Friday, 30 April 2010

Sue in lectures

I meant to post this yesterday (it happened last week), but I was rather busy and forgot. Not long until my next visit to Jen...


Over the holidays, Mike managed to convinced Sue to try to masturbate in a lecture – I gave her some tips on the best way to do it and she has just reported back to us (so I’ll report it to you). All this information came out with quite a few leading questions from us – obviously Sue didn’t know that we were gathering information for a blog post so it might not be in the most logical form, but we’ve tidied it up a bit.

Sue wore a suitably short black pleated skirt (she doesn’t really go in for the schoolgirl look – unless Mike is around in which case she will really go for with in her Japanese schoolgirl outfit to get him going). She has gone without panties and tights a few times now, but given the weather isn’t really wonderful yet, she ended up putting on a thick pair of tights with a ‘strategic tear’ in the crotch. At least she didn’t wear any panties, so her pussy was easily accessible and she said that she had freshly shaved it just the night before. (Yet more proof that her claims of needing Mike to shave her are just to get him to eat her afterwards!) Mike suggested that she wear her Japanese outfit the next time she tries this, but she said that it was for ‘special’ (her emphasis) occasions only.

Anyway, back to Sue’s lecture... She chose a lecture in a proper lecture hall and arrived just after the lecture had started. She found a bench near the back of the room that didn’t have anyone else on it and sat as far away from people in the rows in front of her as she could. She had wanted to take her vibrating egg (the one that Mike had bought for her on our last visit), but I pointed out that in the relative quiet of a lecture, it would probably sound very loud. She waited until the lecture was about 10 minutes in and nobody else seemed to be turning up before she started. She wiggled forwards so that she was sitting right at the front of the bench and spread her legs. She said that she was very careful not to lift her skirt too high and just slipped her hand under it and up her thigh until her fingers found her pussy.

She gently rubbed around her lips while looking around to see if anyone had noticed what she was doing (I had told her not to look as it generally draws attention to you). She said that she remembered this after a little bit (and she hadn’t seen anyone looking her way anyway) so she relaxed a bit and let herself enjoy the feelings. She said that she was beginning to get wet enough to get her fingers inside her a bit and started to work them into her pussy. I had told her to practice pumping her fingers into her pussy without moving her arm beforehand, so she was happy to do this bit without worrying about being caught. (It’s actually much easier for a girl to do this than it is for a guy to wank without his upper arm moving).

Sue kept this up for a while and said that while it felt really nice (and naughty), it got to the point where it wasn’t doing any more for her (she rarely cums from just vaginal stimulation and like most girls needs some clit action). She wasn’t prepared to use both hands at once, so stopped finger fucking herself and started paying attention to her clit. Her fingers were nice and wet from the time inside her so she found it very easy to rub away and get herself very excited.

She said that by this point, she really wanted to squirm around and found it difficult to keep still, let alone quiet. Sue is only just getting the hang of being loud when she cums, but she usually makes a bit of noise and had to concentrate to stay silent. Her pussy was now pretty wet and she was dipping into it to keep her fingers nicely lubed while she continued to rub her little button (I love it when she says really cute things like that). She knew that she was fairly flushed, but was now close enough that she said she didn’t care too much and just wanted to cum.

She applied a bit more pressure to her clit and felt her orgasm start. She actually bit the end of her pencil to keep quiet and kept rubbing herself through her orgasm. As it peaked, she rubbed a bit more gently and kept tailing off the pressure until she was just brushing her clit during the post-orgasmic glow.

She said that she had another look around (which is a *really* bad idea because if anyone thought that you were up to something and then you check that nobody is looking, it just confirms that you were probably doing what they thought! She said that she thought that she was still undetected and slowly pulled her hand out and straightened up her skirt. She sucked her fingers clean (in a surreptitious way) and went back to concentrating on the lecture. At least that was the plan, but she said that her pussy was still tingling so much that she didn’t really take much in and had to get a copy of a friend’s notes.

I’m quite proud (which I know is a bit odd) that Sue has now managed to migrate from only being brave when on holiday to being able to do things like this in her own lectures. Mike had a wonderful idea to get Sue and Jen to visit at the same time again (that will certainly be happening) and to get Sue to agree to do everything that Jen gets me to do. It sounds good, but I don’t think that Sue will go for it. I really can’t imagine her cumming in front of a room full of people (well, okay, I *can* *imagine* it – and I can imagine pulling her panties off, diving into her cunt and eating her while Mike fucks me - but I still don’t think it’s going to happen!)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Holiday plans

It looks like we’ve managed to convince everyone (well, not *everyone*, but a reasonable number of people) to go away on holiday sometime this summer. Lis and I have selflessly volunteered to find somewhere suitable to stay (everyone has agreed that renting a big cottage is the way to go). Our definition of suitable will also include some private beach space so we can hopefully convince people (the girls) to do some topless sunbathing and Lis will finally get a chance to ogle Hol’s tits.

The difficulty is that we don’t know exactly how many people are going to come along so we’re having to investigate a few options – I think we’re just going to have to book somewhere with a few extra spaces and if other people want to come along, they may have to sleep on the floor.

I’m nearing the end of my second draft now and really need to have a bit of a break. Both Jen and Sue would like to see me (I’m sure that Sue is more interested in seeing Mike). Their exams are nearly over so either of them could come here, but I think that we’ll have more fun if I visit them. Mike can’t have too much time off work, so if we go to visit Sue, it will probably only be foe a long weekend. Of course, if I go and visit Jen, then Mike won’t be coming!

I’ve been informed that Mike and Jen have agreed upon the ‘outline structure for my activities during my next visit’. As far as I can tell, that means that they have thought of a new set of things for Jen to subject me to. I’m a little bit nervous as they have said that this visit should be a lot more ‘interesting’ than the prior one. Of course I’m not really worried as I had such a wonderful week last time, but I do wonder how on earth Jen is going to top it...

Jen has volunteered to gather some extra ideas from people and will try to work them in to my visit (as long as they don’t get us arrested). She isn’t brave enough to give out her email address, but wants people to leave comments on her blog (it’s not really a blog, she only signed up so she could leave comments on here). If you've got any ideas, leave them here.

That’s all for today – nothing else new and exciting to report. Mike is getting back late tonight so I’m by myself for a bit. I’m planning on being naked in front of the fire for his return and hoping that he’ll have the energy to ravish me. I think that I might go and spend an hour just teasing myself – lube myself up with tingle gel, put on some porn and keep myself as close to cumming as I can without actually having an orgasm.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sticky Dildo, DP and pictures

Now back to the 'historical' posts (although I've almost caught up now). I may have to go back to posting every other day as I'm running out of posts, but we'll see how it goes (I do seem to be spending more time writing this than I have been).


We’re still sorting through the masses of pictures we have, but we’re getting near the end. We’ve been quite ruthless and binned most of them (over 40,000). As promised, I will post links to zips of the binned pics and videos once we finish up. We’ve also got a really good selection of images that we’ll be keeping – the gallery of the Lis look alike being a part of that.

Looking through all of the pictures has reminded us of certain images that gave us inspiration to try new things over the years (most of which I’ve written about on here). We’ve got a number of images of DP and group sex which I’m still really interested in trying (as long as I can find a way to do it safely). We were inspired again to try something new using the new dildo I bought to use on the washing machine. While the suction cup might not stick too well to the top of the machine, it does stick quite firmly to a glass surface.

Last night, I stuck the dildo to the patio doors and reversed myself onto it (it took a few attempts to get it positioned at exactly the right height and in the end I had to put it in myself and press back against the door – Mike then held it in place while I moved off it nad he stuck it on firmly). This gave me a cock to fuck myself on while he stood in front of me and I sucked him off. While it’s not strictly DP, it is at least being penetrated in two holes at once and I loved the fact that I had my cunt and ass exposed (even if it was only to an empty garden).

I did have to rub my clit to help me cum, but it felt really good. I also managed to suck Mike off - he actually came before I did and because I was bent forwards, I ended up swallowing all of his load. I was still quite horny after I had cum and wanted more – we had another look through some of the pictures we’re keeping while Mike recovered and them I told him I wanted to try DP.

I bent over the arm of the sofa and put the dildo back into my cunt. I held it in place while Mike pushed his cock into my ass and I felt really full (the gel dildo is reasonably large, so that it, combined with Mike’s cock is about as much as I could take). Mike couldn’t really get very deep into me as the balls on the bottom of the dildo were getting in his way so we had to turn it around which was a bit better (although then they got in the way a bit when I tried to rub my clit). Nevertheless, it still felt wonderful and I rubbed away while he fucked my ass. Mike got me to imagine someone sitting in front of me so I could bury my face in their cunt and I allowed my imagination to run over a few people (I’m sure you can guess who was on the list). I pictured Jen being there when I actually came though – and I’m not just saying that because I know she reads this!

Mike came in my ass and left his cock in me for a minute or so until it began to shrink. We went to get cleaned up and I felt surprising empty now that I didn’t have anything in me. I think it was fairly obvious as Mike ended up playing with my pussy in the shower and gave me another orgasm.

Once we had dried off, we retired to bed to do some more picture sorting – we got a bit distracted and ended up watching some of the ‘good’ videos which led to Mike getting hard again. Of course, it would have been rude to leave him to his own devices so I offered to let him use me to cum – the nice side effect being that he insisted that I cum as well so I ended up having my fourth orgasm of the night while he fucked me.

We returned to the pictures again and actually managed to bin quite a few more (and keep a few). Mike got hard once more, but said that he was now too sensitive to do anything (he had cum three times - in my mouth, ass and cunt – so I don’t really blame him). He was lying behind me and I could feel his cock rubbing up against my ass at first and then he slipped it between my legs (not inside me). I told him it wasn’t fair to get me excited if he wasn’t going to finish the job and he said if we sorted out another hundred photos he would make it worth my while.

I couldn’t really resist that and it didn’t take too long – my reward was him going down on me and eating me quite ferociously. He lifted my ass up in the air and buried his face in my cunt, pushing his tongue into me and licking and sucking away on my lips and clit. I tried to hold back my orgasm, but he was really attacking me (I think I managed to delay it for a while). Of course, by holding back, it just made it stronger when my orgasm hit and I felt it shoot out of my cunt and through my body. It didn’t last very long, but was quite intense and I had to tell Mike to stop (he didn’t stop, but moved on to the gentle licking which is a really nice way to come down from a strong orgasm).

He suggested that we sort out some more pictures and I get the feeling that he could have managed another fuck by this point, but I was now rather beat and told him that we could start again the next day. We did fall asleep with him inside me (the benefit of him still being horny is that he can stay hard for longer) and I’m pretty sure he was still nicely buried in my pussy when I drifted off.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Shaving Lis

Another break in the chronology of blog entries, but I thought this was too exciting to wait until I’d caught up with things. I should have really posted it last night, but by the time things were over and I had relayed them to Mike (and then we had ‘enjoyed’ the events together) it was too late to start writing.


I don’t know why, but the whole hairy pussy comment from Orla still seems to be bothering Lis. (Okay, so I think I know a little bit – I’m assuming that she is still somewhat upset and confused about having enjoyed her first experience but it having been with someone who wasn’t very sensitive or caring towards her). This has made me realise (even more) how lucky I was to find Jen. Maybe I’m not quite as sensitive as Lis (or maybe I was just more desperate to try things with a girl), but I’m sure that while I would have enjoyed the physical experience with someone else, it certainly wouldn’t have been as wonderful without the emotional side as well.

It’s very difficult to talk properly about this at work (for fairly obvious reasons – I can’t imagine sitting in Edge and talking about the best way to hold your labia while shaving them!), so Lis and I met up again on Saturday (not to talk about shaving, but the whole Orla thing). I thought it would be good for her to talk to a couple of her other friends as well as I don’t have any nightmare stories of people using and discarding me (possibly the one advantage of not having had any sexual experience until I was 19). Holly had a story about a boy she dated (in school) who got her to give him a BJ and then told all his friends and Cindy had a similar story. Between us, we managed to convince her that she (Orla) wasn’t worth her getting stressed over.

The rest of the evening was much more relaxed – there were a few more stories of bad boyfriends but it was mostly just general girly chat (marred by a bit of ‘how is the thesis’ going, but I deflected the conversation away from that). When we left, Lis walked back with Holly (they live in the same direction) and I wandered off with Cindy. I got a text later on from Lis saying that she wanted to talk to me about something and we arranged to have dinner the next day (yesterday).

Lis came round to my place and we had dinner (I cheated and bought some food in). Lis had brought wine with her and during dinner we didn’t talk about anything too heavy. I was wondering why she hadn’t mentioned whatever she wanted to talk about (given we don’t exactly have many secrets from each other now), but it was only after dinner when she went quiet for a bit and then started to tell me. I now finally know why she was so nervous about shaving – she showed me a patch on the back of her leg that she cut very badly a number of years ago when she was shaving. It’s not actually very noticeable now as it has healed, but the skin is still slightly marked. When it happened, there was quite a lot of blood and really hurt her.

I told her once again that she didn’t actually *have* to shave herself and that she could just trim her pubes if she didn’t want them long, but she insisted that she wanted to look like the girls in the photos (yes I do feel rather guilty for showing her them, so you don’t need to point this out). I tried quite hard to convince her that once she found the right person that they wouldn’t care if she was bald, trimmed or bushy, but Lis was adamant that while she was happy to have the hair on her mons trimmed, she wanted to only have a small patch there and to have her lips shaved.

I’ve got used to Lis talking like this now (which given some of her fantasies involving Holly is rather tame talk) and I said that I was sure that it would look beautiful. She then asked if I would help show her how to do it without cutting herself. I teased her a bit and reminded her that last time I offered, she said it would be weird, but she said that she didn’t want me to actually *show* her, but to tell her the best way to do it. For a brief period I had really got my hopes up and my imagination had already raced off down the path of Lis and I 69ing after we had shaved her (just to test the smoothness of course)!

I brought myself back to reality and said that the best way would be to go through it as if I was actually going to shave so I didn’t forget anything and we headed up to the bathroom. I’ve just tried to write this as it happened and had so many ‘I told Lis...’s that I didn’t like it so I’ll just write what I told her as how I usually shave in the hope that I might get into Google as ‘The best way to shave a pussy’!

The Best way to Shave a Pussy – According to Andi:

I usually shower first to soften up the hair and have the water as hot as I can take. I also put the shaving gel into hot water to heat it up for a few minutes as this seems to help give a smoother shave.

I then sit on the edge of the bath and lather myself up while keeping the shower running. I soap up my lips first, ensuring that I cover the whole area, but making sure that I don’t get any of the gel onto my inner lips. I’ve found that Simple shaving gel is good and doesn’t irritate my skin.

It is very important to use a sharp blade. I always use a new one and I then use the same blade for shaving my legs for a few times after or Mike uses it to shave with. The best ones I have found are the Gillette Mach 3 blades (but they aren’t cheap). I run the razor under hot water as having a hot blade also seems to make the shave much smoother.

I always shave my lips first so that the gel can be rinsed off them as quickly as possible. I open my legs as far as I can so that I have better access and concentrate on each side in turn. I use smooth strokes and frequently rinse the razor (which also reheats it). I know lots of people advise that you should only ever shave in the direction of hair growth, but I find to get everything, I have to do a couple of upwards strokes to finish things off. It also helps to stretch the skin slightly with the other hand.

I then rinse off the lips and lather up my mons – this area is much easier, but I still use the same principals of rinsing and heating up the razor frequently and use a couple of upwards strokes at the end to get rid of any remaining stubble. I then rinse the whole area thoroughly (and if I’m doing things myself I often put the shower onto pulse and let myself cum – if Mike or Jen is doing it, they will usually test for any remaining hairs by licking around the whole area – and then keep eating me until I cum!) I did tell Lis both of these facts as we crossed the sharing intimate details line quite a while ago – and I’ll take any chance I can get to get her to equate cumming and me!

We then went downstairs and I showed her the bottle of gel I keep in the fridge that I use afterwards – it just helps to reduce redness and irritation – and the cold gel feels really exciting after the hot water (and possibly the hot tongue).

I asked if there was anything that she wanted me to explain more and she said that it was all fine, but that she was still a bit nervous (given her leg-shaving trauma). I assured her that she would be find as long as she did it properly and took her time and that if there was anything else I could do to help, that I would (you can guess how I *actually* wanted to help).

Lis asked if she could do it here and I tried to casually say ‘if you want’. I advised her it would probably be easier if she showered properly first and got her a dressing gown and towel. While she got undressed (in my room), I got everything ready for her and left it by the bath. I told her that if she wanted to trim the hair on her mons, she could use Mike’s electric razor (it’s got a little trimmer on the back). Of course I was hoping that she would want help, but she went into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard the shaved buzz and then the shower start up. I reminded her to make it hot before I gave Jen a call. I told her that Lis was currently naked in the bathroom and about to shave herself and that I was going crazy and needed to cum.

Jen told me to go and play with Lis’ panties and I dashed into my room and picked them up. Lis must have been getting a bit excited by the conversation we’d been having because they were slightly damp – only very slightly, we’re not talking about Jen style wet, but enough for me to get the scent of her pussy. I really couldn’t take it any more, knelt beside my bed and plunged two fingers into myself. I didn’t know how long Lis would be and really (*really*) didn’t want to have to stop before I came, so I ended up putting her panties on the bed and burying my face in them while I rubbed my clit as well.

Given my earlier fantasies and the thought of little Lis naked in the bathroom, it really didn’t take long for me to cum. In the throes of my orgasm, I may have done a little more than just smell her panties (okay, so I licked them a couple of times). Even after I had cum, I was still horny and ended up drying off my pussy with them before putting them back where I had found them. I went back to the bathroom door and asked Lis how she was getting on and she said she was fine. I waited at the top of the stairs and idly played with my pussy until I heard the shower stop.

Lis emerged a few minutes later and asked for the cold gel (which I had forgotten because I would usually wander downstairs naked to get). I got it for her and she went back in to the bathroom to apply it, but only pushed the door shut. I was very tempted to peek through the crack, but I resisted (and I wish I hadn’t). I heard her yelp when she put the gel on and I told her to rub it in, before adding that I quite enjoy the cold feeling.

She returned again and I told her that she should probably leave it a little while before getting dressed so that her skin had time to adjust (and her panties had a little time to dry). We went downstairs with her still in my dressing gown and we sat and had another glass of wine. I asked her how it had gone and she said that it was a bit tricky right between her legs, but wasn’t as difficult as she had feared it would be. I really wanted to see what she had done, but assumed that she would have offered if she wanted me to see.

We sat and chatted for a bit and I kept hoping that the dressing gown would fall open but the most I got to see were her legs (which are damn good). My desire got the better of me in the end and I had to act and asked her if I could have a look at where she had cut herself again. Lis stretched out her leg and I lifted it slightly so I could look at the back. I gently stroked the area and told her that it wasn’t really very noticeable. I got her to turn her leg a few different ways and finally managed to get a glimpse up her dressing gown – her pussy wasn’t really exposed so I couldn’t see very much, but it looks like she has fairly closed lips.

I told her that she had beautiful legs and admitted that legs were one of my ‘things’. Lis seemed to enjoy my stroking (and compliments) so I kept gently stroking them (only for about a minute and only below the knee – as much as I wanted to go higher, I think that I might stand a better chance if I take things slowly).

It was getting fairly late by this time and Lis had to get home so she went up to get dressed. Either her panties had dried enough or she didn’t notice (or maybe she didn’t put them on), but she didn’t say anything. We arranged to go out and buy a set of shaving stuff for her later in the week and I said that in the meantime if she wanted, she could always pop back and use one of Mike’s razors.

Having written this out, it has just dawned on me that I should have described how I shave Jen as then I would have had lots of opportunities to tell Lis how I hold her lips open or stretch the skin on each labia to make it smooth (and then how I lick her afterwards to check my work). Oh well, maybe if she comes back to do it again I’ll go with that explanation (just as a reminder on how to do it).

Sunday, 25 April 2010

More group fantasies

I posted about my gang bang fantasy over on another board last night, so the timing of this post seems quite appropriate...


Mike brought up a good point the other day – Jen didn’t want is (Mike and I) to go to the ‘sex party’, but she happily made me cum in front of her friends. Admittedly I wasn’t naked, but they still got to see me cum. We’re in ‘negotiations’ with her to see if she will agree to let us go to the next party (if we can get yet another invite) if we agree that I won’t have sex with anyone other than Mike. From what we’ve been told, there are a few people who go and just have sex with one person – it’s not like it’s a massive orgy or anything.

I do still fantasize about being fucked by a number of different people at once (or over the course of a night) – but before anyone comments about how I can want that while I’m in love with Mike and Jen... sex isn’t the same thing as love. Don’t misunderstand, I do *love* having sex with both Jen and Mike, but that isn’t *why* I love them. As long as everyone is happy for us to experiment, (and we all know the limits) then I don’t see any problem with getting pleasure. At the minute, it seems that Jen’s limit is just letting other people see me cum and I’m certainly not going to do anything that she (or Mike) isn’t happy with.

I’ve also been thinking quite a bit about the week I spent with Jen. Mike kept pointing out how odd it was that I was so nervous about being shown off of having to wear revealing clothes and yet still liked it so much (and have enjoyed doing similar things for the past few years). I’m not sure why I was nervous (or embarrassed or scared) – the only thing that I can think of is that when I’ve done things like that before, I’ve been in charge (mostly). I know that Mike has often encouraged and cajoled me to do things, but it’s been rare that I’ve said I would let him tell me exactly what to do (and especially not for a whole week). I don’t regret anything that we did do, and I especially love the fact that Jen now feels that she has had some very memorable times with me – but I guess I’m just a bit more of a control freak than I had thought and giving up that much power for that long isn’t really me.

Then again, maybe letting Jen be in charge was part of the reason that I had such a good week and why even the thought of people seeing me naked was so exciting. Well I guess there is only one way to really find out and that will be to repeat the experiment sometime and see if we get consistent results :)

Jen says that she already has some plans for my next visit (I think that Mike and her may have been talking again). I’ve assured her that I have just as many ideas for her next trip to York and that no matter what she might want to get me to do, I can come up with things just as interesting for her.

But that’s all in the future (which gives me something to look forwards to – and possibly another bumper set of blog entries if things go well). For now we’re still working on the sex party and I believe than Jen is going to give in and let us go (and now I’ve written that, it’s on the Internet so it must be true!)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Jen's success

This is about a week old - not long before she went back to Uni


Jen has finally managed to cum while cycling – she went out for another attempt earlier this week (I think she was mainly trying to avoid doing revision, but it had a nice corollary). She put on her pair of tights with a hole cut in the crotch and fiddled with the dildo until it was held along her leg and buried nice and deep in her pussy and then got her bike and set off. Jen has found that cycling on dirt tracks works better for her - because of the extra bumps, she gets a much more varied stimulation by the dildo instead of just the smooth in and out.

She said that for some reason, it felt a lot better than the previous times from the beginning. We don’t know whether she actually did anything different (slightly different placement of the dildo or a different way of sitting), but she said that she was fairly certain that it would work after just a few minutes. She cycled down her usual path and then went off down an even smaller one that ran through the middle of some fields.

It was a fairly long straight(ish) track and Jen kept going, feeling every movement of her legs and bump in the ground being transferred to her pussy. She was in a very low gear so was able to cycle quite quickly without going too fast and as she felt the familiar build up, she pumped away even faster with her legs until her orgasm hit her. Now when Jen is cumming, she varies quite a bit in how much stimulation she likes (or can cope with). Sometimes, she just likes gentle licks on her clit and sometimes she loves being fucked hard the whole way through (but she then usually wants me to stop very quickly). This was one of the latter times and she kept cycling as fast as she could until she was done.

When she was finished, she stopped and rocked back and forth on the seat until she had come down from her orgasm (to just give a slight movement in the dildo). She tried to cycle back home but it was at this point that she realised that she would have to take the dildo out and had nothing to put it in. At first, she just pulled the end out of her cunt and let it wiggle around as she cycled. She thought that it looked quite funny – as if she had a cock waving around under her skirt. She didn’t mind this while there was nobody else around, but knew she would have to do something else when she got back to where she might cycle past people.

When she got to an area with a few trees, she stopped and tried to push the dildo further down her leg (in her tights). This was fine, apart from the fact that the bottom of it then came below the hem of her skirt. She stood and fiddled with it for a while (and I love the thought of her standing there with her skirt up, her tights down to her thighs and only being worried about where the dildo was going to go) before finally giving in and putting it back inside her (but not quite as deep as before). Fortunately, even though she was still a bit sensitive, she’d had enough time to recover and managed the rest of the ride home.

She didn’t cum again while cycling, but did go back up to her room to give me a call and tell me that she had finally managed to cum on the bike. While we were talking, she started to pump the dildo into her pussy and fingered her clit (speakerphone is a lifesaver!). I was actually at work while she was telling me this so all I could do was listen and make general replies to her (and felt myself getting wet). She had her second orgasm down the phone to me and then promised me that she would actually get some work done.

I really wanted to go and have a quick play with myself, but I’ve been very restrained at work (it’s amazing what deadlines can do) and just promised myself a session on the way home (which I had, and came while imagining Jen doing the same thing). I may have pretty much mastered cumming while cycling, but imagining Jen doing it at the same time definitely was too much of a distraction to be safe so I think I’ll be saving that for cycling around her fields in future!

Jen says that she has thought of a way to make bike-cums even better but she won’t tell me what it is (she says that she is saving it as a surprise for the summer). I have a feeling I know what she has planned, but I’ll wait and see...

Friday, 23 April 2010

Cum soaked cunt

Another older post – I hadn’t realised quite how many I’d written during my time of not having time to write (hmm, can anyone say work avoidance...?) so I’ll be putting up posts daily for a little while. They are mostly shorter than my usual posts- so at least I wasn’t wasting *too* much time.

I’m slightly dismayed at the results of my ‘favourite girl’ poll – given the wonderful things she does for me, I was hoping that Jen would have been the clear winner, but Sue beat her by a fair margin.

I also wonder how nobody can like someone who really looks like Beth from Nubiles (Jo – my first real girl-crush) or Lucy (who must be Pavlina’s younger sister they look so much alike). You people clearly don’t know how hot the cute look is!


Jen isn’t the only person who wanted to come and visit over the holidays – Sue has also been hoping to drop by. Given she should be revising and I’m busy, she isn’t likely to make it either which is a bit of a disappointment. I know that Mike had certainly hoped to have another chance to get to know his ‘little sister’ better and Sue has made no secret over the past few weeks about the fact that she has wanted to have a good screw. I am considering having a little break (just for a day or two) and might see if both Jen and Sue could spare the time to pop up to York. I get the feeling that if I ask, they will both come anyway whether or not they should be working...

I still haven’t had time to get up to anything too adventurous – I’ve used the dildo while cycling into work a few times over the last couple of weeks and I’m now getting quite accomplished at it. I think (when I *do* have some time – and the weather is better) that I now want to try going for a ride with some friends and see if I can cum while cycling with them (without them knowing of course).

The only person I have been considering telling about the dildo is Lis – Jen and I have been thinking of ways to try to invite her to do a few things with us (but in a way that won’t make her run away and never talk to me again if she isn’t interested). From our conversations, I’m beginning to think that we might stand at least a little bit of a chance of her wanting to ‘experiment’ with us. Mike would obviously like to be involved with things and so far Jen has agreed that if we ever get to have a foursome with Lis and Lucy, that he can join us. He obviously loves this idea (as do I), but is realistic enough to know that while we *might* stand a chance of getting to play with one or the other, we’re not going to get both. He can dream though...

I’ve been keeping in touch with Lucy – who has been going on about all the things I let Jen do to me during my visit (or at least going on about the things that she knows about). I really like Lucy (and not just the way she looks) – she seems like a really sweet and genuine girl, with enough of a naughty streak to make her interesting! Jen has also been making good use of the Pavlina photos in our fantasy sessions. Mike enjoys these as he is allowed to join in (and Pavlina is one of his favourite online girls). He is desperately hoping that she will come and visit at some point. Knowing my luck, she would end up pairing off with Lis and then neither Jen nor I would get to do anything with either of them!

I took a few hours away work last weekend and went to have a drink with friends in town before I went into Uni to continue writing. The weather hasn’t been brilliant recently and I decided to wear tights so I didn’t get cold (I really can’t afford to get ill at the moment). Of course, while I was putting them on, Mike’s opaque tights fetish kicked in and he started to fondle me. I didn’t have any panties on underneath them, so I could feel quite a lot as he rubbed me. Usually, he just has a quick fondle but things progressed along quite a bit and he soon had the tights pulled down to my thighs and was fingering me properly.

I ended up leaning over the bed so he could slide into me from behind and we had a nice quick fuck before heading out into town. As soon as he pulled out of me, I pulled my tights up so they were snug against my pussy and as we walked, I could feel his cum leaking out and soaking the crotch. I had to be a bit careful when I sat down (so I didn’t stain my skirt), but it felt really nice having my pussy steeping in his cum. I enjoyed it so much that I really wanted him to fuck me again before I went into work, but I was going in with Cindy and couldn’t think of a way to ask her to wait while we went to find somewhere private (which is hard enough in the middle of York).

I haven’t had much time to see Cindy recently, so it was nice to have a chat with her on the way in to work. She is a really nice girl but with a very dirty sense of humour. She is very open about things and I know a fair bit about her sex life (and she’s one of the only people I know who will happily use the word ‘cunt’). I told her a bit about my week with Jen and she thought I had been very adventurous. I obviously didn’t tell her everything that we’d got up to, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to keep hiding everything about who I really am from my friends. They know that I enjoy sex and Cindy even knows a little about my exhibitionist side (but only a very little bit). I told her about my trips to the kitchen in the short top and panties and adapted the rooftop event to me just flashing the people up there. I often wonder just how much it would take to really shock her and thought about pulling up my skirt so she could see my cum-stained tights. I’m fairly certain that she wouldn’t be offended by it, but I’m also fairly certain that she doesn’t really want to see those bits of me (unfortunately).

I do feel a lot better about being able to share some of the details of my sex life (I know I share all the details on here, but that is somewhat different) and was in a good mood by the time we got to work. We agreed to meet up for afternoon coffee and headed our separate ways. I’ll admit that I wasn’t as productive as I should have been as I was still feeling quite horny after my chat with Cindy (and even though Mike’s cum was drying, I was still a bit sticky). I should have probably given in, masturbated and then had a more productive time, but I didn’t.

I’ve been using my cycle dildo rides to either satisfy myself before I start work (so I can concentrate) or as a motivation (I bring the dildo in to work, but won’t allow myself to wear it while going home unless I get a certain amount done that day). This has actually been working our really well but given I didn’t have it with me I couldn’t use it to motivate me that day!

I did get some work done and met up with Cindy for coffee (and then got some more work done) before heading home. I texted Mike while I was on the way and told him that I would need some attention when I got back (which he was happy to hear). Given I was still covered in his (now dry) cum, he wasn’t as keen on eating me as he usually is, but did so anyway when I asked him to. In return, I gave him a BJ, using the things I’ve learned from watching Sue.

We didn’t do too much else that evening other than snuggle up and watch a movie before retiring to bed where we spooned and I fell asleep with him inside me.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Field fuck

I'm beginning to catch up on older posts now - I'm not sure exactly when I wrote this, but I think it was a week and a bit ago.


Jen has been at home for the Easter break and I really wish that she could have come to visit me. Between her having to revise for exams and me being way too busy with work, we decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea as we might get distracted if she was here (or it would just be pointless as we wouldn’t have any time to see each other). I don’t like the idea that we won’t see each other for a while, but hopefully it will mean that we can both get our work done and then enjoy summer together.

While she has been at home, Jen has been practising with her new dildo on her bike – we’ve had another bout of cold weather so she hasn’t had the opportunity to try it too much, but has made progress. Just like when I did it, it took a while before she could concentrate enough on the cycling to keep upright, while letting go enough that she could really enjoy the feeling. She hasn’t actually managed to cum yet, but has got herself worked up enough that she has had to pull over and frig her clit (her phrase) until she came. Fortunately, there are some quiet country lanes around where she lives so she could stop pretty much anywhere she needed. I’m looking forwards to visiting over the summer and making use of some of the fields with her.

That reminds me of something that Mike and I did a few years ago that I don’t think I’ve written about on here (and I’m not going back to check, so if this is a repeat, then I apologise). We were out for a bike ride and picnic on a nice summer day and had cycled a fair way out of York. The ‘path’ we were cycling down was just a dirt track between two fields and was rather bumpy. As such, my ass was beginning to hurt so we stopped for a bit of a break and to have a drink. I kept complaining how sore my bum was and Mike gave it a rub to help it get better. He started rubbing my skirt but then his hands slipped under it directly onto my ass (of course I didn’t have panties on).

This was fairly near the start of my exhibitionist tendencies so I wasn’t quite as brave as I am now, but we hadn’t seen anyone else for ages so when he asked me to kneel on the blanket I did. He slipped up my skirt so my ass was exposed and continued to rub it for a while before his hand started to go further between my legs and brush against my pussy. I had a good view in one direction and Mike was looking the other way so I felt quite safe but when he knelt behind me and started to lick my cunt, I got a bit more worried. After a bit of thinking, we ended up with Mike lying down and me riding him (so we could continue to look both ways). I still had my skirt on so you couldn’t actually see anything, but it would have been perfectly obvious what we were doing given I was bouncing up and down.

I still remember that it felt really nice (with the whole ‘outdoors’ thing being quite new to me) and we really got into it. The problem was that we got a little bit distracted and we only noticed that we were being observed when someone cycled past us (from behind me). He turned off at a little turning we hadn’t noticed and was gone within 10 seconds of us having seen him, but I remember feeling really embarrassed (although I didn’t get off Mike immediately as there was nobody else around).

We were both laughing (and still fucking) for a while and then decided that we should possibly find somewhere a bit more private so pushed out bikes into a field. We flattened a small area of the corn and put the blanket down and started up again with me on top. Given we were now fairly well hidden (we weren’t far from the path, but the corn was quite high), Mike started to unbutton my dress and pulled it open. He then pushed my bra up and off my breasts and lifted my skirt so he could watch us fucking. I felt really exposed, but was enjoying it so I didn’t complain and after a bit we switched so he could take me from behind (doggy style). While we were switching position, he got me to slip my arms out of my dress and take off my bra and I ended up with it all gathered around my waist. Mike reached around and rubbed my clit while we fucked and we both came quite quickly after that.

We lay on the blanket side my side for a little bit (still exposed) but we heard some people on the path and I quickly covered myself up. Mike wanted to do things again while they were near, but I wasn’t quite up for that back then and so we ended up getting back on our bikes and continuing with the ride (after he had put his cock away of course).

His cum had started to leak out of me as soon as I stood up so when I started to cycle, I couldn’t sit on my skirt or I would have got a wet patch on it. As such, I had to sit on the saddle and let the skirt of my dress just flutter around as I cycled. Mike’s cum continued to leak out of me and ended up being smeared all over the seat, my ass and my thighs. Because I was continually aware that my skirt could blow up at any point and I could feel the seat rubbing against my pussy, I was continually aroused for the rest of the ride. We had to walk part of the way home (when we got back to places with people around) as I still wasn’t able to sit on my skirt. This just made things worse as I could now feel his cum running down my legs and I couldn’t do anything about it. By the time we got back home, I was so desperate to cum that we ended up dumping the bikes in the alley (with my seat still wet) and running upstairs to fuck without even stopping to say ‘Hi’ to Holly or Rachel.

As far as we can remember, this is one of the first times we did things outdoors and I’m looking forwards to doing something similar with Jen.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More washing machine fun

This was also written quite a while ago...


After our reunion night, we haven’t got up to many crazy things or long sessions as I’ve had to spend my time working. It’s not the case that we aren’t doing anything, just that we don’t have time to do the sorts of things i would bother writing up on here. Whoever wakes up first still usually wakes up the other one in ‘interesting’ ways (it’s quite easy to get Mike hard without waking him up and he can get me quite a way towards cumming if he works gently on me).

I ended up telling Lis a few things about my week with Jen. She seemed very interested to find out about what we had got up to (but I didn’t tell her everything). I told her that I would be making sure than Jen was suitably punished when she next comes to York (we had hoped that there would be time over the Easter vacation, but between my work and her having to prepare for exams, it wasn’t possible).

The following weekend I did try something out that I had thought of during my week away (it’s amazing how my time at the moment is defined by ‘what I did with Jen’ versus ‘my time since I got back and had to work’). I had enjoyed the washing machine incident for a number of reasons – obviously the climax (literally) was being caught and knowing that a stranger was watching me. Even without that, it felt wonderful and I knew that I wanted to try it out again when I got back home (on our own washing machine).

I took a bit of a break from work and went to buy a new dildo – one of the clear(ish) rubbery/flexible ones shaped like a cock with a suction pad at the base. Now I can imagine all sorts of uses for this thing, but I initially purchased it for a specific job. Mike and I moved the washing machine out from under the counter (and gave the top of it a good clean). I tried it out by just sitting on it while it was spinning and found out that on the high speed setting, with a few heavy towels in it, I could get a pretty good vibration going. It was nowhere near as strong as the ones at Jen’s Uni, but definitely felt good enough.

I let Mike watch me perform a complete system test – I was naked and sat up on the machine with my feet up beside my ass (to spread my pussy and give him a good view). It took a bit longer, but still I managed to cum by just pressing my fingers against my clit and letting the vibration of the machine do the ‘rubbing’ for me. Once I had recovered from that (and we had put the machine back to the start of the spin cycle), I broke out the new dildo. Mike stuck it to the top of the machine and I lowered myself down onto it. I could feel it vibrating a bit as it entered me, but the vibrations also kept making the suction cup pop off.

After a bit of experimentation, we figured out that the best way was to squat over it so my weight was pressing it onto the machine. Like this, it was fully inside me and transferred the vibrations into my pussy really well. I was using my hands to balance myself (you try crouching on top of a spinning washing machine) and so Mike ended up pressing his fingers against my clit. My body wasn’t vibrating as much as when I had been sitting on it, but the extra sensations of the dildo vibrating deep inside me pretty much made up for it.

I managed to have another orgasm like this and it felt very different. It wasn’t quite as good as I had imagined it would be, but it certainly wasn’t bad so I’m not complaining. Having now watched me cum twice, Mike wanted some action – we wanted to try things with him sitting on top of the machine and me sitting on his lap, but we couldn’t find a position that was stable enough. We did find out that if he sat on the machine and I wrapped my hand around the head of his cock, the vibrations felt pretty good (he didn’t cum as he wanted to screw me). After a little break for him to calm down, we went and had regular sex on the rug in front of the fire.

I’ve made use of the washing machine a few times since then, both with and without my new dildo and we also had another go with Mike on it. I stood in front of him, wrapped my hand around his cock and flicked at the head with my tongue. He said that it felt really good and when he got close, I stood up (still holding his cock) so I could watch him cum. It was quite impressive and he let out about 3 shots that splattered over my breasts and then he had to get me to let go as the feeling was rather intense.

Monday, 19 April 2010

My return to York

This was written a couple of weeks ago...


It was quite a while ago since I wrote anything (for the blog) and I haven’t really been keeping my usual notes to remind me of events so this might be a bit more like my early entries where I recreate the events in my mind and write as I play through them.

I’ve had a few emails asking what Mike got up to while I was away with Jen (and a few comments as well if I remember correctly). He obviously spoke to Jen and I every day and sometimes he listened to us playing (and might have had a bit of a play with himself while doing this). He also called Sue a few times and continued her ‘training’. He told her some of the things that Jen and I were getting up to and got her to imagine herself joining in things with us (sometimes with him doing things to her, sometimes with her actually joining Jen and I). I know that Mike’s aim is to get her to actually want to try doing stuff with us (Jen and I) and he’s going to keep trying (and at the very least enjoying fantasising about the situations with her). I guess that the fact that she will join in the fantasies means that he must be getting somewhere...

Mike held back from cumming for the last few days I was away so that he could greet me properly on my return. While it would have been wonderful to arrive back in York and have dived into bed with him, I got back in the early afternoon and really had to go to work to meet with my supervisor and talk about my thesis. This went about as well as could be expected – I was given a load of corrections to do (nothing too major), but I then had to spend all afternoon in work trying to figure out exactly what I needed to do. I had decided that as soon as I left work, I wouldn’t worry about thesis until the following day so that Mike and I could have a fun evening together.

I had considered taking my long dildo into work with me and wearing it while I cycled home (but not letting myself cum) but decided against it in the end. It was just as well as I was already feeling very fidgety by the end of the day (I’d gone from almost constantly being played with and made to cum to an afternoon of work with no distractions). Mike got home early to greet me and we had a big kissing session in the lounge. The kissing lasted a fair amount of time before his hands started to wander under my skirt and stroke my pussy and I was certainly ready for him. He pushed a couple of fingers into me and started to rub my clit and I told him that I didn’t want to play around and wanted to feel him inside me.

Mike didn’t need much convincing and we dashed upstairs and into the bedroom. We stripped ourselves naked (even though he quite liked my outfit) and fell onto the bed. He said that he wanted to eat me before he came and we ended up in a 69 position with me on top. I don’t think he could really taste Jen, but he ate me quite fiercely and I did the same back to him. I know I had only been away for a week, but it felt strange having his cock in my hand. I wrapped my lips around it and licked, sucked, kissed and rubbed it, enjoying the way it pulsed and jumped.

He had to get me to stop (because he was going to cum, not because it was bad!) and I told him he had no stamina. This made him eat me even harder (as well as push his thumb into my ass) and I came in a very short period of time. I made sure he knew I was cumming and was fairly loud and he kept kissing and licking me slowly until I had finished. It had been a good orgasm, but I still wanted to feel his cock inside me and I mounted him. I didn’t jump straight on, but I positioned myself over him, spread my lips and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I savoured the feeling of him entering me and sunk the whole way down until I was pressed against him. (I was fairly wet after having cum so he went in without any difficulty). I stayed still for a little while so he could enjoy the feeling as well (neither of us wanted him to cum too quickly).

Once he was a bit more settled, he told me to start to move and I slowly started riding up and down on him – moving a bit more each time until I was riding the whole length of his shaft. Mike was concentrating on not cumming but still felt incredibly hard inside me. After a while of riding him, I lay on top of him and told him to give me a good fuck. In return, I told him about some of the things than Jen and I had been getting up to. Because I’d been emailing him my blog entries as I finished writing them, he already knew about most of the week. I treated him to verbal account of what we had got up to on the Monday and he loved the idea of the competition and the naked rooftop walk.

He was amazed to hear about Jen making me cum in front of everyone and said that maybe he should come with me the next time I visit and both he and Jen could stroke me at the same time and put on a proper show for them. I quite liked the idea of this (even though I know Jen isn’t going to agree to it) and got him to describe it to me in more detail. It was a rather broken description as Mike was guiding my ass up and down and he was pounding into me and was getting close to cumming. He said that he didn’t know if he wanted to cum in me or over me first and I told him that I didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop before I came (I was having fun). He said that he would hold back as long as he could and kept fucking me, pushing my ass down with each stroke so my cunt slapped against his body.

Even though I had cum already, I still came first and did everything I could to get him to cum with me. I was moaning, telling him to fill me with cum and squeezing my cunt around his cock but he just about managed to hold out (really only just though). While I was still cumming, he rolled me off him, pulled out and gave himself a couple of strokes. He was kneeling up between my legs and I watched him squirt more cum than I remember him doing in a long time (it was probably only about 6 or 7 lots, but was enough to cover me). I rubbed myself to help finish off my orgasm and felt his cum land on my face, over my breasts, across my stomach (the first squirt missed me and landed beside my head).

He knelt back down and let out a sigh and I looked down at my rather wet body. Mike asked me if I wanted more and I said that of course I did – but needed a minute. Mike said that I should give Jen a call so she could listen in to us (and he could congratulate her for Monday’s work). I called and she was out (she said she was taking her mind off the fact that I wasn’t there – how sweet). I told her that I was lying on the bed with Mike’s cum rubbing off my body and that he was starting to lick me (she couldn’t reply of course). Mike then double fucked me (one thumb buried in my cunt and the other in my ass) and I came while still talking (mostly just moaning) to Jen. She said that I was being very mean and that she would call me back later on to ‘finish’ our conversation.

I’d now cum three times but Mike wanted to ensure that I was completely satisfied and said he was going to fuck me again and fill me with cum. I wasn’t too sure he would have much left given how much was on me, but I let him raise my legs up, put them over his shoulders and slide in to me. With my legs up, he can get very deep in to me and once he started to pump in and out of me using the whole length of his cock. He then started to rub my clit and told me to keep squeezing his cock with my cunt (which I did). It was an amazing feeling and Mike kept saying that he wanted t to feel me cum around him and I said I wanted to feel him cumming in me. Given this would be his second orgasm (and given we’re talking about Mike), he had no trouble holding back until I came. Once I started cumming, he stopped rubbing my clit, held on to my legs (which were still up on his shoulders) and started pushing hard and fast into me.

I tried to keep my orgasm going as long as I could but I had just about finished when Mike came (to be honest, I have no idea how to actually do that – I just wanted us to cum together). He slammed into me a number of times, letting out a grunt with each push and then let my legs fall down so he could lie on top of me. This got him covered in his own cum (which he isn’t as keen on as I am), but we kissed for a while anyway until he had started to shrink inside me.

We needed some food so went downstairs – I decided to stay naked in the hope that I could entice Mike to do more later on (he seemed quite tired after having just cum twice). A little of his cum had begun to run out of me and between my ass cheeks while we had been kissing, but when I stood up and started to walk, a fair amount more came out. I was very impressed that he had managed to cum so much twice in a row (which is possibly why he was so wiped out). It had been so long (only a week really) since I had enjoyed this feeling that I made no effort to wipe it up and just let his cum drip out and run down my legs (I did take a towel to put on the sofa).

We went into the kitchen and Mike gave me a bunch of flowers. He started to get a snack ready while I put them in a vase and then I knelt down and sucked his cock until it was hard again. I stopped at that point as I just wanted to make sure he would be ready for more later on (and I was hungry). We sat and ate and discussed the corrections I had got along with Mike’s calls to Sue over the week and the things that Jen and I had got up to. He was very impressed with how obedient I had been and I passed on Jen’s gratitude for his help in planning some of the things.

I made sure that he was actually okay with everything (given I masturbated in front of a group of stoned people, came (naked) in front of someone and came (clothed) in front of a group of people). I found out what ideas had been his, what ones Jen had contributed to and what ones she had come up with by herself (just so I know how much I need to punish her on her next visit). We also talked about my latest crush (Lucy) and I assured Mike that she really looks like Pavlina (when she started her career). Mike was certainly as interested in her as I am (he is the one who knew about Pavlina first) and we agreed that I could do anything to try to get her to join us in bed. At least she has already seen me cum and still wants to be friends, so I might have a little something to work with.

Having relived the latter part of the week with him, I was certainly feeling ready to go again and a quick check showed that his cock was nice and hard. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do but I assumed that he wouldn’t be too keen on eating me given I still had his cum covering my pussy (and thighs and ass). Mike was still sitting at the table and I just straddled him and sat down on his cock. We kissed as I rode up and down on him and he then asked me to stand up and turn around. I bent forwards over the table and he slipped into me from behind. It was quite a quick fuck – Mike pumped into me and I rubbed my clit until I came. I didn’t hold back and moaned quite a bit which helped Mike cum very soon after me and he came in me again (but I don’t think it was much as not much came out when he pulled out).

We decided to shower after that (which was desperately needed) and then went to bed (jut to talk). We discussed wedding plans and some ideas that I’d had during my week with Jen and Mike agrees that she should play a large part in the wedding – even if that means that we can’t have a traditional one. We called Jen to let her know the news and she was incredibly happy – Mike said that she could reward him by repeating what she did at the party in front of him.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shave offer

Well I had another conversation with Lis about her first time, but it didn’t go quite the way I had expected it to. Our little Lis is getting a lot bolder with her questions and asked me directly if I shaved my pussy. Needless to say, this wasn’t a lunchtime conversation – she invited me round to her place last night and pretty much as soon as we got to her room she asked me.

I was a bit taken aback at first – not because of the language or the subject (well sort of the subject). We’ve obviously discussed various things about lesbian sex before (and even things than Jen and I have done) but this was probably the first time that she had directly asked me something like that about *me*. I assumed (correctly) that it was related to Orla’s comment and told her not to worry about it, but she asked again.

Now I could clearly see some potential in this and so told her that I generally keep myself shaved and that Jen does the same. Now I know that Lis has seen plenty of pictures of girls with various states of bald pussies (a number of them being from my collection) and I reminded her about this. She asked me if most girls keep themselves shaved or trimmed and I pointed out that while I would love to have a representative sample, I’ve only ever seen two (this was a bit of a slip and led me to having to make up a lie about having seen Sue coming out of the shower one time when she visited).

I told her (again) that she didn’t have to worry about what Orla had said and that plenty of girls either trim their pubic hair or just let it grow. She then asked me what I preferred and I wasn’t going to lie to her about this and said that personally I preferred the lips to be bald (at the very least) as it makes oral sex much more pleasant (at least I think it does and I know Mike does as well). Lis kept asking about whether I shaved myself and how hard it was so I told her that Mike was the one who did it to me at first (and it’s still usually him who does it when I’m in York).

I told her that as long as you use a good razor, hot water and the right gel, it’s not that difficult or dangerous (I’ve only got cut once – which did hurt quite a bit but it healed in a few days). I jokingly told her that Mike is very good at it and I was sure he would be happy to shave her if she wanted (and that maybe I could charge him out to all my friends). We spent a lot longer talking about Lis’ pussy that I could really stand (not that I don’t like thinking about her pussy, but it was really getting me worked up).

She kept asking and in the end my desire got the better of me and I told her that if she wanted, I could always show her (I didn’t specify whether I meant by letting her watch me shave myself or having me shave her). Not unexpectedly, she said that she thought that might be a bit weird – I wasn’t surprised as I really don’t think that Lis has any desires towards me, but I think I had got my hopes up a little bit through the conversation.

I decided that after having offered to expose myself to her (or her to me), I should probably go. I said that I could send her a video of a girl being shaved (which I now can’t find). I’m hoping that my offer isn’t going to make things too strange between us – I’m fairly sure it won’t bother her and she’ll just think I was making another joke.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lis' first time

Well I had intended to post some of the entries I'd written over the past few weeks, but I'm sure you'll understand why I decided to go straight to this one... I haven't sorted the album (or even put all the right pictures in it), but I've put the pictures of the Lis look-a-like in a Picasa album for you to see - now I just need to see Lis naked to see how similar they really are...


I only found this out yesterday and was wondering if I should write about this, but given I’ve put pretty much everything else on this blog, I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Lis went home for a few days over Easter and met up with some friends from her old school. They went out for some drinks and ended up going out to a club. Lis is getting a lot more confident about telling people that she is gay and didn’t hide it from them. There is a girl (Margaret) she went to school with who she always knew she fancied and she was hoping that something might happen between them (but it didn’t).

I hadn’t actually known that Lis had known she was gay for so long. I was under the impression that it was something that she had realised (or admitted to) only in the past few years – no wonder she is so worked up and wants Holly so bad.

So she didn’t actually come straight out and tell Margaret that she fancied her, but she says that she dropped enough hints that it was as clear as possible without her actually saying it. Lis and her friends then met up with an older sister of another girl in the group and someone told this older girl (Orla – no idea if that’s how it is spelt) that Lis was ‘now gay’ and that maybe she could teach her a thing or two. It turned out that Orla also gay and she ended up flirting with Lis while they all danced. I don’t think that Lis was forced to do anything, but I think that the fact that she was drunk might have had something to do with what happened next – the two of them ended up out the back of the club making out.

Lis said that she was already horny as she had been fantasising about getting to do things with Margaret and before she knew what was happening, Orla’s fingers were already under her skirt and rubbing against her panties. Lis said that she knew that this wasn’t the way she wanted things to go, but that the feeling was so good, that she kept kissing her and didn’t push Orla’s hand away. She then felt her skirt being lifted and her panties pulled to the side and for the first time she had another girl’s fingers inside her.

Lis fumbled around under Orla’s skirt and started to rub her (she decided that if this was going to happen, that she may as well experiment). Orla’s fingers were now pumping into Lis (a bit too hard for her liking and she asked her to be gentle). In the meantime, Lis pushed a finger into Orla and wiggled it around. Orla was quite dominating and told her to put another finger in and to finger her properly. Lis didn’t really like the way that she was being treated, but she did like the fact that Orla knew what to do with her fingers. Orla had two fingers inside Lis’ pussy and was using her thumb on her clit. Lis said that she knew that she was about to cum and didn’t do anything to try to stop it and felt her cunt (Lis didn’t say cunt, she still only uses pussy) explode around Orla’s fingers.

Once she had recovered, Orla pushed Lis down, pulled her own panties off and told her to eat her. Lis didn’t really want to do this so just continued to finger her and rub her clit. Orla kept trying to get Lis to eat her, but Lis’ hands were in the way and she managed to bring her off with just her fingers. This is probably a very good thing as it turns out that Orla gets around quite a bit – to the extent that the others had a fairly good idea of what had happened between them when Lis went back in to the club.

Even though I (and she) knew that her first time was unlikely to be with Holly, this really isn’t the way I had wanted her to find out what being with another girl was like. I know that I’ve been fantasising about doing things with her and that I don’t really *love* her, but if I had been lucky enough to get the chance to be her first (or even better, if Jen and I had been her firsts), I/we would have taken care of her properly, been gentle with her and let her explore and learn.

To make matters worse, when Orla returned, she told Lis that she should really shave herself. I think that this possibly hurt Lis more than anything else as it reminded her that her first time had been with someone who was just having sex and not someone special. She also says that even knowing that, the actual orgasm still felt wonderful and I think that we’re probably going to be talking about this a lot more in future – hopefully I can help her sort out what she feels about it and some good can come of it.

On a more positive note, Lis and I have been planning things over the past week or so of lunchtimes. The intention is to get everyone (or as many people as we can) to go on holiday for a week (or maybe a long weekend) by the sea. Given a few evenings of alcohol and possibly a few days of sunny weather, we’re hoping that we can get some topless sunbathing done and maybe a few games of truth or dare.

I don’t imagine that things will be quite as interesting as the slumber party stories (which I promise I will get back to eventually), but we might be able to get a few of the girls topless. I certainly don’t mind if any of the guys see my breasts and Lis has said that she will do it too. I guess we’ll stand a better chance of the girls go off to sunbathe by ourselves. We just need to find a time when as many people are free as possible and then find somewhere suitable to go (and hope the British weather helps out and gives us a good summer).

Of course I’d love to see Lis get a chance with Holly (but sadly, I can’t see that actually happening). I do keep reminding Lis that Holly has never shown any interest in girls (or at least me, but then Lis is an incredibly cute girl so if anyone was going to turn Hol, Lis would probably be the one!) In the worst case scenario, even if Holly won’t play along (which is certainly one of Lis’ main aims for the holiday), I’ll get to see Lis topless. I’ve been wondering for quite a while what her cute little breasts looks like and whether her nipples are similar to Jen’s (and if they are as sensitive)....

Monday, 12 April 2010

Visting Jen - part 16 - Monday Night

Finally - this is the last post relating to my week with Jen. I can't believe that we managed to do enough to keep this going for over a month. I have written a few entries over the past month so will be posting them next. I'm still writing up though, so once I catch up the frequency of posts will drop for a while.


It was a beautiful restaurant – the lights weren’t too bright so I don’t think people really knew how much of me they could see. Our food was really nice and we had a decent bottle of wine between us. Jen slid her sock clad foot up my leg a few times but didn’t do anything more than that. It was a perfect evening, but when we left, I found out that Jen (through Mel again) had also arranged a leaving party at one of her friends’ places (she’s sharing in a house so has more space than Jen’s room does). It wasn’t too far from the restaurant and we walked there – I was quite aware that my nipples were fairly visible (and the more I thought about it, the harder and more visible they got). I was also half a bottle of wine down though (yes, I’m a lightweight) so I didn’t really mind (plus I’ve worn this dress a number of times before and after this week, it seems pretty tame).

We arrived and got invited in. I recognised most of the people there (but still don’t know all their names). I only really cared if one person was there and I was very glad when I saw Lucy come out of the kitchen. She certainly noticed my outfit and I felt a nice little rush when she commented on how daring it was. I told her that Jen had insisted I wear it (which is technically true, but ignores the fact that I bought the thing ages ago). She was dressed in a cute little green dress. She really doesn’t seem to fit in with Jen’s other friends who were there, other than being gay – they are all seem to be much more hardcore.

I was handed a beer (and eyed up by the person) and I took Luck back to Jen. We chatted for a bit and she said that it was a pity I was leaving. I’ve invited her to come down to York with Jen sometime and she has said that she will (I know that Mike is desperate to meet her as he loves Pavlina too). Lis also seems pretty interested (even though I only showed her the pictures of Lucy’s look alike a few weeks ago). It was quite a fun party and people got pretty drunk (including me, even though I didn’t drink that much more). After a few people had left, we all ended up crashing in the living room – some on the sofas and others on the floor. Jen hadn’t done anything to me all evening (other than hugging and kissing, but we weren’t the only ones doing that), but when I sat on the sofa with her, she started to gently caress one of my breasts.

It felt nice and I didn’t think too much of it until she slipped her arms around me and started playing with both of my nipples. They quickly got hard (which was very obvious given my dress didn’t hide them) and a few other people noticed. Someone made a comment about Jen having done more than that on Saturday and I felt her hand slide over my stomach. She pressed against my panties and a few more people started to watch us. It had now been quite a while since our intense session and the fact that I’d been wearing my ‘naked’ dress for a few hours meant that I was feeling quite aroused. Jen pressed her fingers harder against my panties and I stifled a moan (but enjoyed the feeling). Jen kept stroking me and it was feeling really good.

She decided I’d had enough and stopped (to a number of moans of disappointment). Someone said ‘Make her cum” and a few other people said it until it became a chant. I was now half lying on Jen – with my head on her stomach and she was just teasing my nipples. She then moved a hand up to stroke my neck. She told everyone to be quiet and said that she would show them something. Jen kept gently stroking my neck, which seemed to confuse a number of them, until it started to have more of an effect on me. Jen told them that she could make me cum just by doing that and I realised that she actually intended to do so in front of them. I looked up at her and she said to just enjoy it – I looked over at Lucy and said “Help”, but she just smiled back and said she wanted to see (maybe she isn’t quite the ‘good little girl’ I thought she was).

I was drunk enough that I didn’t mind too much (and I really love having my neck stroked). It usually takes quite a long time to cum like this if I’m not having my pussy touched, but I think knowing that I was being watched by a group of people helped things along. I could feel my pussy start to tingle and I started to press my thighs together. I really wanted some pressure on my pussy, but I certainly wasn’t going to touch myself in front of them all (now, maybe if it had just been Lucy it would have been different!). It seemed to take ages (Jen says it wasn’t that long), but I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and I knew that I was opening and closing my legs but didn’t care by this point (they had all seen my panties anyway).

Jen continued to stroke my neck and play with a nipple and it finally was enough to make me cum. I felt my body arch up (not that I had anything to press myself against) and my pussy started to flutter (it’s usually a much weaker but deeper orgasm with just neck stroking). It lasted for a reasonable amount of time and I knew that I was still humping thin air (but I was in the middle of an orgasm and really didn’t care). It was only when it started to end that I realised that my dress had ridden up and my panties were clearly visible (not that the dress really hid them). I went to pull it down and someone said I should take my panties off (which turned into another chorus that even Lucy joined in), but Jen told them that what was under them was only for her to see. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done in my post-orgasmic state if Jen (or anyone else) had actually tried to take them off – but let’s just say that I’m glad that Jen has limits!

I finished straightening myself up and said that I needed a drink of water. I had hoped that Lucy would follow me out to the kitchen, but she didn’t and I began to think that I had wierded her out (even though she had been one of the people encouraging things). I stood and drank my water and a few people came and said that I was wild or that they loved my dress and I began to get over my embarrassment and relaxed a bit. I remember wanting to talk to Lucy again (yes, I know I’m obsessed with her and I’ve only known her for a week). I grabbed another few beers and went back to the living room. I have one to Jen and one to Lucy and sat between them. I thought that the best thing was to just confront what had happened, so I turned to Lucy and said something like “You see what she makes me do?” Lucy just laughed at me and said that I must enjoy it or I wouldn’t let her do it.

Lucy seemed reasonably drunk so I thought I would try and play a little and leaned in closer to her and said “Of course I enjoy it, are you saying that you don’t love cumming?” Lucy giggled back at me and said that of course she did, but that she’s never done it in front of other people (other than her girlfriends). I considered asked her what she would do if I were to slide my hand up under her skirt and finger her (but as much fun as that would have been, I’m pretty sure it would have been a bit too much). Instead, I gave her a little pout and told her to stop playing innocent and that I had seen her cheering Jen on. Lucy claimed that she had just wanted to see how far I would go and I told her (once again) that for Jen I would do anything. We chatted for a bit more and saw a few other couples getting off together – nothing quite as blatant as my display (unless they were better at hiding their orgasms), but there were hands under skirts and in tops and I enjoyed watching them. I also noticed that Lucy was watching them closely and I will have to find out (or get Jen to find out) if she is a little voyeur (and if so, I’m sure we could put on a good show for her).

It was quite late now and I had an early(ish) train to get so I pulled myself away from Lucy (who promised to keep in touch) and Jen and I left. Mel stayed behind, but I didn’t really mind about that as it meant that we could fool around a bit in the cab on the way back home. We started off tamely enough just kissing and me whispering to Jen about what she had done to me. The kissing became a bit more passionate and I started to fondle her breasts (through her top) and soon her hand was on my panties. The cab ride wasn’t long enough for her to make me cum, but it certainly got me going. The cabbie didn’t say anything, but I know he saw what was going on. When we arrived back at Jen’s place, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do most. I would have loved to go back to the laundrette but also wanted to go up to the roof and have a final wild fuck up there and not care if anyone was watching. I also wanted to have Jen to myself though, and this won out.

We returned to her room and fell on to the bed, kissing, touching and grinding against each other. Jen felt very wet and I hated the fact that I wasn’t going to feel her juices being smeared over me for ages. I ended up crying while we were kissing and kept telling her how much I was going to miss her and what a wonderful week I’d had. Jen told me that it would be alright and that we would see each other soon. I said that I wanted to feel all of her and we stripped each other naked (not that either of us were wearing many clothes). Jen went back to grinding against my leg and I humped against her thigh. She was on top and I was roughly pulling on her ass and told her how I couldn’t believe that she had actually made me cum at the party. Jen said that she thought I would have enjoyed letting Lucy watch me cum and I admitted that I did.

My leg felt really wet and I told Jen I wanted to feel her pussy on mine. She got off me and we assumed the scissor position – I let her rub against my cunt and just enjoyed the view (and also the feeling). I told her to keep going and that I wanted my cunt to be soaked in her juices. Jen was sliding back and forth over me and I reached down to rub my clit. I kept telling her to cum for me and I really wanted to time my orgasm with hers, but I could feel mine building. I didn’t hold back, but kept telling her to cum and pressing back against her each time she rubbed against me. I had finished my orgasm by the time she came, but it meant I could enjoy the view and really feel just how wet I now was (it was almost certainly mostly from Jen). I wanted Jen cum and then pulled her forwards onto me (which took a bit of disentangling of legs). I held on to her and kissed her while she panted away and then let her roll off me.

I could have happily gone for another round, but Jen looked beat and I was quite happy to curl up with her and kiss while we fell asleep.


When I woke up, Jen was curled up against me and I had my arm around her. Her head was on my shoulder and she had one of her legs over one of mine. I disturbed her while trying to find out the time and I was dismayed when I realised that it was fairly late. I’d hoped to kiss her awake and make her cum once more, but I really needed to get back to York and find out about my wonderful list of corrections (I was meant to be back last night so I could be in first thing today).

I felt rather sticky and knew that I must have stank of Jen’s juices. I had promised Mike that I would leave her juices on me (and if I hadn’t been going into work I would have), but I knew I needed to shower. Jen came with me and we washed each other down (without much fooling around). Nobody seemed surprised to see us enter or leave the shower stall together anymore. I knew that once I got back to York I would have to get straight back to work mode so I decided on one last bit of fun (plus I wanted to write up yesterday and today during the train ride). I put on a tartan skirt, black opaque knee tights and a pullover (with a t-shirt underneath). Jen put on a light shift-dress (a bit optimistic for this time of year) and went without any underwear. To try to leave at least a little trace of Jen for Mike, I got her to lie on the bed and rubbed my pussy against hers (and then rubbed her pussy against each of my thighs).

We had a quick breakfast in the kitchen (I’m sure they were confused that I was wearing clothes) and then headed off to the station. Other than a fairly passionate goodbye kiss, we didn’t do anything there and my train set off. I’ve spent the last hour and a bit writing up yesterday (and this entry) and I really wish I didn’t have to leave her. I can’t wait to see Mike again, but I wish that we could all live together (or at the very least, in the same place).

Jen apologised for all the things that she had made me do over the past week but I assured her that I’ve had an amazing week (probably the most sexual one of my life) and I’m now fairly certain that Jen realises that she is as much as part of my life as Mike. She’s also now done things to me that Mike hasn’t and I’m sure he’s going to want to catch up (when I’ve finished thesis). I think I’ll start planning what I’m going to make Jen do the next time she visits – she certainly owes me a lot now!

I can’t really resist playing with myself – after writing up all this, I need one last cum – although I guess I should save myself for my reunion with Mike... I know, I’ll compromise; I’ll play with myself and see how long I can be close to cumming for.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 15 - Monday

Some Saturday night masturbation material (I hope).
Jen brought lunch over (so I obviously had to stop while I ate) and she sat at the opposite end of the table. I hadn’t recovered my pussy with my panties and it was still peeking out (but they couldn’t have seen that). We had a girly conversation about shopping and the guys (who had finished) got up and started to tidy away. I took the opportunity and dropped a hand back to my crotch and had a quick rub, but they didn’t stand facing away from me for me to even get close to finishing. When they left, Jen said that I had put in a good effort so I could just make myself cum with the two of us there. I knew this would be much easier, so I finished eating first and then told her I was ready. Jen came and sat close to me so she could watch. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and started to rub my clit and then push a couple of fingers into myself. Jen said that she wanted to do that so I went back to clit rubbing and let her finger me.
I was sitting with my back to the door so I thought I would be fairly safe if anyone came in, but thinking back on it, I imagine it would have been obvious (given my arm would have been moving and Jen’s hand was between my legs. I’m aware that I had already got a bit of a reputation amongst the people on the corridor (reported to us by Mel), so maybe it would have just been expected. I didn’t actually get interrupted and managed to have a nice cum while sitting there. I wanted Jen to do the same, but she refused and said that I should help her tidy up and walk back without straightening my panties. It’s not like you could actually see my slit (once I had let go of them), but the material didn’t slide the whole way back over my lips. While I was helping to wash up, it pretty much got jiggled back into place, but then Jen just pulled it to the side again before we left the kitchen.
At first, I’m pretty sure that one of my lips was showing, but my panties soon moved to cover it again (much to Jen’s dismay). When we got back to her room she said that she had an idea and told me to get naked while she disappeared. She returned with a pot of ice cream and said that it belonged to Mel and she would replace it. I had to lie back on the bed on a towel and Jen put a lump straight onto my pussy (which made me yelp, even though I knew she was about to do it). Jen licked it off me and then open my lips and put another blob of it between them. I’ve never figured out why, but I love the contrast between the warmth of her (or Mike’s) tongue and the cold of the ice cream. I think it is partly due to the fact that it takes quite a while to cum as every time the ice cream is added, it slows any orgasm approaching.
Jen kept this up for quite a while and then started to lick me faster. I had been teased for long enough and really wanted to cum again so I pulled her head to my pussy and told her to keep going. I was making lots of ‘ooh, aah’ sounds (not porn movie ones, just sounds of real pleasure). I remember looking down between my legs and watching Jen as she worked away at my pussy and trying to fix the picture in my mind. I knew what I wanted us to do next, but there was a little matter of my orgasm to attend to and I could feel it building. With each lick of Jen’s tongue, I could feel my pussy pulsing (that gives me another idea for the next time I see her). I told her I was close and to just keep going and soon felt the familiar explosion from deep in my cunt – I let out a long ‘aaahhhh’ and arched up against her face. Jen kept licking until i told her to be more gentle and she then eased off.
I told her to switch positions but she said that she wasn’t ready to cum again and put the ice cream back into the freezer while I recovered. When she came back, I reminded her that I had said I would cum more times and she quickly stripped off and jumped onto the bed with me. Given she was up for the challenge, I told her that I had a few things I wanted to try, but that we could start off gently so I didn’t break her. We lay side by side, facing each other, close enough that we could move to kiss easily, but far enough that we could see each other’s faces properly. I’ve done this before with Jen, but not for quite a while and so I told her that we each had to cum without taking our eyes off the other one.
I reached down to her pussy and started to gently rub it – first along the lips and then spending more time on her pussy. I watched her face intently for every sign of pleasure I was giving her and felt her hand move to my pussy and start doing a similar thing to me. Every time one of us glanced away or closed our eyes, the other would remind them to keep looking at them. It is very difficult to manage the whole time without looking away, but it is such a sensual thing (how many times have you seen your partner cum without them looking away – give it a try and you’ll see what I mean). I told her that I wanted us to cum at the same time (I don’t think I’ve managed that before in this ‘position’ but it seemed like it would be really nice).
By constantly telling each other how close we were (and to keep looking at each other), we got very close to cumming and i could see the passion in Jen’s eyes and face. It was quite difficult to get the timing exactly right and I had a false start, but we got pretty close. Jen came just a few seconds before me and then I started to cum. We kept rubbing (and cumming) with our gaze locked. Her eyes looked piercing and sort of semi-glazed at the same time and when we finished cumming (her orgasm lasted a bit longer than mine), we ended up kissing and telling each other how much in love we were (and I know that some of you think that it is just lust, but I really do love her).
While we were snuggled up, I told Jen that I wanted to challenge her to an endurance game. She asked what I had in mind and I said that it was simple; we had to make each other cum and then keep going for as long as we could – the one who could take the most ‘punishment’, won (and would get to choose a forfeit for the other one that they had to do). I knew that I didn’t really have too much to worry about in terms of a forfeit as Jen’s been telling me to do things all week, and I was pretty sure I could outlast her. Jen wasn’t so sure it was a good idea, but when I told her that I would let her give me another orgasm before we started (just to weaken me) and then said that she was scared, she agreed to the ‘any forfeit’ part.
We had a little break before we started and discussed wedding plans some more and once we were both ready, Jen got my rabbit over (the vibe, just in case you were wondering) and lubed it up. She started by running it over my pussy and then slid it into me. She lay beside me and kept telling me how she was going to fuck me with the vibe and then how I wouldn’t stand a chance against her. Once she had it sliding the whole way into me, she turned on the vibrating section and pressed it against my clit. It felt really good, but was made a lot better by the fact that Jen continued with the dirty talk. She was whispering in my ear that I was hers and that my cunt wouldn’t know where it was by the time she was finished with me.
I told her that we should try to actually cum at the same time in the competition and then see who could last longest from there. At first she thought I was trying to back out, but then realised that if I had just cum, that it might take her longer to get me to another orgasm, so she agreed. In the meantime, she had continued working my pussy with the vibe, alternating between fucking me with it and holding it deep inside me to get the vibrations on my clit. She started to kiss and lick my neck, murmuring that she wanted to feel me cum as hard as I could. With my neck being played with, I wanted to hold back and let my orgasm build but realised that I needed to cum as quickly as possible and hope that it wasn’t too strong, so I didn’t hold back at all and just let the feelings build. It was still a fairly powerful orgasm and as it faded, I suspected that I may have bitten off more than I could chew.
Jen was kind enough to give me a minute to recover while we finalised the rules. We would 69 and try to cum as close together as possible, after that, there were no holds barred (no toys though, and you weren’t allowed to stop the other person from doing anything). I was still quite sensitive and didn’t really rate my chances, but the game had been my idea, so I moved into position and felt Jen start to kiss and lick me. I did the same to her and we were soon noisily slurping away. We kept telling each other how close we were and within a while, we decided that we were both close enough that the real challenge could start.
I figured that it would be won by the person who got the other one to cum first (as then they would have to endure the intense feelings for longer) and so I attacked Jen’s cunt with my tongue. Obviously Jen had come to the same conclusion as she did the same to me and I felt my orgasm burst from inside me (it arrived really quickly). I wasn’t ready to give up yet and started pressing a finger against Jen’s ass and rubbing it while I kept licking her clit. I knew if lost concentration during my orgasm that I would be so far behind that I wouldn’t stand a chance, so I just kept licking and licking. I was rewarded with feeling Jen start to shudder and I renewed my efforts. My orgasm was pretty much over and her tongue was now causing intense feelings in my pussy.
I let myself moan into her pussy (still licking) and ended up almost screaming into her. I was determined that I was going to give this everything I had even though it felt like she was stabbing me with her tongue. I was going to give up, but I could feel that she was trying to pull away from me and so I held on just a bit longer. I sucked on her clit and lashed at it with my tongue (she was doing a similar thing to me). I tried to ignore the burning in my pussy and concentrate on her clit and Jen ended up tearing herself away from me and letting out a scream before lying there panting.
I would have loved to be ‘with it’ enough to have just raised myself up on one elbow and calmly told her that she had lost, but I wasn’t in any state to do that. I did manage a breathless ‘I won’, but that was about all I could say for a good few minutes. Once I had recovered (or at least recovered a bit, I told Jen that I would now decide what her forfeit was. She said that she was dreading finding out (given what she had been making me do all week) and I made her suffer for a bit while I wondered out loud if I should make her wear the short t-shirt and panties to the kitchen, or maybe not include the panties. I considered getting her to wear her schoolgirl outfit and then finger herself in the kitchen and then decided on what I really wanted.
I told her to put on the full schoolgirl outfit (tartan skirt, white blouse and white socks) and (because I like it), I wore the same. Jen still didn’t know what she would have to do and while we were getting dresses I told her that I could get her to sit on a washing machine, lift her skirt and make herself cum in front of whoever was in the laundry at the time (she knew that I wouldn’t actually make her do this). We left her room and went up to the roof – Jen assumed that I was going to get her to make me cum but I told her that my pussy was still rather too tender to even consider that. I told her that we were just going to go for a walk around the roof and took her hand. We walked around the edge of the roof, looking out at what we could see (and I was checking that there was nobody else up there).
It’s a fair sized building, so it took a good few minutes to walk around, but when we had done a complete lap and got to the next corner, I told Jen to take off one of her socks and put it on the fence post. We walked along to the next corner and I told her to put her other sock on the post. At the next corner, I gave her a choice of her top or skirt and Jen hesitated a bit, but then slipped off her blouse and put it on the post. I gave her nipples a little kiss each and we walked to the next corner. Jen just looked at me and said “Really?” and I nodded. To her credit, she didn’t argue and slipped her skirt off and put it around the post (but did nearly drop it off the edge).
She was now naked, seven stories up and we walked back to the first corner. I told her to put the sock back on and then we did the same at the next corner. When we got to her blouse, she went to get it but I told her it wasn’t really fair on her to be naked alone and told her to undo my blouse. We added it to her one on the post and set off to her skirt. Jen was getting very nervous as she had now been naked for quite a while. At the next post, I got her to peel my skirt off and put it with hers before we did another lap. We stopped and looked out a few times (not facing the closest buildings, I wasn’t that cruel or brave) and when we got back to the blouses, I considered getting her to lie down and masturbate for me, but her pussy still looked as tender as mine felt so I thought that I wouldn’t tease her any more.
We got dressed again and went back to her room and when she sat on the bed I had a quick lick of her pussy (only gently). She was really wet (even for her) and she admitted that she had got quite a thrill out of the naked walk. I asked her if I should continue but she was certain that she couldn’t cum again so we rested for a while. At about 6, Jen said that we had to get ready to out for my goodbye dinner. I hadn’t known that we were going out and it transpired that when she had been talking to Mel earlier in the day, she had asked her to book a table for us. I thought that this was a really nice idea and we went off to shower and get cleaned up (we were rather sticky and smelly with each other’s juices). We kissed a bit in the shower and washed each other down, but still weren’t ready to do anything sexual (although I was getting there).
Jen wanted me to wear my see-through dress (it’s really a nightdress) and I couldn’t really object given I had brought it with me. It’s fairly see-through – sort of like this, but in blue (and it covers my breasts!):

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

Mine is just below mid-thigh length. I had to wear dark panties with it (it’s really rather obvious if I don’t). This is one of the few dresses that I will go out in without a bra (given the point of me wearing it is for my nipples to be seen). In return, Jen wore a tartan skirt and white socks and I don’t think we could have looked more like a couple of lesbians if we had tried! We got a taxi to the restaurant and Jen said that she was treating me to dinner as her way of thanking me for such a wonderful week. I pointed out that she had been finding ways to ‘thank’ me all week long and for some reason we found this very funny and couldn’t stop laughing.