Monday, 15 February 2010

Another visit from Jen

Jen was here for the weekend and we had a nice chilled out time. It had been over a month since we’d seen each other but felt like so much longer. Technically it should have been me who went to visit her (and I would have liked to have some more fun in Uni halls again) but she had less work to do than me so she was kind enough to come to York.

I met her at the train station and we put on a nice ‘welcome kiss’ display for the men there. We decided to get a taxi home as Jen’s train had been delayed and on the way my hand snuck up her skirt. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she had stockings on (I’d assumed they were tights) and even more pleasantly surprised to find out that she didn’t have panties on. I’d been intending on giving her a quick rub, but ended up getting two fingers inside her. I don’t think the cabbie noticed, but we were kissing so he might well have been staring straight at us. Not that it would have made any difference to me, I had been missing Jen so much that I would have happily fingered and eaten her in front of the whole taxi queue (although Mike does have first dibs on seeing us do anything if Jen decides to ever go for that).

When we got home, Mike and Jen kissed hello. It wasn’t a full blown face suck kiss, but it was more than just a peck on the cheek. I think that Jen is trying to convince him that the person who made the comment on here a while back about her not even liking him was wrong. Given she is going to be his ‘lesbian life partner in-law’ when he and I get married, it’s can only be a good thing that they get on. Mike had prepared some food (and then kept it warm while I waited for Jen’s train) so we sat down to eat and caught up on things. We already knew pretty much everything anyway as we talk on the phone most nights but Jen wanted to go over what had been happening with Lis (due to being busy I haven’t posted about that yet so won’t give anything away – that will be my next post).

She also wanted to know (having read the last posting) what my current thinking on actually doing things with Sue was (and if she could ever get to join in). Mike reported back that he has been trying to convince Sue to give it a try but isn’t too sure it is having any effect. The only thing that seems to work was when he got her to relive the group sex fantasy that he had fucked her to after the party (the second part of the fantasy involved other girls and Sue seemed okay with that). I assured Jen that if Sue ever decided to try things with another girl that she could be first in line and this seemed to please her.

Jen was in a very playful mood and kept tickling me and sliding her hand up under my dress. I had been wearing panties and tights in the day but she pulled them off so my pussy was available for fondling (still under my dress). She teased me throughout the evening (and I did the same back to her). I really wanted to go upstairs to do things properly but she wanted to tease Mike as well. At one point, she was sitting on the sofa beside him and told me to sit in the chair opposite, facing them. I had to lift my skirt and finger myself while Jen spread her legs so I could look at her pussy. Of course, because Mike was sitting beside her, he couldn’t see up her skirt but I had to describe it to him and tell him how nice and juicy it looked.

As if this wasn’t enough torture for him, just before we headed upstairs, she sat on his lap and used his hands to spread her legs. She guided them down the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs wide open. Because Jen is only just shorter than Mike, he couldn’t see over her shoulder to look at her pussy, but he could tell how close his hands were to it and I could see his thumbs twitching to get close enough to stroke her. He said that he thought she was finally going to let him at least touch her and was very disappointed when she pushed his hands away, pulled her skirt down and led me upstairs. I’ll admit that I did think it was a little cruel (but also funny – for me at least).

I stripped Jen naked (including the stockings) and took a nice long sniff at her pussy before giving it a single lick from her ass to her clit. She tried to push my head between her legs, but I wanted to kiss her and have a more gentle romantic session. I quickly shed my own clothes and we moved onto the bed. Jen kept trying to move things along quickly and I was the one slowing them down – admittedly I had already cum while we were downstairs but I told her if she was that horny she should have let Mike touch her. We soon reached a nice compromise where we were kissing and stroking each others’ bodies while she rode her pussy up and down my thigh. It’s always fairly easy to tell how turned on Jen is as her pussy goes from quite wet to fire hydrant (OK, so I might be exaggerating a little, but you get the idea). From the way my leg felt I could tell that she was in fire hydrant mode so I pressed my leg a bit harder against her (but still tried to guide her movements so they weren’t too fast).

Even though I was tired, I wanted to make the most of the Jen’s visit (and I was recovering from my orgasm) so pulled her leg against my pussy. Jen gave me her wicked little grin and replaced her leg with her fingers and her touch felt amazing. Between gasps I told her that I wanted her to cum but she didn’t stop so I reached down between her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy open so she could get more pressure on her clit. Her pussy was so slippery that I had a bit of trouble keeping her lips spread, but I think my fingers fumbling around the area were having their own effect so she didn’t complain. I was surprised that my orgasm was building so quickly and I kept telling her that I wanted her to cum first but I lost the battle. Her fingers were applying just the right amount of pressure to my clit and I pulled her to me so we could kiss properly as I came. It seemed to last a fair amount of time but wasn’t too strong so I didn’t need much time to recover before I could start to return the favour.

Jen was still humping my leg and I reached back around her ass to spread her pussy again. She moaned into my mouth when I did this and pressed even harder against me. It was obvious from the way she was moving that she wasn’t far off cumming herself so as much as I wanted to eat her, I didn’t break the position and just kept pulling her against me. I reached up to her ass and pushed a finger slightly into her – she didn’t object to this so I tried something new, I reached a finger up from my other hand and pressed the tip of that into her two. I wasn’t deep inside her or anything, but it was the first time (I think) that I’d had two fingers in her ass. Jen didn’t seem to mind and so I kept them there while she humped my leg.

We’re normally quite neat kissers but this time was a bit different – Jen was very close to cumming, but because there wasn’t any direct pressure on her clit it took her a while to get there and she spent longer in the final build up. My face felt as wet as my leg and I could feel her panting into my mouth as she thrust against me. When she came, she thrust against me a number of times and yelped before rolling off me.

When I looked down, I was right about how wet she had been, my whole thigh was glistening and her pussy was still soaked. I didn’t really want to waste it so climbed over her and started to lick her. She said that she felt sensitive, but I wasn’t going to be dissuaded easily and kept going (but I avoided her clit). Once I had cleaned her pussy (she tasted wonderful) I lifted her ass in the air and started to lick her there. My pussy had been above her face this whole time and I was pleased when I felt her start to kiss it (just seeing Jen cum generally gets me horny so I really wanted another orgasm. I told her that it wasn’t going to take as long for her to cum this time and started licking her pussy again. She didn’t object and I really started to go to town on her. I spread her lips and licked inside her then spent some time on her clit. She was doing similar things to me and I started to copy what she did (apart from the fact I can’t get my tongue as deep into her as she can into me).

She figured out that I was copying her and I told her to just do to me what she wanted me to do to her. I really liked this as it meant that I knew she was getting exactly what she wanted (and I especially liked the fact that she flicked he tongue over my ass a few times as I’m now sure she enjoys that). She came first with me sucking her clit and rapidly flicking it with my tongue. I felt pretty close and rolled onto my back (almost kneeing her in the head as I did so) and asked her to finish me off. Despite the fact she was a bit tired, she did so and I quickly came (with her doing the same thing to my clit).

Once I’d cum, she rolled off me and we lay, still in a 69 position while we recovered. I gave her pussy a little kiss before heading down to say goodnight to Mike (still naked of course). He loved the fact I reeked of Jen’s juices and had a good taste of her off my thigh and face – if I’d had more energy I would have let him fuck me, but really needed some sleep so left him looking at porn to take care of himself and went back up to Jen. We snuggled up and went to sleep.

When we woke up the following morning, we went to brush our teeth so we could kiss properly and got a little distracted in the bathroom (I used by electric toothbrush on Jen’s clit). When we returned to bed, we had a very relaxed lovemaking session with lots of gently stroking, kissing and fondling. We only came once but it was the perfect start to the day. After dozing, we got up around midday and went down for some food. Mike was playing on the computer but joined us for a late brunch.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day but went out into town for a wander. Other than a quick fondle in a changing room (Jen and I) we didn’t get up to any trouble. We all went out to the cinema that evening then on to a pub where we met up with some friends and Jen got to meet Lis again. We didn’t get to have any interesting lesbian talk because, although Lis has now officially come out (although I’m not sure you can come out if you haven’t actually done anything with anyone), she is still a little shy about it. I think that Lis is attracted to Jen (unsurprisingly) but it wasn’t as if she was making a pass at her or anything.

When we returned home, we had a nice session, imagining that Lis was a part of it and what we could do to her (and get her to do to us).


  1. Tease Mike then leave him hanging? Foul I cry foul! ha-ha

    Personally I think it is more likely that Jen will allow Mike to do something to her than it is that Sue will agree to do anything.

    My basis for that is the fact that Jen seems more adventurous than Sue and more open to different ideas; I do believe they both have resolute reservations concerning their respective barriers so to speak.

    With Jen it would seem she is simply not attracted to him whereas with Sue she has to first deal with the homosexual issue before dealing with the attractive/not issue.

    Sue seems adventurous enough within her sphere of comfort juxtaposed to Jen who can match Andi move for move when it comes to being adventitious, which is an interesting thinking point. Remember, it took much more effort to get Sue into any sort of voyeurism than it took Jen.

    I also find it interesting that Jen comes to visit Andi and Sue comes to visit Mike. Their motives betray their loyalties though I do not believe either Andi nor Mike are under any illusion concerning that area. If Sue does come around but only willing to try things in the presence of Mike would Jen be willing? And if so wouldn't it seem strange, at least to Sue, that the only one with reservations would be Jen doing things with Mike?

    Ah, ever the devil's advocate. Enjoy! :)

  2. That was VERY HOT!!! Loved reading about the cab ride. Kara XOXO

  3. I'm sure they'd be lots of gay guys and gals that would disagree about your comments on coming out, if they've not done anything. You can still come out even if you've not done anything, stupid.

  4. I agree, is someone not straight because they are still a virgin? Does the act of sex it's self define if someone is gay or straight or is it the attraction to the gender?

  5. Jen is certainly more adventurous than Sue, but other than teasing him I still don't think she will do anything with him (but we'll see...)

    I think the agreement that Mike and Jen had was that if Mike had convinced Sue to try things with Jen that she would led him be present (or maybe do things to Sue at the same time).

    As for my comment about coming out, yes it was stupid. I'm writing entries in a hurry now and didn't really think it through. I guess I was just working off my own experience where I didn't tell anyone until after I'd done things with Jen.

  6. 'I think the agreement that Mike and Jen had was that if Mike had convinced Sue to try things with Jen that she would led him be present (or maybe do things to Sue at the same time).'

    So Jen must *really* want to play with Sue then? Given that he's not allowed to be present with you (his girlfriend no less) and Jen...