Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 11 - Saturday Evening

This is a fairly long post - I hope you all enjoy it...


We tested the dildo out and it performed admirably. We didn’t do anything crazy with it, just had it in us both at the same time and Jen lay on me and rocked back and forth. This wasn’t enough for us to actually cum, but it meant we could kiss and get very close before Jen sat back and we rubbed each other (while still sharing the dildo). We timed our rubbing so we came together and then cuddled up and dozed off for a few hours. I only remembered when we woke up that I had meant to get Jen to invite Lucy round and got her to call. I was very glad that she managed to catch her and we arranged to have dinner together later today (Sunday).

We showered once again (much more quickly this time) and got ready. Jen said that given what she had in mind, I should wear some panties and as much as I didn’t want to, I put some on. I didn’t mind too much though as we were going out in our schoolgirl outfits. I had my red tartan skirt on with long white socks (so I chose plain white panties) and Jen had her blue/green tartan skirt (also with white socks). I tried to convince Jen to go out without bra or panties on (as I’ve said before, her breasts are small and perky enough that she doesn’t really need one), but she declined (which I thought was a pity as it would have made it a lot easier for me to tease her somewhat sensitive nipples.

I wasn’t too disappointed though (Jen in a school uniform makes it kind of difficult to be sad) and we wandered along to Mel’s room to collect her. She wasn’t quite ready and we didn’t leave her place until 11. Mel had a dark skirt on with long black socks and her blouse tied around under her breasts. We all went round to someone else’s place (Chrissy I think) for our pre-outing drinks and I began to get an idea of what the place might be like (or so I thought). It was mostly a different crowd who we were going out with – mainly the group from Tuesday but sadly Lucy wasn’t going to be there as I would have loved to see her as a schoolgirl. There were a number of goth schoolgirls there and it’s kind of difficult to describe, but the atmosphere was just very different from the group we went out with on Friday. They mostly seemed quite nice (apart from a few emo’s who I ended up avoiding as they were just being too moody).

Jen and I weren’t the only brightly dressed ones there and we had plenty to keep our eyes busy. Some skirts were rather shorter than I would generally wear (going out in public at least) and Jen said that she told me tonight’s club was a bit more hardcore. I refused a third drink and told Jen that I didn’t want to be too drunk and waste Sunday – especially as we had Lucy coming round. Jen told some of the others that I quite liked little Lucy and I felt very coy about it but managed to laugh it off despite the teasing. Jen said that I was hers and hers alone and gave me a big kiss to mark her territory. While we kissed, she started to fondle my ass and slid her hands under my skirt. I wasn’t really drunk enough for that yet, but pressed back against her as she rubbed my panties (I knew my skirt was high enough that anyone who wanted to could see). We got a few wolf whistles and by this time most people had were ready to head out.

We weren’t the only ones putting on a PDA and I did see a fair bit of groping and kissing on the way (boy-girl, girl-girl and boy-boy). We ended up at a rather run down looking place that had a large group of proper Goths hanging around outside it. I really felt like I didn’t fit in, but at least the guy on the door seemed to know some of the people we were with so we got in fairly quickly. It was certainly a very different club to the one we’d been at before – much darker, much louder and much heavier music. We made our way over to the bar and ordered drinks – it was really difficult to hear anything above the music unless someone yelled directly into your ear. We were led to another part of the club which was a bit quieter where we could ‘talk’ (it was only relatively quieter – I could still hardly hear!)

After a bit of shouting, our hosts told us to have fun and went off to dance. Jen and I wandered out onto the dance floor and thrashed around together for a bit (about the only way you could dance to that kind of music). The place was quite hot and we needed more to drink fairly quickly so we returned to the bar and got more beer. My eyes had adjusted to the dark by now (although that was somewhat destroyed while we stood at the bar which was the only well lit place in the club). As we went back to the side room to see if we could find anyone and I while we drank and tried to cool down a bit, we noticed that a number of people were involved in rather heavy petting.

It wasn’t everyone by any means (nothing like some of the hardcore parties I’ve seen videos of online), but there were a good number of couples making out, both on the dance floor (well, area where people were mostly dancing) and off to the side. I asked Jen if she had known what this place was like and she told me that she hadn’t been here before but had been told about it by her friends and had wanted to come explore it with me. We put our drinks down (and had no intention of picking them up again) and went back out to dance some more. We got into things a bit more this time (and got a lot hotter doing so). We could see other girls who had ‘lost’ their tops and given how sweaty I was, I told Jen to unbutton my blouse.

I danced with my back to her and felt her hands stroking and pulling on my breasts for a while before she started to undo the buttons. She left the bottom one done up and her hands went up to my bra and started to fondle me. As far as I could tell, nobody was really looking at us so I turned around and kissed her and said I wanted to do the same to her. Now I actually thought that she would refuse, but she let me open her blouse and rubbed her ass against my crotch while I played with her nipples through her bra. There were a few topless men around and after a bit of searching (it was very dark), I finally found some naked breasts. Given we wouldn’t be the only ones, I slid my hands under Jen’s bra and pushed it up – I had just got to her nips when she stopped me and covered herself back up.

I was told that she was the one in charge and she had to punish me. Again, I had to dance with my back to her and she fondled by breasts, but this time she pushed her hands into my bra and played with my nipples directly. (Mostly) the people around us didn’t pay too much attention but my breasts weren’t really exposed as my bra was still mostly covering them. I don’t know if they had been watching us or if it was a coincidence, but it wasn’t long before some of our group found us. We continued to dance, even though we were really hot and I saw some hands under skirts and what looked like naked asses (I think they had thongs on but they may have been pantiless).

Jen yelled in my ear that it was time to do a bit more and I knew exactly what she was going to do – a hand trailed down my stomach and started to rub my pussy through my skirt. It felt very different knowing that there were other people around doing similar things. In a way it wasn’t as exciting, but at the same time it felt really good being able to not worry and just enjoy the feeling. I knew she was slowly pulling my skirt up and then felt her fingers on my panties. It was just as well that they didn’t have UV lights as I’m sure white panties would have shown up quite well under them.

This certainly wasn’t like Tuesday night – instead of relatively gentle stroking, Jen was really rubbing me and I wondered if she was going to try to make me cum in front of them (yes, I would have let her). That wasn’t her plan though – just to show that I would do whatever she wanted. She even let me rub her panties for a bit. At one point she did get a bit carried away and push the crotch aside a bit so she could rub my lips. I was feeling very turned on and drunkenly brave so told her that if she wanted, she could take them off. We had a yelled conversation to decide whether she should and it is very liberating knowing that you can yell “IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF HERE AND FINGER MY CUNT PROPERLY, YOU CAN” while surrounded by people who can’t hear.

After a bit of discussion, Jen decided that we would go for it, but would duck into the toilets to remove them. I managed to get Jen to remove hers as well and after a bit more negotiation, Jen got me to remove my bra and (sort of) do up my top (it was just buttoned over my breasts). I really wanted Jen to do the same and she eventually capitulated and we left the toilets. We dumped our underwear with our beer bottles (which were surprisingly still there, but we weren’t tempted to drink out of them) and went back out to dance.

Jen quickly slid her hands up under my blouse and cupped my breasts and it felt so much better without the bra in the way. I still wasn’t really showing anything off as Jen’s hands covered me so I allowed my top to ride up slightly and make it easier for her. We then danced properly again (face to face) so we could kiss. The room was now a lot more crowded and Jen ran her hands down my back and onto my ass. Between the darkness and the number of people I didn’t think anyone would see anything (and I wanted to cum) so I didn’t resist and felt her fingers pressing against the opening to my pussy. I wasn’t allowed to do the same to her, but she did move a hand between us that found its way to my clit.

We were still beside her friends and I finally found the limit of how much of me she wanted to show off. I was leaning against her and told her that she could make me cum (I actually told her that she “COULD LIFT UP MY SKIRT AND MAKE ME CUM PROPERLY” if she wanted, but she said that she didn’t want them to see me naked as I’m meant to be hers alone (unless Lucy, Lis or Sue ever want to join us in which case we have agreed that we’ll share each other). In case you’re wondering, Mike doesn’t count as he’s male.

I really wanted to cum quite badly (you try having exhibitionist tendencies and being fingered while surrounded by people and see what it does to you) so tried to convince her that if she wouldn’t finish things off in the club that I wanted to go home (or anywhere else where I could cum). While Jen may not have wanted her friends to actually see me cum, she did take advantage of my desperation and make sure that they knew how much I wanted her. Jen told me that we could go if I begged her to make me cum in front of Mel and the girl she was dancing with. I said that I would (Mel was the one who heard us doing things in the shower the first day I was here so it really didn’t seem that big a deal to me) and we moved over towards them. Jen leaned over and told them that we were thinking of leaving and they leaned towards me and asked if it was because I didn’t like the place. I shouted back that I loved it here but that I was desperate for Jen to fuck me. I thought that Mel looked almost shocked at first, but she then grinned at me and told me to have fun.

We said goodbye to a few others and Jen got me to tell some of them why we were leaving early (not that it was really early, it was almost 2). I dutifully told whoever she asked me to and it quickly stopped feeling strange telling relative strangers that I needed to be fingered or that I wanted to taste Jen’s pussy. We found that someone had moved our underwear, Jen’s bra was on the floor and was rather dirty, but there was no sign of my bra or our panties. We got our coats and headed outside to the much cooler air. It was a lot warmer than Friday night and a few times on the way home, we stopped and one of us lifted the other’s skirt and had a lick. I was much braver than Jen and stood with my skirt raised for longer, but that just meant that I ended up more frustrated we didn’t do things long enough to cum).

On the way home, we wondered who had taken our panties and had a discussion as to whether we thought there was some guy jerking off into them or a girl tasting them while fingering herself. Given how warm it had been and the rubbing that Jen had done, I knew that my panties had been quite wet so I just hope that whoever has them enjoys them. The cold air made us feel drunker than we had in the club and our conversation got sillier and our touching a bit more passionate. We had a group walk past us when we were locked in a kiss and got a number of comments like ‘fucking dykes’. I noticed that a number of the men looked back at us a few times though and if Jen’s coat hadn’t been as long I might have given them a flash of her ass.

When we got home I decided that I wanted to try things on the roof again given it was a bit warmer. We went straight up there (and almost fell down the stairs at one point). We remembered just in time to be quiet before we went out onto the roof and we heard that the other group was there again (okay, so we don’t know if was the same people, but they were in the same place). We snuck over to our side of the roof and started kissing up against a vent – I really wanted to cum and quickly had Jen’s top open and this was soon followed by mine. Our fingers were soon in each other’s cunts and we rubbed and fingered until we had both cum (I came first by a fair margin).

We put our coats down on the floor and I lay on my back so we could 69. It had been great fun being naked the previous night, but I love having Jen sitting over my face with her white socks and tartan skirt on and we were pretty much naked anyway (tops undone and skirts pulled up). I ate Jen with wild abandon and was fairly vocal in how she was making me feel. At one point she reminded me that we weren’t alone up there but I was so far gone I told her that I didn’t care if they heard or even came over to watch. Jen did care though and so I managed to quiet down a bit and just moaned into her pussy as I came.

When we had both cum (again), we lay beside each other on our coats and looked up at the stars. It was just about warm enough for us and we just cuddled for a few minutes before I started to rub myself against her leg. I think Jen’s exact comment was “Oh for fuck’s sake, I can’t keep up with you”. She told me that if I still needed to cum that I should go over and do it with the group on the other side of the roof. I assumed that she was joking and slipped my fingers into her and then she turned to me and dared me to really go over to them. I asked her if she was serious and she said that if I relaly liked the fantasy so much then even if I wasn’t going to actually fuck them (and she knew that I wasn’t going to do that), why shouldn’t I go over and let them see me cum.

I realised that I was actually considering doing it but asked her what had happened to be being hers and hers alone and she said that it didn’t really count if I was just fulfilling a fantasy and I should go and see what they thought of me. I think she thought that I wouldn’t dare do it (but she should have known me better by now) and I said okay. I did up my blouse and put my shoes back on and we moved over towards them. Jen found somewhere where she could watch from but remain fairly well hidden and I walked over to them.

I hadn’t actually decided what I was going to say but inspiration struck me on the way over. There were only 4 people there (all men – or boys). They looked a bit startled at first and one of them tried to hide the ‘cigarette’ and I said that they didn’t have to worry. I asked if any of them had seen a bra on the roof as I’d lost it last night. This seemed to confuse them, but then again they didn’t really seem in much of a state to figure things out. I continued and told them again that I’d lost it last night while playing up on the roof. One of them asked me what I was playing and I told them that I had been naked up there.

A couple of them seemed to perk up a little at this and I decided to carry on. I stroked my breasts through my top and said that they were really too big to go without a bra so I really wanted to find it. I undid a few buttons and let my blouse fall open enough to see I didn’t have a bra on and then slipped a hand in to rub my breast. I couldn’t believe what I was actually doing and could feel my pussy tingling. I needed an excuse to do more, so asked them if they had anything I could drink – they passed me up a bottle of something that didn’t smell too good and I pretended to take a swig of it before handing it back. I undid my top completely, pulled out a breast for them to see and continued to play with it.

I then stood where it was reasonably well lit and lifted my skirt for them to see my pussy. I pushed a finger into myself and let out a little moan. They were all staring at me so I decided that I would do it properly and pulled my skirt off. I raised a leg onto the side of the roof and fingered myself properly. I actually wish I had continued until I’d cum, but after a few minutes I said that I should probably get back and picked up my skirt. As I was leaving, I told them I might visit again the next time I was in town. When I got back to Jen, she offered me my coat, but I just handed her my skirt. She couldn’t believe what I’d done (although it wasn’t really that much). We walked back to the stairwell and I loved the fact that I was practically naked and not hiding at all (my blouse was fully open and I was naked from the waist down – other than my socks of course, but they didn’t really hide anything!).

We walked down to Jen’s floor and had to pass Mel’s room. Jen grabbed my arm and held me there while she pretended to knock on the door (she wasn’t really holding me hard and I could have got away if I wanted but I decided it would be more fun to play her at her own game. I slipped a hand under her skirt from behind and found her pussy (it was pretty much where it always is so it didn’t take long for me to find it!). I pulled my other arm away from her and knocked on Mel’s door. Jen couldn’t move away as I had a thumb inside her and was holding her in place. I don’t really know what I had planned (okay, so I hadn’t got anything planned) but it didn’t matter as Mel wasn’t back yet. Jen then tried to hurry me back to her room, but I figured that given what I’d just done on the roof, coupled with the face that I’d already shown a fair amount to people on her corridor, that if anyone came along, they could see me.

When we got back to her room, I stripped her naked (other than her socks) and went down on her. Jen sat on the bed and I knelt on the floor between her legs and licked away at her cunt. I didn’t make her cum, but got her nicely turned on and then switched places with her. I watched her working between my legs and I really started to wish that I had been a bit braver on the roof and done more. At the very least, I could have sat and spread my legs and fingered myself properly until I came for them. Or I could have gone further and let them wank off and cum over me (or maybe even given them a helping hand). I was telling Jen about all of this and it certainly helped me cum – my fantasy was now a step closer and so felt so much more real.

I told Jen that we should have given them a real treat and let them watch the two of us. Of course she isn’t up for that, but I’m sure it would be fun. Jen lay down and I used her new long dildo – I had thought that she would want a nice gentle cum to fall asleep to but she asked for me to pound it into her. I lay beside her so I could alternate between kissing her and licking her nipples and we figured out how deep we could get the dildo into her. I then positioned my hand around it so I couldn’t push it in too far and started to move it in and out. Jen opened her legs and told me to go harder, so I did – until my hand was hitting her cunt every time I pushed it into her. I bit down on a nipple as she came and she arched her body up with the intensity of the feelings.

Of course, this made me want to cum again even more, but she looked quite spent and so I pulled the covers up, curled up beside her and gently rubbed myself against her leg while we fell asleep. This led to some pretty interesting dreams and I woke up a few times and was very tempted to pounce on Jen, but for once I behaved myself.


  1. Dear Andi,

    Let's get this straight. You walked up to four strange males without wearing underwear, opened Your blouse, removed Your skirt and proceeded to masturbate in front of them with Your legs wide apart, BUT YOU DIDN'T DO MUCH?!?!


  2. Be careful Andi, we know you're a savvy chick, but no one wants to see anything happen to you (you & the guys on the roof).

    Poor Mike must've been ready to burst at this point! :)

  3. You know that is probably a night they will either never forget or wish they weren't as stoned as they had been.

  4. Okay, so that alone was quite a bit, but it wasn't much compared to what I could have done...

    I know it was a bit of a risk, but I knew that Jen was there as well so if anything had happened she could have called for help. I also assumed (rightly) that they would be too stoned to do anything bad.

    I'm not going to forget it in a hurry either - I just wish I'd had the nerve to do a bit more (not having sex with them, but at least cumming in front of them or letting them cum on me).

    Mmm - I didn't reread this post when I posted it yesterday, but I think we might go away and do that now and then take relieve any 'tension' that it causes :)