Monday, 1 March 2010


My friendship with Lis has continued to develop and it’s nice to have someone who is just a friend who I can be really open with about sex. Cindy is sort of similar in that we talk openly about most things, but not in anywhere near the detail that I can with Lis. I think a large part of it is that she really loves having someone who she can share her fantasies about Hol with (and now that she knows I have similar ones, she knows that I’m not going to tell on her).

With Jen’s blessing, I invited her to stay over last weekend (not to seduce her – it’s not that kind of story). Mike was going away to visit a friend (and go drinking) and we were looking forwards to having a whole evening to talk and not have to worry about one of us having to run off home. We left Uni together (with a group of friends) and went out for a few drinks before the two of us peeled off to get food and head home. Mike had prepared a fire for me (I can do it, but he’s got more practice) and we lit it and sat on the floor to eat.

The conversation soon got around to Lis’ favourite subject (Hol) and she told me that she is seriously considering telling her how she feels about her. I told her to be careful, but if she felt that she really wanted to then to give it a try. This led to what the possible outcomes might be, which in turn led to various fantasy situations where Lis got to do all sorts of things with Holly and steal her away from her boyfriend.

Lis wanted to hear more about the things I had got up to with Jen and I told her that it was only fair that she told me some more about her sexual history. She told me about a time back in school when her and her then boyfriend had been making out around the back of the school and he had pulled out his cock to rub against her. He lifted up her skirt and pressed against her crotch while they continued to kiss. He then guided her hand down to his cock and got her to rub him. Given he was only 15 at the time (Lis was 14), he came very quickly and shot his cum all over the front of her tights. He did at least try to rub her pussy afterwards, but Lis was scared that his cum might soak through her tights and panties so didn’t let him. She did a number of other things with this boy and nearly had sex with him (but decided not to at the last minute).

I had a beautiful image in my head of Lis standing against the wall with her skirt lifted up and his cum running down her legs and could feel myself getting flushed. I made an excuse about the fire being too hot and suggested we move to the sofa when Lis said that we might be cooler if we got changed for bed. I wasn’t going to object to this and showed Lis Jen’s room (I’m sure she could have found it for herself, she only had two choices). I got back downstairs first, just wearing a mid-thigh length nightdress. I had automatically removed my panties and was wondering if I should give Lis a flash of my pussy at some point when she came down. I was a bit disappointed that she was wearing a pair of pyjamas but at least they were cute cream ones with teddy bears on them (I somehow can’t imagine that Lis is ever going to turn out to be a butch lesbian!)

We had some more wine and I told her some more about Jen and I – how it had felt when we had first eaten each other and what is was like sharing a dildo. The conversation returned to Holly and then on to Lis asking about how I fantasise about people I know. I told her again that other than Hol and Rach (who I was sharing a house with), most of my early fantasies centred around Jo but now they were more far ranging. Lis asked for more details and I explained that I now often try to take people or situations I’ve seen and use them, so if someone was wearing a particularly cute outfit, they might be the object of my fantasy that night.

I also told her that I would sometimes find a picture online that looked like someone I knew that I might end up using that to help seed the fantasy. I’m sure she knew full well, but she asked what I meant by ‘finding a picture online’ and so I told her I was talking about porn. This led to a discussion about what kind of stuff was available (pretty much anything) and finally she asked if she could have a look. Now I find it hard to believe that she hadn’t already seen such things but I quite liked the idea of educating a sweet innocent Lis so I played along.

I decided that it would be easier to show her things we’d already downloaded rather than fighting through thumb sites to find nice pics so called up our porn folder. I showed her some of my favourites (we’re still sorting them out but at least I have a folder of the best ones we’ve kept so far). Lis certainly seemed to enjoy looking at them and so I moved on to a couple of movie clips. There was one of Pavlina being fucked (Lis thought she was cute) and one of a girl being fucked by another one with a strap on. Lis asked if Jen and I had done that and I told her we didn’t have a strap on but did show her some pics of girls sharing a dildo.

While looking at these pics, Lis saw the folder marked Known and asked if she could look in there (and if I had any Holly lookalikes). I had to disappoint her by telling her I didn’t, but showed her the ones that look like Anna, Caroline, Sue (another one, not my sister), Fiona, Ellie and Jo. Lis really enjoyed these (although she wasn’t convinced that porn Fiona looked enough like the real one). There was another folder titled Vonda that Lis wanted to look in and so I opened it. Lis realised that these pics were of someone who looked like her and let out a little gasp. I asked her if she was mad at me and told her that Mike was the one who had found them and thought they looked like her. She just said that it was okay, paused, and then asked what I had done while looking at them.

I wondered what I should tell her but just went with (a version of) the truth and told her that Jen and I had been looking at them when she last visited and that Jen thought that Lis was really cute (and that she had cum while thinking of doing things to her). I still wasn’t sure how Lis had taken seeing the pics of ‘her’ so I moved back to my folder of Jo pics and showed her some of my favourites. I was tempted to ‘accidentally’ show her the folder of my pics but I think I’ll save that for another time.

We ended up watching a few more videos and I said I needed to go up to bed – I didn’t need to say why as it was fairly obvious and I suspected that the case was the same for her. We headed up and brushed our teeth together before going to our rooms. I was tempted to tell Lis that there were some toys in the bedside drawer but thought better of it (I wish I had though as I could have got to taste her off them afterwards).

Once in bed, I quickly lost my nightdress and fingered myself while thinking of Jo (and maybe a little about Lis). I came very quickly, but the whole evening had been a build up so I wasn’t too surprised. As usual (and especially at the minute) one orgasm wasn’t enough so I retrieved my rabbit from the drawer and made myself cum again. That time I did imagine Lis using it on me and came while thinking of her crouched over my face and my tongue buried in her nicely shaved pussy.

In the morning, I put on my dressing gown and went to wake Lis. Her pyjama bottoms were on the floor by the bed along with her panties but I didn’t say anything. I told her she could use Jen’s robe if she wanted and went to start getting breakfast. Lis came down a few minutes later and she had put her PJs back on before putting the robe on (not quite what I was hoping for). We ate and chatted (just simple girl chat) before getting ready to go into town and meet up with people for lunch. Lis wore a really cute little skirt with opaque tights (I definitely see why Mike likes them so much) and it took some restraint to not slide my hands up her thighs.

I couldn't stay out for long with them as I had to get into Uni to work but we had a good time and I think a few of our friends suspect that Lis and I might be doing things together (if only!)


  1. I think her leaving the bottoms on the floor was intentional. You should have left your door ajar just in case she was curious.

  2. My door was ajar all night but I don't think she looked. I just assumed her bottoms were on the floor for the same reason I got rid of my nightdress as soon as I got into bed :)