Friday, 26 February 2010

Fun at lunch

I’ve started to take the long dildo into work every day now (well, the past few days anyway). I don’t wear it while cycling in, the idea is that I set myself a target for each day and if I get that number of words written or corrections made, I get to wear it while cycling home. I’m getting much better at controlling my bike while cumming (although I still generally have to stop and rest for a minute when I’ve cum).

I wasn’t so restrained today and snuck off to slip it inside me before we went for lunch. I had a quick play with my clit while I worked it into position so I was feeling nice and horny and could enjoy the way it felt without having to move it. We went to Edge for lunch (one of the food places) and sat on the sofas while we ate. When I wasn’t concentrating on eating (I have to keep my energy up!) I contracted my pussy around the dildo, trying to pull it deeper into me. Of course, all that I managed was to push it slightly out but I figured out that if I folder a leg up against my thigh, I could use my foot to push the bottom of the dildo up and then occasionally push it deeper into me with my heel.

I don’t think anyone noticed (or if they did, they probably wouldn’t have guessed what I was really doing). I was nicely turned on by the time we returned to work but I behaved myself and didn’t let myself be distracted from work all afternoon. I did slip it back in before we went out to the pub though (which was a bit of a bad idea as I then spent the evening torturing myself). I really need to find a similar length, flexible vibrator so I could wear it the same way and then possibly cum without me having to move. I know it might seem a bit odd, but I just love the idea of cumming while surrounded by people – even if they don’t know I’m cumming.

I’ve been considering sharing my dildo secret with Lis and finding out if she wants to try it – I think at the very least I might strike up a conversation about various toys and the different ways they can be used to see what she has done so far.


  1. That's a good way to spend lunch ;)
    Kara XOXO

  2. What...there's no such thing as a wireless remote egg that you can insert and cum with?

  3. I've got a wireless egg, but I can't cum with it by itself (well, not with it inside me anyway). It feels nice and is fun to tease myself, but I then need to use it on my clit if I want to finish off.