Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 5 - Wednesday Afternoon

Well I've now had time to look through my corrections, and apart from one bit which might take a while, they aren't *too* bad. Mike and I had a good reunion yesterday (I meant to post this entry then, but got distracted). I'll move on to posting every other day from now on, but now it's time to work...


I assumed that Jen would want to do the same thing, but she had other ideas. She told me to stay kneeling, face her and press up against her legs. I rubbed her panties while she peed and I could feel it running down my body and soaking my top. I decided to try something and I got her top open her legs a bit more so I could press my neck against her panties. Jen loved this as her pee was now running directly down between my breasts and covering me. I loved it even more when she pulled her panties to the side and I could feel her pussy rubbing on my neck. (I think we may have found a wonderful compromise for our respective strange fetishes).

Jen was playing with her breasts and it turned out that this was enough (coupled with fucking my neck) to make her cum. Jen is obviously a lot better at figuring out how much she can pee (which I guess comes from practice) as she let out what felt like a massive amount when she came. When she finally fell back against the vent, I gave her pussy a few kisses. I don’t really want to get into the whole pee drinking area, but I did want her to know that I’d enjoyed what we just did.

When she had recovered, Jen pulled a towel out of the bag, slipped her panties and socks off, quickly dried her legs and then slipped her skirt back on. I was now soaked and had pulled my panties and tights off but knew that I’d have to take off everything else. Now I was no longer in the heat of the moment, I felt quite exposed with all the windows looking at me, but Jen told me to take off my clothes and she would get something. I removed my top and bra and then undid my skirt and let it fall so I was standing there naked (which I’ll admit I enjoyed). I was waiting for Jen to hand me some clean clothes but she gave me a bag and said to put all the wet clothes in it. I could see that the big bag didn’t have any clothes in it and so asked what I was meant to wear to go back to her room (I was suspecting that she expected me to go back naked).

Jen said that we weren’t going back to the room and handed me the towel. I started to dry myself off and she said it was to wrap around myself. I did as she said while she gathered up our remaining items and realised that the towel wasn’t quite big enough to wrap around me. With a bit of tweaking I got it to just cover me and I followed her back downstairs. I certainly wasn’t covered while walking downstairs but we went past her floor and ended up in the basement. The laundry was in the basement and Jen said that we needed to wash the clothes. There were a few people in there and I straightened the towel (and nearly pulled it off). I was getting a good few looks and was enjoying the attention (and wondered what they would have thought if they’d known what we had been doing just a few minutes ago). We got the washing in and sat to wait for it (actually we were sitting to wait until we were the only people there but I only found that out when everyone else left).

Jen said that Mel had told her about the washing machines – they were industrial strength ones and so had good strong motors, but had been used quite well so weren’t very well balanced. Now other than reading about it in erotica online and seeing it in an episode of Scrubs (how Elliot has her first orgasm), I thought the washing machine thing was an urban legend. Jen kept a watch out at the door and I climbed up (it wasn’t even worth trying to keep the towel fastened while I did this). It turns out that they are actually quite effective (okay, so I didn’t cum, but sitting on top of one of them on a spin cycle felt really good. I found that the best thing to do was to sit right in the middle with my legs spread wide and just hold a finger against my clit. I think I could possibly have cum (without doing anything else) but Jen told me someone was coming so I had to (reluctantly) get down and cover myself up again.

While the new person was there, Jen stood with her add pressed up against one of the machines and (when they had gone) said it felt really good. Jen said that Mel had told her about this a while ago but she had saved it for my visit (which I thought was sweet). We got another quick period where we had the room to ourselves and I got Jen to sit on the edge of the machine and I touched her clit. Unfortunately someone else came in and we decided to come back again when we could have the place to ourselves to see just how good it could be.

By the time the laundry was done, I was ready to cash in on Jen’s half of the bargain (getting me to cum as many times as I want) and so we went back upstairs. Jen (rightly) pointed out that we would need some energy so we grabbed a quick snack from the kitchen before heading back to Jen’s room. I was still just wearing the barely fitting towel but I didn’t really care by this point as I my pussy was buzzing again – partly from the washing machine and partly from the anticipation of what was to come. I quickly ate my food and walked around naked, getting everything ready while Jen finished up. In order to hurry her along, I sat opposite her on the bed, spread my legs and told her that she would be spending many hours pleasuring me.

Jen didn’t seem to mind this and crawled over to kiss me. She told me she would make me cum more times than I could handle and pushed me back so she could suck my nipples. I didn’t even try to get her naked at this point as I was fairly confident that I would be cumming more times than she would. I stayed kneeling on the bed (but sitting down so my ass was on my heels. This raised my cunt up so Jen could get a really good angle on it and she licked away at my clit while using her fingers. She had two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass (from the same hand) and my first orgasm was actually very quick. It was just as well, because even though it was a really good position for her to eat me, my legs hurt a bit when I moved.

I had been thinking while Jen had been giving me my first orgasm (of the session) and I told Jen that every other time I came, I would make her cum. She said that wasn’t fair until I pointed out that she didn’t know how many times I wanted to cum (to be fair, I didn’t really know how many I could take, but I willing to find out). It was definitely time for Jen to get naked though. We quickly stripped her (she only had her top bra and skirt on) and I pulled her on top of me so we could 69. There was still a faint trace of pee, but I wasn’t about to stop to shower and her juices quickly overpowered the taste anyway. I very quickly started to lick her and kept telling her that she could tease me as much as she wanted all week as long as she was prepared to service me like this at the end of the day. She really seemed to like the idea of having that much power over me (it’s just as well I completely trust her!) and said that she would make me work for my pleasure.

At that point though, she was definitely giving me pleasure. She pulled my cunt wide open and pushed her tongue inside me (as good as Mike is at eating me, Jen’s tongue is longer and so she can get deeper. I gave her ass a good licking as well (hoping she would pick up on the fact I’d like the same). I came before Jen did, but didn’t stop eating her so she wasn’t too far behind me.

I’m not going to detail each orgasm or this entry would take forever, but suffice to say, I ended up cumming eight times and Jen came four times. She used an egg on me, we shared the long dildo, she fingered me (and I got my ass licked), we shared the short dildo, she ate me while I sat on the desk (with the door open) and then we 69’d again. Poor Jen was exhausted and I felt rather spent (but very satisfied). She sent me to the kitchen to get some more food and drink and I just went wearing the thin robe. When I returned it was obvious that the room stank of our juices (and we were covered in them) but didn’t have the energy to shower so after a quick bite to eat, we slept like that (we did change the sheets the following day).


  1. Excellent series of posts. Even though your fetishes differ it is important to allow each to indulge in them.

    On a side note urine is medically sterile so I wouldn't worry to much about it. There is more bacteria and harmful organisms (germs, virus etc) in regular old water then there is in urine.

    On the other hand when it comes to anal play I would be very cautious as not surprisingly that's where your body deposits the harmful material that is decidedly lacking in the urea.


    I thought you might like this video.

  3. Another scorching entry Andi!

    Though it seems you owe Jen a few cums (your 8 to her 4), I think she'll want to collect sooner rather than later. :)

    Hezi, Balto, Md.

  4. Another scorching entry Andi, however, it seems you owe Jen a few cums (your 8 to her 4), I suspect she`ll want to collect sooner rather than later. :)

    Hezi, Balto, Md.

  5. I was wondering if anyone could keep count over the whole week's worth of postings (as I'm not going to have time to re read them all as I post them).

    If nobody else will do it, Mike said he'll read them all again.