Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More cycling fun

Hmm, I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something – my libido has been in overdrive for the past week (and it’s not exactly quiet at the best of times). I’m actually wanting to cum more times than Mike has the energy (or time) to make me. I think I might have fucked his cock raw last night as he really didn’t seem to be able to go on any more (but he did continue to eat me, so it wasn’t a total loss).

I’ve even been having sex dreams (I know I’ve had them before, but nowhere near as frequently as I am now). Sometimes they are quite detailed and I am doing something with a particular person and other times they are very surreal and just a whole mess of people and images. Unsurprisingly they have been featured Lis a number of times, which has led to Holly being involved. The whole thing with Sue has come into it (as well as Jen and Mike of course, but I assume that would be obvious). Jo has made a few appearances as well as little Anna, Cindy (and probably pretty much everyone I know). There have been various combinations of people, sometimes I’m involved and sometimes I just picture them doing things to each other. The combinations don’t even always make sense as last night I pictured Sue ‘converting’ Cindy (nice image though).

So once again I woke up this morning feeling ultra horny – fortunately, Mike had recovered a bit from last night so I could mount him and get a quick fuck in before breakfast. I was all set to go when Mike rubbed up against me from behind in the kitchen and gave my breasts a quick squeeze and I felt my pussy tingling. Neither of us had time to do anything about it and I was just about to head off when I decided that I would work better if I felt satisfied. I dashed back indoors and changed into my crotchless tights and grabbed our long dildo. I slipped one end into the leg of the tights and worked the other into my pussy before running back to my bike.

I was running a bit late and had a meeting with my supervisor so had to cycle fairly quickly. Having done this before, I had a fair idea of what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed. I had to make one adjustment to the dildo to get it to move properly but it probably just looked like I was pulling at my skirt. Once I had done this, it slid in and out of my pussy every time I moved my legs. I’m not entirely sure why it feels quite so good given there is no clitoral stimulation (I need to find a way to work on that!) – I guess it’s partly the excitement of knowing that I’m fucking myself in full view of everyone.

Once I started getting close to cumming I had to really concentrate (and it may not have been the safest journey) but I managed to stay on the bike through my orgasm. I really wanted to stop and take the dildo out but couldn’t and by the time I got to work I was feeling very tender (although not in a bad sort of way). On the way in, my supervisor caught me and said he wanted to meet straight away and I thought that I was going to have to go to the meeting with it still in me, but he saw how flushed I was (from the cycling – or so he thought) and let me go freshen up and grab a drink of water (and remove the dildo).

I did have to be quite careful about taking papers out of my bag so he didn’t see it, but I’m pretty sure I got away with it. I was right that I worked a lot better as well – I could feel my pussy gently throbbing from the rather excessive stimulation it had got but it actually felt nice and I certainly felt very satisfied). Jen hasn’t tried this yet (although we’ve obviously used the dildo between us a number of times) but wants me to bring it the next time I visit her (it’s my turn to travel).

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  1. Looks like you need to step it up. I think this time it's not the quantity of orgasms but the quality. Go for an out of the park home run. Start with a nice strong one, probably one of the top 5 strongest ever and use that as a springboard for your out of the park mind blowing one.

    That might do it.