Monday, 8 March 2010

More egg play

I was chatting to Lis about my upcoming trip to see Jen and ended up telling her that she should come over and visit us while I’m there. Lis has been increasingly curious about the sort of things that Jen and I get up to (as have my male friends, but they don’t get to hear about the really juicy stuff) so I thought I would indirectly offer her that chance to find out more. I didn’t explicitly say that she would get to see anything but I’m hoping that she will have figured it out. I know that she is fairly busy at the moment so she might not get the time, but it could be fun if she did.

All things considered, life is actually pretty good right now (ignoring the fact I’m going to have a load of corrections to do when my supervisor gets through reading my draft). We haven’t had much time to do wedding planning, but how hard can it be to plan a wedding (can you tell I don’t have many friends who have got married yet?) Depending on jobs, money and time we may have to push it back to next year now (if we want to get somewhere nice booked for the reception) but we may be lucky and find somewhere for the end of summer...

Anyway, York has been rather wet recently (it tends to flood at least a few times a year) and we went out for a walk by the river the other night to have a look (and by the river I mean a fair distance away from where the river usually is but by where it is now). It’s a lot warmer than it was but I was still fairly chilly so I wore opaque tights with a pair of white cotton panties under them. The panties are quite tight, but that is on purpose as you will see...

We wandered downstream for a bit and Mike fondled me a few times up against a tree. We ended up finding a slightly secluded place (not completely secluded, but enough for what we had in mind). I had brought my egg with me – not the remote controlled one, but the more powerful wired one. Usually we only use this indoors as it can be difficult to find somewhere to put the control unit but I thought it would be fun to have a play with it.

So I was standing against a tree, only partly hidden from view and I lifted my skirt. Mike pulled down the front of my tights and slipped the egg into my panties and positioned it against my clit (this is why I needed tight panties). He wrapped the wire up, turned the egg on and put the controller into my tights. At first he put it close to the egg, but that meant that the egg knocked against it and made a rather loud (and obvious) buzzing sound, so the controller was relocated to my hip and held in place with the tights.

I let the front of my skirt fall back down and we kissed while the egg worked on me. This didn’t take long as the wired egg is quite strong so I quickly got aroused (well, more aroused). We started walking again which was enough of a distraction to stop me from cumming too quickly, but I could really feel the egg buzzing away on my clit and pussy and knew I wouldn’t hold out for long. We stopped a few times and looked out over the river while Mike held me from behind – I assume this just looked like he was hugging me, but I allowed myself to really enjoy the feeling so he was partly holding me up.

I knew I was quite flushed and could feel my breathing getting more ragged and really wanted to sit down and enjoy my orgasm, but I had planned to try cumming while walking along so stuck with that. We had started to head back towards town (but were still a fair way out) so there weren’t too many people around – mostly joggers and people walking their dogs. I made the mistake of trying to hold out for as long as I could (and I think I did a pretty good job considering what the egg was doing to my clit). I had stopped myself from cumming a few times but eventually I couldn’t hold back anymore. I could feel my orgasm building and I stopped resisting it and held on more tightly to Mike (we were still walking).

It hit me (and really did hit me) and I really had to concentrate hard to keep walking. I could feel the orgasm pulse out from my pussy in waves and the egg against my clit was very intense (a bit too intense, but I couldn’t really do anything about it with other people around). Eventually the orgasm passed but the egg was still buzzing away and got too much for me. I pushed it down away from my clit so it was just vibrating against my lips. My pussy was still feeling quite tender but at least I could cope with the feeling now.

As we walked along, the egg slid between my lips slightly – not deep enough to be inside me, but enough that I could feel the vibrations in my cunt. I didn’t want to be so tender that we couldn’t do things when we got home so I told Mike we needed to stop and get the egg out. We found a suitable place (which was a bit less secluded than where we’d put the egg in) and Mike slipped his hand into my panties. Being an absolute bastard, he pushed the egg right up inside me and pulled his hand out. Now I’m not saying that it didn’t feel nice, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it there until we got home (not without cumming again and I wasn’t sure I could do that while walking in a busy area without someone noticing). I asked him to remove it and as soon as we had a chance (there were a few people around), he pulled it out of me and removed it from my panties.

My orgasm had had the usual effect on Mike so when we got home, he started stripping off my clothes while I was opening the front door. He got as far as undoing my skirt and pulling my tights and panties down to my thighs before I got into the house. The rest of our clothes came of quickly and he ate me (apparently I taste good if I’ve cum with the egg). After I’d cum, he got me to climb on top of him and he fucked me. He used the egg again, pressing it against my ass and slowly working it into me until it was nearly halfway in. I don’t remember using it like that before and it felt really good. Mike kept pounding into me and held out until I had cum again (third time) before he came in me.

We ended up with me kneeling on the floor in front of him and I sucked his cock clean (I’ve definitely got more used to the taste of his cum). I could feel his cum leaking out of me while I did this and wished that someone had been there to watch it run down my thighs. Mike described Sue licking me clean while I ministered to him and if I hadn’t already cum three times in a relatively short period of time, it might well have been enough to get me going for another round (but I needed to recover first). It had an effect on Mike though and he stayed hard for a while after (so I did get my fourth cum of the evening after a little reprieve).


  1. Hi Andi. You need what this woman had!

    Cheers, John

  2. Hmm - they look quite interesting - I think this could be a Christmas present idea...