Sunday, 14 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 4

This has been an incredible week so far and I've got some good posts written describing what we've been up to. We've got something else planned for tonight but it's quite a bit tamer than some of the things we've done over the past few days (but you won't get to read about it for well over a week given what I've already got written).

Back to Wednesday morning though - when I was feeling rather fragile...


Jen didn’t feel too bad the following morning, but I was rather hung over didn’t feel too good all morning. Jen had gone off to a lecture at 10 so I had time to recover and once I had showered and eaten I felt much better. I considered preparing myself for Jen’s return by either getting dressed up in a nice outfit or arranging myself naked on the bed but then thought that she might return with someone else (although if it had been Lucy then me being spread naked on the bed would have been just perfect).

I had brought the selection of pictures that Mike and I had already sorted out and so I copied them to Jen’s computer. Initially I had thought that we would mainly be using the pictures of ‘Lis’ in our fantasy play (and we still will) but I knew that Pavlina was going to feature a lot more and I started fantasising about a foursome with Jen, Lis, Lucy and myself.... This got me somewhat distracted and even though I hadn’t intended to play with myself, I ended up losing a few items of clothing and started touching. I was restrained enough that I didn’t make myself cum, but by the time Jen returned I was already well on the way.

Once again she said I was insatiable and I just told her that she had been warned. She said that we could go and meet some people for coffee later in the afternoon if I wanted and I agreed (after checking that we would have enough time for ‘other’ activities. I was disappointed to find that Jen had a pair of panties on and after a bit of discussion (interspersed with much touching) we came to an agreement that I would continue to play the obedient little girlfriend if she went without panties for the rest of the time I was there (with the exception of specially negotiated times).

We didn’t want to do anything too messy as we would have to get ready again to go out and we intended to just have a gentle lovemaking session (because I don’t just want to fuck her senseless). We shared the long dildo (which meant Jen could lie on top of me and we could kiss with it inside us both). We managed to find a nice rocking motion that moved it in us both without it sliding out too much (it needed the occasional push back in). It wasn’t enough to make either of us cum, but was a wonderful way of spending the best part of an hour. I had hoped (or more like just assumed) that we would finish things off properly, but Jen seems to have found a Mike-like reserve of self control and said that we should get ready to head out. I pretty much begged her to fuck properly and warned her that if we didn’t I would be just as horny as I’d been the previous night but she said she was prepared for that.

We started to get dressed and Jen said that she had a few presents for me. She presented me with a nice little cream skirt. It was a beautiful shape, cut up to the left and a nice light material – exactly the sort of thing I would have bought, apart from the fact it was about two inches shorter than I would have gone for. Now as you are probably aware, I love wearing shortish flippy skirts so it feels like my pussy is exposed, but I always chose them to be long enough that I’m likely to stay covered. While Jen’s present was long enough to cover me, I knew I wouldn’t have as much room for safety as usual, but I had agreed that I would do what she wanted and in return she wore a slightly shorter skirt than usual (but still longer than my one).

It was slightly chilly out (but warmer than it has been) so I went with knee tights again (Jen had got a pair to match the skirt, which is just as well as I didn’t have anything that would have gone with it). We’d spent a bit longer in bed than we should have or possibly I’d spent a bit longer trying to convince Jen to make me cum and let me make her cum) so we had to hurry to Starbucks – this would have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that I was still unsure just how short my skirt was, coupled with the fact that it was a lighter material than I had realised so it blew in the wind. I eventually realised that it wasn’t as bad as I had first thought and I relaxed and enjoyed it a bit more. With the cool air on my pussy it really did feel like I was much more exposed than I was and this coupled with the unresolved session we’d had earlier (and my generally hyper-horny state of late) meant that I knew I would be on edge the whole time.

We met up with some of Jen’s friends from her course and I was pleased to find that Lucy was there as well (this is probably why they have become fast friends). I kissed her hello (only on the cheek) and we all chatted away for a while. When I sat down, the skirt rode up slightly – my pussy was still well covered, but my left hip felt very exposed where the skirt was much shorter. I’d already got used to the length by this point and so experimented with how much I could raise or open my legs. I think I gave a couple of boys a nice view but I don’t think Lucy saw anything as she was sitting next to me.

We ended up caught up in our own conversation – we were still sitting with everyone else, but we were at one end of the sofa and the others were talking amongst themselves. Lucy leaned over to me and quietly told me that Mel had told everyone about Jen and I making noises in the shower. I felt myself go red and just said that it had been a while since I’d seen Jen and that I had been missing her. I don’t really know why, but I wanted to make sure that Lucy knew how I felt about Jen – possibly it was related to what Jen had said about her being a ‘good girl’ and not having random sex but only wanting to sleep with someone she was dating. I know it was silly and I shouldn’t really care about what someone I’ve just met thinks (especially as I’m a ‘good girl’ too – at least in this sense!) but we ended up talking about relationships and Lucy’s ex and I found her really easy to get along with.

Eventually, people started to leave, but we arranged to go out on Fri night. Jen said that she knew that I would like Lucy (even aside from the fact she looks like one of my fantasy girls) and I had to concede that she had good taste in friends. I was much less concerned about what my new skirt was doing on the way home and started rubbing Jen’s ass (through her skirt) to make sure she knew what I expected when we got back. I really couldn’t wait until we were back in Jen’s room and slid my hand under her skirt to rub her pussy while we were climbing the stairs. The stairwell was much more enclosed than the big one where Sue is staying so there was little chance of anyone seeing us and I kept fingering Jen as we climbed to her floor.

When we got to her room she said that she had something planned, but if I did it, she would make me cum as much as I wanted. Now I really wanted to just get naked and finish our earlier session, but I liked the idea of Jen making me cum until I was really satisfied. I got her to promise that she would really keep going until I said I was done and when she did I agreed to do whatever she wanted. She got me to change into the skirt I had been wearing yesterday night and put on a pair of panties. She threw a few things into a bag and told me to follow her. We went up another staircase until we came to the roof and through a door marked ‘No Entry’. It was meant to be locked, but apparently people went up there to smoke, um, ‘perfectly legal’ cigarettes so it was always open.

We went out onto the roof and Jen led me to an area behind some large vents. There were a few other buildings taller than our one and this spot was hidden from most of them (but not all). Jen put a towel down, stepped out of her shoes and told me to do the same. She pulled a pair of plain white panties out of the bag and put them on, lifting her skirt to make sure they were pulled up tight against her crotch. Standing on the towel, she leant back against a vent and started playing with her breasts, at first through her top and then she slid a hand under it. She instructed me to copy her, so I did and then followed her lead by lifting my skirt and rubbing my panties. The buildings that could see us weren’t that close, but I did like the fact that there were dozens of windows looking towards us and if anyone with good eyesight was watching they could see us stroking our panties.

Jen undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground before kicking it away – my exhibitionist side was in full swing now and I went to do the same but she told me to keep it on (but pulled up).Jen came over to stand beside me and told me to watch. I’d pretty much figures out what was about to happen and it was confirmed when I saw a wet patch appear on her panties. Jen only peed a little, but kept rubbing herself and then told me to stand with my back to her. She put her arms around me and pulled me against her – I helped by pushing my ass against her crotch and I felt her squirm back against me. She lifted the front of my skirt up and started stroking my panties. I knew what she wanted me to do but I waited until she told me to pee. I slowly started, and felt my pussy go warm as it soaked into my panties. I looked down and saw the dark patch spread across the light blue material and then saw a little stream run down my legs.

Jen was whispering (I don’t know why as nobody else was around) “Good girl, keep going, slowly” into my ear and applied more pressure with her fingers. Other than in my garden, this was the first time (we can remember) that I had participated in one of Jen’s outdoor pee/masturbation sessions. Jen was fondling my panties with both hands by this point and then slid one up under my top to my breasts. She pawed at my bra until my breasts were free and then started playing with the nipples. She obviously wasn’t holding up my skirt anymore so I couldn’t see, but I could feel that my panties were soaked and I remember briefly wondering if my skirt would get wet.

It was around this time that Jen pulled the crotch of my panties aside and started pushing her fingers into me. It felt really good and I didn’t notice straight away that the back of my skirt felt wet. By the time I did, it was too late (it was Jen, not me who got it wet, but the front also had damp patches on it that were mine). Jen told me not to worry and said that she had prepared stuff in the bag. I really didn’t worry about it as her fingers felt really good. I decided to go for broke and lifted my skirt so I could watch (okay so I couldn’t see her fingers actually going into me while I was standing, but it was still a great view). I also lifted my top up to expose my breasts and I played with one nipple while Jen worked on the other.

This apparently counted as ‘getting into the spirit of things’ and as a reward, Jen told me to save whatever I had left until I came. She pumped faster into my pussy and rubbed my clit as best she could with her thumb. I was certainly ready to cum and being that exposed (and feeling that wet and dirty) it didn’t take long. It was a great orgasm – very long and rolling. I tried to squirt out some pee every time a wave hit me and I could feel my legs and tights getting soaked (I had more pee left than I had thought). I had to kneel down when I had finished cumming it felt so good.

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