Thursday, 4 March 2010

Almost finished

I’ve pretty much finished the first major draft of my thesis so I’ve got some time off coming up. I’m probably going to go and stay with Jen for a week while my supervisor reads what I’ve done so far (and undoubtedly covers it in red pen). This means that Mike will be left by himself for a week, but he’s busy looking for a new job anyway. I’m sure he can manage to take care of himself (especially if Jen and I occasionally let him listen in!)

I’m looking forwards to having some time alone with Jen (given I would only usually get a weekend). I’ve already started to get my bag prepared and put plenty of toys into it for us to experiment with. More than anything (other than actually seeing Jen), I’m looking forwards to being back in Uni halls again with all the fun that can bring. Jen is pretty open about the fact that she is gay and is enjoying the power that seems to have to attract men (I don’t think she flirts with them in *quite* the same way she does with Mike.

In the meantime, I’m making sure that Mike is well taken care of (but he’s doing the same for me so it’s okay). Because I’m spending all my time writing, he’s been really good in taking care of shopping, cleaning and making food (of course this means I have more time for ‘other’ activities so it’s not as if he doesn’t benefit from all the work).

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