Friday, 12 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 3

This is the final part of Tuesday night - as I said, I'm going to spread out the postings from this week so that they will cover the period when I get back and have to work on my corrections. I've already got another 3 posts written but hopefully you'll enjoy this and let me know if it helps with any Friday night wank sessions :)


I got teased again when we were dancing – Jen slipped a leg between my legs and guided me so I was rubbing against her. It felt really good but I wished so much that I didn’t have panties on so I could feel it properly and even told Jen that – the problem being that the music was rather loud so I had to shout it to her (but I was drunk enough that I didn’t really care if anyone else heard). We didn’t stay too much longer (which I was grateful for) and Jen took one last chance to torture me with her friends around. While walking home someone made a comment about what I had said on the dance floor and Jen said that she told them I was a horny slut. I was going to object to being called a slut but Jen kissed me and grabbed my ass. Pretty much without thinking about it I pressed up against her (I really wanted to cum) and she grabbed my ass and kneaded it.

We stopped kissing and Jen turned me around, opened my jacket and slid her hand down to my skirt. She pressed against my pussy and I had really had as much as I could take. We weren’t on a main road, so there weren’t many people around (other than our group), but I was horny and drunk enough that I don’t think it would have made any difference – I pushed her hand against my skirt harder and rubbed against it. With her other hand, Jen pulled my skirt up so she was now rubbing against my panties. I desperately wanted to feel more and was apparently moaning a bit – nomatter how hard I tried to push Jen’s hand into my panties, all she would do was rub against them and then said I’d have to wait until we got home. Other than fingering myself (which I really seriously considered) I didn’t have a lot of choice so I concentrated on calming myself down and promised her that she would pay.

It didn’t take long to get home and Jen claimed that she was tired and needed to sleep. I told her that there was no way she was going to sleep until I was satisfied (and I knew she was only teasing me again). I quickly stripped out of my clothes and helped pull her’s off. We started kissing and I was trying to push Jen onto the bed when she said that she needed a bottle of water from the kitchen and I had to go get it. As much as I wanted her, I was with it enough to know that I would need some water or would feel very bad in the morning (which I still did anyway, I’m not used to drinking as much as I did). I went to grab my dressing gown and Jen said I had to go in a t-shirt and passed one to me. Now given Jen is taller than me, I assumed that it would be quite long, but it pretty much only just covered my ass when I pulled it down and certainly didn’t cover it when I walked.

Jen was just grinning at me and was effectively daring me to wear it so I just said “Fine” and opened the door. I walked to the kitchen (only getting the wrong room once) and got the water. On the way back I saw a couple coming down the hall towards me and knowing that I couldn’t really cover myself up without stopping I opened the water and took a drink of it while walking. This pulled the shirt up slightly (it wasn’t up at my stomach or anything, but they must have got at least a reasonable glimpse of my pussy) and I kept going until I was past them. I didn’t look back to see if they (or at least the man) had turned to watch but I didn’t pull the shirt down to cover my ass either.

When I got back to Jen’s room, I gave her the water and got naked again while she took a swig. As soon as she put the bottle down, I literally pounced on her and told her that this time nothing was going to stop me fucking her little brains out (I assumed she knew I wanted her to do the same to me). I told her how mean she had been in not letting me cum all night and she asked if I would have rather she made me cum in front of everyone. I (made what might turn out to be a mistake and) told her that she could have probably stripped me naked and fucked me whatever way she wanted. I reminded her that she knew how horny I had been feeling over the past few weeks and that it had been torture. She got me to admit that I liked having them watch her touch me and then got me to say that I would let her do it again.

I asked her if she thought we could seduce Lucy and Jen just grinned at me at said that she knew I would fancy her (hey, I can’t count the number of times I’ve cum while looking at pics of Pavlina). Jen said she thought that Lucy was a good little girl but it would be fun to try. As a side note, I know I talk a lot about wanting to sleep with lots of girls, but just because a girl (or guy) is gay, it doesn’t mean that they are easy. From what I can tell, most lesbians are just as picky about wanting to sleep with particular people they like rather than random one night stands (I’m sure there are just as many gay people who want that as there are straight people, but I haven’t met them yet).

We had been kissing and fingering and I’d been doing my best to get Jen as aroused as I was but I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed our original double ended dildo and pushed it into myself before positioning myself to slide it into Jen. I was wet enough for it to go in easily and I never have to worry about Jen being wet enough, so our pussies were soon touching with the dildo buried between us. I was beyond wanting to cum now and just pounded up and down on the dildo. I slammed my cunt against Jen’s over and over again until I came. It wasn’t anywhere near as strong an orgasm as I wanted and I kept pushing and humping against Jen until it was finished.

I had cum first (unsurprisingly) but with my weaker than desired orgasm, I was nowhere near satisfied. I only had to rest for a few seconds before I could start moving again and continued slapping our cunt’s together (with the dildo still buried between us). Jen was well on the way to cumming and she started to rub her clit – I wanted to catch up with her but settled for the pleasure of watching her cum (and when we’re in the scissor position I get a great view of her whole body). I kept moving until she told me to stop and I pulled away from her so the dildo slipped out of us both.

Of course I was still ready to cum again so I climbed up over Jen and planted my pussy on her mouth. I wasn’t going to be selfish though and returned the favour (although given she had just cum she was a bit sensitive to consider it a favour). I reminded her that I said she would pay for teasing me and told her to make me cum again. I was considerate enough that I didn’t directly attack her clit but licked all around her pussy (which was covered with a mixture of our juices). I sucked her lips into my mouth and flicked them back and forth with my tongue, mostly concentrating on what she was doing to me. Jen had figured out that I needed to cum again (but she hadn’t yet fully realised what she had unleashed with her teasing). She was lapping away at my pussy and had her thumb in my ass – as I got closer, I wanted her to cum again so I started paying more attention to her clit (she had recovered enough). I got there first again though and had a stronger orgasm this time. I was fairly vocal and moaned into her cunt and I kept eating her until she came.

Jen was getting a bit tired by now, but I moved around so we could kiss and told her that she hadn’t finished yet (remember that we had done things a few times already before going out). I told her I wanted to try cumming with the door open (in the position we used before we went out so that someone could possibly see us). Jen had another idea though and said that if I wanted to so any more with her, that I had to make myself cum first to give her a chance to recover. She said that I could do it in front of the door and I agreed and opened the door. I sat with my back to the cupboard so I was directly in front of the door and started to use the egg on my clit.

I looked over at Jen and knew she was about to suggest something (we’ve been together for over a year now so I’m getting a good idea of how to read her – and know that she is getting as adventurous as I am). She moved off the bed and came over to me and said that I should finish off out in the hall. It was fairly late and we hadn’t heard anyone else for a while so I agreed and after a quick peek out, I moved to the other side of the hall and sat facing Jen (who moved into the position I had been in). Jen handed me the bottle of tingle gel and told me to use it. I squirted a reasonable amount onto my hand and rubbed it onto my pussy and nipples and Jen told me she wanted me to actually use the bottle. I loved the feeling of being so exposed, but was still a little nervous as the corridor was quite long so there were many rooms that someone could have come out of so I wanted to get done quickly (but enjoyably) and get back to Jen. I used the gel remaining on my hand to lube up the bottle (although I wasn’t anywhere near dry) and slid it into myself. This got the gel quite deep into me and I could soon feel my whole pussy tingling (along with my nipples). A couple of times I heard people but nobody came onto the corridor and I was soon too far along to care anyway (although I’m sure if someone *had* come onto the corridor I would have started to care!).

Jen was sitting with her legs spread and knees up in the air, stroking herself by this point and the sight was enough to trigger my orgasm. I pushed the bottle into me and continued to rub my clit. As I pushed the bottle in, I ended up squirting a load of the gel out onto the carpet but didn’t really care. I made a bit more noise than was probably wise given where I was, but managed to finish my orgasm and get back into Jen’s room without being spotted. Jen couldn’t believe I’d just done that (you’d think she would know me by now!) and I said that if she came out with me I’d eat her out there but she wasn’t brave enough. To be fair, I’m not sure I would have done that if I was living there, but I still teased her about being a chicken.

I told her that it was time to do some more (she was beginning to realise how horny I’ve been by this point) and she said that she could probably manage one more time. We ended up lying beside each other kissing and using eggs on each other (one each). As we got closer to cumming, I told Jen that I wanted to spend the week making her cum more times than she had before (and that I wanted the same) and she told me that she had lots of good ideas but wanted them to be a surprise and that I had to go along with them. In the heat of my orgasm I agreed that she could do pretty much anything she wanted (she knows the things that I’m never likely to want to do).

We managed to time it so we came pretty close together (Jen was first this time but not by much) and she clearly wanted to go to sleep afterwards. I’m fairly sure I could have gone for another couple of cums (certainly at least one) but I didn’t want to break Jen so I snuggled up beside her. I went to sleep but woke up a bit later on and was rubbing against Jen’s leg – I still felt like I needed to cum and so crawled under the covers and went down on Jen while I fingered myself. When we had both cum and I surfaced from under the covers, Jen said I was truly insatiable and then promptly fell asleep.


  1. Looks like Jen's getting more than she bargained for after she unleashed your inner (or not-so-inner) horny tigress. :)

    Does Jen mind though (ha!)?

    And who's taking care of Mike? :)

  2. Well she had been warned - I had been telling her for the week or so before I came here just how horny I'd been (but there's nothing like finding out first hand...)

    Jen is taking advantage of the situation as you'll see in the upcoming posts. This has certainly been one of the most intense weeks I can remember.

    Mike has been finding out about our events on a daily basis and it's been quite clear that he's been taking care of himself while talking to us (I've also sent him each entry as I've written it, so he knows everything we've done in great detail). I think he's quite enjoyed being just a 'reader' of my blog for a change (but has told me to be ready for a good session when I return).

  3. I guess you've been hearing Mike "take care of himself" (bet he's been as busy doing that as you are wearing out Jen)?

    Surprised sexy Sue hasn't taken advantage of the situation (and him!). :)

  4. We've heard Mike cum a couple of times but he held back for the past few days so he could welcome me home properly...

    We still have the rule that Mike isn't allowed to do things with Sue unless I'm there (other than his special treat at New Year). I think things could get messy if they started having a 'relationship' (as opposed to the sex we have at present). It's not that I think Mike is going to run off with her, but I think that she might have some feelings for him.

  5. Mike's probably thinking "Easy for her to say! She's getting laid over & over while I cum in my own hand!" :)

    Probably a smart deal on your part though, lol.