Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 8 - Friday Morning

More lecture fun - Jen has promised me that she is going to try this for herself next term...


Jen woke up first today (which is most unlike her). I didn’t get licked awake as she was running off to pee when I woke up. I went to join her (not actually using the same toilet) and we went to get some food in the kitchen. I wore my robe this time and we had a whispered conversation about our antics in there the previous night. I saw a couple of the men who had been looking at me when I was slightly less well covered glancing my way, but apparently I wasn’t as interesting with more clothes on (if only they had known what we were talking about!)

Jen had an afternoon lecture she had to go to (and I intended to go to it with her) but she first wanted to actually try out the bike dildo. Once we had finished eating and showered (I teased her a bit but didn’t let her cum so she was nicely primed), we returned to her room to get dressed. We chose her most suitable skirt which came to just above her knee and she put on a pair of opaque tights (you need the thicker tights to hold the dildo in. I spent a few minutes fondling her through her tights and then licking at her crotch (just to make sure she was wet enough of course) before getting a pair of scissors and carefully cutting a hole along the gusset. I had thought I’d figured out a way to get the dildo held in place better but after a bit of fiddling it didn’t work out quite the way I had planned so I have up and enlarged the hole. We slipped the dildo into the tights along her inner thigh and I pulled the top end out of the hole, bent it round and pushed it into Jen’s (perfectly wet) pussy.

I spent a few minutes fiddling with it to make sure it was in as deep as it could go (but allowing a bit of space for it to move without it bumping into painful bits) and she then pulled her skirt up. Jen walked around her room to see what it felt like while I finished getting ready (it was more fun to be baked while I was playing with her). We headed out and once she started to walk downstairs she began to see how nice it could feel. Just like when you are cycling, you get a lot more movement in the dildo when you are using stairs than when you are walking on the flat. Jen savoured the feeling of having it move inside her while we walked past people and when we got to the bottom I told her that it would be even better on her bike. After having got it unlocked, we walked with it for a little while until we came to a suitable park for her to try out riding it.

Jen sat on the bike and I helped her figure out how far forwards on the seat she had to be (it’s a fair way forwards). I went to sit on a bench and watch and she started to pedal around. As she rode past me I told her to switch to a lower gear so she would have to pedal faster and this seemed to be what was needed to make it feel better. She stopped by me a few times to tell me what she was feeling and really seemed to be enjoying it. I told her to try to keep going and see if she could cum and she did give it a try but between finding it tricky to concentrate on the cycling and not quite getting enough stimulation, she couldn’t get there. Jen does usually need her clit to be stimulated in order to cum, but then again so do I (mostly) and I can cum with the bike-dildo so I told her that she might get there with enough practise.

Once she was satisfied that she had ‘practiced’ enough for that day, we wandered back home for some lunch. Jen was feeling quite tender and she couldn’t find anywhere to take the dildo out so had to keep it in her while we walked back. She had pretty much recovered by the time we got back to her building and I convinced her to ride around the building as quickly as she could before we went up for lunch. When she reappeared, she looked quite red and said that it was really frustrating as it felt so nice but she still couldn’t get any further along. She even tried sort of bouncing up the stairs and by the time we got to her room she was ready to do pretty much anything to cum.

We didn’t have a lot of time so I didn’t tease her – I just pulled her tights off and she lay on top of me so we could 69. Jen came first and once she had cum, she concentrated on me. I helped things along by handing her an egg to use on my clit and it certainly sped things up a lot. After a quick lunch, we headed off to her lecture (it was in the same room as the one yesterday (Thursday). I took laptop with me again so I could catch up with today’s posting, but have no intention of that being the only thing I’m going to spend my time doing...

The room is a bit busier today, but we’re up near the back again. Nobody is behind us this time but there are a number of people in the row in front of us just off to the left. I’ve been trying to think of a way to top yesterday (without actually going to the front and letting everyone watch) and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to try. I’ve brought a dildo with me (I thought a vibe might be a bit too noisy) so will probably use that, but it would be nice to find something more daring (and I might even let her tell her friends about it so she can keep building my reputation as the obedient girlfriend).

I’m sitting in the same cross legged position as before with my skirt pulled up and my ass on the edge of the seat so my pussy is fully exposed. I’ve now put the dildo in me and it’s just sticking out of my pussy (which Jen thinks is rather amusing). I’ve also just figured out what else I should do. I just handed the dildo to Jen, undid my skirt and pulled it off. It’s currently in my bag so I’m now properly exposed (in the sense that I can’t cover myself up quickly). I’ve spread my legs and pulled one of Jen’s hand to my pussy – she is rubbing around my lips and clit and I’m hopefully going to get her to make me cum.

I had a change of plan – I told her that I wanted to do something to her and ducked down out of sight. I would really have loved to get down on the floor in front of her and eat her, but there isn’t enough room. It’s kind of difficult to describe the position, but I ended up half lying on the bench and got her to lift one of her legs over my head. I was on my side with my waist and legs on the bench and I supported my upper body with a hand on the floor. Jen spread her legs and edged forwards and I managed to eat her a little bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t support myself long enough to make her cum, but at least we can now saw that I’ve eaten her in lectures.

I may not have eaten her to orgasm, but I had at least got her interested and so I thought that I should finish things off. I lay on my front on the bench and put my head on her left leg (I was still naked from the waist down) and used my fingers to play with her. After a bit of experimentation I found that I could reach an arm under her leg to get a couple of fingers into her and use the other hand to rub her clit. Given she couldn’t make any noise, and the position I was in meant that I could only really see what I was doing to her pussy, I had to figure out how she was feeling from her movements. I could feel her tensing her legs as she got close and then felt her all tense when she came. It’s amazing how much more you can pick up on if you’re really concentrating on the little things. I thought of something else I want to try, but that was for another time as I’d been down there a while, was still half naked and wanted to cum myself.

I decided that I would just repeat yesterday’s second showing (but I intended to finish this time). I stretched one leg out over Jen’s legs and the other one I put out to the left and pressed my foot against the back of the bench in front of us. I was as exposed as I could be and I used two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass while I rubbed my clit. I had an amazing orgasm (which probably had a lot to do with the fact I’d just made Jen cum in public) and I had a hard time keeping quiet. In order to tease Jen a bit more, I stayed in the same position with my legs spread until near the end of the lecture. I didn’t wait as long as last time before I started to get ready though as I still had to retrieve my skirt and slip it on again. As one final bit of exhibitionism, I waited until people were walking past us and I pretended I had dropped a pen under the bench. I kept my legs straight and bent right down so anyone who looked down our aisle would have got a decent view of my ass and possibly my pussy peeking out from between my legs. I didn’t stay like that for long but I was glad I did it.

We went for coffee (again! I have no idea how Jen ever sleeps) and she said that she really couldn’t believe I had made her cum in a lecture. I pointed out that it wasn’t like she tried to stop me and she said that was because it had felt so nice. I think I’ve convinced her to try making herself cum at some point (in a lecture that is, I’m quite sure I can get her to masturbate for me in private whenever I want). We decided we should head home, have a rest and then get ready for our evening out (and it gave me time to write up the ‘lecture’).

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