Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 2

We went out last night and had a pretty good time, but I’ll continue from where I left off last time...
We obviously needed a shower before we got ready and so wandered over to the bathroom (another communal one, which I would probably hate if I lived there but offers many opportunities which I can enjoy as a visitor). The shower is a similar design to the one that Sue has in her halls – there are three stalls beside each other with doors at the end, a bench area just inside the door and the shower at the far end of the stall. We washed each other down and then heard someone else come into the bathroom. Jen’s hand went straight to my pussy and she pushed two fingers into me. I wasn’t going to just stand there so I did the same to her and started rubbing her clit with my thumb to try to get her to cum first.
In short, I lost and came first (which isn’t a bad was to lose). It became obvious that I was going to cum before Jen and I stopped fingering her. She pressed me up against the wall and whispered in my ear that she wanted to hear me cum. I asked if she was sure (there was still at least one other person in the bathroom) and she said that she intended to show me off to everyone this week. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant but I liked the sound of it so started moaning and telling her what I could feel. I wasn’t screaming or anything, but I made sure that it was obvious what was happening (“Mmm, yes, rub my clit... get your fingers deeper inside me...”).
I didn’t make too much noise when I came but I’m sure the other person knew. I was nicely fired up again and if Jen wanted to play then I certainly wasn’t going to stop her so as soon as I had recovered I said “Right, it’s your turn now. I want to eat that sweet little cunt.”. Jen didn’t say anything, she just leant against the wall and spread her legs. I knelt down and started to lick her (she had to move a bit as there was too much water running into my face at first). Jen gently held my head in place and I lapped away at her. I occasionally threw in a comment like “Your pussy tastes wonderful” (and it did). I could see that Jen was getting quite close and the view was arousing enough that I ended up fingering myself while I ate her. Jen came first this time (I had already cum once). She wasn’t very loud, but certainly wasn’t silent (I don’t know if she was loud enough to be heard over the shower though).
I sat back and kept fingering myself as I was fairly close to my second orgasm but Jen told me to stand up and switch places. I thought she was going to eat me, but when she was crouched in front of me, she started to pump two fingers into me and rub my clit. She crawled closer to me and whispered up to me that she wanted me to pee when I came. I was way too close to argue with her (and I know she likes it) so as my orgasm hit, I let out a stream of piss. I say stream, but given she had two fingers pumping into my cunt, it was more of a spray that went everywhere. My legs were covered (as was Jen, but she looked happy) and I kept peeing until I was done.
As much as watersports aren’t really my thing, I have to admit that it felt really good, probably because I really relaxed and just went with it. I don’t think I said anything when I came, but I did make noise (a bit more than the first cum). When I had finished, Jen stood up and kissed me and I wasn’t too surprised to feel warmth running down my legs. I reached around her and played with her pussy while she peed and I told her (quietly) that she was a dirty little bitch. She just replied that I had appeared to enjoy it and I didn’t really have an answer to that so we just kissed some more.
We washed ourselves down (again) and dried off in the stall before putting on our dressing gowns to return to her room. Jen dared me to not tie up my gown and of course I was quite happy to accept the dare. We walked out into the bathroom and Jen said hi to the girl who was standing there (we assume she was the one who had been there the whole time). Mel (the girl) said hi back and gave Jen a grin. When we returned to her room, Jen told me she was glad that Mel had heard us and that she was one of the people coming out with us later that night. We got ready with minimal sex play but Jen said that she wanted me to be turned on before we went so I had to sit on the bed while she fucked me with the long dildo. I told her when I was getting close to cumming and she stopped and sucked it clean.
We both had mid-thigh length skirts on with knee tights and panties (Jen’s idea and I found out why later). We met up with a couple of people outside the halls (Mel amongst them) and wandered towards a bar. We ended up with a reasonable sized group, many of whom I hadn’t met before, but they all seemed quite nice. Jen was very touchy-feely, holding my waist and running her hands over my back and ass (and occasionally slipping under my skirt to my panties). Given I’d been teased just before we left, I was feeling very fidgety and wanted to cum. We all ended up sitting on a couple of sofas at one end of the bar and to save space I was on Jen’s lap. We kissed a little and her hands stroked up and down my thighs – not up to my pussy, but a bit under my skirt. I now felt like I was on fire and told Jen (quietly) that I wanted to cum.
My legs were spread a fair amount and Jen ran her hand down the front of my skirt, pressing against my pussy and I instinctively pressed back against her hand. Now I really don’t know if I had been dim and unobservant or if I’d just been distracted, but I noticed a few of the other people were playing with each other (not as blatantly as Jen was playing with me, just stroking arms and kissing). Given we were sitting in a fairly busy bar, I was wondering how much further Jen was planning on going but I decided that I would let her do as much as she wanted (OK, I really wanted to cum so I would have probably let her do anything).
Her hands kept stroking my thighs, moving up slightly higher, but still staying away from my pussy apart from the occasional press against it. I told that it wasn’t fair and she slipped a hand down the front of my skirt and across my pussy again, but this time she pushed her fingers under my skirt and pulled it up a bit and ran her fingers directly over my panties. Apparently my face gave away just how good it felt. Unfortunately she only rubbed me a couple of times before letting my skirt fall back down. I told her that I wanted us to go somewhere more private so we could finish off and Jen said that I’d have to wait and then told me I should probably close my legs. I realised that I had been sitting with them spread quite wide and I actually considered rubbing myself as I felt so close to cumming. After a few seconds I decided that, even though it would probably feel nice, it probably wasn’t the best idea so I slowly closed my legs, trying to calm myself down at the same time.
I paid a bit more attention to our companions and saw that there were a number of them hugging and guessed that Jen had found the University LesBiGay society. This turned out to be true (although not everyone there was a lesbian, we even had some straight men in the group). There were a few good looking girls (but none as pretty as Jen) and a few with the short cropped hair look (not really my thing). We had another drink and then decided to move to another place. On the way I told Jen that she was being mean (but that I enjoyed it) and reminded her that if she let anyone else see us do things then Mike would certainly want to see as well. This didn’t phase her (and I knew Mike doesn’t mind other people seeing her do things to me as long as he gets to see it) so I was looking forwards to what might happen.
Jen confirmed that a lot of the people out with us were from LebBiGay and that she intended to show me off to them. As I said before, Jen has really become a lot more confident about her sexuality (which of course I take all the credit for!). It actually never occurred to me that I might have been able to find someone to experiment with at York by joining LesBiGay – but I’m very glad that I didn’t as then Jen wouldn’t have been my ‘first’.
I told Jen that if she continued to maul me in front of her friends then I would have to do the same back to her but she told me once again that I was now in her town so I had to do what I was told and if I didn’t, then she wouldn’t have sex with me (we both knew that would never happen, but I said I would do as I was told). Jen has apparently been boasting about having an older girlfriend and telling everyone how much I love her (true) and that I would do anything for her (also true).
Jen got a text and said that the person she wanted me to meet would be coming along to the next bar – she still wouldn’t tell me anything about them but when she turned up, I knew why she had been excited. She was a first year girl, about my height and she looked almost exactly like the young Pavlina (one of my favourite online girls of all time). I later found out that she was a new member of LesBiGay. She isn’t a virgin (she had already had a girlfriend but they broke up when she came to Uni and had briefly dated someone else earlier in the academic year) and was now single. She is called Lucy (which is a really common name, but I realised I don’t know anyone else with that name) and has become friends with Jen over the past few months. Jen has been keeping her appearance as a surprise for me (I have heard her name mentioned a few times).

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy*

I had all sorts of plans going through my head and Lis was quickly dropped from my fantasy threesome with Jen (sorry Lis). We chatted for a bit and Jen ended up hugging me from behind. It turned out that Lucy was another girl who liked large breasts. In order to make the point that she had access to some (mine), Jen was rubbing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. My nipples are nowhere near as sensitive as Jen’s (or Sue’s for that matter), but given my earlier teasing and the presence of Lucy, I could feel my pussy start to tingle again. Jen didn’t do any more so I didn’t get too aroused, but enough that I think it was noticed (again).
Lucy went to get a drink and I needed to go to the toilet so dragged Jen off – I was hoping for a bit of action while we were in there, but other than letting me have a quick lick of her pussy, nothing happened. As the evening went on, some of the comments I got helped me to figure out just how much Jen had been telling them about what I would do for/to her. I guess I could have been annoyed with her, but she was telling the truth and the exhibitionist part of me enjoyed knowing that these people knew what I could be like.
Now I’ve finally got time to write entries for this, but I know when I get back to York I’ll be busy again so I’m going to ration out the events from this week (plus I want to have time to actually *do* things to write about). I'll post about the second part of the night tomorrow or Friday (it's back to being like some of my older posts).

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