Saturday, 27 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 10 - Saturday Morning

I meant to post this earlier but I've only just finished working for the day...


Jen didn’t wake up, but I just enjoyed spooning up against her with my pussy still gently throbbing as I fell asleep.

We slept in quite late – Jen got up a little before I did (but she went to sleep quite a while before I did) and I only just got up before midday. I could have slept a bit longer, but I don’t want to waste the remaining time I’ve got here (I’m heading back on Tuesday).

We’ve just finished talking to Mike and made him cum. He couldn’t believe that Jen let me eat her in lectures and really wants to try to do the same to me. Technically I don’t have to go to seminars any more, but we think that if he can get away from work, that we might try to go to one together so he can do to me what I did to Jen. He also let on that not all of the ideas that Jen has come up with this week have been her own – they have been exchanging emails since we knew I would be visiting and have developed a lot of the ‘schedule’ for the week together. Jen says that this means she can now show me off to her friends as much as she wants to (because she’s been so restrained up until now!) Mike has said that he will treat Jen to a double ended dildo so that she can continue to use it on a bike, but she has to wear it around him sometime and go for a bike ride with him. Jen has agreed to this so we’re heading out into town to buy it once we’re ready.

We’ve just got back from breakfast and I had to wear another short t-shirt (the first one needs washing). Today’s one is about an inch or so longer and even though I would have felt exposed in it a week ago, I hardly thought about what people could see. To be fair, I was somewhat distracted as Jen pushed the remote egg into me while we were in the corridor and while we sat in the kitchen, she had the remote on the table beside her and kept playing with the settings. I presume that nobody actually knew what she was doing, but it felt so public and I finished up quickly so we could go back to her room.

We decided to go have a shower (both to get clean and to fool around). We also needed to shave each other to ensure we were nice and smooth for going out tonight. We started off washing each other down and kissing – which moved on to fingering. I still had the egg in me and Jen had it on pulse mode. This isn’t enough to make me cum, but it also means that I can have it like that for longer without it irritating my pussy. Jen stood beside me and rubbed my ass with one hand, my pussy with the other and sucked on my nipples. I came faster than I wanted to and Jen said that she would shave me while I recovered (she did at least turn the egg off). I remained standing while she did my mons and then sat on the bench area while she lathered up and shaved my lips. She did the lick test and found a spot she had missed (so redid that bit) and was then satisfied I was again nice and smooth. She also did my legs and then her own before being ready for me to shave her pussy.

Jen’s public hair seems to grow much slower than mine and we could have probably got away with not doing it, but while we were there I thought we should do her for completeness (which had nothing to do with the fact that I’ll take any excuse to get my face near her pussy). We started off under the shower and I made sure that plenty of hot water ran over her pussy and (just like she had) I shaved her mons under the running water. Now Jen is a bit more flexible than I am and she managed to lift a leg high enough that I could get some of her lips done (first she lifted one leg then the other, and how she kept her balance in a wet shower I’m not quite sure). To finish her off properly, she moved over to the bench and sat with her feet up beside her hips so she was spread wide. I quickly lathered her and was going to start to shave when I thought of a better way. Instead of crouching down, I sat directly in front of her with my legs folder under me. The shower stall isn’t that wide, so this meant that my ass was right up against the far side and given there is about a foot gap at the bottom, it and my feet would have been visible from the next stall.

We were alone in the bathroom (although I would have probably stayed in that position even if we hadn’t been) so once I had shaved her and she had rinsed herself off, I got her to sit in front of me again so I could check how good a job I’d done. Jen put a towel down and sat on the bench with her hips forwards and put her feet back up on the seat on either side of her. I can’t imagine that it would be the case, but girls, if you haven’t tried being eaten like then, then have a go (or guys, score some brownie points by getting your gf to let you introduce her to it). I know that I really enjoy it, but Jen seems to find it even better (possibly due to the fact that she can spread her legs wide enough that it pulls her pussy quite a bit open).

It’s also gives me a really beautiful view and when she then spreads her outer lips, I can see right into the depths of her cunt. Especially when she’s like that, I wish my tongue was as long as hers (or possibly anime-tongue length so I could get it the whole way into her and lick the entire length of her cunt). I did the best I could and while she held herself open I pushed my face against her and licked inside her. I definitely did something right (but I have had practise!) as she let out a low moan and was soon breathing heavily. I concentrated on her clit for a while and got her nicely flushed (and humping against my face) so I knew she was quite close. I intended to tease her for a little while so I backed off slightly and concentrated on her lips again.

When Jen is close to cumming, she is even more beautiful than she usually is and that coupled with the look of lust that builds in her meant that I stood no chance of resisting playing with myself. I hadn’t intended to, but I dropped a hand to my pussy and started to finger myself while I continued to tease Jen. She knew what I was doing and told me not to keep her waiting for too long. We heard the door open around this time and someone else got into a shower – it wasn’t the one beside us so they probably didn’t see my ass (unless they did and that’s why they chose the other one). I didn’t intend to let their presence stop me and I told Jen (quietly) to pull herself open again so I could get inside her.

I licked her for a bit longer and then I slid the fingers that I’d been using on myself into her and then back into myself. I alternated like this for a while to mix our juices. I don’t know why, but I *really* love knowing that Jen’s cunt juice is inside me. I don’t think it’s ‘sexier’ or ‘dirtier’ than eating her and actually swallowing it, but for some reason it just feels wonderful knowing that she is inside me. Jen really wanted to cum now and was breathing quite heavily – she just said “Please” and looked so cute that I thought I would give her what she wanted. She was still holding herself open and I used my thumb to rubbed her clit, watching her pussy contracting away. I licked her a few more times and then decided that she had been good enough that she deserved a treat.

I told her (very quietly as the other person had finished in the shower and was wandering around in the bathroom) that she could pee if she wanted. She smiled and nodded at me said she would make herself cum. I moved my hand away and she started to rub her clit and it looked like she was really caught up in the feelings. I pulled her pussy open as I wanted to watch everything (and it is wonderful watching the inside of a cunt contracting). I took a bit of a chance and licked her for a bit (I didn’t want her to pee in my mouth – we don’t do that and I don’t think I want to). I pulled away to watch her again and it was obvious how close she was. Her head was tilted back against the wall and she was mouthing something over and over again (I later found out it was just ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’). I saw her tense up and she sprayed me with pee, she kept rubbing herself (and I kept rubbing myself) until she had finished cumming and she relaxed.

She let out a little sigh and looked down at me and smiled once again and then told me not to let myself cum as she wanted to play when we were out (I could have done both, but was all too aware I only had a few more days there so I wanted to give her whatever she wanted). It still took a bit of self control to stop myself, but I stood up (carefully as my legs ached somewhat) and went over to shower myself clean. Jen came and kissed me and thanked me but said I would pay for having teased her. I told her that it was just revenge for what she’d been doing to me all week but apparently I still have to pay anyway.

We went back to her room and got ready to go out. Our first destination was a private shop in order to try to get Mike’s present for her. Jen knew somewhere and it turned out to be quite a good little place – they had all sorts of interesting toys and she made me go up to the counter to ask. That didn’t bother me though and the nice (but clearly pervy) man showed me where they were. Jen asked if there was a ‘try before you buy’ policy and I was quite glad when he said no as while I didn’t mind her showing me off to her friends, the guy creeped me out a bit. (He did think about it for a bit and give us a fairly long look before he said no). We also got some more tingle gel (somehow we had almost emptied the bottle I’d brought with me and we left with our brown paper bag.

Jen had her next idea (this one was all down to her) and we went clothes shopping. To be more precise, we went to pretend to try things on so that we could play with each other. This is one of the best things about having a girlfriend – of course Mike isn’t allowed to come in to changing rooms with me, but most places have no problem with two girls going in together. We did the usual fingering and a bit of licking and I had a good idea that Jen was just going to tease me but then she pulled out the dildo and said I should wear it. Now I wasn’t wearing tights and I pointed out that it would be somewhat obvious if the dildo was just dangling down (plus it would have fallen out – while I’ve been practising my contractions, I’m sure that I couldn’t hold it in me for very long if I was standing!)

Jen said she had something else in mind and got me to bend over – she flicked my skirt up and squirted some gel onto the dildo and I watched her press the dildo against my ass (this is another good thing about a changing room – mirrors mean you can see everything!) She got it into me and told me to stand and admire myself in the mirror. The dildo was hanging down below my skirt, but at least stayed in me, then Jen told me to lean back against the wall and she pushed the free end into my pussy. This felt nice, but she hadn’t finished playing. She told me to sit down and fuck myself with it while she went to get some more clothes. I did this (carefully while she opened the curtain to step out and when she returned). She brought back some bras for me to try on and I found that the dildo kept slowly slipping out of my pussy when I was standing.

She then stuck her head out the curtain and asked if the assistant could help us. The girl came in and Jen asked her which bra fitted me better. The girl (probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s) didn’t seem to mind and inspected the bra I had on and then watched while I changed into the second one. What she didn’t see was that all this time, the dildo had been slowly slipping out of my pussy and it felt like it was just about to escape and swing down. I was standing with my legs pressed together, trying to keep it in me (which actually felt pretty good but I was too nervous to enjoy it). Jen asked her to get a slightly different size and as soon as she was out of the cubicle, I grabbed for the dildo. As soon as I moved, it popped out and was left hanging there. Jen thought this was hilarious (and I did see the funny side of it). I had to decide whether to pull it out completely and bag it or put it back in before the assistant returned and I went for the latter. She came back and offered the new bra (which did actually fit better) and even helped make sure that it wasn’t too tight or dig in to me. She was probably a perfectly innocent girl just trying to help out (it’s not as if she was groping me or playing with my nipples) but it did seem as if she checked it for a bit longer than was really needed.

We thanked her for her help and she left us alone (I would have liked to remove my bra again while she was there, but didn’t). I had managed to keep the dildo in me a bit better this time, but only by constantly trying to suck it into me, which had got me even more worked up. I lifted my skirt and started to move the dildo in me again but Jen said that I wasn’t allowed to cum yet and I had to remove it (I’m sure if she could have thought of a way of keeping it in me that she would have make me wear it all day). We left the store with my pussy tingling (which had become its usual state over the past week) and went for a coffee (seriously, how does Jen sleep so well?)

Over coffee, we discussed the assistant and Jen said that she thought she was quite cute (she wasn’t really my taste). Jen said she really enjoyed watching her fondle me and had hoped that she would start to do more. I said that if she had touched my nipples I would have let the dildo slide out and we could have used the free end on her. That led to a reasonably long fantasy session that included a lot of positions that really wouldn’t be possible in the confines of a changing room but seemed fun anyway.

We grabbed a mid afternoon snack before heading back to Jen’s place to rest. I’ve been informed that the place we’re going to tonight is a lot livelier than last night’s club so I’ll need to be well rested. Before that though, I’ve convinced Jen that we should christen her new dildo properly so we’re off for a late afternoon fuck followed by a sleep.

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