Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 11 - Saturday Evening

This is a fairly long post - I hope you all enjoy it...


We tested the dildo out and it performed admirably. We didn’t do anything crazy with it, just had it in us both at the same time and Jen lay on me and rocked back and forth. This wasn’t enough for us to actually cum, but it meant we could kiss and get very close before Jen sat back and we rubbed each other (while still sharing the dildo). We timed our rubbing so we came together and then cuddled up and dozed off for a few hours. I only remembered when we woke up that I had meant to get Jen to invite Lucy round and got her to call. I was very glad that she managed to catch her and we arranged to have dinner together later today (Sunday).

We showered once again (much more quickly this time) and got ready. Jen said that given what she had in mind, I should wear some panties and as much as I didn’t want to, I put some on. I didn’t mind too much though as we were going out in our schoolgirl outfits. I had my red tartan skirt on with long white socks (so I chose plain white panties) and Jen had her blue/green tartan skirt (also with white socks). I tried to convince Jen to go out without bra or panties on (as I’ve said before, her breasts are small and perky enough that she doesn’t really need one), but she declined (which I thought was a pity as it would have made it a lot easier for me to tease her somewhat sensitive nipples.

I wasn’t too disappointed though (Jen in a school uniform makes it kind of difficult to be sad) and we wandered along to Mel’s room to collect her. She wasn’t quite ready and we didn’t leave her place until 11. Mel had a dark skirt on with long black socks and her blouse tied around under her breasts. We all went round to someone else’s place (Chrissy I think) for our pre-outing drinks and I began to get an idea of what the place might be like (or so I thought). It was mostly a different crowd who we were going out with – mainly the group from Tuesday but sadly Lucy wasn’t going to be there as I would have loved to see her as a schoolgirl. There were a number of goth schoolgirls there and it’s kind of difficult to describe, but the atmosphere was just very different from the group we went out with on Friday. They mostly seemed quite nice (apart from a few emo’s who I ended up avoiding as they were just being too moody).

Jen and I weren’t the only brightly dressed ones there and we had plenty to keep our eyes busy. Some skirts were rather shorter than I would generally wear (going out in public at least) and Jen said that she told me tonight’s club was a bit more hardcore. I refused a third drink and told Jen that I didn’t want to be too drunk and waste Sunday – especially as we had Lucy coming round. Jen told some of the others that I quite liked little Lucy and I felt very coy about it but managed to laugh it off despite the teasing. Jen said that I was hers and hers alone and gave me a big kiss to mark her territory. While we kissed, she started to fondle my ass and slid her hands under my skirt. I wasn’t really drunk enough for that yet, but pressed back against her as she rubbed my panties (I knew my skirt was high enough that anyone who wanted to could see). We got a few wolf whistles and by this time most people had were ready to head out.

We weren’t the only ones putting on a PDA and I did see a fair bit of groping and kissing on the way (boy-girl, girl-girl and boy-boy). We ended up at a rather run down looking place that had a large group of proper Goths hanging around outside it. I really felt like I didn’t fit in, but at least the guy on the door seemed to know some of the people we were with so we got in fairly quickly. It was certainly a very different club to the one we’d been at before – much darker, much louder and much heavier music. We made our way over to the bar and ordered drinks – it was really difficult to hear anything above the music unless someone yelled directly into your ear. We were led to another part of the club which was a bit quieter where we could ‘talk’ (it was only relatively quieter – I could still hardly hear!)

After a bit of shouting, our hosts told us to have fun and went off to dance. Jen and I wandered out onto the dance floor and thrashed around together for a bit (about the only way you could dance to that kind of music). The place was quite hot and we needed more to drink fairly quickly so we returned to the bar and got more beer. My eyes had adjusted to the dark by now (although that was somewhat destroyed while we stood at the bar which was the only well lit place in the club). As we went back to the side room to see if we could find anyone and I while we drank and tried to cool down a bit, we noticed that a number of people were involved in rather heavy petting.

It wasn’t everyone by any means (nothing like some of the hardcore parties I’ve seen videos of online), but there were a good number of couples making out, both on the dance floor (well, area where people were mostly dancing) and off to the side. I asked Jen if she had known what this place was like and she told me that she hadn’t been here before but had been told about it by her friends and had wanted to come explore it with me. We put our drinks down (and had no intention of picking them up again) and went back out to dance some more. We got into things a bit more this time (and got a lot hotter doing so). We could see other girls who had ‘lost’ their tops and given how sweaty I was, I told Jen to unbutton my blouse.

I danced with my back to her and felt her hands stroking and pulling on my breasts for a while before she started to undo the buttons. She left the bottom one done up and her hands went up to my bra and started to fondle me. As far as I could tell, nobody was really looking at us so I turned around and kissed her and said I wanted to do the same to her. Now I actually thought that she would refuse, but she let me open her blouse and rubbed her ass against my crotch while I played with her nipples through her bra. There were a few topless men around and after a bit of searching (it was very dark), I finally found some naked breasts. Given we wouldn’t be the only ones, I slid my hands under Jen’s bra and pushed it up – I had just got to her nips when she stopped me and covered herself back up.

I was told that she was the one in charge and she had to punish me. Again, I had to dance with my back to her and she fondled by breasts, but this time she pushed her hands into my bra and played with my nipples directly. (Mostly) the people around us didn’t pay too much attention but my breasts weren’t really exposed as my bra was still mostly covering them. I don’t know if they had been watching us or if it was a coincidence, but it wasn’t long before some of our group found us. We continued to dance, even though we were really hot and I saw some hands under skirts and what looked like naked asses (I think they had thongs on but they may have been pantiless).

Jen yelled in my ear that it was time to do a bit more and I knew exactly what she was going to do – a hand trailed down my stomach and started to rub my pussy through my skirt. It felt very different knowing that there were other people around doing similar things. In a way it wasn’t as exciting, but at the same time it felt really good being able to not worry and just enjoy the feeling. I knew she was slowly pulling my skirt up and then felt her fingers on my panties. It was just as well that they didn’t have UV lights as I’m sure white panties would have shown up quite well under them.

This certainly wasn’t like Tuesday night – instead of relatively gentle stroking, Jen was really rubbing me and I wondered if she was going to try to make me cum in front of them (yes, I would have let her). That wasn’t her plan though – just to show that I would do whatever she wanted. She even let me rub her panties for a bit. At one point she did get a bit carried away and push the crotch aside a bit so she could rub my lips. I was feeling very turned on and drunkenly brave so told her that if she wanted, she could take them off. We had a yelled conversation to decide whether she should and it is very liberating knowing that you can yell “IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF HERE AND FINGER MY CUNT PROPERLY, YOU CAN” while surrounded by people who can’t hear.

After a bit of discussion, Jen decided that we would go for it, but would duck into the toilets to remove them. I managed to get Jen to remove hers as well and after a bit more negotiation, Jen got me to remove my bra and (sort of) do up my top (it was just buttoned over my breasts). I really wanted Jen to do the same and she eventually capitulated and we left the toilets. We dumped our underwear with our beer bottles (which were surprisingly still there, but we weren’t tempted to drink out of them) and went back out to dance.

Jen quickly slid her hands up under my blouse and cupped my breasts and it felt so much better without the bra in the way. I still wasn’t really showing anything off as Jen’s hands covered me so I allowed my top to ride up slightly and make it easier for her. We then danced properly again (face to face) so we could kiss. The room was now a lot more crowded and Jen ran her hands down my back and onto my ass. Between the darkness and the number of people I didn’t think anyone would see anything (and I wanted to cum) so I didn’t resist and felt her fingers pressing against the opening to my pussy. I wasn’t allowed to do the same to her, but she did move a hand between us that found its way to my clit.

We were still beside her friends and I finally found the limit of how much of me she wanted to show off. I was leaning against her and told her that she could make me cum (I actually told her that she “COULD LIFT UP MY SKIRT AND MAKE ME CUM PROPERLY” if she wanted, but she said that she didn’t want them to see me naked as I’m meant to be hers alone (unless Lucy, Lis or Sue ever want to join us in which case we have agreed that we’ll share each other). In case you’re wondering, Mike doesn’t count as he’s male.

I really wanted to cum quite badly (you try having exhibitionist tendencies and being fingered while surrounded by people and see what it does to you) so tried to convince her that if she wouldn’t finish things off in the club that I wanted to go home (or anywhere else where I could cum). While Jen may not have wanted her friends to actually see me cum, she did take advantage of my desperation and make sure that they knew how much I wanted her. Jen told me that we could go if I begged her to make me cum in front of Mel and the girl she was dancing with. I said that I would (Mel was the one who heard us doing things in the shower the first day I was here so it really didn’t seem that big a deal to me) and we moved over towards them. Jen leaned over and told them that we were thinking of leaving and they leaned towards me and asked if it was because I didn’t like the place. I shouted back that I loved it here but that I was desperate for Jen to fuck me. I thought that Mel looked almost shocked at first, but she then grinned at me and told me to have fun.

We said goodbye to a few others and Jen got me to tell some of them why we were leaving early (not that it was really early, it was almost 2). I dutifully told whoever she asked me to and it quickly stopped feeling strange telling relative strangers that I needed to be fingered or that I wanted to taste Jen’s pussy. We found that someone had moved our underwear, Jen’s bra was on the floor and was rather dirty, but there was no sign of my bra or our panties. We got our coats and headed outside to the much cooler air. It was a lot warmer than Friday night and a few times on the way home, we stopped and one of us lifted the other’s skirt and had a lick. I was much braver than Jen and stood with my skirt raised for longer, but that just meant that I ended up more frustrated we didn’t do things long enough to cum).

On the way home, we wondered who had taken our panties and had a discussion as to whether we thought there was some guy jerking off into them or a girl tasting them while fingering herself. Given how warm it had been and the rubbing that Jen had done, I knew that my panties had been quite wet so I just hope that whoever has them enjoys them. The cold air made us feel drunker than we had in the club and our conversation got sillier and our touching a bit more passionate. We had a group walk past us when we were locked in a kiss and got a number of comments like ‘fucking dykes’. I noticed that a number of the men looked back at us a few times though and if Jen’s coat hadn’t been as long I might have given them a flash of her ass.

When we got home I decided that I wanted to try things on the roof again given it was a bit warmer. We went straight up there (and almost fell down the stairs at one point). We remembered just in time to be quiet before we went out onto the roof and we heard that the other group was there again (okay, so we don’t know if was the same people, but they were in the same place). We snuck over to our side of the roof and started kissing up against a vent – I really wanted to cum and quickly had Jen’s top open and this was soon followed by mine. Our fingers were soon in each other’s cunts and we rubbed and fingered until we had both cum (I came first by a fair margin).

We put our coats down on the floor and I lay on my back so we could 69. It had been great fun being naked the previous night, but I love having Jen sitting over my face with her white socks and tartan skirt on and we were pretty much naked anyway (tops undone and skirts pulled up). I ate Jen with wild abandon and was fairly vocal in how she was making me feel. At one point she reminded me that we weren’t alone up there but I was so far gone I told her that I didn’t care if they heard or even came over to watch. Jen did care though and so I managed to quiet down a bit and just moaned into her pussy as I came.

When we had both cum (again), we lay beside each other on our coats and looked up at the stars. It was just about warm enough for us and we just cuddled for a few minutes before I started to rub myself against her leg. I think Jen’s exact comment was “Oh for fuck’s sake, I can’t keep up with you”. She told me that if I still needed to cum that I should go over and do it with the group on the other side of the roof. I assumed that she was joking and slipped my fingers into her and then she turned to me and dared me to really go over to them. I asked her if she was serious and she said that if I relaly liked the fantasy so much then even if I wasn’t going to actually fuck them (and she knew that I wasn’t going to do that), why shouldn’t I go over and let them see me cum.

I realised that I was actually considering doing it but asked her what had happened to be being hers and hers alone and she said that it didn’t really count if I was just fulfilling a fantasy and I should go and see what they thought of me. I think she thought that I wouldn’t dare do it (but she should have known me better by now) and I said okay. I did up my blouse and put my shoes back on and we moved over towards them. Jen found somewhere where she could watch from but remain fairly well hidden and I walked over to them.

I hadn’t actually decided what I was going to say but inspiration struck me on the way over. There were only 4 people there (all men – or boys). They looked a bit startled at first and one of them tried to hide the ‘cigarette’ and I said that they didn’t have to worry. I asked if any of them had seen a bra on the roof as I’d lost it last night. This seemed to confuse them, but then again they didn’t really seem in much of a state to figure things out. I continued and told them again that I’d lost it last night while playing up on the roof. One of them asked me what I was playing and I told them that I had been naked up there.

A couple of them seemed to perk up a little at this and I decided to carry on. I stroked my breasts through my top and said that they were really too big to go without a bra so I really wanted to find it. I undid a few buttons and let my blouse fall open enough to see I didn’t have a bra on and then slipped a hand in to rub my breast. I couldn’t believe what I was actually doing and could feel my pussy tingling. I needed an excuse to do more, so asked them if they had anything I could drink – they passed me up a bottle of something that didn’t smell too good and I pretended to take a swig of it before handing it back. I undid my top completely, pulled out a breast for them to see and continued to play with it.

I then stood where it was reasonably well lit and lifted my skirt for them to see my pussy. I pushed a finger into myself and let out a little moan. They were all staring at me so I decided that I would do it properly and pulled my skirt off. I raised a leg onto the side of the roof and fingered myself properly. I actually wish I had continued until I’d cum, but after a few minutes I said that I should probably get back and picked up my skirt. As I was leaving, I told them I might visit again the next time I was in town. When I got back to Jen, she offered me my coat, but I just handed her my skirt. She couldn’t believe what I’d done (although it wasn’t really that much). We walked back to the stairwell and I loved the fact that I was practically naked and not hiding at all (my blouse was fully open and I was naked from the waist down – other than my socks of course, but they didn’t really hide anything!).

We walked down to Jen’s floor and had to pass Mel’s room. Jen grabbed my arm and held me there while she pretended to knock on the door (she wasn’t really holding me hard and I could have got away if I wanted but I decided it would be more fun to play her at her own game. I slipped a hand under her skirt from behind and found her pussy (it was pretty much where it always is so it didn’t take long for me to find it!). I pulled my other arm away from her and knocked on Mel’s door. Jen couldn’t move away as I had a thumb inside her and was holding her in place. I don’t really know what I had planned (okay, so I hadn’t got anything planned) but it didn’t matter as Mel wasn’t back yet. Jen then tried to hurry me back to her room, but I figured that given what I’d just done on the roof, coupled with the face that I’d already shown a fair amount to people on her corridor, that if anyone came along, they could see me.

When we got back to her room, I stripped her naked (other than her socks) and went down on her. Jen sat on the bed and I knelt on the floor between her legs and licked away at her cunt. I didn’t make her cum, but got her nicely turned on and then switched places with her. I watched her working between my legs and I really started to wish that I had been a bit braver on the roof and done more. At the very least, I could have sat and spread my legs and fingered myself properly until I came for them. Or I could have gone further and let them wank off and cum over me (or maybe even given them a helping hand). I was telling Jen about all of this and it certainly helped me cum – my fantasy was now a step closer and so felt so much more real.

I told Jen that we should have given them a real treat and let them watch the two of us. Of course she isn’t up for that, but I’m sure it would be fun. Jen lay down and I used her new long dildo – I had thought that she would want a nice gentle cum to fall asleep to but she asked for me to pound it into her. I lay beside her so I could alternate between kissing her and licking her nipples and we figured out how deep we could get the dildo into her. I then positioned my hand around it so I couldn’t push it in too far and started to move it in and out. Jen opened her legs and told me to go harder, so I did – until my hand was hitting her cunt every time I pushed it into her. I bit down on a nipple as she came and she arched her body up with the intensity of the feelings.

Of course, this made me want to cum again even more, but she looked quite spent and so I pulled the covers up, curled up beside her and gently rubbed myself against her leg while we fell asleep. This led to some pretty interesting dreams and I woke up a few times and was very tempted to pounce on Jen, but for once I behaved myself.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 10 - Saturday Morning

I meant to post this earlier but I've only just finished working for the day...


Jen didn’t wake up, but I just enjoyed spooning up against her with my pussy still gently throbbing as I fell asleep.

We slept in quite late – Jen got up a little before I did (but she went to sleep quite a while before I did) and I only just got up before midday. I could have slept a bit longer, but I don’t want to waste the remaining time I’ve got here (I’m heading back on Tuesday).

We’ve just finished talking to Mike and made him cum. He couldn’t believe that Jen let me eat her in lectures and really wants to try to do the same to me. Technically I don’t have to go to seminars any more, but we think that if he can get away from work, that we might try to go to one together so he can do to me what I did to Jen. He also let on that not all of the ideas that Jen has come up with this week have been her own – they have been exchanging emails since we knew I would be visiting and have developed a lot of the ‘schedule’ for the week together. Jen says that this means she can now show me off to her friends as much as she wants to (because she’s been so restrained up until now!) Mike has said that he will treat Jen to a double ended dildo so that she can continue to use it on a bike, but she has to wear it around him sometime and go for a bike ride with him. Jen has agreed to this so we’re heading out into town to buy it once we’re ready.

We’ve just got back from breakfast and I had to wear another short t-shirt (the first one needs washing). Today’s one is about an inch or so longer and even though I would have felt exposed in it a week ago, I hardly thought about what people could see. To be fair, I was somewhat distracted as Jen pushed the remote egg into me while we were in the corridor and while we sat in the kitchen, she had the remote on the table beside her and kept playing with the settings. I presume that nobody actually knew what she was doing, but it felt so public and I finished up quickly so we could go back to her room.

We decided to go have a shower (both to get clean and to fool around). We also needed to shave each other to ensure we were nice and smooth for going out tonight. We started off washing each other down and kissing – which moved on to fingering. I still had the egg in me and Jen had it on pulse mode. This isn’t enough to make me cum, but it also means that I can have it like that for longer without it irritating my pussy. Jen stood beside me and rubbed my ass with one hand, my pussy with the other and sucked on my nipples. I came faster than I wanted to and Jen said that she would shave me while I recovered (she did at least turn the egg off). I remained standing while she did my mons and then sat on the bench area while she lathered up and shaved my lips. She did the lick test and found a spot she had missed (so redid that bit) and was then satisfied I was again nice and smooth. She also did my legs and then her own before being ready for me to shave her pussy.

Jen’s public hair seems to grow much slower than mine and we could have probably got away with not doing it, but while we were there I thought we should do her for completeness (which had nothing to do with the fact that I’ll take any excuse to get my face near her pussy). We started off under the shower and I made sure that plenty of hot water ran over her pussy and (just like she had) I shaved her mons under the running water. Now Jen is a bit more flexible than I am and she managed to lift a leg high enough that I could get some of her lips done (first she lifted one leg then the other, and how she kept her balance in a wet shower I’m not quite sure). To finish her off properly, she moved over to the bench and sat with her feet up beside her hips so she was spread wide. I quickly lathered her and was going to start to shave when I thought of a better way. Instead of crouching down, I sat directly in front of her with my legs folder under me. The shower stall isn’t that wide, so this meant that my ass was right up against the far side and given there is about a foot gap at the bottom, it and my feet would have been visible from the next stall.

We were alone in the bathroom (although I would have probably stayed in that position even if we hadn’t been) so once I had shaved her and she had rinsed herself off, I got her to sit in front of me again so I could check how good a job I’d done. Jen put a towel down and sat on the bench with her hips forwards and put her feet back up on the seat on either side of her. I can’t imagine that it would be the case, but girls, if you haven’t tried being eaten like then, then have a go (or guys, score some brownie points by getting your gf to let you introduce her to it). I know that I really enjoy it, but Jen seems to find it even better (possibly due to the fact that she can spread her legs wide enough that it pulls her pussy quite a bit open).

It’s also gives me a really beautiful view and when she then spreads her outer lips, I can see right into the depths of her cunt. Especially when she’s like that, I wish my tongue was as long as hers (or possibly anime-tongue length so I could get it the whole way into her and lick the entire length of her cunt). I did the best I could and while she held herself open I pushed my face against her and licked inside her. I definitely did something right (but I have had practise!) as she let out a low moan and was soon breathing heavily. I concentrated on her clit for a while and got her nicely flushed (and humping against my face) so I knew she was quite close. I intended to tease her for a little while so I backed off slightly and concentrated on her lips again.

When Jen is close to cumming, she is even more beautiful than she usually is and that coupled with the look of lust that builds in her meant that I stood no chance of resisting playing with myself. I hadn’t intended to, but I dropped a hand to my pussy and started to finger myself while I continued to tease Jen. She knew what I was doing and told me not to keep her waiting for too long. We heard the door open around this time and someone else got into a shower – it wasn’t the one beside us so they probably didn’t see my ass (unless they did and that’s why they chose the other one). I didn’t intend to let their presence stop me and I told Jen (quietly) to pull herself open again so I could get inside her.

I licked her for a bit longer and then I slid the fingers that I’d been using on myself into her and then back into myself. I alternated like this for a while to mix our juices. I don’t know why, but I *really* love knowing that Jen’s cunt juice is inside me. I don’t think it’s ‘sexier’ or ‘dirtier’ than eating her and actually swallowing it, but for some reason it just feels wonderful knowing that she is inside me. Jen really wanted to cum now and was breathing quite heavily – she just said “Please” and looked so cute that I thought I would give her what she wanted. She was still holding herself open and I used my thumb to rubbed her clit, watching her pussy contracting away. I licked her a few more times and then decided that she had been good enough that she deserved a treat.

I told her (very quietly as the other person had finished in the shower and was wandering around in the bathroom) that she could pee if she wanted. She smiled and nodded at me said she would make herself cum. I moved my hand away and she started to rub her clit and it looked like she was really caught up in the feelings. I pulled her pussy open as I wanted to watch everything (and it is wonderful watching the inside of a cunt contracting). I took a bit of a chance and licked her for a bit (I didn’t want her to pee in my mouth – we don’t do that and I don’t think I want to). I pulled away to watch her again and it was obvious how close she was. Her head was tilted back against the wall and she was mouthing something over and over again (I later found out it was just ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’). I saw her tense up and she sprayed me with pee, she kept rubbing herself (and I kept rubbing myself) until she had finished cumming and she relaxed.

She let out a little sigh and looked down at me and smiled once again and then told me not to let myself cum as she wanted to play when we were out (I could have done both, but was all too aware I only had a few more days there so I wanted to give her whatever she wanted). It still took a bit of self control to stop myself, but I stood up (carefully as my legs ached somewhat) and went over to shower myself clean. Jen came and kissed me and thanked me but said I would pay for having teased her. I told her that it was just revenge for what she’d been doing to me all week but apparently I still have to pay anyway.

We went back to her room and got ready to go out. Our first destination was a private shop in order to try to get Mike’s present for her. Jen knew somewhere and it turned out to be quite a good little place – they had all sorts of interesting toys and she made me go up to the counter to ask. That didn’t bother me though and the nice (but clearly pervy) man showed me where they were. Jen asked if there was a ‘try before you buy’ policy and I was quite glad when he said no as while I didn’t mind her showing me off to her friends, the guy creeped me out a bit. (He did think about it for a bit and give us a fairly long look before he said no). We also got some more tingle gel (somehow we had almost emptied the bottle I’d brought with me and we left with our brown paper bag.

Jen had her next idea (this one was all down to her) and we went clothes shopping. To be more precise, we went to pretend to try things on so that we could play with each other. This is one of the best things about having a girlfriend – of course Mike isn’t allowed to come in to changing rooms with me, but most places have no problem with two girls going in together. We did the usual fingering and a bit of licking and I had a good idea that Jen was just going to tease me but then she pulled out the dildo and said I should wear it. Now I wasn’t wearing tights and I pointed out that it would be somewhat obvious if the dildo was just dangling down (plus it would have fallen out – while I’ve been practising my contractions, I’m sure that I couldn’t hold it in me for very long if I was standing!)

Jen said she had something else in mind and got me to bend over – she flicked my skirt up and squirted some gel onto the dildo and I watched her press the dildo against my ass (this is another good thing about a changing room – mirrors mean you can see everything!) She got it into me and told me to stand and admire myself in the mirror. The dildo was hanging down below my skirt, but at least stayed in me, then Jen told me to lean back against the wall and she pushed the free end into my pussy. This felt nice, but she hadn’t finished playing. She told me to sit down and fuck myself with it while she went to get some more clothes. I did this (carefully while she opened the curtain to step out and when she returned). She brought back some bras for me to try on and I found that the dildo kept slowly slipping out of my pussy when I was standing.

She then stuck her head out the curtain and asked if the assistant could help us. The girl came in and Jen asked her which bra fitted me better. The girl (probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s) didn’t seem to mind and inspected the bra I had on and then watched while I changed into the second one. What she didn’t see was that all this time, the dildo had been slowly slipping out of my pussy and it felt like it was just about to escape and swing down. I was standing with my legs pressed together, trying to keep it in me (which actually felt pretty good but I was too nervous to enjoy it). Jen asked her to get a slightly different size and as soon as she was out of the cubicle, I grabbed for the dildo. As soon as I moved, it popped out and was left hanging there. Jen thought this was hilarious (and I did see the funny side of it). I had to decide whether to pull it out completely and bag it or put it back in before the assistant returned and I went for the latter. She came back and offered the new bra (which did actually fit better) and even helped make sure that it wasn’t too tight or dig in to me. She was probably a perfectly innocent girl just trying to help out (it’s not as if she was groping me or playing with my nipples) but it did seem as if she checked it for a bit longer than was really needed.

We thanked her for her help and she left us alone (I would have liked to remove my bra again while she was there, but didn’t). I had managed to keep the dildo in me a bit better this time, but only by constantly trying to suck it into me, which had got me even more worked up. I lifted my skirt and started to move the dildo in me again but Jen said that I wasn’t allowed to cum yet and I had to remove it (I’m sure if she could have thought of a way of keeping it in me that she would have make me wear it all day). We left the store with my pussy tingling (which had become its usual state over the past week) and went for a coffee (seriously, how does Jen sleep so well?)

Over coffee, we discussed the assistant and Jen said that she thought she was quite cute (she wasn’t really my taste). Jen said she really enjoyed watching her fondle me and had hoped that she would start to do more. I said that if she had touched my nipples I would have let the dildo slide out and we could have used the free end on her. That led to a reasonably long fantasy session that included a lot of positions that really wouldn’t be possible in the confines of a changing room but seemed fun anyway.

We grabbed a mid afternoon snack before heading back to Jen’s place to rest. I’ve been informed that the place we’re going to tonight is a lot livelier than last night’s club so I’ll need to be well rested. Before that though, I’ve convinced Jen that we should christen her new dildo properly so we’re off for a late afternoon fuck followed by a sleep.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Vising Jen - Part 9 - Friday Evening

We shared a shower (why on earth would I shower alone if I have the chance to be in one with Jen) but didn’t do much other than kiss. Unfortunately the shower heads can’t be taken off the wall as the water pressure is really quite good and it would be great fun to play with them, but hey ho. We spent quite a while getting ready (usual girly things, make up, straightening hair...). Jen warned me that she wanted to play with me again tonight and I said that was fine as long as I got my reward afterwards. I had to wear my new semi-transparent panties and (non-transparent) skirt so I guessed that there might be a repeat of Tuesday’s games, (just with less skirt to cover me).

We ate dinner before we finished getting ready and Jen decided that it would be a good idea to tease me a bit so I was worked up before we went out. She didn’t do a great deal, just the odd bit of stroking, slipping a finger into me and a few licks which we finished getting ready. As we walked out the door, she slipped her hand between my legs from behind and cupped my pussy, pressing the panties between my lips and rubbed back and forth.

We started off in Mel’s room and had a few drinks (to save money). I wasn’t intending on drinking as much as I didn’t want to waste my holiday with Jen feeling ill, so I only had two. At about 10.30 we headed out and met up with another few people (and Lucy – yay!) I gave her a big hug hello (and she felt wonderful). We all stood around and chatted for a bit (and by chatted, I mean screamed at each other so we could be heard above the music). We danced and drank a bit more (I was still trying to pace myself, but acted a little drunker than I was so I had an excuse to dance a bit closer with Lucy than I should have).

I was having a rest at one point and Jen dragged me back out onto the floor to rejoin everyone. We started to dance very close and her hands were running over my ass and under my skirt. We kissed and she told me to play along as she started to run her hands over my ass on my panties). I had a fair idea of what she wanted and when we broke the kiss, I turned around so I was facing our friends and let her hold me from behind. Her hands went to my breasts and I ground my ass back against her. She worked my nipples and got them nice and hard (it was too dark for people to see that though). She then ran a hand down to my skirt and started to rub the front of it, pressing the material against my mons at first and then dipping lower and pressing it between my legs.

I knew that our group was watching, but I pretended not to notice (although I did give Lucy a little smile). I turned my head towards Jen and said ‘More’ and she grinned back at me and I felt her fingers pull up the front of my skirt and then move onto my panties. As I said, with all the flashing lights, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to see through my panties, but they would have certainly been able to see the white material and where Jen’s fingers were touching me. She pressed my panties up between my lips and even managed to rub my clit through them (this was more by luck than judgement though – but it felt really good so I didn’t care). She kept this up for a while and then started to dance around me, flicking up my skirt as she did so. I joined in and did a few twirls but after a little while really did need to stop to rest and get a drink (of water).

I left Jen to enjoy the admiration of her friends and headed over to the bar (we had a nice goodbye kiss though as I wanted them to know I’d enjoyed what she’d been doing). Lucy came over with me and said that we’d put on quite a show. I was a bit drunker than I had intended to be so I didn’t really have to act anymore but I was sober enough that I could still think reasonably straight. I told her that if it made Jen happy then I was happy to do it and Lucy made a comment along the lines of “Wow, you really care about her that much?” I gave Lucy a big hug (any excuse) and said “Of course I do, I love her completely, she’s wonderful”.

Having realised that I wasn’t likely to end up screwing Lucy, I at least wanted to be friends and for her to know that I had a similar outlook to love as Jen said she did. Lucy returned my hug and said it was very sweet and that we were both lucky to have each other but then wanted to know how things worked with Jen, Mike and I. I told her it would be difficult to explain with all the noise and invited her to come over for dinner before I went back to York. We haven’t set a date yet, but Jen’s going to call her later and hopefully she’ll be free (and remember the invite).

We danced a bit more (and Jen teased me some more). At some point I can’t quite remember, Jen convinced me to fold over the waistband of my skirt and then pull it up. I was feeling very horny by this time and did it without really thinking (and to be honest, there were girls there with shorter skirts on anyway). With the skirt pulled up so much, my panties were showing and my left him was completely bare. This just made it easier for Jen to play with me (or my panties at least) and I told her that she was going to be busy when we got home.

It wasn’t too late when we left (about 1.30) and it was quite obvious that I was impatient to get home. I just commented that they would have all been impatient to get home if they were going home with Jen (this got a laugh from Lucy). We headed off and slowly went our own ways until it was just Mel, Jen and I. I hadn’t bothered to fix my skirt but as I said, it wasn’t the shortest one around so I didn’t really mind (actually I loved it). The panties were thin enough that I could feel the breeze on my rather wet pussy and that just made me wetter. When we got back to our floor we said bye to Mel and headed in to Jen’s room.

I felt like I was burning up and told Jen that she was going to have to do something special to satisfy me after all the teasing and she said we could do whatever I wanted. Because we’d had a rest in the evening, we weren’t that tired and I intended to take full advantage of Jen for as long as she could stay awake. I grabbed a few toys, a towel and told her to follow me. We went back up to the roof and crept out the door. We could hear voices from the other side and Jen said that it would just be the people ‘smoking the dope’. We quickly went back towards the spot we had used before (away from the voices) and found somewhere suitable.

Because it was night, we didn’t have to hide ourselves from the other buildings and we chose a spot where we could see quite a few windows (it’s always nice being able to cum while you can see many people – it’s sort of like they are all watching you and adds to the excitement). I spread the towel out and told her told her that if she could finger me in front of all her friends then I deserved a proper rooftop fuck in return. I had a quick look round to make sure we were still alone, then realised that was rather pointless given what I had in mind and slipped out of my skirt, kicking it away from me. I quickly removed my top and threw it towards my skirt and stood there in my underwear before moving over to Jen and kissing her.

Now the weather has been a little warmer recently but it was still slightly chilly – fortunately we were both drunk enough that the cold wasn’t too much of an issue (and I intended to be keeping active). I reminded Jen that she said we could do whatever I wanted (although my hands were already on her ass by this time and working their way towards her pussy so I was fairly sure she was going to play along). I undid her skirt and it slid down her legs, leaving her naked snatch exposed. I wanted to see her completely naked so removed her top and bra and got her to step out of her skirt. I chucked her clothes away from us (Jen had teased me so much that I really wanted to do something really adventurous). I stepped back to admire her – it would have been perfect if there had been a full moon but the sky was dark and so. I loved the idea of being naked in such a ‘public’ place and I first undid my bra and threw it away and then slipped out of my panties and threw them in another direction.

It was too cold to stand around separately so I went back over to Jen and we started to kiss. I told her to imagine that someone was watching us out of every window we could see and that I was going to show them just how horny she had got me. I started by dropping to my knees and burying my face in her pussy. Her lips felt cold at first, but soon warmed up and she stood with her hands holding my head in place and rocked back against me. I was getting a bit cold myself and realised that I wouldn’t be able to really do what I wanted and so I lay on my back and got Jen to lie down on top of me so we could 69. With her on top of me, I felt a lot warmer and after a few minutes, we switched position so I could keep her warm.

We didn’t make too much noise as we knew the other people were still over on the other side of the roof, but the general city noise provided some cover so we didn’t have to be silent. As I got closer to cumming, I told Jen how to eat me (in detail) and how I was about to cream all over her face. She did all the things I wanted her to do and when I came it was a very good orgasm. I made a bit more noise than I possibly should have but was enjoying myself so much I didn’t really care. As soon as I had cum, I literally attacked Jen’s cunt and between mouthfuls, told her to really let go and cum as hard as she could. She actually did a pretty good job – she didn’t make as much noise as I had, but certainly seemed to get into it and wrapped her legs around my head to pull me tightly against her. When she came I could feel her writhing under me (which was a wonderful feeling) so of course I just licked and sucked her more.

She seemed to cum for quite a while and then told me to stop as she’d had enough. I dutifully stopped (well, I actually kept licking and kissing her, but much more gently so she came down from her orgasm nicely). I climbed off her and sat beside her (wishing I’d brought a blanket up with us so we could have stayed there for a bit). The cold got to us fairly quickly and we started to gather up our clothes but I couldn’t find my bra and decided to leave it. Jen had already slipped into her skirt and top while I was looking and I had wandered a bit away from her. I heard the people on the other side of the roof and realised that they weren’t quite as far away as I had thought they were (and I was still naked). I hurried back to Jen and she said I should have just gone over to see them to see what they said. If it hadn’t been quite as cold I think I might have actually been tempted to do just that (they were all high so probably wouldn’t even have remembered it the next day).

We slipped back into the stairwell and while I had intended to just carry my clothes back to Jen’s room, we could hear people moving around so I put my skirt and top on. It was obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra, but we didn’t bump into anyone (so I wish I had stayed naked which would have earned me lots more points with Jen). Given we hadn’t stayed anywhere near as long as I had wanted to, I certainly didn’t want the night to end in a hurry. In order to warm up quickly we decided to go and shower and I got Jen to bring me off with her fingers while we were in there. I was looking forwards to the remainder of the night and told her I would return to her room naked if she would do the same. Now I knew that this was a much bigger risk for her than it was for me (given she actually has to live there) but she took the dare and we wandered out of the bathroom and down the corridor carrying our towels.

We got back undetected and I tried to finger Jen in the corridor, but she wanted to go inside to play. We had a nice little session for an hour or so (I don’t know the exact time we finished but it was quite late). We started off with Jen sitting up on her desk so I could eat her (the door was closed this time though) and I got her quite close to cumming before we moved over to the bed. She said she wanted to make me cum before I finished her off and she took the smaller doubled ended dildo and pushed it into me. She told me to hold an egg against my clit and she mounted the other end of the dildo.

I actually thought that she would probably cum first (I had been licking her for a fair amount of time on the desk and she had started to go red and make her mewing sounds) but I came first. To be fair, Jen wasn’t pounding away on the dildo, she had just been sliding up and down on it gently so it was probably the egg that did most of the work (although the view I had helped things along quite a bit). I pushed back against her quite hard when I came and she started to move a bit more. She had wanted to cum at the same time as me, but I think the rate at which my orgasm built surprised us both. I let her continue to use me while I recovered (I’ve been getting better at coping with post-orgasmic stimulation) but as soon as I was ready I told her that I would help her properly.

I got her to kneel on the bed with her ass in the air and I pumped the dildo into her while I licked around her ass. I waited until she was close to cumming before I actually speared her ass but I managed to make her cum without touching her clit (and from the way she thrust back against the my tongue, it was quite obvious that she enjoyed the feelings). To be fair, she’s given up any pretence of thinking that this is too dirty for her and I think it showed as it seemed like she was able to let go and just enjoy the feelings.

Jen has also picked up on the fact that I’m generally in the mood to have some ass action when I do this to her and she asked if I wanted to be licked there. I told her I did and assumed the position she had been in and she returned the favour. She lapped away for a little while and I decided that I wanted a bit more so I asked her to do what used to be one of Mike’s favourite things. I lay on my side and she put her left thumb in my cunt and her right one in my ass and fucked both holes. She tried thrusting them both in together and then one after the other (I prefer it this way). Jen brought out the dirty talk: “You like being fucked in both holes don’t you? You want me to fill your cunt and ass?...”. She kept this up admirably and I love it when she talks dirty so I held back as best I could to enjoy it.

As I got closer she said that I should have gone over to the other group on the roof and offered myself to them and described how I could have had them fuck me (as per my group fantasy). She said I should have knelt in front of them and sucked them to attention – possibly with the first one fucking me doggy style while I got the rest aroused. I should have then let them take turns fucking me before ending up in a double penetration position – sitting on a lap with a cock up my ass (she did some extra wiggling with her ass thumb while she said this) and someone else sliding into mu pussy. I could also suck someone off while anyone else could stand around and wank off over me. As I came, Jen kept telling me to imagine them all cumming in me and over me, how my body was drenched with cum and how much ran out of me and down my legs when they finally finished with me. It was a nice fantasy (and Jen described it in really good detail) and I came rather louder than I should have given the time of night, but given it was Jen’s fault, I didn’t worry about it (again, I wasn’t screaming at the top of my voice or anything, but Uni halls tend not to have massively thick walls so it’s possible that Jen’s neighbours may have even heard her describing the fantasy!)

As good as my orgasm was (and trust me, it *was*), I wanted to cum again pretty much as soon as it ended. I told Jen I wanted her to make me cum again and I wanted to cum hard. I didn’t want to play around and told her that I wanted to put everything into it. I practically pounced on her, got into a 69 position and pulled her legs apart. I buried my face in her snatch and licked her hard and fast. Between bouts of eating her I told her to finger me, eat me, fuck me and do anything she could to make me cum. Given I had taken her somewhat by surprise, she adapted well and followed my instructions (basically copying what I was doing to her). I managed to cum first (still picturing the fantasy she described) but I didn’t tell her to stop and kept working at her until she came.

Jen eventually pushed me away, telling me to stop and I reluctantly did. I had managed to let her eat me right through my orgasm and could have probably done more but she was spent. I cuddled up to her and kissed her to thank her (and started to hump her leg but she said she really couldn’t do any more). I told her that I might need to take care of myself in that case and she said that was fine.

It’s been a very long day (it’s past 4 now) and I’m sitting at the desk (naked of course) writing up this entry. I’m actually really glad that I decided to write up as I went along because I’m not used to having quite as action packed a time (to put it mildly). It really doesn’t even seem like it was today (technically yesterday) that I managed to eat (mostly finger) Jen in that lecture and it even seems like quite a while ago that we were up on the roof. I’ve been saving my final orgasm of the night until I finished this and wondering if I should do anything interesting or just finger myself and use an egg.

Jen is sound asleep and I don’t really want to wake her but I’m still horny enough that I do like the idea of going out into the hall to cum or wandering along to the kitchen completely naked and fucking myself on the table with the big dildo (just for effect). Hmm, I’ll think about it a bit more...

As much as the idea of doing things in the kitchen appealed to me, I ended up staying here and just playing myself while sitting at the desk. I didn’t use anything other than my fingers (sometimes the simple ways are the best) and I’m now going to crawl into bed with her. Of course, if she wakes up and is in the mood to do things then I’m sure I’ll cope.

Sod it, I do want to do a bit more – Jen looks so peaceful asleep though so I’m going to have to take care of myself again. I’m going to go out into the hall with the big dildo and lie in the middle of the corridor and if someone comes along they can watch...

Nobody came (other than me of course) – and now I’m a bit calmer I’m fairly sure that if they had, I would have run back in here... Anyway, *now* I’m going to crawl into bed with Jen.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 8 - Friday Morning

More lecture fun - Jen has promised me that she is going to try this for herself next term...


Jen woke up first today (which is most unlike her). I didn’t get licked awake as she was running off to pee when I woke up. I went to join her (not actually using the same toilet) and we went to get some food in the kitchen. I wore my robe this time and we had a whispered conversation about our antics in there the previous night. I saw a couple of the men who had been looking at me when I was slightly less well covered glancing my way, but apparently I wasn’t as interesting with more clothes on (if only they had known what we were talking about!)

Jen had an afternoon lecture she had to go to (and I intended to go to it with her) but she first wanted to actually try out the bike dildo. Once we had finished eating and showered (I teased her a bit but didn’t let her cum so she was nicely primed), we returned to her room to get dressed. We chose her most suitable skirt which came to just above her knee and she put on a pair of opaque tights (you need the thicker tights to hold the dildo in. I spent a few minutes fondling her through her tights and then licking at her crotch (just to make sure she was wet enough of course) before getting a pair of scissors and carefully cutting a hole along the gusset. I had thought I’d figured out a way to get the dildo held in place better but after a bit of fiddling it didn’t work out quite the way I had planned so I have up and enlarged the hole. We slipped the dildo into the tights along her inner thigh and I pulled the top end out of the hole, bent it round and pushed it into Jen’s (perfectly wet) pussy.

I spent a few minutes fiddling with it to make sure it was in as deep as it could go (but allowing a bit of space for it to move without it bumping into painful bits) and she then pulled her skirt up. Jen walked around her room to see what it felt like while I finished getting ready (it was more fun to be baked while I was playing with her). We headed out and once she started to walk downstairs she began to see how nice it could feel. Just like when you are cycling, you get a lot more movement in the dildo when you are using stairs than when you are walking on the flat. Jen savoured the feeling of having it move inside her while we walked past people and when we got to the bottom I told her that it would be even better on her bike. After having got it unlocked, we walked with it for a little while until we came to a suitable park for her to try out riding it.

Jen sat on the bike and I helped her figure out how far forwards on the seat she had to be (it’s a fair way forwards). I went to sit on a bench and watch and she started to pedal around. As she rode past me I told her to switch to a lower gear so she would have to pedal faster and this seemed to be what was needed to make it feel better. She stopped by me a few times to tell me what she was feeling and really seemed to be enjoying it. I told her to try to keep going and see if she could cum and she did give it a try but between finding it tricky to concentrate on the cycling and not quite getting enough stimulation, she couldn’t get there. Jen does usually need her clit to be stimulated in order to cum, but then again so do I (mostly) and I can cum with the bike-dildo so I told her that she might get there with enough practise.

Once she was satisfied that she had ‘practiced’ enough for that day, we wandered back home for some lunch. Jen was feeling quite tender and she couldn’t find anywhere to take the dildo out so had to keep it in her while we walked back. She had pretty much recovered by the time we got back to her building and I convinced her to ride around the building as quickly as she could before we went up for lunch. When she reappeared, she looked quite red and said that it was really frustrating as it felt so nice but she still couldn’t get any further along. She even tried sort of bouncing up the stairs and by the time we got to her room she was ready to do pretty much anything to cum.

We didn’t have a lot of time so I didn’t tease her – I just pulled her tights off and she lay on top of me so we could 69. Jen came first and once she had cum, she concentrated on me. I helped things along by handing her an egg to use on my clit and it certainly sped things up a lot. After a quick lunch, we headed off to her lecture (it was in the same room as the one yesterday (Thursday). I took laptop with me again so I could catch up with today’s posting, but have no intention of that being the only thing I’m going to spend my time doing...

The room is a bit busier today, but we’re up near the back again. Nobody is behind us this time but there are a number of people in the row in front of us just off to the left. I’ve been trying to think of a way to top yesterday (without actually going to the front and letting everyone watch) and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to try. I’ve brought a dildo with me (I thought a vibe might be a bit too noisy) so will probably use that, but it would be nice to find something more daring (and I might even let her tell her friends about it so she can keep building my reputation as the obedient girlfriend).

I’m sitting in the same cross legged position as before with my skirt pulled up and my ass on the edge of the seat so my pussy is fully exposed. I’ve now put the dildo in me and it’s just sticking out of my pussy (which Jen thinks is rather amusing). I’ve also just figured out what else I should do. I just handed the dildo to Jen, undid my skirt and pulled it off. It’s currently in my bag so I’m now properly exposed (in the sense that I can’t cover myself up quickly). I’ve spread my legs and pulled one of Jen’s hand to my pussy – she is rubbing around my lips and clit and I’m hopefully going to get her to make me cum.

I had a change of plan – I told her that I wanted to do something to her and ducked down out of sight. I would really have loved to get down on the floor in front of her and eat her, but there isn’t enough room. It’s kind of difficult to describe the position, but I ended up half lying on the bench and got her to lift one of her legs over my head. I was on my side with my waist and legs on the bench and I supported my upper body with a hand on the floor. Jen spread her legs and edged forwards and I managed to eat her a little bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t support myself long enough to make her cum, but at least we can now saw that I’ve eaten her in lectures.

I may not have eaten her to orgasm, but I had at least got her interested and so I thought that I should finish things off. I lay on my front on the bench and put my head on her left leg (I was still naked from the waist down) and used my fingers to play with her. After a bit of experimentation I found that I could reach an arm under her leg to get a couple of fingers into her and use the other hand to rub her clit. Given she couldn’t make any noise, and the position I was in meant that I could only really see what I was doing to her pussy, I had to figure out how she was feeling from her movements. I could feel her tensing her legs as she got close and then felt her all tense when she came. It’s amazing how much more you can pick up on if you’re really concentrating on the little things. I thought of something else I want to try, but that was for another time as I’d been down there a while, was still half naked and wanted to cum myself.

I decided that I would just repeat yesterday’s second showing (but I intended to finish this time). I stretched one leg out over Jen’s legs and the other one I put out to the left and pressed my foot against the back of the bench in front of us. I was as exposed as I could be and I used two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass while I rubbed my clit. I had an amazing orgasm (which probably had a lot to do with the fact I’d just made Jen cum in public) and I had a hard time keeping quiet. In order to tease Jen a bit more, I stayed in the same position with my legs spread until near the end of the lecture. I didn’t wait as long as last time before I started to get ready though as I still had to retrieve my skirt and slip it on again. As one final bit of exhibitionism, I waited until people were walking past us and I pretended I had dropped a pen under the bench. I kept my legs straight and bent right down so anyone who looked down our aisle would have got a decent view of my ass and possibly my pussy peeking out from between my legs. I didn’t stay like that for long but I was glad I did it.

We went for coffee (again! I have no idea how Jen ever sleeps) and she said that she really couldn’t believe I had made her cum in a lecture. I pointed out that it wasn’t like she tried to stop me and she said that was because it had felt so nice. I think I’ve convinced her to try making herself cum at some point (in a lecture that is, I’m quite sure I can get her to masturbate for me in private whenever I want). We decided we should head home, have a rest and then get ready for our evening out (and it gave me time to write up the ‘lecture’).

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 7 - Thursday night

I had a nice evening out with people yesterday. I've decided that while I'm finishing writing up that I'm going to work hard, but not push myself quite as much as I did to get the first draft done. I'm certainly not going to have as much free time as I have before, but I'm gong to make sure I have time to spend with my friends and Mike.

It's getting difficult to remember how my week with Jen went now and I'm having to skim the entries to remind myself where I'm up to (I'm sooo glad i wrote this as we did it). Now for some kitchen fun:


Well I actually don’t know how we got away with that... We had a pretty long session in the kitchen and elsewhere and didn’t get caught.

Jen wore a long t-shirt (so it was easy to pull up and she could just let it fall to cover her if we thought someone was coming). I was given a few things to wear. I had to take my short t-shirt with me (actually Jen’s, but she seems to like making me wear it so I might claim it for my own). I had expected that this is what I would be wearing the whole time, but I had to go to the kitchen wearing a bra and panties set that Jen had bought for me. It is plain white, but the panties and the top part of the bra cups are a very thin patterned material (sort of like lace). They aren’t exactly see through, but let’s just say that it’s quite obvious that I haven’t got any hair on my pussy and that my nipples are fairly visible.

As I had expected, I actually felt a lot more exposed in the underwear that I had when wearing the t-shirt that left bits exposed. We propped the kitchen door open so we could hear if anyone came and thanks to fire regulations meaning that there had to be other doors in the corridor, we got a little bit of a warning if someone was coming. Having said that, we were fortunate that people came along when they did as we did a few things that we wouldn’t have been able to hide in time. We also put out a few cups and plates so it looked like we were making a snack before starting.

Jen got me to sit up on the counter and she started rubbing my panties and pulled one side of my bra down so she could suck on a nipple. We heard a door open and I jumped down and straightened myself up. A man (I don’t know whether to use man or boy when talking about 18-21 year olds) came in and did a double take when he saw me. Jen said hi to him and he asked why I was in my underwear (he didn’t even bother saying hi back). I just said that we had wanted a snack and didn’t think anyone else would be around. My right nipple was rather erect from where Jen had been sucking on it and it must have been quite obvious through my rather flimsy bra. He got a drink and left (looking back at us) and Jen just giggled. I said that I should have stayed sitting up on the counter with my legs spread to see what response we got and Jen replied and told me that I could do that if I wanted.

It was Jen’s turn and she leant against the counter, lifted a leg up and rested her foot on the top (she is quite flexible as I’ve said before). This left her pussy spread quite wide and so I knelt down and licked her until she was nice and wet. Knowing how much she likes having her nipples played with, I stood up, lifted her shirt and started gently biting and sucking them while I fingered her. I told her we would have to see what food there was to play with and went to the fridge. To start with, I got an apple out and brought it over to her. I rubbed it across her pussy and she squealed (it was quite cold). She said that she didn’t know who it belonged to and I told her it didn’t matter, they were going to eat her indirectly. Before I put it back, I pulled my panties down a bit and gave it a rub on myself just for good measure and then looked for some better things to play with.

I returned with a few items and realised that I needed to change into the t-shirt if we were going to do things properly so slipped out of my underwear and hid it in Jen’s cupboard. I picked up the t-shirt and Jen dared me to stay naked for a little while. Given we’d already had one interruption I thought it was a bit risky, but then again that’s a large part of what I enjoy (and I didn’t know any of the people) so I agreed. I lifted her shirt and pushed a cherry tomato into her and she picked up one and did the same to me. I pushed a second tomato into her and she put another two into me. They felt very cold but I had really missed food play and loved the feeling. After letting them drop out back into their box, we moved on to some other veg. I washed a carrot and then used it to fuck Jen with while I licked her clit.

We heard some noise and I quickly put on my t-shirt. Nobody came along so I went back to using the carrot on Jen, swirling it around inside her pussy and sucking on her clit until she was close to cumming. She said that if we were doing things with food, she wanted to know who the food belonged to and went to the fridge. I took the items we’d used back (or it would have looked rather suspicious if someone had come in) and took the items she gave me. She selected some chocolates that belonged to Mel and some yoghurt that belonged to a little Thai girl.

We started with the chocolates – I sat on a chair and Jen sat up on the table in front of me. I slipped some of the chocolates into her, one at a time. We didn’t keep them in her for long (so they didn’t melt) and then licked her clean (even though they hadn’t been there for long, they left her pussy tasting a little bit of chocolate). After having got close to cumming with the carrot, Jen wanted me to finish her off properly this time so she lay back on the table and spread her legs wide. I licked away, trying to clean out the inside of her pussy with my tongue and then concentrating more on her clit. She clearly enjoyed her orgasm as she was pushing her cunt back against my face as she came.

We then swapped places and she did the same to me (apart from the fact that I lay down on the table straight away to give Jen easier access to my pussy). I felt the chocolates being pushed into me and then replaced with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around inside me and rubbed my clit and I pulled up my shirt so I would feel even more exposed. The table was in direct view of the door so if anyone walked past they would see us, but we were still counting on hearing someone coming. If anyone had been in the corridor, they would have heard me cumming – I wasn’t loud but moaned a bit (it always feels better if you can let go and make some noise).

I lay exposed on the table until I had recovered (this was probably rather dangerous as I felt very contented so I might have not reacted quickly enough if someone had come along – fortunately they didn’t. Jen told me about the cute little Thai girl (Shaouyi) who owned the yoghurt and said I would like the way she looked but that she was really quite shy and kept herself to herself. I get the feeling that she might be one of Jen’s secret obsessions from the way she talked about her. Jen said that she loved the idea of having Shaouyi eat her and the closest that she was likely to get would be to repeat the yoghurt trick I used back when I was living with Holly and Rachel.

I pictured some of the images of Thai girls that Mike and I have downloaded and agreed that it would be wonderful to have a cute little thing like that between my legs. We got a spoon out and Jen sat right on the edge of the table. She held her pussy open and I dribbled the yoghurt onto it, while holding the pot under her to catch it as it dripped off her. We tried rubbing it onto her pussy with the spoon, but ended up with me just using my fingers. I got them coated in the yoghurt and pushed them into her and kept doing this until it was dripping back out. Given Jen’s natural wetness, I assume there was a fair amount of her juices that came out with the yoghurt and when we thought we had done enough, she stood up and let the remaining stuff drip out of her before getting me to lick her clean (oh what hardship – a strawberry flavoured Jen – yummy).

Of course, I wanted to have the same done to me – we used less yoghurt this time as we didn’t want it to be obvious that it had been used (although I can’t imagine it would have been obvious *how* it had been used!). I asked Jen to make me cum again and she said she would as long as I was naked. It was something like 1.30 by this time and we hadn’t heard anyone for a while so I agreed. When I slipped out of my shirt, Jen took it and put it on top of the fridge – I knew I could still (just about) reach it, but I wouldn’t have been able to get it in a hurry. I assumed that Jen actually wanted me to be caught and I wasn’t going to back down and lose the credit for my lecture masturbation so I lay on the table and spread my legs. Jen says that she didn’t really want anyone to see me, she just wanted to add to the excitement, but either way I met the challenge.

Jen started to eat me and when I was on the way to cumming (not too close that it was annoying for her to stop) she said that she wanted to watch me fuck some things. I agreed as long as she hurried (partly so I could cover up again and partly as I wanted to cum). Jen pulled a wine bottle out of the fridge (what student actually leaves alcohol in a communal fridge?). She pulled the cork out (it had already been opened) and put it on the table. Now while I’ve fucked bottles before, I really didn’t want to get wine inside me (I’ve heard that bad things can happen) but Jen just said that I’d have to keep it upright while I used it. I’ve seen enough videos online to know what she wanted me to do so I climbed up onto the table properly, faced the door (hey if I was going to be caught I may as well be caught properly) and mounted the bottle. Having been in the fridge, it was rather cold, but the neck warmed up after a minute or so. I put on a nice little show for Jen and then told her that I now wanted her to make me cum (it’s not easy to bounce up and down on a bottle and rub your clit so even though it felt nice, I wasn’t going to cum).

Jen put the bottle back while I lay down on the table again. I really don’t think I was worried anymore about being naked. She returned from the fridge with another item of Mel’s food – a cucumber. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to take it but she wanted to try anyway. It looked absolutely huge – certainly larger than any of our dildos and I was a bit worried but Jen promised she would stop if it hurt and I thought it would be easier to let her try. First, she rubbed it back and forth across her cunt to get it nice and wet (the benefits of having a constantly wet girlfriend) and then she started to press it against the opening of my pussy. I decided to give it my best shot and relaxed (as much as I could). I felt my lips spread around it as the very end went in and then felt myself stretch around it.

I was right that it didn’t fit, but Jen backed it out a bit and started to lick my clit, slowly pumping just the end of the cucumber into me. The licking certainly felt good and I soon started to want something inside me so I pushed back against the cucumber and felt it slip slightly further into me. It was only just in me, but I felt as if it was stretching me wide open. Jen continued to pump it into me (and lick me) and the next time I pushed back, it went a bit deeper. It wasn’t really comfortable so I had to ask her to move it out slightly (and it felt much better) and I let her continue to just push a small part of it into me. It felt a lot better than I thought it would and I was able to cum with it inside me – Jen even managed to work it slightly deeper into me while I came, but there was still only about 2 inches of it in me. She gave her pussy another rub with it before putting it back on Mel’s shelf in the fridge and I retrieved my t-shirt and got ‘dressed’.

Jen decided that I should go downstairs and come back up before we went back to her room and let me choose whether I wore the t-shirt or the underwear. I thought about it for a minute as I knew there was no way that the shirt would work while walking up or downstairs but the underwear was fairly see through. I was told that I had spent too long deciding (even though it had only been a short while) and had to go down in the t-shirt, change and come back up in the underwear. It was now really quite late and I agreed to do it (but said that Jen would pay the next time she was in York). I told Jen that she had to come with me and she followed me downstairs. I was right that the shirt wasn’t covering me – my pussy and ass were completely exposed and I briefly considered removing the shirt and continuing down naked, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to do that.

I had forgotten how open the bottom of the stairwell was – it was well lit and had glass doors. I couldn’t easily see out as it was dark so decided that I should just go for it. I asked for the underwear (Jen was holding it) and she said I had to remove my shirt first. I made her promise to make me cum again before we went to sleep if I did (and she did). I pulled the shirt off and handed it to her and reached for the underwear. Jen pulled them away as I went for them and so I tried again. She moved up the stairs and I decided it was time for some revenge. I reached for them again, but when she pulled away, I moved up beside her, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up. Now given she had the underwear in one hand and my shirt in the other and she didn’t want to drop them, she couldn’t do much other than use her elbows to hold her shirt down. This meant that I could lift it to well above her waist so she was standing there half exposed. She agreed to give me the underwear if I covered her up but I waited until it was in my hand before letting go of her shirt.

I slipped it on and walked back upstairs with Jen following me (and admiring my ass). On the second landing, I pulled my panties down to give her a flash and reminded her that she had to make me cum again (and added I wanted to do the same to her). Someone did come out of a door onto the stairwell just as I was rubbing the front of my panties – I don’t think he saw me doing that (I moved my hand away very quickly) but he certainly saw the rest of me and watched me as I walked past him.

By the time we got back to Jen’s room I’d had enough and needed to cum again (my exhibitionist tendencies are certainly getting stronger and the effect it has on me also seems to be increasing). I told Jen I needed to cum quickly (which suited her as she was getting tired) and we just ended up doing a 69. As we ate each other I told Jen (between mouthfuls) that we could have done this on the kitchen table as long as she was prepared to be naked as well and she said that it sounded good and we might try it sometime (I don’t think she will, but I’m not sure I would either as then neither of us would be in a position to listen out for someone coming).

We got each other off (I came first of course) and went to sleep. Once again I felt quite satisfied but still had some interesting dreams. I can’t remember exactly what they were, but I know I woke up a few times in the night and felt horny (but drifted back off to sleep).

Friday, 19 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 6 - Thursday

I'm just back from a quick after work trip to the pub. I can’t stay out tonight as I’m meant to be seeing people tomorrow and can’t afford two nights off.

We're on to Thursday now – this all seems like it happened a long time ago... I’ve seen Lis a few times and told her an edited version of some of the week’s events and she certainly seems to be interested. I like to think that she goes home and fingers herself while thinking about Jen and I (maybe I need to get drunk with her sometime and jokingly accuse her of that to see what she says).


When I woke this morning, I still felt like I had a nice glow in me and decided to reward Jen by licking her awake. She was actually sleeping quite soundly (something about a tiring night?) and I managed to pull the covers off her completely, spread her legs, crawl down between them and lick her for a good few minutes before she finally woke up. Even though she had been asleep, her body had been awake enough to respond and she was nice and aroused by the time she woke up. She said good morning and told me not to stop. She arched her body to press her pussy against my face and let out a contented sigh. That was all the encouragement I needed and I gently licked her to orgasm before crawling up her body to give her a hug (we hadn’t brushed our teeth before falling asleep so kissing probably wasn’t a good idea!)

We were both fairly hungry but needed to clean up from yesterday so decided to go shower first. The bathroom was busy so we brushed our teeth and had to wait for a bit. We managed to get a stall after a few minutes (the previous occupant did look a bit confused when we both went in) and we stood under the water and soaped each other up. I paid a little more attention to Jen’s breasts (and a lot more attention to her pussy) than was really necessary but we didn’t do anything substantial other than kissing (now we had minty fresh breath). When we were clean, we went back to Jen’s room to drop things off before heading to the kitchen. Jen decided that I could either go to the kitchen in just bra and panties and make breakfast for us to eat in her room, or I could wear the t-shirt, but then we had to eat breakfast in the kitchen (probably with other people).

I actually thought I would feel more naked in just a bra and panties so I opted for the t-shirt (but tried to give it a bit of a stretch before putting it on – I’m not sure I achieved much). There were a few people in the kitchen and the men noticed my outfit straight away. I pulled the shirt down a few times (especially after Jen had got me to get cereal out of her cupboard – I know I flashed my ass when I reached up to do that. I pulled it down again when I sat down so that I was sitting on it (although only just and it slowly slipped out from under my ass while I ate). Jen was enjoying watching me and once again, I was enjoying being shown off. It was clear that a couple of the men were enjoying the view and had to leave the kitchen (Jen found this even funnier).

She had a lecture to get to though so we couldn’t mess around for too long and we returned to her room to get dressed. I had decided I would go with her and I put on one of my tartan skirts and knee high black socks (it’s still the schoolgirl look, but not quite as obvious as long white socks). Jen just wore a simple dress (and no panties as per our agreement). She was worried that I was going to be bored in the lecture, but I assured her I would be fine (I had my laptop with me and I wrote up some of yesterday’s entry and now I’ve written up today).

We got into the theatre and sat near the back – it is a traditional old tiered seating theatre with long benches. Nobody else is sitting on our row but there are a couple of people right at the back (just a few rows behind us). I’m sitting with my legs open – not spread wide, but enough that I can feel the air on my pussy. Jen is sitting beside me taking notes and I intend to see if I can distract her. I’ve spread my legs a bit more and my skirt is now sitting much higher. I’ve decided to go for it and I’ve slipped my shoes off and I’m now sitting with my legs crossed up on the bench. If Jen wants to play at showing me off, then I’ll beat her at her own game.

Jen has noticed what I’m doing (given I pulled my skirt up to my waist, she would have to be blind to not notice). I’m now running my fingers over my pussy, just gently touching myself (there’s about half the lecture to go so I’ve got plenty of time). I’ve now got two fingers inside myself, not too deep, but enough that I can slide them in and out slowly. I’m nice and wet and have thought of something new to try (sort of). I’m now running a finger over my asshole and pressing it in. It’s now in me – I’m pretty sure I’ve never ass fucked myself in a lecture before.

Mmm, that felt nice, but I know I can’t cum like that and there is nothing that Jen can do to stop me cumming without drawing attention to us. I’m back to fingering my pussy and I’m about to use my typing hand on my clit so I’ll be back soon...

Mmm, I miss doing that. Jen can’t believe I managed to do it but she is the one who started this... I kept working two fingers from my left hand into my pussy and rubbed my clit with my right hand. Obviously I couldn’t move too much, but having done this before I’ve pretty much got the movement down to a fine art now. It was quite a strong orgasm and I had difficulty keeping quiet, but other than a little panting I think I managed it. I licked my fingers clean before continuing typing and I’m still sitting cross legged with my pussy fully exposed. I wonder if there’s time to do it again...

Well I tried, I knew the lecture was going to end soon (which is why I didn’t try writing while I was doing it) but I didn’t quite make it. I did everything I could, I had two fingers in me (a bit deeper this time) and was brushing against my ass with another one and rubbed my clit with the other hand again. I think with about a minute more I could have got there. Even when the lecturer stopped talking and everyone was packing up I kept going and I waited until the very last minute (people had started walking up the aisle and had almost got to our row) before I pulled my fingers out and put my legs down. It’s possible that someone did actually see something as my legs were stiff from the way I was sitting so I wasn’t quite as quick as I had planned on being and I had to stand up to pull my skirt down again – it probably just looked like I was straightening it though.

Jen and I went for coffee afterwards and had a whispered conversation. She said that she really thought I was going to keep going with everyone walking past and I got her to acknowledge that I was quite adventurous when it came to exhibition. I realised that I had actually been in quite a dangerous position. Given I was so close to cumming anyway, if I had been just 30 seconds more into it then I might have been at the point where it is really difficult to stop just when everyone got up and started to walk out. While I’m fairly sure I would have still been able to actually stop, I’m not sure I would have done it with quite as good timing.

I asked Jen what she would have done if I hadn’t stopped and had just carried on fingering myself as everyone went past (and presumably stopped to look). She said that there wouldn’t have been much she could have done and it took a bit of prodding to get her to realise I wanted her to come up with a fantasy. Once she realised what I was looking for, she said that she would have turned me round so I was facing the aisle and let me lean back against her so everyone got a better view of my fingers sliding into mu cunt and ass.. She would then have pulled my top up (or off) and pulled my bra off so I was practically naked and pulled at my nipples to get them nice and stiff.

I told her that she could have taken me down the front and got everyone to fuck or finger me – and by the time I’d done all of them, another lecture would have probably turned up so i would have to do the same to them. Jen knows how much I love my massive orgy fantasy and also could see me squirming around so we decided to head off home to rectify the fact that I hadn’t managed to cum the second time). On the way home (now we could talk without having to whisper, Jen asked why I liked that fantasy so much. I don’t actually know, but for some reason the idea of having every hole repeatedly fucked and being left covered and filled with cum just seems like the ultimate thrill (I’m assuming that there are girls involved in this too if it’s really going to be the ultimate thrill for me). Now obviously I would never actually do this, but I don’t think that every fantasy has to be something you can actually realise.

So having established that I’m fundamentally a dirty whore, Jen decided that I should be spanked for my bad behaviour in class (although I thought it was quite good behaviour). She got me to bend over the desk (naked of course) and slapped me a few times on each ass cheek before she pushed a finger into me. I wasn’t expecting it but was still wet enough so it didn’t hurt. Jen kept telling me how bad I’d been and ended up doing what I had done in the lecture (two in the cunt, one in the ass). I did’;t need much attention before I came and as I did, Jen kept slapping my ass – not really hard, but enough that it felt quite warm by the time she was finished.

When I had recovered I told her that she should get the same treatment in return and even though she struggled, she didn’t really try to stop me as I put her over my knee and spanked her. I didn’t spend too long spanking her as my hand got distracted and somehow my fingers ended up in her pussy. I ended up getting my thumb the whole way into her and then added the other one to her ass. She wasn’t in the easiest position to do this and had so wriggle along a bit before I could move both hands easily, but she enjoyed the feeling and let me make her cum.

We had some lunch (I was allowed to wear real clothes while in the kitchen this time) and then had to head off to meet people for coffee again (oh how I miss being an undergrad and having so much free time). Just before we left, Jen decided that I should wear the long dildo. This meant that I had to change into a longer skirt as it almost comes down to my knee and then had to get a pair of tights and tear a hole in the crotch. It was at least easier to get it positioned properly in my tights and then bent round to fit in my pussy with Jen helping, but by the time we were done we were running a bit late. Now Jen claims that this wasn’t on purpose, but by running late, it meant we had to hurry and running down three flights of stairs with a dildo in you (and strapped to your leg) can be distracting. By the time we got to the bottom I needed to adjust it so just lifted my skirt and pushed it back in (there was nobody around but I was standing in front of the main glass door onto the street).

With it firmly back in place, we started a brisk walk to Starbucks and I didn’t help things any by figuring out the best way to walk to get the most feeling. I found that sort of skipping along was the best way to get the most movement (Jen has longer legs than me anyway so I had to hurry to keep up with her walking quickly). I wasn’t really close to cumming (walking really isn’t the same as cycling), but I was feeling nice and tingly by the time we arrived. Enough so that people made a comment about me looking flushed, but I just claimed that was due to walking quickly.

We sat and chatted for a fair amount of time and Jen fondled my leg a fair bit – what the rest of the group didn’t know is that instead of just stroking my thigh, she was moving the dildo around. Talk got around to plans for the weekend and we were invited out to a club on Saturday night. Given it was the same group as we went out with the first night, I assumed that Jen would take the opportunity to tease me again, but I was up for it.

We headed back home and Jen decided that she wanted to try something – we ducked into an alleyway and she reached under my skirt and grabbed the dildo. She started working it in and out of my pussy and saying that she wanted to see me cum right there. We weren’t far from the main road and I had no idea if the alley was used as a shortcut but given Jen had started and I’d pretty much given in then there was really only one way this was going to end. I decided to help things along and lifted my skirt so I could rub my clit. This made it somewhat easier for Jen to move the dildo in me and it soon had the effect she had wanted. I came while leaning against the wall with people walking past close enough that I could hear their conversations.

We had a slower walk home and the dildo felt nice in my post-orgasmic sensitised pussy. Jen wanted to go out and try cycling with the dildo, but by the time we had gone shopping to get some food and dropped it off at home, it was a bit too late so we decided to rest for a while, eat dinner and veg out in front of the TV. Jen had decided that she wanted to try out some things in the kitchen so we knew we would have to wait until late at night and had a bit of a rest in the evening (and I wrote up today’s entry).

We’ve just had a three way conversation with Mike about Jen showing me off to people and what Mike is happy with me doing (which is pretty much anything apart from actually fucking or blowing another guy or having oral sex with random girls). His one rule for Jen is that if she and I do things in front of other people, then he gets to see it too. Fundamentally, he’s hoping that Jen is going to get carried away and we end up 69ing in front of her friends. Unfortunately for him, she seems to be displaying more self control than that. I admit that the idea of us doing things with Lucy watching (or helping) is rather appealing, but I think that’s another one of those fantasies which will remain unfulfilled.

We’ve also just chatted (mostly Jen and I, although Mike listened in) about Lis and the fact that I think it *might* be possible that she would want to do things with us. We talked about ways to approach her about it (or to leave suggestions that she might want to act on) and have a few plans, but we’ll have to see. I know that when I get back to York that we’ll end up talking about my week with Jen and the initial plan is to tell her quite a lot of the detail (maybe with a few edits) and see how interested she is in hearing about it.

It’s now getting quite late (12.50) so we’re going to go see how many people are around and play in the kitchen and possibly also the laundry room. Now to find out from my beloved Jen what I’m going to have to wear...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 5 - Wednesday Afternoon

Well I've now had time to look through my corrections, and apart from one bit which might take a while, they aren't *too* bad. Mike and I had a good reunion yesterday (I meant to post this entry then, but got distracted). I'll move on to posting every other day from now on, but now it's time to work...


I assumed that Jen would want to do the same thing, but she had other ideas. She told me to stay kneeling, face her and press up against her legs. I rubbed her panties while she peed and I could feel it running down my body and soaking my top. I decided to try something and I got her top open her legs a bit more so I could press my neck against her panties. Jen loved this as her pee was now running directly down between my breasts and covering me. I loved it even more when she pulled her panties to the side and I could feel her pussy rubbing on my neck. (I think we may have found a wonderful compromise for our respective strange fetishes).

Jen was playing with her breasts and it turned out that this was enough (coupled with fucking my neck) to make her cum. Jen is obviously a lot better at figuring out how much she can pee (which I guess comes from practice) as she let out what felt like a massive amount when she came. When she finally fell back against the vent, I gave her pussy a few kisses. I don’t really want to get into the whole pee drinking area, but I did want her to know that I’d enjoyed what we just did.

When she had recovered, Jen pulled a towel out of the bag, slipped her panties and socks off, quickly dried her legs and then slipped her skirt back on. I was now soaked and had pulled my panties and tights off but knew that I’d have to take off everything else. Now I was no longer in the heat of the moment, I felt quite exposed with all the windows looking at me, but Jen told me to take off my clothes and she would get something. I removed my top and bra and then undid my skirt and let it fall so I was standing there naked (which I’ll admit I enjoyed). I was waiting for Jen to hand me some clean clothes but she gave me a bag and said to put all the wet clothes in it. I could see that the big bag didn’t have any clothes in it and so asked what I was meant to wear to go back to her room (I was suspecting that she expected me to go back naked).

Jen said that we weren’t going back to the room and handed me the towel. I started to dry myself off and she said it was to wrap around myself. I did as she said while she gathered up our remaining items and realised that the towel wasn’t quite big enough to wrap around me. With a bit of tweaking I got it to just cover me and I followed her back downstairs. I certainly wasn’t covered while walking downstairs but we went past her floor and ended up in the basement. The laundry was in the basement and Jen said that we needed to wash the clothes. There were a few people in there and I straightened the towel (and nearly pulled it off). I was getting a good few looks and was enjoying the attention (and wondered what they would have thought if they’d known what we had been doing just a few minutes ago). We got the washing in and sat to wait for it (actually we were sitting to wait until we were the only people there but I only found that out when everyone else left).

Jen said that Mel had told her about the washing machines – they were industrial strength ones and so had good strong motors, but had been used quite well so weren’t very well balanced. Now other than reading about it in erotica online and seeing it in an episode of Scrubs (how Elliot has her first orgasm), I thought the washing machine thing was an urban legend. Jen kept a watch out at the door and I climbed up (it wasn’t even worth trying to keep the towel fastened while I did this). It turns out that they are actually quite effective (okay, so I didn’t cum, but sitting on top of one of them on a spin cycle felt really good. I found that the best thing to do was to sit right in the middle with my legs spread wide and just hold a finger against my clit. I think I could possibly have cum (without doing anything else) but Jen told me someone was coming so I had to (reluctantly) get down and cover myself up again.

While the new person was there, Jen stood with her add pressed up against one of the machines and (when they had gone) said it felt really good. Jen said that Mel had told her about this a while ago but she had saved it for my visit (which I thought was sweet). We got another quick period where we had the room to ourselves and I got Jen to sit on the edge of the machine and I touched her clit. Unfortunately someone else came in and we decided to come back again when we could have the place to ourselves to see just how good it could be.

By the time the laundry was done, I was ready to cash in on Jen’s half of the bargain (getting me to cum as many times as I want) and so we went back upstairs. Jen (rightly) pointed out that we would need some energy so we grabbed a quick snack from the kitchen before heading back to Jen’s room. I was still just wearing the barely fitting towel but I didn’t really care by this point as I my pussy was buzzing again – partly from the washing machine and partly from the anticipation of what was to come. I quickly ate my food and walked around naked, getting everything ready while Jen finished up. In order to hurry her along, I sat opposite her on the bed, spread my legs and told her that she would be spending many hours pleasuring me.

Jen didn’t seem to mind this and crawled over to kiss me. She told me she would make me cum more times than I could handle and pushed me back so she could suck my nipples. I didn’t even try to get her naked at this point as I was fairly confident that I would be cumming more times than she would. I stayed kneeling on the bed (but sitting down so my ass was on my heels. This raised my cunt up so Jen could get a really good angle on it and she licked away at my clit while using her fingers. She had two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass (from the same hand) and my first orgasm was actually very quick. It was just as well, because even though it was a really good position for her to eat me, my legs hurt a bit when I moved.

I had been thinking while Jen had been giving me my first orgasm (of the session) and I told Jen that every other time I came, I would make her cum. She said that wasn’t fair until I pointed out that she didn’t know how many times I wanted to cum (to be fair, I didn’t really know how many I could take, but I willing to find out). It was definitely time for Jen to get naked though. We quickly stripped her (she only had her top bra and skirt on) and I pulled her on top of me so we could 69. There was still a faint trace of pee, but I wasn’t about to stop to shower and her juices quickly overpowered the taste anyway. I very quickly started to lick her and kept telling her that she could tease me as much as she wanted all week as long as she was prepared to service me like this at the end of the day. She really seemed to like the idea of having that much power over me (it’s just as well I completely trust her!) and said that she would make me work for my pleasure.

At that point though, she was definitely giving me pleasure. She pulled my cunt wide open and pushed her tongue inside me (as good as Mike is at eating me, Jen’s tongue is longer and so she can get deeper. I gave her ass a good licking as well (hoping she would pick up on the fact I’d like the same). I came before Jen did, but didn’t stop eating her so she wasn’t too far behind me.

I’m not going to detail each orgasm or this entry would take forever, but suffice to say, I ended up cumming eight times and Jen came four times. She used an egg on me, we shared the long dildo, she fingered me (and I got my ass licked), we shared the short dildo, she ate me while I sat on the desk (with the door open) and then we 69’d again. Poor Jen was exhausted and I felt rather spent (but very satisfied). She sent me to the kitchen to get some more food and drink and I just went wearing the thin robe. When I returned it was obvious that the room stank of our juices (and we were covered in them) but didn’t have the energy to shower so after a quick bite to eat, we slept like that (we did change the sheets the following day).