Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Holly's Secret

There were a few small posts I had intended to do before this one, but at the rate I’m currently writing I’ll never get to this if I include them (they weren’t anything special so skipping them won’t matter).

Thanks for the support that people have given me recently – anyone who has ever done a PhD knows just how bad writing up can be. I had hoped to spend lunchtimes writing this as a break from the thesis, but I’ve needed a break from writing so that’s why my output has dropped. But enough about that – back now to Holly’s revelation (about her ‘friend’ being interested in girls).

I didn’t get to see Hol for a few days after the party because Jen and Sue were still staying. Jen and I had considered talking to her together (as well as doing a few other things to her together). Even though I loved the possibility of getting to taste my sweet little Holly, I was more concerned with actually trying to help her if she was confused or upset about things.

I thought that things might be a bit awkward when we did finally meet up but she seemed as bubbly as ever and we chatted away (we had met in town for a coffee). We caught up properly on what we had done over the holidays (there had been quite a few people at the party so hadn’t really talked about everything – not that I told her ‘everything’ that I had got up to!) After a bit, I finally mentioned what she had said at the party and asked if her ‘friend’ still wanted to talk about things sometime. I think I must have pronounced ‘friend’ as if it was in air-quotes as Holly seemed to realise that I thought it was her.

She seemed quite surprised by this and then backpedalled to point out that there of course wouldn’t have been anything wrong if it had been her. In turn, I was surprised as I had been sure that she had been talking about herself (and of course this had been the topic of a number of fantasies of Jen and I since the party – I decided not to tell Hol about that either!) Once Holly had stopped being flustered (and I had stopped being disappointed) she told me who she had been talking about.

The identity of the person came as a shock in some ways but not in others. My long time readers may remember the Slumber party series that I wrote (the first few parts of – and I will get back to finish it someday – links at the end of this post for anyone who hasn’t read it and is interested). I based all the characters in the story on my friends (not always based on things they had actually done, but at least on their personalities). Back when I was still going through my ‘I want to do things with another girl’ phase (before Jen) I obviously fantasised about my friends a lot (and that’s where the slumber party series came from). Holly tended to come into my fantasies quite frequently because she is incredibly cute but also because I was sharing a house with her, but when I needed to choose a character to have the same sorts of feeling I did, I went for the person who I most thought might have gay tendencies.

This was our friend Lis – she is fairly small (5’2”ish) and about the same slender build as Holly. She has long blonde (dark blonde) hair and a great figure. She is a bit of a geek and loves sci-fi/fantasy as well as astronomy. She isn’t in my immediate circle of friends but we have a few friends in common so I see her reasonably frequently. For years she had a boy besotted with her, but unfortunately for him she wasn’t interested in him and they were just friends. She has had a number of other men ask her out but has (as far as I know) always been single. I was sure that I had seen her looking at our female friends the same way I felt I was looking at them, so I chose her to be the ‘curious’ on in the stories.

So when I found out that I had actually been right with my rather uninformed guess about Lis, I was happy and even told her that I had suspected it a while ago. Of course Hol told me I was talking crap and hadn’t suspected anything and I couldn’t really direct her to this blog to provide evidence! Anyway, Holly filled me in on the details and I found out that Lis had ended up coming out to her at the end of last year but didn’t seem entirely sure about her sexuality. Holly had suggested that she came to talk to me (apparently I am the fount of all knowledge related to lesbians – which is rather odd as I’m bi). Lis wasn’t too sure at first, but after Holly had encouraged her and Lis had decided to let me in on her little secret (she hadn’t really come out publicly)

I found out a few more details about Lis to try to get a better idea of her personality (not that I really knew what I was going to do with the information – I’m hardly a trained psychologist!) and then Holly called her up and arranged for the two of us to meet a couple of days later. I had suggested that Lis might want Holly to come along (seeing as she knows Holly a lot better than she knows me), but Lis wanted it to be just the two of us so she could talk more openly. When I reported this all back to Jen, she was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Holly who was (possibly) gay, but I assured her that Lis was just as cute (and we probably stood as little chance of getting her into bed as we would have with Holly!)

Of course, reality has never stood in the way of a good fantasy and Lis has now been heavily featured in my sessions with Mike as well as my phone sessions with Jen (who I get to see this weekend).


  1. What are you getting a PhD in? I do not understand the education system over there, here in the USA unless you are born into wealth a PhD will cost you at least $120,000 or 87,500 EUR and that's on a loan with 6% interest.

    In the US having an education and being healthy are only available to those who can afford to pay the sticker price for it.

  2. I've got some York based readers so I'm not giving away the department I work in!

    You can get a grant (in various ways) over here to cover your fees and cover basic living costs. Not everyone can get these and they don't always cover full costs, but most people don't pay. I only know a few overseas students who are paying for their PhD (and it does cost a fortune)