Friday, 19 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 6 - Thursday

I'm just back from a quick after work trip to the pub. I can’t stay out tonight as I’m meant to be seeing people tomorrow and can’t afford two nights off.

We're on to Thursday now – this all seems like it happened a long time ago... I’ve seen Lis a few times and told her an edited version of some of the week’s events and she certainly seems to be interested. I like to think that she goes home and fingers herself while thinking about Jen and I (maybe I need to get drunk with her sometime and jokingly accuse her of that to see what she says).


When I woke this morning, I still felt like I had a nice glow in me and decided to reward Jen by licking her awake. She was actually sleeping quite soundly (something about a tiring night?) and I managed to pull the covers off her completely, spread her legs, crawl down between them and lick her for a good few minutes before she finally woke up. Even though she had been asleep, her body had been awake enough to respond and she was nice and aroused by the time she woke up. She said good morning and told me not to stop. She arched her body to press her pussy against my face and let out a contented sigh. That was all the encouragement I needed and I gently licked her to orgasm before crawling up her body to give her a hug (we hadn’t brushed our teeth before falling asleep so kissing probably wasn’t a good idea!)

We were both fairly hungry but needed to clean up from yesterday so decided to go shower first. The bathroom was busy so we brushed our teeth and had to wait for a bit. We managed to get a stall after a few minutes (the previous occupant did look a bit confused when we both went in) and we stood under the water and soaped each other up. I paid a little more attention to Jen’s breasts (and a lot more attention to her pussy) than was really necessary but we didn’t do anything substantial other than kissing (now we had minty fresh breath). When we were clean, we went back to Jen’s room to drop things off before heading to the kitchen. Jen decided that I could either go to the kitchen in just bra and panties and make breakfast for us to eat in her room, or I could wear the t-shirt, but then we had to eat breakfast in the kitchen (probably with other people).

I actually thought I would feel more naked in just a bra and panties so I opted for the t-shirt (but tried to give it a bit of a stretch before putting it on – I’m not sure I achieved much). There were a few people in the kitchen and the men noticed my outfit straight away. I pulled the shirt down a few times (especially after Jen had got me to get cereal out of her cupboard – I know I flashed my ass when I reached up to do that. I pulled it down again when I sat down so that I was sitting on it (although only just and it slowly slipped out from under my ass while I ate). Jen was enjoying watching me and once again, I was enjoying being shown off. It was clear that a couple of the men were enjoying the view and had to leave the kitchen (Jen found this even funnier).

She had a lecture to get to though so we couldn’t mess around for too long and we returned to her room to get dressed. I had decided I would go with her and I put on one of my tartan skirts and knee high black socks (it’s still the schoolgirl look, but not quite as obvious as long white socks). Jen just wore a simple dress (and no panties as per our agreement). She was worried that I was going to be bored in the lecture, but I assured her I would be fine (I had my laptop with me and I wrote up some of yesterday’s entry and now I’ve written up today).

We got into the theatre and sat near the back – it is a traditional old tiered seating theatre with long benches. Nobody else is sitting on our row but there are a couple of people right at the back (just a few rows behind us). I’m sitting with my legs open – not spread wide, but enough that I can feel the air on my pussy. Jen is sitting beside me taking notes and I intend to see if I can distract her. I’ve spread my legs a bit more and my skirt is now sitting much higher. I’ve decided to go for it and I’ve slipped my shoes off and I’m now sitting with my legs crossed up on the bench. If Jen wants to play at showing me off, then I’ll beat her at her own game.

Jen has noticed what I’m doing (given I pulled my skirt up to my waist, she would have to be blind to not notice). I’m now running my fingers over my pussy, just gently touching myself (there’s about half the lecture to go so I’ve got plenty of time). I’ve now got two fingers inside myself, not too deep, but enough that I can slide them in and out slowly. I’m nice and wet and have thought of something new to try (sort of). I’m now running a finger over my asshole and pressing it in. It’s now in me – I’m pretty sure I’ve never ass fucked myself in a lecture before.

Mmm, that felt nice, but I know I can’t cum like that and there is nothing that Jen can do to stop me cumming without drawing attention to us. I’m back to fingering my pussy and I’m about to use my typing hand on my clit so I’ll be back soon...

Mmm, I miss doing that. Jen can’t believe I managed to do it but she is the one who started this... I kept working two fingers from my left hand into my pussy and rubbed my clit with my right hand. Obviously I couldn’t move too much, but having done this before I’ve pretty much got the movement down to a fine art now. It was quite a strong orgasm and I had difficulty keeping quiet, but other than a little panting I think I managed it. I licked my fingers clean before continuing typing and I’m still sitting cross legged with my pussy fully exposed. I wonder if there’s time to do it again...

Well I tried, I knew the lecture was going to end soon (which is why I didn’t try writing while I was doing it) but I didn’t quite make it. I did everything I could, I had two fingers in me (a bit deeper this time) and was brushing against my ass with another one and rubbed my clit with the other hand again. I think with about a minute more I could have got there. Even when the lecturer stopped talking and everyone was packing up I kept going and I waited until the very last minute (people had started walking up the aisle and had almost got to our row) before I pulled my fingers out and put my legs down. It’s possible that someone did actually see something as my legs were stiff from the way I was sitting so I wasn’t quite as quick as I had planned on being and I had to stand up to pull my skirt down again – it probably just looked like I was straightening it though.

Jen and I went for coffee afterwards and had a whispered conversation. She said that she really thought I was going to keep going with everyone walking past and I got her to acknowledge that I was quite adventurous when it came to exhibition. I realised that I had actually been in quite a dangerous position. Given I was so close to cumming anyway, if I had been just 30 seconds more into it then I might have been at the point where it is really difficult to stop just when everyone got up and started to walk out. While I’m fairly sure I would have still been able to actually stop, I’m not sure I would have done it with quite as good timing.

I asked Jen what she would have done if I hadn’t stopped and had just carried on fingering myself as everyone went past (and presumably stopped to look). She said that there wouldn’t have been much she could have done and it took a bit of prodding to get her to realise I wanted her to come up with a fantasy. Once she realised what I was looking for, she said that she would have turned me round so I was facing the aisle and let me lean back against her so everyone got a better view of my fingers sliding into mu cunt and ass.. She would then have pulled my top up (or off) and pulled my bra off so I was practically naked and pulled at my nipples to get them nice and stiff.

I told her that she could have taken me down the front and got everyone to fuck or finger me – and by the time I’d done all of them, another lecture would have probably turned up so i would have to do the same to them. Jen knows how much I love my massive orgy fantasy and also could see me squirming around so we decided to head off home to rectify the fact that I hadn’t managed to cum the second time). On the way home (now we could talk without having to whisper, Jen asked why I liked that fantasy so much. I don’t actually know, but for some reason the idea of having every hole repeatedly fucked and being left covered and filled with cum just seems like the ultimate thrill (I’m assuming that there are girls involved in this too if it’s really going to be the ultimate thrill for me). Now obviously I would never actually do this, but I don’t think that every fantasy has to be something you can actually realise.

So having established that I’m fundamentally a dirty whore, Jen decided that I should be spanked for my bad behaviour in class (although I thought it was quite good behaviour). She got me to bend over the desk (naked of course) and slapped me a few times on each ass cheek before she pushed a finger into me. I wasn’t expecting it but was still wet enough so it didn’t hurt. Jen kept telling me how bad I’d been and ended up doing what I had done in the lecture (two in the cunt, one in the ass). I did’;t need much attention before I came and as I did, Jen kept slapping my ass – not really hard, but enough that it felt quite warm by the time she was finished.

When I had recovered I told her that she should get the same treatment in return and even though she struggled, she didn’t really try to stop me as I put her over my knee and spanked her. I didn’t spend too long spanking her as my hand got distracted and somehow my fingers ended up in her pussy. I ended up getting my thumb the whole way into her and then added the other one to her ass. She wasn’t in the easiest position to do this and had so wriggle along a bit before I could move both hands easily, but she enjoyed the feeling and let me make her cum.

We had some lunch (I was allowed to wear real clothes while in the kitchen this time) and then had to head off to meet people for coffee again (oh how I miss being an undergrad and having so much free time). Just before we left, Jen decided that I should wear the long dildo. This meant that I had to change into a longer skirt as it almost comes down to my knee and then had to get a pair of tights and tear a hole in the crotch. It was at least easier to get it positioned properly in my tights and then bent round to fit in my pussy with Jen helping, but by the time we were done we were running a bit late. Now Jen claims that this wasn’t on purpose, but by running late, it meant we had to hurry and running down three flights of stairs with a dildo in you (and strapped to your leg) can be distracting. By the time we got to the bottom I needed to adjust it so just lifted my skirt and pushed it back in (there was nobody around but I was standing in front of the main glass door onto the street).

With it firmly back in place, we started a brisk walk to Starbucks and I didn’t help things any by figuring out the best way to walk to get the most feeling. I found that sort of skipping along was the best way to get the most movement (Jen has longer legs than me anyway so I had to hurry to keep up with her walking quickly). I wasn’t really close to cumming (walking really isn’t the same as cycling), but I was feeling nice and tingly by the time we arrived. Enough so that people made a comment about me looking flushed, but I just claimed that was due to walking quickly.

We sat and chatted for a fair amount of time and Jen fondled my leg a fair bit – what the rest of the group didn’t know is that instead of just stroking my thigh, she was moving the dildo around. Talk got around to plans for the weekend and we were invited out to a club on Saturday night. Given it was the same group as we went out with the first night, I assumed that Jen would take the opportunity to tease me again, but I was up for it.

We headed back home and Jen decided that she wanted to try something – we ducked into an alleyway and she reached under my skirt and grabbed the dildo. She started working it in and out of my pussy and saying that she wanted to see me cum right there. We weren’t far from the main road and I had no idea if the alley was used as a shortcut but given Jen had started and I’d pretty much given in then there was really only one way this was going to end. I decided to help things along and lifted my skirt so I could rub my clit. This made it somewhat easier for Jen to move the dildo in me and it soon had the effect she had wanted. I came while leaning against the wall with people walking past close enough that I could hear their conversations.

We had a slower walk home and the dildo felt nice in my post-orgasmic sensitised pussy. Jen wanted to go out and try cycling with the dildo, but by the time we had gone shopping to get some food and dropped it off at home, it was a bit too late so we decided to rest for a while, eat dinner and veg out in front of the TV. Jen had decided that she wanted to try out some things in the kitchen so we knew we would have to wait until late at night and had a bit of a rest in the evening (and I wrote up today’s entry).

We’ve just had a three way conversation with Mike about Jen showing me off to people and what Mike is happy with me doing (which is pretty much anything apart from actually fucking or blowing another guy or having oral sex with random girls). His one rule for Jen is that if she and I do things in front of other people, then he gets to see it too. Fundamentally, he’s hoping that Jen is going to get carried away and we end up 69ing in front of her friends. Unfortunately for him, she seems to be displaying more self control than that. I admit that the idea of us doing things with Lucy watching (or helping) is rather appealing, but I think that’s another one of those fantasies which will remain unfulfilled.

We’ve also just chatted (mostly Jen and I, although Mike listened in) about Lis and the fact that I think it *might* be possible that she would want to do things with us. We talked about ways to approach her about it (or to leave suggestions that she might want to act on) and have a few plans, but we’ll have to see. I know that when I get back to York that we’ll end up talking about my week with Jen and the initial plan is to tell her quite a lot of the detail (maybe with a few edits) and see how interested she is in hearing about it.

It’s now getting quite late (12.50) so we’re going to go see how many people are around and play in the kitchen and possibly also the laundry room. Now to find out from my beloved Jen what I’m going to have to wear...


  1. Very cool. Btw, I meant to ask this sooner. But What episode of scrubs was it where Elliot got her first orgasm?

  2. Google tells me that it is 1.13 - My Balancing Act (I should be working).

    It is also pointed out in a few of the replies that someone in high school saw her have an orgasm and that she needed a vagina transplant after her marathon sex session with JD.

  3. "I’m pretty sure I’ve never ass fucked myself in a lecture before"

    I like that you're only *pretty* sure...