Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 1 of many

I didn’t quite get the thesis draft done, but I’ve had enough for now so handed it in and I’m off to see Jen. I know she will still have work to do (but she’s only a little undergrad so it’s not *that* much work!) and I’m really looking forwards to my extended visit and getting to share my recently enhanced libido with her.

I’m currently on the train and have a large bag with me with all the things I think (hope) we’re going to use (outfits, toys, gel...). I’m sitting here in a short skirt (no panties obviously) and long socks on (black for a change). I didn’t let Mike make me cum this morning (but he did eat me until I was very close and then when I’d calmed down, fuck me until I was very close and then he came over me (so Jen could taste me and not him). While I was getting ready to leave he then ate me twice more (still not making me cum) and I think I was teased a bit too much as my pussy feels really wet and I just want to spread my legs and finger myself.

The whole point was to make sure I was nicely prepared for seeing Jen, who has the afternoon free (and we intend to make good use of it). I think I’ll just spend the rest of the journey sitting here and imagining that Jen is between my legs licking away at my nicely shaved cunt. Of course, if she was here we could see how many ways we could make each other cum without other people seeing us.


Okay – so I wrote the last few lines as I thought that the person behind me was peeking at my screen. I was ready to go on and was just thinking up a nice story to write about when more people got on and someone sat beside me. I was quite prepared to tease someone who was peeking, but I didn’t think it would be right to carry on writing with someone next to me. It’s a pity though as I’d planned on taking a toilet break and then dropping something beside them so I would have to bend over to pick it up and they would have known for sure that I didn’t have panties on.

Enough about the journey though. The train was on time and Jen was there to meet me. She looked as beautiful as ever (her hair is slightly shorter as it was cut a few weeks ago, but she assures me that she isn’t intending to get it cut short). We kissed hello and Jen’s hands went to my skirt. I wasn’t really wearing the right coat for the skirt as the coat is only slightly longer, so it looks like I don’t have a skirt on. Jen’s hands were inside my coat and she slipped them under my skirt and cupped my ass. Now I knew my coat was longer than my skirt but I still felt incredibly exposed (we were surrounded by people getting off the train) but Jen told me I was in her town now so she was in charge. I liked the idea of an assertive Jen so let her have a fondle (not that she’s usually the submissive type and I don’t really want to be dominated either – other than the odd spanking I don’t enjoy S&M).

Her fingers gently traced around my vagina and she commented that I felt wet so I told her that it was because I’d been thinking about her and that we should go somewhere and do something about it. Given it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, she was more than up for this and we hurried back to her room. On the way we kept whispering to each other about the things we were going to do and we were both quite worked up by the time we arrived.

I had planned on unpacking all of the fun items and laying them out on Jen’s desk so we could decide what to use first, but we were both too impatient for that and just started undressing each other. Some of our clothes ended up strewn across the floor and we fell onto her bed kissing and fingering each other. I really wanted her and wanted to make sure that she knew how much I had missed her. I roughly sucked and licked her breasts and then moved on to biting her nipples (she likes this as long as it’s not too hard). Jen was underneath me and arched herself up to press against me. I gave her one of my legs to rub against while I continued to work on her breasts – she was pulling my head hard against her so I was pretty sure she was enjoying what I was doing but I really wanted to taste her.

I pulled myself away from her breasts and moved down her body. I was just going to eat her but decided I wanted her to really see so I lifted her hips up and put her legs over my shoulders. Holding onto her hips, I pushed my face into her pussy and started to eat her. Jen let out a really sexy moan so I licked away even faster. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me to her. I continued to lick at her cunt, pushing my tongue into her, sucking her lips into my mouth and sucking her clit. Jen was playing with her nipples, tweaking them and rolling them (quite hard – she likes much rougher nipple play than I do).

With her legs over my shoulders I couldn’t move to much so ended up slipping a hand under her ass and rubbing her asshole. I knew she didn’t want to play around and I wasn’t going to tease her (I really wanted to see her cum). With all the stimulation she was getting (and how worked up she had been) it took hardly any time and she started a passionate rendition of her usual mewing sounds. I kept eating her through her orgasm and then slowed down as it started to fade. I continued to lick her until she was completely finished (nit much more gently) and then let her legs fall back onto the bed so I could crawl up her body and kiss her.

She tasted herself off my face and thanked me for a wonderful greeting present but said it was my turn now. I felt like I was ready to explode (seeing Jen cum usually does that to me) and asked her how she wanted me. She got me to climb over her face and she ate me while I rubbed myself back and forth (she’d been watching a video online the previous night with this position in it). I really got off knowing that I was smearing my cunt juice over her whole face (and of course what she was doing with her tongue when I was over her mouth helped quite a bit!). I also came quickly and could feel Jen’s tongue wiggling deep inside me which felt both strange and wonderful.

We lay beside each other and kissed for a while and decided that we really needed some lunch. Technically we needed lunch before we started, but we hadn’t even considered that as an option! Jen wiped her face clean and slipped on her skirt and top and told me to wear he gown. She knew that I enjoy being in Uni halls and had planned to help me make the most of it. Her gown is quite light (similar to the one she has in York) but enough to not overtly show anything (unless of course your nipples are hard like mine were in which case it’s fairly obvious). I slipped it on and we went to the kitchen. There were a couple of other people there – one girl I’d met before and a man who I didn’t know. Jen introduced me and he was clearly staring at my breasts and I wished I’d done the gown up slightly looser to tease him. The best I could do was to sit down and talk to him and allow the gown to slip open slightly at the bottom to show my thigh.

As we talked (still pretending not to notice that he was staring at my legs and tits) I did a big stretch and breathed in at the same time. That was enough to cause the band around the robe to slip just a little so when I relaxed, it could fall open slightly. I was still covered, but could now feel a slight breeze as the robe was no longer tight.

We ate a light lunch and then wandered back to Jen’s room. I didn’t bother doing the robe up any tighter and by the time we were back it was pretty much open at the front (but we didn’t walk past anyone). Once inside, we both got naked again and I finally got round to unpacking the goodies I had brought with me. Jen really wanted to try out the long dildo while she was on her bike but before that I wanted to have another play with her. I put some of the heat gel on her nipples and a little of the tingle gel on her ass and pussy. As it started to work, I held her from behind and used an egg on her clit.

Jen ground her ass back against me and I tried to push into her to get some feeling on my pussy – it certainly felt nice but wasn’t going to get me off so I concentrated on her. She braced herself against her cupboard and I kept rubbing the egg over her pussy and clit (mostly her clit). The gels were working properly on her now and I reached around to her breasts and tweaked her nipples. As she got closer, I pressed the egg harder against her clit and pulled on her nipples more. When she came, she had to crouch down so there was a little interruption while I got the egg back in place, but she seemed to cope with things.

She sat down properly to recover and I saw how I wanted to cum next – I stood in front of her (facing away from her) and handed her the egg. I spread my legs and leant forwards so I could hold on to the desk – presenting my pussy for Jen to play with. After a bit of shuffling around, I got into the right position and Jen could get the egg onto my clit and her tongue into my pussy. While she was licking away at me I told her that this would be the ideal position to do with her door open (we weren’t directly in line with the door, but someone could have easily caught a glimpse – or seen us properly if they had tried). I didn’t want to stop the feelings that were building in me so I made a note to try that later in the week (and I’m writing it here to remind me).

Jen kept licking me (and using the egg) until I came again. We then snuggled up in bed for a while and just kissed and made plans for the rest of my visit. There is a group going out tonight and we’re going to join them so we’re just about to start getting ready. Jen has someone she wants me to meet but won’t tell me who it is...

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