Jo has made a few appearances as well as little Anna, Cindy (and probably pretty much everyone I know). There have been various combinations of people, sometimes I’m involved and sometimes I just picture them doing things to each other. The combinations don’t even always make sense as last night I pictured Sue ‘converting’ Cindy (nice image though).

So once again I woke up this morning feeling ultra horny – fortunately, Mike had recovered a bit from last night so I could mount him and get a quick fuck in before breakfast. I was all set to go when Mike rubbed up against me from behind in the kitchen and gave my breasts a quick squeeze and I felt my pussy tingling. Neither of us had time to do anything about it and I was just about to head off when I decided that I would work better if I felt satisfied. I dashed back indoors and changed into my crotchless tights and grabbed our long dildo. I slipped one end into the leg of the tights and worked the other into my pussy before running back to my bike.

I was running a bit late and had a meeting with my supervisor so had to cycle fairly quickly. Having done this before, I had a fair idea of what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed. I had to make one adjustment to the dildo to get it to move properly but it probably just looked like I was pulling at my skirt. Once I had done this, it slid in and out of my pussy every time I moved my legs. I’m not entirely sure why it feels quite so good given there is no clitoral stimulation (I need to find a way to work on that!) – I guess it’s partly the excitement of knowing that I’m fucking myself in full view of everyone.

Once I started getting close to cumming I had to really concentrate (and it may not have been the safest journey) but I managed to stay on the bike through my orgasm. I really wanted to stop and take the dildo out but couldn’t and by the time I got to work I was feeling very tender (although not in a bad sort of way). On the way in, my supervisor caught me and said he wanted to meet straight away and I thought that I was going to have to go to the meeting with it still in me, but he saw how flushed I was (from the cycling – or so he thought) and let me go freshen up and grab a drink of water (and remove the dildo).

I did have to be quite careful about taking papers out of my bag so he didn’t see it, but I’m pretty sure I got away with it. I was right that I worked a lot better as well – I could feel my pussy gently throbbing from the rather excessive stimulation it had got but it actually felt nice and I certainly felt very satisfied). Jen hasn’t tried this yet (although we’ve obviously used the dildo between us a number of times) but wants me to bring it the next time I visit her (it’s my turn to travel).

Monday, 22 February 2010

Sunday night screw

I’m not sure exactly what has happened, but my sex drive has certainly been reasserting itself recently. We were sitting watching TV last night and I suddenly needed to cum (not just wanted to, but really *needed* to). I had showered earlier that evening and so was ready for bed (I was just wearing my dressing gown). I started to undo Mike’s jeans (which he helped with) and once they were pulled down a bit I kissed his cock into life. I think he could tell how I was feeling from the way I went to work on him (using the things I had learned from Sue).

I’m fairly certain that I was doing something right as his cock quickly rose and filled my mouth and he grabbed onto my head and guided it up and down as he fucked my mouth. I think he was actually getting quite close when I stopped (OK, I know he was as he told me) but I said that I wanted him to cum in me – after he had made sure I was nice and wet that is. There wasn’t really any danger of me not being wet enough for him, but I really wanted some quick attention. I got him to slide down the sofa and planted my pussy on his mouth, telling him to eat me hard. This is still his favourite thing to do to me so he happily licked and sucked away – and the fact that I’d got him nice and horny meant that he certainly did it with a passion.

I felt his tongue moving all around my pussy, flicking over my clit, pushing into me, my lips being pulled open so he could get deep inside. I could feel his fingers pushing into my cunt while he licked my clit and into my ass while he licked inside my cunt. It felt wonderful and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching – I tried to hold back for as long as I could (I wanted it to feel as strong as possible) but given the intensity of his attack I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I held back as much as I could, right up to the point where I started to cum and then had to surrender to it. It was even stronger than the one I had in the store cupboard last week but then again I did have outside help this time).

I was an amazing orgasm that made me glad I was holding on to the back of the sofa for support because it felt like it exploded in my pussy and crashed through me. Mike didn’t stop eating me and unusually, I didn’t mind. The pressure of his tongue and fingers just seemed to expend the orgasm, but it didn’t get to the point where what he was doing felt too intense (even though he was licking away quite hard and fast). I don’t know how long it lasted, but I finished cumming with him continuing to eat me (that doesn’t often happen) and still felt horny. I considered just staying where I was but I thought that a change of position would be nice (and even Mike can’t eat me for long with the intensity he was using).

I clambered off his face and told him to quickly get up and fuck me. He asked if I wanted some time to recover and I told him that I didn’t – I just wanted to cum again. I moved around to the side of the sofa and leant forwards over the arm. Mike was still nice and hard (I told you he enjoyed eating me) and pushed straight into my pussy. I was in no mood to play around and pushed back against him so he slid the whole way in. We soon had a good rhythm going and my pussy was completely swallowing his cock. I was tensing my pussy around him as he tried to pull out and he said it felt amazing.

I still felt like I needed to cum so started to rub my clit (I would have loved to use and egg but wasn’t about to interrupt what we were doing so made a note to myself to leave some toys downstairs in future). I kept telling Mike to fuck me harder and loved the feeling of him slamming into me. He was describing Holly in front of me on the sofa with her legs spread and Lis lying between them eating her (which of course left Lis’ pussy right in front of my face to eat). He then switched to having everyone watching us and the guys joining in by taking turns fucking Holly (I love the idea of being able to watch her little pussy being filled over and over again and seeing endless cum leaking out of her).

Between the images, me rubbing my clit and the fucking I came again. It wasn’t as strong as the previous orgasm, but seemed to be more satisfying (helped by the fact that Mike kept fucking me until I had finished and only then came in me). Each time he ejaculated, he pushed hard into me while pulling my hips sharply back towards him – this obviously gave him wonderful depth and I was imagining his cum shooting straight into my womb. When he had finished cumming, he staggered back a bit (it had been quite intense for him too) and he knelt down to lick me. He was going to lick me quickly again, but I told him that the second orgasm had satisfied me (for now) so he just gently licked away for a few minutes until his cum started to leak out (it actually took that long).

He went to get a tea towel from the kitchen to put on the sofa and I sat down to recover. While he was up, he grabbed his phone and gave Sue a call – she was out with some friends but he told her that he’d just fucked me really hard and described the position I was in before saying that he wished she was here with us so she could lick my thighs clean while he did the same to her. Given she couldn’t say anything, it was a fairly short conversation, but he did promise her that we would visit her soon (not sure when I’m going to get time to do that, but...).

Now Mike obviously knows that the ides of Sue doing things with the both of us is appealing more and more to me so he used this fantasy to get me going once more and we had a further fuck on the sofa with him sitting down and me riding him (facing him). It was a very messy fuck as I was bouncing up and down on him quite vigorously and I still had quite a bit of his cum in me from the previous time (I doubt I had any of it left in me by the end – fortunately he gave me another batch!). We had to go and shower (my second one of the night) to clean up and to make sure I was entirely satisfied, Mike used the shower on me to give me my forth orgasm.

By the time we had finished and went to bed, I was exhausted and slept very well and had quite a productive day today, so I may have found the best way to finish my PhD. It would certainly make for some interesting acknowledgements :)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hairbrush fuck

Oops – I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it when I got home – oh well, some nice Saturday morning reading for you all...

I’m going to try for some shorter posts because I do miss writing about this stuff, but as I’ve said, I’m not really up for marathon posting sessions while writing up...

The (slightly) warmer weather has arrived and while it technically isn’t really warm enough to be naked under skirts, I’ve generally gotten very tired of having to have myself covered up so I’m braving the cold a bit more and have started going commando some days. A few of my friends noticed I wasn’t wearing tights and have commented on whether I felt the cold but I doubt any of them realised that it wasn’t my legs I wanted to let the air get to :)

Despite my looming deadline (or maybe I needed some stress relief because of it) I took a little time out at work to sneak off and play with myself. I hadn’t really intended to do it, but I had idly been squeezing my thighs together while sitting at my desk and when I got up to get a drink I found out that I had gotten a bit wet (I have no idea how given I was concentrating on work).

I hadn’t got anything with me (unsurprisingly, I don’t generally carry around dildos or vibes – unless I have plans to use them of course) so I was going to just sneak off and finger myself when I remembered I had my nice hairbrush with me. By ‘nice’ I mean that the handle is a nice thickness and a ridged rubbery texture that means it is almost perfect for fucking myself with. The rubber grips the walls of my pussy just the right amount (so it pulls on them as I move the brush, but not so it hurts).

I took the brush with me and headed off to my favourite store cupboard (which I think I’ve mentioned before). Once safely inside and out of direct sight of the door I crouched down and lifted my skirt up – I ran the brush along the length of my pussy so the ridges pulled on my lips and then when it was wet enough, spread my lips and ran it over my clit. I honestly have no idea why I was so horny (Mike had already taken care of my morning horniness) but I quickly realised that I was in no mood to play. It felt like I was almost as wet as Jen gets and I plunged the handle into my pussy and started pumping away.

I wanted to cum so badly that it felt like I was burning up – I fingered my ass with my free hand (not really fingering, mostly just rubbing around the asshole and slipping a fingertip in). I really wanted another hand as I would have happily used the brush while having both clit and ass rubbed, but being limited to just two hands, I moved to rubbing my clit. It was a wonderful feeling and I got rather caught up with my approaching orgasm. I was quite lucky that nobody else came into the cupboard as I don’t think I would have noticed in time and even thought I was being fairly quiet, I wasn’t being silent. I could feel my orgasm building quickly and just kept going until it peaked – it was very intense and while I managed to keep my balance until it had ended, I then half fell back onto my ass with a bump.

I was so wet that it almost felt like Mike’s cum was leaking out of me and I had to carefully stand up and straighten my skirt so I could get to the toilet to clean myself up without leaving a wet patch. I felt much better after this and had a productive day – but still no idea where the need to cum so badly had come from.

Well, that was about the perfect length posting to write about a brief event (and Mike liked hearing about it too).

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Chat with Lis - Part 2

I was pleased (and not really surprised) that Lis called the next day saying that she wanted to continue our conversation. I told her that I was fairly busy and couldn’t really afford to get drunk again, but that I did really want to continue our chat. We agreed to meet up late one evening (and to drink less). I went round to her place again as she still didn’t want Mike (or anyone else) to find out what we were talking about and I was greeted with a warm hug. After we’d said pleasantries to her housemates (who I only really vaguely know) we went up to her room and sat on the bed facing each other.

The weather was still fairly cold at this point so even though I was wearing a skirt I also had some black opaque tights on (but no panties). I was sitting cross legged on the bed and knew that there was a very slight chance that Lis might be able to see my pussy (not that I had planned it or anything). I still wasn’t intending to cheat on Jen, but she knew all about my chats (and what I was about to reveal to Lis) and was perfectly happy for me to flirt with her if it meant that we could entice her into bed (Mike was also happy for this so if Lis ever decides she wants one then she had a choice of threesomes!)

Lis was clearly excited and pretty much as soon as we were comfortable she asked me if I was going to tell her things properly. Without either the alcohol or and warm-up conversation, I actually felt a bit awkward to start with so asked Lis what she had actually done with other people so I had a reference to work from. She told me that she had a few boyfriends but had never had sex (so I was sitting with a 24 year old virgin). She had jerked and sucked a few guys off and had been fingered and licked by them but had done those things more because they wanted to do them than because she felt like she wanted to do it with them.

I think it was partly because she was a part of a church group back home that she didn’t really admit that she might be gay (even to herself from the sounds of it) and ended up dating these guys because it was what a ’normal’ girl should be doing. From what she said it wasn’t as if any of them had forced her to do anything but she clearly didn’t enjoy the experience (anywhere near) as much as I like doing things with Mike.

Knowing that she at least knew what it was like to be touched by someone else (and having pictured her lying there with her legs spread while her boyfriends licked away at her little pussy), I felt a lot more confident about trying to tell her what it felt like being with Jen. I started off with the story of how we met and our first fumbles in the dark at the party. I told her how we went up to the bedroom and kissed, how I kissed and sucked her nipples and we ended up fingering each other.

Lis liked the story so I continued by telling her what it was like the next time we met and I finally found out what it was like to go down on another girl (and have it done to me by a girl). I tried to explain that while the fundamental feeling of Jen and Mike’s tongue was the same, there was still a definite difference in the overall experience. This isn’t just Mike being more forceful or intense because he’s a man (believe me; Jen can be pretty forceful at times!). There is the obvious difference in that Jen’s tongue is quite long (or at least it can reach a fair bit deeper than Mike’s can) but Mike tends to have more stamina and can eat me for longer (or to more orgasms) before he gets tired.

Even without the alcohol to help get us going, Lis was looking flushed and I was feeling fairly wet. I’d cum a few times with Lis involved in our fantasies (both with Jen and Mike) so was having a hard time not imagining her naked. I kept things going by describing what it felt like when Jen pushed her tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my pussy and how much I enjoyed kneeling down between her legs and tasting her. I was surprised at how easy I found it to tell Lis all this stuff (I know I write about it on here, but that is *very* different from saying it to someone’s face). Lis had more questions for me but I wanted to find out a little bit more from her first so I asked her if she had thought about Holly since we’d last spoken.

She said that of course she had and I said that I wanted to know just how she had thought about her – had she imagined doing things with her. Lis blushed slightly but said that she had imagined going swimming with Holly and drying off her back before starting to dry her breasts and then moving down to her pussy. In Lis’ fantasy, Holly didn’t object to any of this (of course – or it wouldn’t have been that good a fantasy!) and let Lis start to stroke between her legs. Lis then licked Holly until she came. Now I’m not a psychologist but what I got out of this fantasy (apart from the fact that Lis wasn’t quite ready to use the word pussy) was that her fantasy involved making Holly cum and not worrying about Holly making her cum.

With my question (briefly) answered, I returned to Lis’ questions. She asked what Jen tasted like and we came to the conclusion that it is very difficult to describe what pussy juice tastes like. I told Lis that it was a nice taste, it can change through the month and that while it was sort of similar to how I taste, Jen’s taste is definitely distinct. With a bit of encouragement, Lis admitted that she had tasted her own juices (which I assume all girls have done at some point) so I told her that it was likely that any other girl would taste sort of similar to her. I still didn’t tell her that I have some idea of how Holly actually tastes from her vibe but said that I imagine that she had a fairly sweet taste. We agreed that if either of us ever got the chance to taste her that we would share her with the other one - little does Lis know that I would really like to share her with Jen – but I’m sure I could cope if I had to share her with Holly :)

Lis started to ask how I knew what to do with Jen and I said that I pretty much just started off by doing the things that I enjoyed Mike doing to me and we explored from there. I also told her that it took a little time to find out the things that really worked for Jen (like her nipples) and part of the fun was exploring her body and seeing how she responded.

My body was certainly responding and I really wanted to press a heel up against my pussy to give me something to rub against but it would have been rather obvious. (Okay, so what I really wanted was to strip naked and show Lis what it was like to have a woman make her cum and then teach her to do the same to me, but that wasn’t likely to happen.) I was fairly certain that I could see Lis’ nipples through the t-shirt she had on and figured out that she probably wasn’t wearing a bra (I still wish I had small breasts, they just look so cute). I said that I should probably be going as I had a few things to take care of and Lis looked a bit disappointed so I said I could stay for a while longer if she wanted.

We talked a bit more and I think Lis managed to figure out exactly what it was I needed to go home to take care of as I was now so horny I could almost feel my pussy pulsing and it must have been showing. When I finally left, we kissed goodbye again and our hug was definitely longer that the previous time. I let my hands slide down her back and wanted to go lower but held off.

I was at least in the fortunate position that I had Mike at home to help relieve the pressure. Lis had to take care of herself (given the conversations we had, we’re now fairly open with each other about such things, but that will be a future posting).

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Another visit from Jen - Part 2

On Sunday morning, Mike brought up a nice Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed for Jen and I (including a rose each). We were both naked and Jen tried to cover her breasts with the duvet while she ate, but wasn’t too bothered when it slid down slightly (apparently it was Mike’s treat for helping her see Sue naked over the holidays). Mike had also got me a silk panties and matching bra which I tried on for both him and Jen to comment on (they liked it).

We had decided that we would all share a special lunch as Jen would be going home late that evening (so dinner was out). We all helped to prepare it (which wasn’t difficult as it was mostly all done already and we just had to put the finishing touches on and cook things). While we were preparing the food Mike said that he hoped I would wear my present during lunch and I agreed I would if he lit a fire (it wasn’t too cold, but I love fires).

While he and Jen got the champagne ready, I went up to change and returned just in the bra and panties. I love the way silk feels against my skin (especially freshly shaved skin) and the bra fitted me extremely well (pity I can’t afford to get ones like that for everyday use!). I got a big kiss from Mike and then we all sat by the fire and drank our champagne (Mike’s toast was ‘to the girl I love and the other girl I love who helps make the first girl I love happy’).

Mike went to check on the food and Jen popped upstairs – I was feeling very loved and briefly considered putting on a little show for them, but I didn’t want to stain my nice new panties so just enjoyed the fire. Mike returned and then a few minutes later so did Jen. She had changed into her lacy white panties and bra (the same set she wore when we were in Dunblane). Instead of the stockings, she had put on a (new) pair of white socks that came to just below her knee. Jen has started running again and her legs looked absolutely beautiful – perfectly slim and firm (not that they were ever anything but slim and firm).

I gave Jen a big kiss (passing on the one Mike had given me) and made a comment about how he was now overdressed. Jen nodded and he slipped off his clothes until he just had his shorts on. It was clear how much he enjoyed the view as his cock was making a nice large tent in his shorts and he didn’t try to hide it. We continued drinking the champagne until the food was ready. We all helped to get it onto the plates, then Jen and I sat down and Mike served us. He managed to keep his erection throughout the entire meal (but the conversation probably helped with that).

We talked about Lis and Sue and the various fantasies surrounding them and then got onto the topic of some previous Valentine’s Day events. Mike pointed out that if Jen wasn’t here, I would have probably been on the table having the dessert eaten out of my pussy (he offered to do the same to Jen as well – just so she wouldn’t feel left out).

After dinner, we moved over to the sofa and Mike restocked the fire. I sat in the middle and they curled up on either side of me. Jen started to gently stroke my leg and then Mike joined in on the other leg. Neither of them touched my pussy, but stroked right up on my thigh beside it and it was delicious torture. Mike tried to convince Jen to take off at least her bra (given he’s seen her breasts before and had got another glimpse of them earlier that day) but she refused. She knew the effect she was having on him and decided to really go for it (she promises me that this wasn’t planned). She stood up and got me to move over before she knelt on the sofa astride his legs. She slowly slid down until her panties were pressing against his shorts and gently moved back and forth.

Mike wanted to remove her panties or his shorts (or preferably both) but Jen said that he knew the rules. Mike appeared to be in heaven and later said that if she had kept going for a few minutes more he thinks he could have cum (but I don’t think that was Jen’s plan). She dismounted him – leaving him very frustrated – and returned to sit beside me. Mike told her that one day he would get to fuck her and fill her hot cunt with his cum and Jen just replied ‘Not today’.

Now the more astute amongst you will realise that ‘not today’ is not the same thing as ‘never’ (and Mike certainly realised it – he’s been teasing Jen about it since then). Neither Mike nor I got to do anything more with Jen as she had to get her things packed and get to her train. I’d also been turned on by her display – although possibly not as much as Mike was. As soon as she went upstairs he pulled me over to him. I slipped off my panties (to avoid cum stains) and he pulled down his shorts. I quickly climbed onto him and we had a quick fuck. When we were done we went up to see Jen – cum running down my leg and staining the front of Mike’s shorts.

We quickly got dressed and walked Jen to the station. After a goodbye kiss, she set off home (well, back to Uni) and I returned home to get some writing done (yay, what a fun end to Valentine’s Day).

Monday, 15 February 2010

Another visit from Jen

Jen was here for the weekend and we had a nice chilled out time. It had been over a month since we’d seen each other but felt like so much longer. Technically it should have been me who went to visit her (and I would have liked to have some more fun in Uni halls again) but she had less work to do than me so she was kind enough to come to York.

I met her at the train station and we put on a nice ‘welcome kiss’ display for the men there. We decided to get a taxi home as Jen’s train had been delayed and on the way my hand snuck up her skirt. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she had stockings on (I’d assumed they were tights) and even more pleasantly surprised to find out that she didn’t have panties on. I’d been intending on giving her a quick rub, but ended up getting two fingers inside her. I don’t think the cabbie noticed, but we were kissing so he might well have been staring straight at us. Not that it would have made any difference to me, I had been missing Jen so much that I would have happily fingered and eaten her in front of the whole taxi queue (although Mike does have first dibs on seeing us do anything if Jen decides to ever go for that).

When we got home, Mike and Jen kissed hello. It wasn’t a full blown face suck kiss, but it was more than just a peck on the cheek. I think that Jen is trying to convince him that the person who made the comment on here a while back about her not even liking him was wrong. Given she is going to be his ‘lesbian life partner in-law’ when he and I get married, it’s can only be a good thing that they get on. Mike had prepared some food (and then kept it warm while I waited for Jen’s train) so we sat down to eat and caught up on things. We already knew pretty much everything anyway as we talk on the phone most nights but Jen wanted to go over what had been happening with Lis (due to being busy I haven’t posted about that yet so won’t give anything away – that will be my next post).

She also wanted to know (having read the last posting) what my current thinking on actually doing things with Sue was (and if she could ever get to join in). Mike reported back that he has been trying to convince Sue to give it a try but isn’t too sure it is having any effect. The only thing that seems to work was when he got her to relive the group sex fantasy that he had fucked her to after the party (the second part of the fantasy involved other girls and Sue seemed okay with that). I assured Jen that if Sue ever decided to try things with another girl that she could be first in line and this seemed to please her.

Jen was in a very playful mood and kept tickling me and sliding her hand up under my dress. I had been wearing panties and tights in the day but she pulled them off so my pussy was available for fondling (still under my dress). She teased me throughout the evening (and I did the same back to her). I really wanted to go upstairs to do things properly but she wanted to tease Mike as well. At one point, she was sitting on the sofa beside him and told me to sit in the chair opposite, facing them. I had to lift my skirt and finger myself while Jen spread her legs so I could look at her pussy. Of course, because Mike was sitting beside her, he couldn’t see up her skirt but I had to describe it to him and tell him how nice and juicy it looked.

As if this wasn’t enough torture for him, just before we headed upstairs, she sat on his lap and used his hands to spread her legs. She guided them down the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs wide open. Because Jen is only just shorter than Mike, he couldn’t see over her shoulder to look at her pussy, but he could tell how close his hands were to it and I could see his thumbs twitching to get close enough to stroke her. He said that he thought she was finally going to let him at least touch her and was very disappointed when she pushed his hands away, pulled her skirt down and led me upstairs. I’ll admit that I did think it was a little cruel (but also funny – for me at least).

I stripped Jen naked (including the stockings) and took a nice long sniff at her pussy before giving it a single lick from her ass to her clit. She tried to push my head between her legs, but I wanted to kiss her and have a more gentle romantic session. I quickly shed my own clothes and we moved onto the bed. Jen kept trying to move things along quickly and I was the one slowing them down – admittedly I had already cum while we were downstairs but I told her if she was that horny she should have let Mike touch her. We soon reached a nice compromise where we were kissing and stroking each others’ bodies while she rode her pussy up and down my thigh. It’s always fairly easy to tell how turned on Jen is as her pussy goes from quite wet to fire hydrant (OK, so I might be exaggerating a little, but you get the idea). From the way my leg felt I could tell that she was in fire hydrant mode so I pressed my leg a bit harder against her (but still tried to guide her movements so they weren’t too fast).

Even though I was tired, I wanted to make the most of the Jen’s visit (and I was recovering from my orgasm) so pulled her leg against my pussy. Jen gave me her wicked little grin and replaced her leg with her fingers and her touch felt amazing. Between gasps I told her that I wanted her to cum but she didn’t stop so I reached down between her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy open so she could get more pressure on her clit. Her pussy was so slippery that I had a bit of trouble keeping her lips spread, but I think my fingers fumbling around the area were having their own effect so she didn’t complain. I was surprised that my orgasm was building so quickly and I kept telling her that I wanted her to cum first but I lost the battle. Her fingers were applying just the right amount of pressure to my clit and I pulled her to me so we could kiss properly as I came. It seemed to last a fair amount of time but wasn’t too strong so I didn’t need much time to recover before I could start to return the favour.

Jen was still humping my leg and I reached back around her ass to spread her pussy again. She moaned into my mouth when I did this and pressed even harder against me. It was obvious from the way she was moving that she wasn’t far off cumming herself so as much as I wanted to eat her, I didn’t break the position and just kept pulling her against me. I reached up to her ass and pushed a finger slightly into her – she didn’t object to this so I tried something new, I reached a finger up from my other hand and pressed the tip of that into her two. I wasn’t deep inside her or anything, but it was the first time (I think) that I’d had two fingers in her ass. Jen didn’t seem to mind and so I kept them there while she humped my leg.

We’re normally quite neat kissers but this time was a bit different – Jen was very close to cumming, but because there wasn’t any direct pressure on her clit it took her a while to get there and she spent longer in the final build up. My face felt as wet as my leg and I could feel her panting into my mouth as she thrust against me. When she came, she thrust against me a number of times and yelped before rolling off me.

When I looked down, I was right about how wet she had been, my whole thigh was glistening and her pussy was still soaked. I didn’t really want to waste it so climbed over her and started to lick her. She said that she felt sensitive, but I wasn’t going to be dissuaded easily and kept going (but I avoided her clit). Once I had cleaned her pussy (she tasted wonderful) I lifted her ass in the air and started to lick her there. My pussy had been above her face this whole time and I was pleased when I felt her start to kiss it (just seeing Jen cum generally gets me horny so I really wanted another orgasm. I told her that it wasn’t going to take as long for her to cum this time and started licking her pussy again. She didn’t object and I really started to go to town on her. I spread her lips and licked inside her then spent some time on her clit. She was doing similar things to me and I started to copy what she did (apart from the fact I can’t get my tongue as deep into her as she can into me).

She figured out that I was copying her and I told her to just do to me what she wanted me to do to her. I really liked this as it meant that I knew she was getting exactly what she wanted (and I especially liked the fact that she flicked he tongue over my ass a few times as I’m now sure she enjoys that). She came first with me sucking her clit and rapidly flicking it with my tongue. I felt pretty close and rolled onto my back (almost kneeing her in the head as I did so) and asked her to finish me off. Despite the fact she was a bit tired, she did so and I quickly came (with her doing the same thing to my clit).

Once I’d cum, she rolled off me and we lay, still in a 69 position while we recovered. I gave her pussy a little kiss before heading down to say goodnight to Mike (still naked of course). He loved the fact I reeked of Jen’s juices and had a good taste of her off my thigh and face – if I’d had more energy I would have let him fuck me, but really needed some sleep so left him looking at porn to take care of himself and went back up to Jen. We snuggled up and went to sleep.

When we woke up the following morning, we went to brush our teeth so we could kiss properly and got a little distracted in the bathroom (I used by electric toothbrush on Jen’s clit). When we returned to bed, we had a very relaxed lovemaking session with lots of gently stroking, kissing and fondling. We only came once but it was the perfect start to the day. After dozing, we got up around midday and went down for some food. Mike was playing on the computer but joined us for a late brunch.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day but went out into town for a wander. Other than a quick fondle in a changing room (Jen and I) we didn’t get up to any trouble. We all went out to the cinema that evening then on to a pub where we met up with some friends and Jen got to meet Lis again. We didn’t get to have any interesting lesbian talk because, although Lis has now officially come out (although I’m not sure you can come out if you haven’t actually done anything with anyone), she is still a little shy about it. I think that Lis is attracted to Jen (unsurprisingly) but it wasn’t as if she was making a pass at her or anything.

When we returned home, we had a nice session, imagining that Lis was a part of it and what we could do to her (and get her to do to us).

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chat with Lis - Part 1

So now on to my first chat with Lis – this happened a few weeks ago and I considered not posting details of it as she hadn’t told everyone but given:

a) I had already mentioned her name

b) She has now told quite a few people

c) None of you know who she is anyway

... I decided that I would write about it after all.

We decided that we would meet at her place as I wanted her to be comfortable and feel safe to talk as openly as she wanted. Despite what some of you may think about me, I wasn’t just in this for the extra fantasy material, Lis is a nice girl and I did actually want to be able to help her if I could!

I arrived in the evening and took a bottle of wine with me to help try to make a nice relaxed mood. We sat up in her room and had a glass of wine and made small talk, kind of skirting around the reason I was actually there. As I mentioned before, Lis is quite a small girl and while she is usually fairly bubbly, she was clearly nervous and looked so cute and vulnerable sitting on the bed with her legs curled up under her. We had been getting closer to the actual topic of conversation so I decided to push things forwards a bit by asking her if her male admirer had any idea she liked girls.

She said that he didn’t (but he does now – and while he is rather disappointed, at the same time it seems to have just made her even more desirable to him!). She said that the only person who knew (at the time of the conversation) was Holly (and me of course) and that she was a bit scared of what people might think of her. She asked if I had felt the same way about telling people and I realised that I should have probably read some of my posts from around that time in order to give a more accurate answer. I told her that I didn’t feel worried about what people would think, I had been sure that I definitely wanted to try things with a girl and I was more worried about how to find someone. I hadn’t wanted to ask any of my friends (so I guess in a way that I was worried, but I pointed out that there is quite a big difference between telling your friends that you’re gay and telling them that you want to strip them naked and make them cum!).

I hadn’t meant to phrase it quite like that and I paused to see how Lis would take it but she just gave a little laugh and said “Yeah”. She then paused for a bit and asked if I really thought about my friends ‘in that way’. I wasn’t sure how much to tell her (but I was certain I wasn’t about to tell her everything I’ve put in here!) and ended up going with a cut down version of the truth. I explained how over time I had started to find myself being attracted to other girls and thinking about what it would be like to touch them, kiss them and make love to them. All the time I was saying this I was closely watching Lis to try to make sure I wasn’t pushing things too far but she seemed fine and eager to talk more so I continued.

I explained that as these feeling had grown and I became more sure that it was something I really wanted that I had started to fantasise about doing things with girls and that it had worked its way into my games with Mike. Lis seemed to think it was quite normal for Mike to like the idea so I continued by telling her that the fantasies tended to feature people who I saw frequently (so my friends). I told her that I didn’t let any of them know that I was thinking those things about them but that I certainly enjoyed thinking about the things we could do together.

We had finished the bottle of wine by this point (we had drunk a fair bit of it before we had started the ‘proper’ conversation) and Lis went to get another bottle. I didn’t really want to drink too much (and I don’t need to be drunk to feel comfortable talking about sex) but I thought that it might help her so I didn’t object. She quickly returned and when we had our glasses refilled she curled up and quietly asked me what sort of things I had thought about doing with them. This surprised me a bit and I asked if she wanted the actual details. She gave me a cute little smile and nodded, saying she wanted to know how it compared to what she was thinking. I was a bit apprehensive about telling her but between the wine and the tingling in my pussy that had been steadily growing, I decided to go for it.

Even though a lot of my early fantasies were about Holly, I decided to swap the person for Rach as I don’t think Lis knows her as well as she knows Holly. I started off my telling her that sometimes we (Mike and I) would leave the door open a bit while we had sex in the hope that Rach might peek in and we could ‘catch’ her and ask her if she wanted to join us. (This is one thing that I really miss now I’m living with Mike). Lis asked if Rach had ever peeked and I said that she hadn’t (or we hadn’t seen her if she had) but that we played out fantasies where she did and came in to the room to join us. She would slowly undress while we carried on having sex and then start to play with herself. I would then climb off Mike and go over to her and guide her over to the bed (copping a feel of her breasts as I did so of course).

I thought that I could see Lis squirming around slightly as I described this and had pretty much decided to go the whole way through the fantasy so carried on. I told Lis how Rach would suck Mike’s cock and then he would get her to kneel on the bed so he could fuck her from behind. In the meantime, I would sit at the head of the bed and slide down so that my pussy (I thought I would avoid saying ‘cunt’) was right in front of her face and then gently push her down so she could lick me.

Lis looked a little flushed and I had a fair idea that she would be using that fantasy to cum later on – possibly without Mike involved (or maybe with, who knows) but wasn’t really sure about giving any more detail until I knew how she would take it. I broke off the description and said that I thought it was quite natural to think things like that and asked if it was similar to her fantasies. It turns out I had been a bit more explicit than Lis had thought I would be (despite the fact she had asked). She told me that she had mostly been looking at her friends, admiring their figures and wondering what they would look like naked and what it would be like to kiss them and then ‘maybe touch them a bit’.

I was now a bit drunker than I had really intended to get and just blurted out “Uh huh – so you’re telling me that you haven’t really thought about what it would be like to make Holly cum?”. Lis lowered her head and quietly said “Maybe”, paused for a bit and then added “haven’t you?”. Given I had her admission, I felt a bit safer telling her and so said that of course I had – and then added ‘quite a few times’.

We had a bit of a giggle fit at this point and when we had recovered I told Lis that we had sometimes been able to hear her having sex with her boyfriend and how I tried to time my orgasm with hers so I could pretend I was the one making her cum. Lis asked if I had ever considered telling Holly how I felt or asking her if she wanted to try having sex. I asked Lis if she was really sure that she was gay or if she (like I had been) was just curious and wanted to try things with a girl to find out what it was like or to confirm how she thought she felt. Lis told me that she was fairly certain that she wasn’t attracted to men (other than as friends) and that she has been increasingly thinking about other girls over the years. I told her that I knew exactly how she felt (or at least I thought I did) and how consuming the feelings could end up being.

I told her about the first time a girl (almost) touched me (back in a club, we danced together and she kneaded my ass without knowing I didn’t have panties on so her fingers were sooo close to brushing against my pussy). I then told her how I met Jen and while it had been a random make out at a party, how I knew that I wanted it to be more than that and how we then started dating and how wonderful it had been since then (other than not actually getting to see each other very often). I finally remembered the point of what I was trying to say and it was that even thought I thought that Holly (and various other friends) were really cute, I was glad that I hadn’t done something stupid and possibly alienated them by making a random pass at them.

Lis pressed me on whether I had thought about trying to get Holly drunk so it could be passed off as a drunken mistake if she refused me and I began to realise that Lis might have a bit more than a crush on Holly. I was now far too drunk to phrase it delicately (but realised I was drunk and was trying to sober up) and asked her if she had told Holly first because she really fancied her. I thought it was an obvious question, but Lis went very quiet and started to get a bit upset saying that Holly would never want her. This helped to sober me up and I want over to the bed to be beside her and gave her a hug. I told her that when I was first thinking about girls I had had a really big crush on Jo (who Lis sort of knows through mutual friends) and that while I had fantasised about Holly, Jo had probably been the girl who I had the most feeling for. I knew that she wasn’t ever likely to actually date me but that it was no different than our other friends who liked guys who weren’t interested in them.

Lis slowly stopped sniffling and we hugged a bit more – she certainly had a wonderful little figure and a part of me (a certain part) may well have seen if I could have taken advantage of the situation if it hadn’t been for Jen. I behaved myself though and just hugged her (and a few kisses on her forehead). I told her that if she really felt that way about Holly then she might want to tell her, but given she already had a boyfriend then maybe waiting a while would be better. I pointed out that I was fairly certain that Holly wasn’t going to be disgusted or anything (she certainly didn’t seem to mind living with me after she knew I was bi) but that the whole asking ‘someone out who was already taken’ thing might not go down well.

Lis seemed a bit happier by this point and we stopped hugging, but I stayed on the bed with her. Now that the real secret was out she started to dig for more information about Holly. Lis asked if I had ever seen her naked and I said I hadn’t, but had seen her dressed in just a towel many times and told her about the topless sunbathing incident. I felt a bit strange telling Lis details about Holly but as my new little lesbian confidant I guessed that we might end up sharing lots of secrets. Lis asked what Holly’s breasts were like and I told her that they were probably a little bigger than her’s (Lis’ breasts are really quite small but I imagine are very cute) and looked nice and firm. I described how Holly looked when she was just wearing a towel (amazing slender legs) and how one night I had been sitting opposite her in the living room and had been able to see up her nightdress to her panties (I left out that fact that I managed to masturbate myself to orgasm while watching her).

I was certain that Holly would be using all of this material in her fantasies and I loved the fact that I might also feature in them. I knew I would be able to go home and report back to Mike and Jen about what she would be thinking while playing with herself. I really wanted to tell Lis about having licked (and used) Holly’s vibe, but I thought I would leave that for another time (like when I was *absolutely* sure that nothing I said would be relayed back to Holly!).

It was getting late by this point and I thought I should head home (and I was also feeling very horny and needed to cum). I called Mike (and assured Lis that he didn’t know why I was over visiting her – oops). While I waited for him to come and get me I told her that if she wanted to talk more about things then she was welcome to call me and we could meet up. Given how much detail I’d given away in our first chat without her appearing shocked then I was really looking forwards to what we could talk about in future (and I wanted to hear about her fantasies in detail).

Just as I was about to leave, she asked me if I could tell her what it actually felt like to be with another girl (I have a feeling that she had wanted to ask that all night). I told her it felt wonderful and she said she had meant what is it *really* like. I realised that she wanted a detailed description and told her that if she wanted to know I would tell her, but it would have to be next time as Mike was about ti arrive. As I gave her a hug (and quick kiss) goodbye, I was very tempted to tell her to just imagine Holly’s tongue in place of her fingers later that night (which she may well have been doing anyway) but I behaved myself and said that we would meet up soon to talk more.

On the way home I told Mike some of the details (sorry Lis, but he I trust him to not tell anyone we know) and he liked it as much as I did. If it had been a bit warmer, we would have probably ended up doing things properly on the way home, but it was too cold so we only got as far as ducking behind a few trees and him fingering me a bit while we kissed. (We made up for it when we did get home though).

I was hoping to include the next chat with Lis in this post, but it’s too long already so that will come next).

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Seeking advice

Between work and me not feeling too good (only a cold, but enough to tire me out), our sex life hasn’t been quite as wild as usual recently. Mike has been taking care of me and I still sometimes get woken up with him between my legs eating me (or have him eat me while we’re sitting on the sofa). I know he’s giving me a lot more pleasure than I am returning to him at the minute, but I don’t feel too bad as I did let him got a bit crazy with Sue over the holidays (and of course he does get to fuck me from time to time...)

I wasn’t too sure about posting this, but in the interest of disclosure and the possibility of getting some advice back I thought I would go ahead anyway (and let’s face it, I’ve posted about some pretty explicit things on here so it can’t get much worse!) As you’ve probably gathered, even though Mike got his fantasy of having two girls at the same time – he really wants to have what he calls a ‘proper’ threesome where everyone is doing things to everyone else. Now I certainly like the idea of this as well and Jen knows that if she ever wanted to try this that I wouldn’t object (and she is certain that Mike wouldn’t object).

It is sometimes rather strange as they (Mike and Jen) can have conversations about sex and how best to make me cum or what they like me doing to them (of course Jen also enjoyed hearing about little Sue being made to cum but that’s because she would really like to have a threesome with Sue and I). While I know Mike hasn’t given up on the *idea* of getting to join in a session with Jen and I, I think he realises that the odds of it happening are rather less than he would like. Jen has got really good at flirting with him and teasing him – during a call last week she was describing how she was playing with herself (she knew he was listening in with me) and kept asking him how he thought it would feel to slide his cock into her tight wet little snatch and if he would like to feel her juices running down his cock.

But as I said, he now realises that it isn’t very likely to actually happen and so has been trying something else. As you probably noticed, he kept trying to get me to do things with Sue but didn’t have much success there either. Since she left, he has been reading the incest section of the Nifty archives ( and bringing them into our sessions, describing the stories of sisters exploring each others’ bodies and learning about sex together... Now I think that Sue and I have both discovered sex, but after all the things we’ve done I have been wondering (just a little bit) what it would be like to actually go a bit further with her. I was quite tempted to give her a few licks the time she was fucking Mike and I was licking him (yes, I know that was exactly what he wanted me to do) and a part of me wishes that I had ‘accidently’ licked her clit or lips to see what she would do.

It doesn’t help that Jen really loves the idea of me doing this as well (her thinking is that if we can convince Sue to do things with me then she stands a much better chance of getting to screw her). I know that Sue is perfectly capable of making her own decisions and it’s not as if I’m planning on tying her down so I can have my way with her (and I don’t even know if it would be possible to convince her to try things – although Mike has continued to work on her). So I’m looking for any advice as to whether this might be a good or bad idea as both the people I have here to talk about it aren’t really giving me an unbiased viewpoint!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Holly's Secret

There were a few small posts I had intended to do before this one, but at the rate I’m currently writing I’ll never get to this if I include them (they weren’t anything special so skipping them won’t matter).

Thanks for the support that people have given me recently – anyone who has ever done a PhD knows just how bad writing up can be. I had hoped to spend lunchtimes writing this as a break from the thesis, but I’ve needed a break from writing so that’s why my output has dropped. But enough about that – back now to Holly’s revelation (about her ‘friend’ being interested in girls).

I didn’t get to see Hol for a few days after the party because Jen and Sue were still staying. Jen and I had considered talking to her together (as well as doing a few other things to her together). Even though I loved the possibility of getting to taste my sweet little Holly, I was more concerned with actually trying to help her if she was confused or upset about things.

I thought that things might be a bit awkward when we did finally meet up but she seemed as bubbly as ever and we chatted away (we had met in town for a coffee). We caught up properly on what we had done over the holidays (there had been quite a few people at the party so hadn’t really talked about everything – not that I told her ‘everything’ that I had got up to!) After a bit, I finally mentioned what she had said at the party and asked if her ‘friend’ still wanted to talk about things sometime. I think I must have pronounced ‘friend’ as if it was in air-quotes as Holly seemed to realise that I thought it was her.

She seemed quite surprised by this and then backpedalled to point out that there of course wouldn’t have been anything wrong if it had been her. In turn, I was surprised as I had been sure that she had been talking about herself (and of course this had been the topic of a number of fantasies of Jen and I since the party – I decided not to tell Hol about that either!) Once Holly had stopped being flustered (and I had stopped being disappointed) she told me who she had been talking about.

The identity of the person came as a shock in some ways but not in others. My long time readers may remember the Slumber party series that I wrote (the first few parts of – and I will get back to finish it someday – links at the end of this post for anyone who hasn’t read it and is interested). I based all the characters in the story on my friends (not always based on things they had actually done, but at least on their personalities). Back when I was still going through my ‘I want to do things with another girl’ phase (before Jen) I obviously fantasised about my friends a lot (and that’s where the slumber party series came from). Holly tended to come into my fantasies quite frequently because she is incredibly cute but also because I was sharing a house with her, but when I needed to choose a character to have the same sorts of feeling I did, I went for the person who I most thought might have gay tendencies.

This was our friend Lis – she is fairly small (5’2”ish) and about the same slender build as Holly. She has long blonde (dark blonde) hair and a great figure. She is a bit of a geek and loves sci-fi/fantasy as well as astronomy. She isn’t in my immediate circle of friends but we have a few friends in common so I see her reasonably frequently. For years she had a boy besotted with her, but unfortunately for him she wasn’t interested in him and they were just friends. She has had a number of other men ask her out but has (as far as I know) always been single. I was sure that I had seen her looking at our female friends the same way I felt I was looking at them, so I chose her to be the ‘curious’ on in the stories.

So when I found out that I had actually been right with my rather uninformed guess about Lis, I was happy and even told her that I had suspected it a while ago. Of course Hol told me I was talking crap and hadn’t suspected anything and I couldn’t really direct her to this blog to provide evidence! Anyway, Holly filled me in on the details and I found out that Lis had ended up coming out to her at the end of last year but didn’t seem entirely sure about her sexuality. Holly had suggested that she came to talk to me (apparently I am the fount of all knowledge related to lesbians – which is rather odd as I’m bi). Lis wasn’t too sure at first, but after Holly had encouraged her and Lis had decided to let me in on her little secret (she hadn’t really come out publicly)

I found out a few more details about Lis to try to get a better idea of her personality (not that I really knew what I was going to do with the information – I’m hardly a trained psychologist!) and then Holly called her up and arranged for the two of us to meet a couple of days later. I had suggested that Lis might want Holly to come along (seeing as she knows Holly a lot better than she knows me), but Lis wanted it to be just the two of us so she could talk more openly. When I reported this all back to Jen, she was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Holly who was (possibly) gay, but I assured her that Lis was just as cute (and we probably stood as little chance of getting her into bed as we would have with Holly!)

Of course, reality has never stood in the way of a good fantasy and Lis has now been heavily featured in my sessions with Mike as well as my phone sessions with Jen (who I get to see this weekend).