Sunday, 21 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 7 - Thursday night

I had a nice evening out with people yesterday. I've decided that while I'm finishing writing up that I'm going to work hard, but not push myself quite as much as I did to get the first draft done. I'm certainly not going to have as much free time as I have before, but I'm gong to make sure I have time to spend with my friends and Mike.

It's getting difficult to remember how my week with Jen went now and I'm having to skim the entries to remind myself where I'm up to (I'm sooo glad i wrote this as we did it). Now for some kitchen fun:


Well I actually don’t know how we got away with that... We had a pretty long session in the kitchen and elsewhere and didn’t get caught.

Jen wore a long t-shirt (so it was easy to pull up and she could just let it fall to cover her if we thought someone was coming). I was given a few things to wear. I had to take my short t-shirt with me (actually Jen’s, but she seems to like making me wear it so I might claim it for my own). I had expected that this is what I would be wearing the whole time, but I had to go to the kitchen wearing a bra and panties set that Jen had bought for me. It is plain white, but the panties and the top part of the bra cups are a very thin patterned material (sort of like lace). They aren’t exactly see through, but let’s just say that it’s quite obvious that I haven’t got any hair on my pussy and that my nipples are fairly visible.

As I had expected, I actually felt a lot more exposed in the underwear that I had when wearing the t-shirt that left bits exposed. We propped the kitchen door open so we could hear if anyone came and thanks to fire regulations meaning that there had to be other doors in the corridor, we got a little bit of a warning if someone was coming. Having said that, we were fortunate that people came along when they did as we did a few things that we wouldn’t have been able to hide in time. We also put out a few cups and plates so it looked like we were making a snack before starting.

Jen got me to sit up on the counter and she started rubbing my panties and pulled one side of my bra down so she could suck on a nipple. We heard a door open and I jumped down and straightened myself up. A man (I don’t know whether to use man or boy when talking about 18-21 year olds) came in and did a double take when he saw me. Jen said hi to him and he asked why I was in my underwear (he didn’t even bother saying hi back). I just said that we had wanted a snack and didn’t think anyone else would be around. My right nipple was rather erect from where Jen had been sucking on it and it must have been quite obvious through my rather flimsy bra. He got a drink and left (looking back at us) and Jen just giggled. I said that I should have stayed sitting up on the counter with my legs spread to see what response we got and Jen replied and told me that I could do that if I wanted.

It was Jen’s turn and she leant against the counter, lifted a leg up and rested her foot on the top (she is quite flexible as I’ve said before). This left her pussy spread quite wide and so I knelt down and licked her until she was nice and wet. Knowing how much she likes having her nipples played with, I stood up, lifted her shirt and started gently biting and sucking them while I fingered her. I told her we would have to see what food there was to play with and went to the fridge. To start with, I got an apple out and brought it over to her. I rubbed it across her pussy and she squealed (it was quite cold). She said that she didn’t know who it belonged to and I told her it didn’t matter, they were going to eat her indirectly. Before I put it back, I pulled my panties down a bit and gave it a rub on myself just for good measure and then looked for some better things to play with.

I returned with a few items and realised that I needed to change into the t-shirt if we were going to do things properly so slipped out of my underwear and hid it in Jen’s cupboard. I picked up the t-shirt and Jen dared me to stay naked for a little while. Given we’d already had one interruption I thought it was a bit risky, but then again that’s a large part of what I enjoy (and I didn’t know any of the people) so I agreed. I lifted her shirt and pushed a cherry tomato into her and she picked up one and did the same to me. I pushed a second tomato into her and she put another two into me. They felt very cold but I had really missed food play and loved the feeling. After letting them drop out back into their box, we moved on to some other veg. I washed a carrot and then used it to fuck Jen with while I licked her clit.

We heard some noise and I quickly put on my t-shirt. Nobody came along so I went back to using the carrot on Jen, swirling it around inside her pussy and sucking on her clit until she was close to cumming. She said that if we were doing things with food, she wanted to know who the food belonged to and went to the fridge. I took the items we’d used back (or it would have looked rather suspicious if someone had come in) and took the items she gave me. She selected some chocolates that belonged to Mel and some yoghurt that belonged to a little Thai girl.

We started with the chocolates – I sat on a chair and Jen sat up on the table in front of me. I slipped some of the chocolates into her, one at a time. We didn’t keep them in her for long (so they didn’t melt) and then licked her clean (even though they hadn’t been there for long, they left her pussy tasting a little bit of chocolate). After having got close to cumming with the carrot, Jen wanted me to finish her off properly this time so she lay back on the table and spread her legs wide. I licked away, trying to clean out the inside of her pussy with my tongue and then concentrating more on her clit. She clearly enjoyed her orgasm as she was pushing her cunt back against my face as she came.

We then swapped places and she did the same to me (apart from the fact that I lay down on the table straight away to give Jen easier access to my pussy). I felt the chocolates being pushed into me and then replaced with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around inside me and rubbed my clit and I pulled up my shirt so I would feel even more exposed. The table was in direct view of the door so if anyone walked past they would see us, but we were still counting on hearing someone coming. If anyone had been in the corridor, they would have heard me cumming – I wasn’t loud but moaned a bit (it always feels better if you can let go and make some noise).

I lay exposed on the table until I had recovered (this was probably rather dangerous as I felt very contented so I might have not reacted quickly enough if someone had come along – fortunately they didn’t. Jen told me about the cute little Thai girl (Shaouyi) who owned the yoghurt and said I would like the way she looked but that she was really quite shy and kept herself to herself. I get the feeling that she might be one of Jen’s secret obsessions from the way she talked about her. Jen said that she loved the idea of having Shaouyi eat her and the closest that she was likely to get would be to repeat the yoghurt trick I used back when I was living with Holly and Rachel.

I pictured some of the images of Thai girls that Mike and I have downloaded and agreed that it would be wonderful to have a cute little thing like that between my legs. We got a spoon out and Jen sat right on the edge of the table. She held her pussy open and I dribbled the yoghurt onto it, while holding the pot under her to catch it as it dripped off her. We tried rubbing it onto her pussy with the spoon, but ended up with me just using my fingers. I got them coated in the yoghurt and pushed them into her and kept doing this until it was dripping back out. Given Jen’s natural wetness, I assume there was a fair amount of her juices that came out with the yoghurt and when we thought we had done enough, she stood up and let the remaining stuff drip out of her before getting me to lick her clean (oh what hardship – a strawberry flavoured Jen – yummy).

Of course, I wanted to have the same done to me – we used less yoghurt this time as we didn’t want it to be obvious that it had been used (although I can’t imagine it would have been obvious *how* it had been used!). I asked Jen to make me cum again and she said she would as long as I was naked. It was something like 1.30 by this time and we hadn’t heard anyone for a while so I agreed. When I slipped out of my shirt, Jen took it and put it on top of the fridge – I knew I could still (just about) reach it, but I wouldn’t have been able to get it in a hurry. I assumed that Jen actually wanted me to be caught and I wasn’t going to back down and lose the credit for my lecture masturbation so I lay on the table and spread my legs. Jen says that she didn’t really want anyone to see me, she just wanted to add to the excitement, but either way I met the challenge.

Jen started to eat me and when I was on the way to cumming (not too close that it was annoying for her to stop) she said that she wanted to watch me fuck some things. I agreed as long as she hurried (partly so I could cover up again and partly as I wanted to cum). Jen pulled a wine bottle out of the fridge (what student actually leaves alcohol in a communal fridge?). She pulled the cork out (it had already been opened) and put it on the table. Now while I’ve fucked bottles before, I really didn’t want to get wine inside me (I’ve heard that bad things can happen) but Jen just said that I’d have to keep it upright while I used it. I’ve seen enough videos online to know what she wanted me to do so I climbed up onto the table properly, faced the door (hey if I was going to be caught I may as well be caught properly) and mounted the bottle. Having been in the fridge, it was rather cold, but the neck warmed up after a minute or so. I put on a nice little show for Jen and then told her that I now wanted her to make me cum (it’s not easy to bounce up and down on a bottle and rub your clit so even though it felt nice, I wasn’t going to cum).

Jen put the bottle back while I lay down on the table again. I really don’t think I was worried anymore about being naked. She returned from the fridge with another item of Mel’s food – a cucumber. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to take it but she wanted to try anyway. It looked absolutely huge – certainly larger than any of our dildos and I was a bit worried but Jen promised she would stop if it hurt and I thought it would be easier to let her try. First, she rubbed it back and forth across her cunt to get it nice and wet (the benefits of having a constantly wet girlfriend) and then she started to press it against the opening of my pussy. I decided to give it my best shot and relaxed (as much as I could). I felt my lips spread around it as the very end went in and then felt myself stretch around it.

I was right that it didn’t fit, but Jen backed it out a bit and started to lick my clit, slowly pumping just the end of the cucumber into me. The licking certainly felt good and I soon started to want something inside me so I pushed back against the cucumber and felt it slip slightly further into me. It was only just in me, but I felt as if it was stretching me wide open. Jen continued to pump it into me (and lick me) and the next time I pushed back, it went a bit deeper. It wasn’t really comfortable so I had to ask her to move it out slightly (and it felt much better) and I let her continue to just push a small part of it into me. It felt a lot better than I thought it would and I was able to cum with it inside me – Jen even managed to work it slightly deeper into me while I came, but there was still only about 2 inches of it in me. She gave her pussy another rub with it before putting it back on Mel’s shelf in the fridge and I retrieved my t-shirt and got ‘dressed’.

Jen decided that I should go downstairs and come back up before we went back to her room and let me choose whether I wore the t-shirt or the underwear. I thought about it for a minute as I knew there was no way that the shirt would work while walking up or downstairs but the underwear was fairly see through. I was told that I had spent too long deciding (even though it had only been a short while) and had to go down in the t-shirt, change and come back up in the underwear. It was now really quite late and I agreed to do it (but said that Jen would pay the next time she was in York). I told Jen that she had to come with me and she followed me downstairs. I was right that the shirt wasn’t covering me – my pussy and ass were completely exposed and I briefly considered removing the shirt and continuing down naked, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to do that.

I had forgotten how open the bottom of the stairwell was – it was well lit and had glass doors. I couldn’t easily see out as it was dark so decided that I should just go for it. I asked for the underwear (Jen was holding it) and she said I had to remove my shirt first. I made her promise to make me cum again before we went to sleep if I did (and she did). I pulled the shirt off and handed it to her and reached for the underwear. Jen pulled them away as I went for them and so I tried again. She moved up the stairs and I decided it was time for some revenge. I reached for them again, but when she pulled away, I moved up beside her, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up. Now given she had the underwear in one hand and my shirt in the other and she didn’t want to drop them, she couldn’t do much other than use her elbows to hold her shirt down. This meant that I could lift it to well above her waist so she was standing there half exposed. She agreed to give me the underwear if I covered her up but I waited until it was in my hand before letting go of her shirt.

I slipped it on and walked back upstairs with Jen following me (and admiring my ass). On the second landing, I pulled my panties down to give her a flash and reminded her that she had to make me cum again (and added I wanted to do the same to her). Someone did come out of a door onto the stairwell just as I was rubbing the front of my panties – I don’t think he saw me doing that (I moved my hand away very quickly) but he certainly saw the rest of me and watched me as I walked past him.

By the time we got back to Jen’s room I’d had enough and needed to cum again (my exhibitionist tendencies are certainly getting stronger and the effect it has on me also seems to be increasing). I told Jen I needed to cum quickly (which suited her as she was getting tired) and we just ended up doing a 69. As we ate each other I told Jen (between mouthfuls) that we could have done this on the kitchen table as long as she was prepared to be naked as well and she said that it sounded good and we might try it sometime (I don’t think she will, but I’m not sure I would either as then neither of us would be in a position to listen out for someone coming).

We got each other off (I came first of course) and went to sleep. Once again I felt quite satisfied but still had some interesting dreams. I can’t remember exactly what they were, but I know I woke up a few times in the night and felt horny (but drifted back off to sleep).

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