Monday, 22 February 2010

Sunday night screw

I’m not sure exactly what has happened, but my sex drive has certainly been reasserting itself recently. We were sitting watching TV last night and I suddenly needed to cum (not just wanted to, but really *needed* to). I had showered earlier that evening and so was ready for bed (I was just wearing my dressing gown). I started to undo Mike’s jeans (which he helped with) and once they were pulled down a bit I kissed his cock into life. I think he could tell how I was feeling from the way I went to work on him (using the things I had learned from Sue).

I’m fairly certain that I was doing something right as his cock quickly rose and filled my mouth and he grabbed onto my head and guided it up and down as he fucked my mouth. I think he was actually getting quite close when I stopped (OK, I know he was as he told me) but I said that I wanted him to cum in me – after he had made sure I was nice and wet that is. There wasn’t really any danger of me not being wet enough for him, but I really wanted some quick attention. I got him to slide down the sofa and planted my pussy on his mouth, telling him to eat me hard. This is still his favourite thing to do to me so he happily licked and sucked away – and the fact that I’d got him nice and horny meant that he certainly did it with a passion.

I felt his tongue moving all around my pussy, flicking over my clit, pushing into me, my lips being pulled open so he could get deep inside. I could feel his fingers pushing into my cunt while he licked my clit and into my ass while he licked inside my cunt. It felt wonderful and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching – I tried to hold back for as long as I could (I wanted it to feel as strong as possible) but given the intensity of his attack I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I held back as much as I could, right up to the point where I started to cum and then had to surrender to it. It was even stronger than the one I had in the store cupboard last week but then again I did have outside help this time).

I was an amazing orgasm that made me glad I was holding on to the back of the sofa for support because it felt like it exploded in my pussy and crashed through me. Mike didn’t stop eating me and unusually, I didn’t mind. The pressure of his tongue and fingers just seemed to expend the orgasm, but it didn’t get to the point where what he was doing felt too intense (even though he was licking away quite hard and fast). I don’t know how long it lasted, but I finished cumming with him continuing to eat me (that doesn’t often happen) and still felt horny. I considered just staying where I was but I thought that a change of position would be nice (and even Mike can’t eat me for long with the intensity he was using).

I clambered off his face and told him to quickly get up and fuck me. He asked if I wanted some time to recover and I told him that I didn’t – I just wanted to cum again. I moved around to the side of the sofa and leant forwards over the arm. Mike was still nice and hard (I told you he enjoyed eating me) and pushed straight into my pussy. I was in no mood to play around and pushed back against him so he slid the whole way in. We soon had a good rhythm going and my pussy was completely swallowing his cock. I was tensing my pussy around him as he tried to pull out and he said it felt amazing.

I still felt like I needed to cum so started to rub my clit (I would have loved to use and egg but wasn’t about to interrupt what we were doing so made a note to myself to leave some toys downstairs in future). I kept telling Mike to fuck me harder and loved the feeling of him slamming into me. He was describing Holly in front of me on the sofa with her legs spread and Lis lying between them eating her (which of course left Lis’ pussy right in front of my face to eat). He then switched to having everyone watching us and the guys joining in by taking turns fucking Holly (I love the idea of being able to watch her little pussy being filled over and over again and seeing endless cum leaking out of her).

Between the images, me rubbing my clit and the fucking I came again. It wasn’t as strong as the previous orgasm, but seemed to be more satisfying (helped by the fact that Mike kept fucking me until I had finished and only then came in me). Each time he ejaculated, he pushed hard into me while pulling my hips sharply back towards him – this obviously gave him wonderful depth and I was imagining his cum shooting straight into my womb. When he had finished cumming, he staggered back a bit (it had been quite intense for him too) and he knelt down to lick me. He was going to lick me quickly again, but I told him that the second orgasm had satisfied me (for now) so he just gently licked away for a few minutes until his cum started to leak out (it actually took that long).

He went to get a tea towel from the kitchen to put on the sofa and I sat down to recover. While he was up, he grabbed his phone and gave Sue a call – she was out with some friends but he told her that he’d just fucked me really hard and described the position I was in before saying that he wished she was here with us so she could lick my thighs clean while he did the same to her. Given she couldn’t say anything, it was a fairly short conversation, but he did promise her that we would visit her soon (not sure when I’m going to get time to do that, but...).

Now Mike obviously knows that the ides of Sue doing things with the both of us is appealing more and more to me so he used this fantasy to get me going once more and we had a further fuck on the sofa with him sitting down and me riding him (facing him). It was a very messy fuck as I was bouncing up and down on him quite vigorously and I still had quite a bit of his cum in me from the previous time (I doubt I had any of it left in me by the end – fortunately he gave me another batch!). We had to go and shower (my second one of the night) to clean up and to make sure I was entirely satisfied, Mike used the shower on me to give me my forth orgasm.

By the time we had finished and went to bed, I was exhausted and slept very well and had quite a productive day today, so I may have found the best way to finish my PhD. It would certainly make for some interesting acknowledgements :)


  1. Glad to hear you had quite a reproductive, I mean productive day!

  2. I'm sure Andi's a smart lady in that regards Anonymous 1. In any case, Andi & Mike`re smoking! :)