Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chat with Lis - Part 1

So now on to my first chat with Lis – this happened a few weeks ago and I considered not posting details of it as she hadn’t told everyone but given:

a) I had already mentioned her name

b) She has now told quite a few people

c) None of you know who she is anyway

... I decided that I would write about it after all.

We decided that we would meet at her place as I wanted her to be comfortable and feel safe to talk as openly as she wanted. Despite what some of you may think about me, I wasn’t just in this for the extra fantasy material, Lis is a nice girl and I did actually want to be able to help her if I could!

I arrived in the evening and took a bottle of wine with me to help try to make a nice relaxed mood. We sat up in her room and had a glass of wine and made small talk, kind of skirting around the reason I was actually there. As I mentioned before, Lis is quite a small girl and while she is usually fairly bubbly, she was clearly nervous and looked so cute and vulnerable sitting on the bed with her legs curled up under her. We had been getting closer to the actual topic of conversation so I decided to push things forwards a bit by asking her if her male admirer had any idea she liked girls.

She said that he didn’t (but he does now – and while he is rather disappointed, at the same time it seems to have just made her even more desirable to him!). She said that the only person who knew (at the time of the conversation) was Holly (and me of course) and that she was a bit scared of what people might think of her. She asked if I had felt the same way about telling people and I realised that I should have probably read some of my posts from around that time in order to give a more accurate answer. I told her that I didn’t feel worried about what people would think, I had been sure that I definitely wanted to try things with a girl and I was more worried about how to find someone. I hadn’t wanted to ask any of my friends (so I guess in a way that I was worried, but I pointed out that there is quite a big difference between telling your friends that you’re gay and telling them that you want to strip them naked and make them cum!).

I hadn’t meant to phrase it quite like that and I paused to see how Lis would take it but she just gave a little laugh and said “Yeah”. She then paused for a bit and asked if I really thought about my friends ‘in that way’. I wasn’t sure how much to tell her (but I was certain I wasn’t about to tell her everything I’ve put in here!) and ended up going with a cut down version of the truth. I explained how over time I had started to find myself being attracted to other girls and thinking about what it would be like to touch them, kiss them and make love to them. All the time I was saying this I was closely watching Lis to try to make sure I wasn’t pushing things too far but she seemed fine and eager to talk more so I continued.

I explained that as these feeling had grown and I became more sure that it was something I really wanted that I had started to fantasise about doing things with girls and that it had worked its way into my games with Mike. Lis seemed to think it was quite normal for Mike to like the idea so I continued by telling her that the fantasies tended to feature people who I saw frequently (so my friends). I told her that I didn’t let any of them know that I was thinking those things about them but that I certainly enjoyed thinking about the things we could do together.

We had finished the bottle of wine by this point (we had drunk a fair bit of it before we had started the ‘proper’ conversation) and Lis went to get another bottle. I didn’t really want to drink too much (and I don’t need to be drunk to feel comfortable talking about sex) but I thought that it might help her so I didn’t object. She quickly returned and when we had our glasses refilled she curled up and quietly asked me what sort of things I had thought about doing with them. This surprised me a bit and I asked if she wanted the actual details. She gave me a cute little smile and nodded, saying she wanted to know how it compared to what she was thinking. I was a bit apprehensive about telling her but between the wine and the tingling in my pussy that had been steadily growing, I decided to go for it.

Even though a lot of my early fantasies were about Holly, I decided to swap the person for Rach as I don’t think Lis knows her as well as she knows Holly. I started off my telling her that sometimes we (Mike and I) would leave the door open a bit while we had sex in the hope that Rach might peek in and we could ‘catch’ her and ask her if she wanted to join us. (This is one thing that I really miss now I’m living with Mike). Lis asked if Rach had ever peeked and I said that she hadn’t (or we hadn’t seen her if she had) but that we played out fantasies where she did and came in to the room to join us. She would slowly undress while we carried on having sex and then start to play with herself. I would then climb off Mike and go over to her and guide her over to the bed (copping a feel of her breasts as I did so of course).

I thought that I could see Lis squirming around slightly as I described this and had pretty much decided to go the whole way through the fantasy so carried on. I told Lis how Rach would suck Mike’s cock and then he would get her to kneel on the bed so he could fuck her from behind. In the meantime, I would sit at the head of the bed and slide down so that my pussy (I thought I would avoid saying ‘cunt’) was right in front of her face and then gently push her down so she could lick me.

Lis looked a little flushed and I had a fair idea that she would be using that fantasy to cum later on – possibly without Mike involved (or maybe with, who knows) but wasn’t really sure about giving any more detail until I knew how she would take it. I broke off the description and said that I thought it was quite natural to think things like that and asked if it was similar to her fantasies. It turns out I had been a bit more explicit than Lis had thought I would be (despite the fact she had asked). She told me that she had mostly been looking at her friends, admiring their figures and wondering what they would look like naked and what it would be like to kiss them and then ‘maybe touch them a bit’.

I was now a bit drunker than I had really intended to get and just blurted out “Uh huh – so you’re telling me that you haven’t really thought about what it would be like to make Holly cum?”. Lis lowered her head and quietly said “Maybe”, paused for a bit and then added “haven’t you?”. Given I had her admission, I felt a bit safer telling her and so said that of course I had – and then added ‘quite a few times’.

We had a bit of a giggle fit at this point and when we had recovered I told Lis that we had sometimes been able to hear her having sex with her boyfriend and how I tried to time my orgasm with hers so I could pretend I was the one making her cum. Lis asked if I had ever considered telling Holly how I felt or asking her if she wanted to try having sex. I asked Lis if she was really sure that she was gay or if she (like I had been) was just curious and wanted to try things with a girl to find out what it was like or to confirm how she thought she felt. Lis told me that she was fairly certain that she wasn’t attracted to men (other than as friends) and that she has been increasingly thinking about other girls over the years. I told her that I knew exactly how she felt (or at least I thought I did) and how consuming the feelings could end up being.

I told her about the first time a girl (almost) touched me (back in a club, we danced together and she kneaded my ass without knowing I didn’t have panties on so her fingers were sooo close to brushing against my pussy). I then told her how I met Jen and while it had been a random make out at a party, how I knew that I wanted it to be more than that and how we then started dating and how wonderful it had been since then (other than not actually getting to see each other very often). I finally remembered the point of what I was trying to say and it was that even thought I thought that Holly (and various other friends) were really cute, I was glad that I hadn’t done something stupid and possibly alienated them by making a random pass at them.

Lis pressed me on whether I had thought about trying to get Holly drunk so it could be passed off as a drunken mistake if she refused me and I began to realise that Lis might have a bit more than a crush on Holly. I was now far too drunk to phrase it delicately (but realised I was drunk and was trying to sober up) and asked her if she had told Holly first because she really fancied her. I thought it was an obvious question, but Lis went very quiet and started to get a bit upset saying that Holly would never want her. This helped to sober me up and I want over to the bed to be beside her and gave her a hug. I told her that when I was first thinking about girls I had had a really big crush on Jo (who Lis sort of knows through mutual friends) and that while I had fantasised about Holly, Jo had probably been the girl who I had the most feeling for. I knew that she wasn’t ever likely to actually date me but that it was no different than our other friends who liked guys who weren’t interested in them.

Lis slowly stopped sniffling and we hugged a bit more – she certainly had a wonderful little figure and a part of me (a certain part) may well have seen if I could have taken advantage of the situation if it hadn’t been for Jen. I behaved myself though and just hugged her (and a few kisses on her forehead). I told her that if she really felt that way about Holly then she might want to tell her, but given she already had a boyfriend then maybe waiting a while would be better. I pointed out that I was fairly certain that Holly wasn’t going to be disgusted or anything (she certainly didn’t seem to mind living with me after she knew I was bi) but that the whole asking ‘someone out who was already taken’ thing might not go down well.

Lis seemed a bit happier by this point and we stopped hugging, but I stayed on the bed with her. Now that the real secret was out she started to dig for more information about Holly. Lis asked if I had ever seen her naked and I said I hadn’t, but had seen her dressed in just a towel many times and told her about the topless sunbathing incident. I felt a bit strange telling Lis details about Holly but as my new little lesbian confidant I guessed that we might end up sharing lots of secrets. Lis asked what Holly’s breasts were like and I told her that they were probably a little bigger than her’s (Lis’ breasts are really quite small but I imagine are very cute) and looked nice and firm. I described how Holly looked when she was just wearing a towel (amazing slender legs) and how one night I had been sitting opposite her in the living room and had been able to see up her nightdress to her panties (I left out that fact that I managed to masturbate myself to orgasm while watching her).

I was certain that Holly would be using all of this material in her fantasies and I loved the fact that I might also feature in them. I knew I would be able to go home and report back to Mike and Jen about what she would be thinking while playing with herself. I really wanted to tell Lis about having licked (and used) Holly’s vibe, but I thought I would leave that for another time (like when I was *absolutely* sure that nothing I said would be relayed back to Holly!).

It was getting late by this point and I thought I should head home (and I was also feeling very horny and needed to cum). I called Mike (and assured Lis that he didn’t know why I was over visiting her – oops). While I waited for him to come and get me I told her that if she wanted to talk more about things then she was welcome to call me and we could meet up. Given how much detail I’d given away in our first chat without her appearing shocked then I was really looking forwards to what we could talk about in future (and I wanted to hear about her fantasies in detail).

Just as I was about to leave, she asked me if I could tell her what it actually felt like to be with another girl (I have a feeling that she had wanted to ask that all night). I told her it felt wonderful and she said she had meant what is it *really* like. I realised that she wanted a detailed description and told her that if she wanted to know I would tell her, but it would have to be next time as Mike was about ti arrive. As I gave her a hug (and quick kiss) goodbye, I was very tempted to tell her to just imagine Holly’s tongue in place of her fingers later that night (which she may well have been doing anyway) but I behaved myself and said that we would meet up soon to talk more.

On the way home I told Mike some of the details (sorry Lis, but he I trust him to not tell anyone we know) and he liked it as much as I did. If it had been a bit warmer, we would have probably ended up doing things properly on the way home, but it was too cold so we only got as far as ducking behind a few trees and him fingering me a bit while we kissed. (We made up for it when we did get home though).

I was hoping to include the next chat with Lis in this post, but it’s too long already so that will come next).


  1. So have you and Jen thought and/or fantasised about inviting her over for the evening so you can 'educate' her?


  2. Well duh! Of course we have :) I think we could give her a pretty good education (but she'd have to be a quick learner to keep up)