Thursday, 25 March 2010

Vising Jen - Part 9 - Friday Evening

We shared a shower (why on earth would I shower alone if I have the chance to be in one with Jen) but didn’t do much other than kiss. Unfortunately the shower heads can’t be taken off the wall as the water pressure is really quite good and it would be great fun to play with them, but hey ho. We spent quite a while getting ready (usual girly things, make up, straightening hair...). Jen warned me that she wanted to play with me again tonight and I said that was fine as long as I got my reward afterwards. I had to wear my new semi-transparent panties and (non-transparent) skirt so I guessed that there might be a repeat of Tuesday’s games, (just with less skirt to cover me).

We ate dinner before we finished getting ready and Jen decided that it would be a good idea to tease me a bit so I was worked up before we went out. She didn’t do a great deal, just the odd bit of stroking, slipping a finger into me and a few licks which we finished getting ready. As we walked out the door, she slipped her hand between my legs from behind and cupped my pussy, pressing the panties between my lips and rubbed back and forth.

We started off in Mel’s room and had a few drinks (to save money). I wasn’t intending on drinking as much as I didn’t want to waste my holiday with Jen feeling ill, so I only had two. At about 10.30 we headed out and met up with another few people (and Lucy – yay!) I gave her a big hug hello (and she felt wonderful). We all stood around and chatted for a bit (and by chatted, I mean screamed at each other so we could be heard above the music). We danced and drank a bit more (I was still trying to pace myself, but acted a little drunker than I was so I had an excuse to dance a bit closer with Lucy than I should have).

I was having a rest at one point and Jen dragged me back out onto the floor to rejoin everyone. We started to dance very close and her hands were running over my ass and under my skirt. We kissed and she told me to play along as she started to run her hands over my ass on my panties). I had a fair idea of what she wanted and when we broke the kiss, I turned around so I was facing our friends and let her hold me from behind. Her hands went to my breasts and I ground my ass back against her. She worked my nipples and got them nice and hard (it was too dark for people to see that though). She then ran a hand down to my skirt and started to rub the front of it, pressing the material against my mons at first and then dipping lower and pressing it between my legs.

I knew that our group was watching, but I pretended not to notice (although I did give Lucy a little smile). I turned my head towards Jen and said ‘More’ and she grinned back at me and I felt her fingers pull up the front of my skirt and then move onto my panties. As I said, with all the flashing lights, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to see through my panties, but they would have certainly been able to see the white material and where Jen’s fingers were touching me. She pressed my panties up between my lips and even managed to rub my clit through them (this was more by luck than judgement though – but it felt really good so I didn’t care). She kept this up for a while and then started to dance around me, flicking up my skirt as she did so. I joined in and did a few twirls but after a little while really did need to stop to rest and get a drink (of water).

I left Jen to enjoy the admiration of her friends and headed over to the bar (we had a nice goodbye kiss though as I wanted them to know I’d enjoyed what she’d been doing). Lucy came over with me and said that we’d put on quite a show. I was a bit drunker than I had intended to be so I didn’t really have to act anymore but I was sober enough that I could still think reasonably straight. I told her that if it made Jen happy then I was happy to do it and Lucy made a comment along the lines of “Wow, you really care about her that much?” I gave Lucy a big hug (any excuse) and said “Of course I do, I love her completely, she’s wonderful”.

Having realised that I wasn’t likely to end up screwing Lucy, I at least wanted to be friends and for her to know that I had a similar outlook to love as Jen said she did. Lucy returned my hug and said it was very sweet and that we were both lucky to have each other but then wanted to know how things worked with Jen, Mike and I. I told her it would be difficult to explain with all the noise and invited her to come over for dinner before I went back to York. We haven’t set a date yet, but Jen’s going to call her later and hopefully she’ll be free (and remember the invite).

We danced a bit more (and Jen teased me some more). At some point I can’t quite remember, Jen convinced me to fold over the waistband of my skirt and then pull it up. I was feeling very horny by this time and did it without really thinking (and to be honest, there were girls there with shorter skirts on anyway). With the skirt pulled up so much, my panties were showing and my left him was completely bare. This just made it easier for Jen to play with me (or my panties at least) and I told her that she was going to be busy when we got home.

It wasn’t too late when we left (about 1.30) and it was quite obvious that I was impatient to get home. I just commented that they would have all been impatient to get home if they were going home with Jen (this got a laugh from Lucy). We headed off and slowly went our own ways until it was just Mel, Jen and I. I hadn’t bothered to fix my skirt but as I said, it wasn’t the shortest one around so I didn’t really mind (actually I loved it). The panties were thin enough that I could feel the breeze on my rather wet pussy and that just made me wetter. When we got back to our floor we said bye to Mel and headed in to Jen’s room.

I felt like I was burning up and told Jen that she was going to have to do something special to satisfy me after all the teasing and she said we could do whatever I wanted. Because we’d had a rest in the evening, we weren’t that tired and I intended to take full advantage of Jen for as long as she could stay awake. I grabbed a few toys, a towel and told her to follow me. We went back up to the roof and crept out the door. We could hear voices from the other side and Jen said that it would just be the people ‘smoking the dope’. We quickly went back towards the spot we had used before (away from the voices) and found somewhere suitable.

Because it was night, we didn’t have to hide ourselves from the other buildings and we chose a spot where we could see quite a few windows (it’s always nice being able to cum while you can see many people – it’s sort of like they are all watching you and adds to the excitement). I spread the towel out and told her told her that if she could finger me in front of all her friends then I deserved a proper rooftop fuck in return. I had a quick look round to make sure we were still alone, then realised that was rather pointless given what I had in mind and slipped out of my skirt, kicking it away from me. I quickly removed my top and threw it towards my skirt and stood there in my underwear before moving over to Jen and kissing her.

Now the weather has been a little warmer recently but it was still slightly chilly – fortunately we were both drunk enough that the cold wasn’t too much of an issue (and I intended to be keeping active). I reminded Jen that she said we could do whatever I wanted (although my hands were already on her ass by this time and working their way towards her pussy so I was fairly sure she was going to play along). I undid her skirt and it slid down her legs, leaving her naked snatch exposed. I wanted to see her completely naked so removed her top and bra and got her to step out of her skirt. I chucked her clothes away from us (Jen had teased me so much that I really wanted to do something really adventurous). I stepped back to admire her – it would have been perfect if there had been a full moon but the sky was dark and so. I loved the idea of being naked in such a ‘public’ place and I first undid my bra and threw it away and then slipped out of my panties and threw them in another direction.

It was too cold to stand around separately so I went back over to Jen and we started to kiss. I told her to imagine that someone was watching us out of every window we could see and that I was going to show them just how horny she had got me. I started by dropping to my knees and burying my face in her pussy. Her lips felt cold at first, but soon warmed up and she stood with her hands holding my head in place and rocked back against me. I was getting a bit cold myself and realised that I wouldn’t be able to really do what I wanted and so I lay on my back and got Jen to lie down on top of me so we could 69. With her on top of me, I felt a lot warmer and after a few minutes, we switched position so I could keep her warm.

We didn’t make too much noise as we knew the other people were still over on the other side of the roof, but the general city noise provided some cover so we didn’t have to be silent. As I got closer to cumming, I told Jen how to eat me (in detail) and how I was about to cream all over her face. She did all the things I wanted her to do and when I came it was a very good orgasm. I made a bit more noise than I possibly should have but was enjoying myself so much I didn’t really care. As soon as I had cum, I literally attacked Jen’s cunt and between mouthfuls, told her to really let go and cum as hard as she could. She actually did a pretty good job – she didn’t make as much noise as I had, but certainly seemed to get into it and wrapped her legs around my head to pull me tightly against her. When she came I could feel her writhing under me (which was a wonderful feeling) so of course I just licked and sucked her more.

She seemed to cum for quite a while and then told me to stop as she’d had enough. I dutifully stopped (well, I actually kept licking and kissing her, but much more gently so she came down from her orgasm nicely). I climbed off her and sat beside her (wishing I’d brought a blanket up with us so we could have stayed there for a bit). The cold got to us fairly quickly and we started to gather up our clothes but I couldn’t find my bra and decided to leave it. Jen had already slipped into her skirt and top while I was looking and I had wandered a bit away from her. I heard the people on the other side of the roof and realised that they weren’t quite as far away as I had thought they were (and I was still naked). I hurried back to Jen and she said I should have just gone over to see them to see what they said. If it hadn’t been quite as cold I think I might have actually been tempted to do just that (they were all high so probably wouldn’t even have remembered it the next day).

We slipped back into the stairwell and while I had intended to just carry my clothes back to Jen’s room, we could hear people moving around so I put my skirt and top on. It was obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra, but we didn’t bump into anyone (so I wish I had stayed naked which would have earned me lots more points with Jen). Given we hadn’t stayed anywhere near as long as I had wanted to, I certainly didn’t want the night to end in a hurry. In order to warm up quickly we decided to go and shower and I got Jen to bring me off with her fingers while we were in there. I was looking forwards to the remainder of the night and told her I would return to her room naked if she would do the same. Now I knew that this was a much bigger risk for her than it was for me (given she actually has to live there) but she took the dare and we wandered out of the bathroom and down the corridor carrying our towels.

We got back undetected and I tried to finger Jen in the corridor, but she wanted to go inside to play. We had a nice little session for an hour or so (I don’t know the exact time we finished but it was quite late). We started off with Jen sitting up on her desk so I could eat her (the door was closed this time though) and I got her quite close to cumming before we moved over to the bed. She said she wanted to make me cum before I finished her off and she took the smaller doubled ended dildo and pushed it into me. She told me to hold an egg against my clit and she mounted the other end of the dildo.

I actually thought that she would probably cum first (I had been licking her for a fair amount of time on the desk and she had started to go red and make her mewing sounds) but I came first. To be fair, Jen wasn’t pounding away on the dildo, she had just been sliding up and down on it gently so it was probably the egg that did most of the work (although the view I had helped things along quite a bit). I pushed back against her quite hard when I came and she started to move a bit more. She had wanted to cum at the same time as me, but I think the rate at which my orgasm built surprised us both. I let her continue to use me while I recovered (I’ve been getting better at coping with post-orgasmic stimulation) but as soon as I was ready I told her that I would help her properly.

I got her to kneel on the bed with her ass in the air and I pumped the dildo into her while I licked around her ass. I waited until she was close to cumming before I actually speared her ass but I managed to make her cum without touching her clit (and from the way she thrust back against the my tongue, it was quite obvious that she enjoyed the feelings). To be fair, she’s given up any pretence of thinking that this is too dirty for her and I think it showed as it seemed like she was able to let go and just enjoy the feelings.

Jen has also picked up on the fact that I’m generally in the mood to have some ass action when I do this to her and she asked if I wanted to be licked there. I told her I did and assumed the position she had been in and she returned the favour. She lapped away for a little while and I decided that I wanted a bit more so I asked her to do what used to be one of Mike’s favourite things. I lay on my side and she put her left thumb in my cunt and her right one in my ass and fucked both holes. She tried thrusting them both in together and then one after the other (I prefer it this way). Jen brought out the dirty talk: “You like being fucked in both holes don’t you? You want me to fill your cunt and ass?...”. She kept this up admirably and I love it when she talks dirty so I held back as best I could to enjoy it.

As I got closer she said that I should have gone over to the other group on the roof and offered myself to them and described how I could have had them fuck me (as per my group fantasy). She said I should have knelt in front of them and sucked them to attention – possibly with the first one fucking me doggy style while I got the rest aroused. I should have then let them take turns fucking me before ending up in a double penetration position – sitting on a lap with a cock up my ass (she did some extra wiggling with her ass thumb while she said this) and someone else sliding into mu pussy. I could also suck someone off while anyone else could stand around and wank off over me. As I came, Jen kept telling me to imagine them all cumming in me and over me, how my body was drenched with cum and how much ran out of me and down my legs when they finally finished with me. It was a nice fantasy (and Jen described it in really good detail) and I came rather louder than I should have given the time of night, but given it was Jen’s fault, I didn’t worry about it (again, I wasn’t screaming at the top of my voice or anything, but Uni halls tend not to have massively thick walls so it’s possible that Jen’s neighbours may have even heard her describing the fantasy!)

As good as my orgasm was (and trust me, it *was*), I wanted to cum again pretty much as soon as it ended. I told Jen I wanted her to make me cum again and I wanted to cum hard. I didn’t want to play around and told her that I wanted to put everything into it. I practically pounced on her, got into a 69 position and pulled her legs apart. I buried my face in her snatch and licked her hard and fast. Between bouts of eating her I told her to finger me, eat me, fuck me and do anything she could to make me cum. Given I had taken her somewhat by surprise, she adapted well and followed my instructions (basically copying what I was doing to her). I managed to cum first (still picturing the fantasy she described) but I didn’t tell her to stop and kept working at her until she came.

Jen eventually pushed me away, telling me to stop and I reluctantly did. I had managed to let her eat me right through my orgasm and could have probably done more but she was spent. I cuddled up to her and kissed her to thank her (and started to hump her leg but she said she really couldn’t do any more). I told her that I might need to take care of myself in that case and she said that was fine.

It’s been a very long day (it’s past 4 now) and I’m sitting at the desk (naked of course) writing up this entry. I’m actually really glad that I decided to write up as I went along because I’m not used to having quite as action packed a time (to put it mildly). It really doesn’t even seem like it was today (technically yesterday) that I managed to eat (mostly finger) Jen in that lecture and it even seems like quite a while ago that we were up on the roof. I’ve been saving my final orgasm of the night until I finished this and wondering if I should do anything interesting or just finger myself and use an egg.

Jen is sound asleep and I don’t really want to wake her but I’m still horny enough that I do like the idea of going out into the hall to cum or wandering along to the kitchen completely naked and fucking myself on the table with the big dildo (just for effect). Hmm, I’ll think about it a bit more...

As much as the idea of doing things in the kitchen appealed to me, I ended up staying here and just playing myself while sitting at the desk. I didn’t use anything other than my fingers (sometimes the simple ways are the best) and I’m now going to crawl into bed with her. Of course, if she wakes up and is in the mood to do things then I’m sure I’ll cope.

Sod it, I do want to do a bit more – Jen looks so peaceful asleep though so I’m going to have to take care of myself again. I’m going to go out into the hall with the big dildo and lie in the middle of the corridor and if someone comes along they can watch...

Nobody came (other than me of course) – and now I’m a bit calmer I’m fairly sure that if they had, I would have run back in here... Anyway, *now* I’m going to crawl into bed with Jen.


  1. Very adventurous on the roof there! Though it's not really voyeurism if no one is actually watching...

  2. I can only imagine what's in store for Mike (or actually what he got) in the next chapters when you 2 finally got together again! :)

    As far as the beautiful & sexy Jen, you're lucky she doesn't seem to have another hot girl with her now, is that why you're wearing her out? :) LOL! Take care!

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.A.

  3. Dear Andi,

    Just don't get arrested!

    Did You go back for Your bra? And did Jen make sure You went bra-less?


  4. Dear Andi,

    I realize You were writing the last part as You went (came?), so to speak, but did You really go into the corridor to masturbate with the dildo? More details, please!


  5. Yes I did - given I'd already done it earlier in the week (and enjoyed it) it just seemed like the best thing to do at the time (and it certainly helped me to cum quickly)