Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Another visit from Jen - Part 2

On Sunday morning, Mike brought up a nice Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed for Jen and I (including a rose each). We were both naked and Jen tried to cover her breasts with the duvet while she ate, but wasn’t too bothered when it slid down slightly (apparently it was Mike’s treat for helping her see Sue naked over the holidays). Mike had also got me a silk panties and matching bra which I tried on for both him and Jen to comment on (they liked it).

We had decided that we would all share a special lunch as Jen would be going home late that evening (so dinner was out). We all helped to prepare it (which wasn’t difficult as it was mostly all done already and we just had to put the finishing touches on and cook things). While we were preparing the food Mike said that he hoped I would wear my present during lunch and I agreed I would if he lit a fire (it wasn’t too cold, but I love fires).

While he and Jen got the champagne ready, I went up to change and returned just in the bra and panties. I love the way silk feels against my skin (especially freshly shaved skin) and the bra fitted me extremely well (pity I can’t afford to get ones like that for everyday use!). I got a big kiss from Mike and then we all sat by the fire and drank our champagne (Mike’s toast was ‘to the girl I love and the other girl I love who helps make the first girl I love happy’).

Mike went to check on the food and Jen popped upstairs – I was feeling very loved and briefly considered putting on a little show for them, but I didn’t want to stain my nice new panties so just enjoyed the fire. Mike returned and then a few minutes later so did Jen. She had changed into her lacy white panties and bra (the same set she wore when we were in Dunblane). Instead of the stockings, she had put on a (new) pair of white socks that came to just below her knee. Jen has started running again and her legs looked absolutely beautiful – perfectly slim and firm (not that they were ever anything but slim and firm).

I gave Jen a big kiss (passing on the one Mike had given me) and made a comment about how he was now overdressed. Jen nodded and he slipped off his clothes until he just had his shorts on. It was clear how much he enjoyed the view as his cock was making a nice large tent in his shorts and he didn’t try to hide it. We continued drinking the champagne until the food was ready. We all helped to get it onto the plates, then Jen and I sat down and Mike served us. He managed to keep his erection throughout the entire meal (but the conversation probably helped with that).

We talked about Lis and Sue and the various fantasies surrounding them and then got onto the topic of some previous Valentine’s Day events. Mike pointed out that if Jen wasn’t here, I would have probably been on the table having the dessert eaten out of my pussy (he offered to do the same to Jen as well – just so she wouldn’t feel left out).

After dinner, we moved over to the sofa and Mike restocked the fire. I sat in the middle and they curled up on either side of me. Jen started to gently stroke my leg and then Mike joined in on the other leg. Neither of them touched my pussy, but stroked right up on my thigh beside it and it was delicious torture. Mike tried to convince Jen to take off at least her bra (given he’s seen her breasts before and had got another glimpse of them earlier that day) but she refused. She knew the effect she was having on him and decided to really go for it (she promises me that this wasn’t planned). She stood up and got me to move over before she knelt on the sofa astride his legs. She slowly slid down until her panties were pressing against his shorts and gently moved back and forth.

Mike wanted to remove her panties or his shorts (or preferably both) but Jen said that he knew the rules. Mike appeared to be in heaven and later said that if she had kept going for a few minutes more he thinks he could have cum (but I don’t think that was Jen’s plan). She dismounted him – leaving him very frustrated – and returned to sit beside me. Mike told her that one day he would get to fuck her and fill her hot cunt with his cum and Jen just replied ‘Not today’.

Now the more astute amongst you will realise that ‘not today’ is not the same thing as ‘never’ (and Mike certainly realised it – he’s been teasing Jen about it since then). Neither Mike nor I got to do anything more with Jen as she had to get her things packed and get to her train. I’d also been turned on by her display – although possibly not as much as Mike was. As soon as she went upstairs he pulled me over to him. I slipped off my panties (to avoid cum stains) and he pulled down his shorts. I quickly climbed onto him and we had a quick fuck. When we were done we went up to see Jen – cum running down my leg and staining the front of Mike’s shorts.

We quickly got dressed and walked Jen to the station. After a goodbye kiss, she set off home (well, back to Uni) and I returned home to get some writing done (yay, what a fun end to Valentine’s Day).


  1. How much luckier can a girl get than two special lovers in her life? I, for one, hope Sue gets to do Jen before Mike does. Not that I don't like Mike, but he should just be teased for as long as possible.


  2. I'm with Tina, it seems Andi that you're getting more of the best of both worlds as long as Mike lusts so hard (pun intended) for Jen, since he usually takes his frustrations out on you, lol.

    On the other hand, Jen's tasted Mike`s cum from you right, & she liked the taste? Maybe she doesn't want it in her cunt, but somewhere else? :)

  3. I hope Sue gets to do me before Mike does too :) It's not that I don't like him I love him and love teasing him but as I keep pointing out, he's a man and I'm a lesbian so the two of us don't really go together like that :)