Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Chat with Lis - Part 2

I was pleased (and not really surprised) that Lis called the next day saying that she wanted to continue our conversation. I told her that I was fairly busy and couldn’t really afford to get drunk again, but that I did really want to continue our chat. We agreed to meet up late one evening (and to drink less). I went round to her place again as she still didn’t want Mike (or anyone else) to find out what we were talking about and I was greeted with a warm hug. After we’d said pleasantries to her housemates (who I only really vaguely know) we went up to her room and sat on the bed facing each other.

The weather was still fairly cold at this point so even though I was wearing a skirt I also had some black opaque tights on (but no panties). I was sitting cross legged on the bed and knew that there was a very slight chance that Lis might be able to see my pussy (not that I had planned it or anything). I still wasn’t intending to cheat on Jen, but she knew all about my chats (and what I was about to reveal to Lis) and was perfectly happy for me to flirt with her if it meant that we could entice her into bed (Mike was also happy for this so if Lis ever decides she wants one then she had a choice of threesomes!)

Lis was clearly excited and pretty much as soon as we were comfortable she asked me if I was going to tell her things properly. Without either the alcohol or and warm-up conversation, I actually felt a bit awkward to start with so asked Lis what she had actually done with other people so I had a reference to work from. She told me that she had a few boyfriends but had never had sex (so I was sitting with a 24 year old virgin). She had jerked and sucked a few guys off and had been fingered and licked by them but had done those things more because they wanted to do them than because she felt like she wanted to do it with them.

I think it was partly because she was a part of a church group back home that she didn’t really admit that she might be gay (even to herself from the sounds of it) and ended up dating these guys because it was what a ’normal’ girl should be doing. From what she said it wasn’t as if any of them had forced her to do anything but she clearly didn’t enjoy the experience (anywhere near) as much as I like doing things with Mike.

Knowing that she at least knew what it was like to be touched by someone else (and having pictured her lying there with her legs spread while her boyfriends licked away at her little pussy), I felt a lot more confident about trying to tell her what it felt like being with Jen. I started off with the story of how we met and our first fumbles in the dark at the party. I told her how we went up to the bedroom and kissed, how I kissed and sucked her nipples and we ended up fingering each other.

Lis liked the story so I continued by telling her what it was like the next time we met and I finally found out what it was like to go down on another girl (and have it done to me by a girl). I tried to explain that while the fundamental feeling of Jen and Mike’s tongue was the same, there was still a definite difference in the overall experience. This isn’t just Mike being more forceful or intense because he’s a man (believe me; Jen can be pretty forceful at times!). There is the obvious difference in that Jen’s tongue is quite long (or at least it can reach a fair bit deeper than Mike’s can) but Mike tends to have more stamina and can eat me for longer (or to more orgasms) before he gets tired.

Even without the alcohol to help get us going, Lis was looking flushed and I was feeling fairly wet. I’d cum a few times with Lis involved in our fantasies (both with Jen and Mike) so was having a hard time not imagining her naked. I kept things going by describing what it felt like when Jen pushed her tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my pussy and how much I enjoyed kneeling down between her legs and tasting her. I was surprised at how easy I found it to tell Lis all this stuff (I know I write about it on here, but that is *very* different from saying it to someone’s face). Lis had more questions for me but I wanted to find out a little bit more from her first so I asked her if she had thought about Holly since we’d last spoken.

She said that of course she had and I said that I wanted to know just how she had thought about her – had she imagined doing things with her. Lis blushed slightly but said that she had imagined going swimming with Holly and drying off her back before starting to dry her breasts and then moving down to her pussy. In Lis’ fantasy, Holly didn’t object to any of this (of course – or it wouldn’t have been that good a fantasy!) and let Lis start to stroke between her legs. Lis then licked Holly until she came. Now I’m not a psychologist but what I got out of this fantasy (apart from the fact that Lis wasn’t quite ready to use the word pussy) was that her fantasy involved making Holly cum and not worrying about Holly making her cum.

With my question (briefly) answered, I returned to Lis’ questions. She asked what Jen tasted like and we came to the conclusion that it is very difficult to describe what pussy juice tastes like. I told Lis that it was a nice taste, it can change through the month and that while it was sort of similar to how I taste, Jen’s taste is definitely distinct. With a bit of encouragement, Lis admitted that she had tasted her own juices (which I assume all girls have done at some point) so I told her that it was likely that any other girl would taste sort of similar to her. I still didn’t tell her that I have some idea of how Holly actually tastes from her vibe but said that I imagine that she had a fairly sweet taste. We agreed that if either of us ever got the chance to taste her that we would share her with the other one - little does Lis know that I would really like to share her with Jen – but I’m sure I could cope if I had to share her with Holly :)

Lis started to ask how I knew what to do with Jen and I said that I pretty much just started off by doing the things that I enjoyed Mike doing to me and we explored from there. I also told her that it took a little time to find out the things that really worked for Jen (like her nipples) and part of the fun was exploring her body and seeing how she responded.

My body was certainly responding and I really wanted to press a heel up against my pussy to give me something to rub against but it would have been rather obvious. (Okay, so what I really wanted was to strip naked and show Lis what it was like to have a woman make her cum and then teach her to do the same to me, but that wasn’t likely to happen.) I was fairly certain that I could see Lis’ nipples through the t-shirt she had on and figured out that she probably wasn’t wearing a bra (I still wish I had small breasts, they just look so cute). I said that I should probably be going as I had a few things to take care of and Lis looked a bit disappointed so I said I could stay for a while longer if she wanted.

We talked a bit more and I think Lis managed to figure out exactly what it was I needed to go home to take care of as I was now so horny I could almost feel my pussy pulsing and it must have been showing. When I finally left, we kissed goodbye again and our hug was definitely longer that the previous time. I let my hands slide down her back and wanted to go lower but held off.

I was at least in the fortunate position that I had Mike at home to help relieve the pressure. Lis had to take care of herself (given the conversations we had, we’re now fairly open with each other about such things, but that will be a future posting).

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