Thursday, 22 April 2010

Field fuck

I'm beginning to catch up on older posts now - I'm not sure exactly when I wrote this, but I think it was a week and a bit ago.


Jen has been at home for the Easter break and I really wish that she could have come to visit me. Between her having to revise for exams and me being way too busy with work, we decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea as we might get distracted if she was here (or it would just be pointless as we wouldn’t have any time to see each other). I don’t like the idea that we won’t see each other for a while, but hopefully it will mean that we can both get our work done and then enjoy summer together.

While she has been at home, Jen has been practising with her new dildo on her bike – we’ve had another bout of cold weather so she hasn’t had the opportunity to try it too much, but has made progress. Just like when I did it, it took a while before she could concentrate enough on the cycling to keep upright, while letting go enough that she could really enjoy the feeling. She hasn’t actually managed to cum yet, but has got herself worked up enough that she has had to pull over and frig her clit (her phrase) until she came. Fortunately, there are some quiet country lanes around where she lives so she could stop pretty much anywhere she needed. I’m looking forwards to visiting over the summer and making use of some of the fields with her.

That reminds me of something that Mike and I did a few years ago that I don’t think I’ve written about on here (and I’m not going back to check, so if this is a repeat, then I apologise). We were out for a bike ride and picnic on a nice summer day and had cycled a fair way out of York. The ‘path’ we were cycling down was just a dirt track between two fields and was rather bumpy. As such, my ass was beginning to hurt so we stopped for a bit of a break and to have a drink. I kept complaining how sore my bum was and Mike gave it a rub to help it get better. He started rubbing my skirt but then his hands slipped under it directly onto my ass (of course I didn’t have panties on).

This was fairly near the start of my exhibitionist tendencies so I wasn’t quite as brave as I am now, but we hadn’t seen anyone else for ages so when he asked me to kneel on the blanket I did. He slipped up my skirt so my ass was exposed and continued to rub it for a while before his hand started to go further between my legs and brush against my pussy. I had a good view in one direction and Mike was looking the other way so I felt quite safe but when he knelt behind me and started to lick my cunt, I got a bit more worried. After a bit of thinking, we ended up with Mike lying down and me riding him (so we could continue to look both ways). I still had my skirt on so you couldn’t actually see anything, but it would have been perfectly obvious what we were doing given I was bouncing up and down.

I still remember that it felt really nice (with the whole ‘outdoors’ thing being quite new to me) and we really got into it. The problem was that we got a little bit distracted and we only noticed that we were being observed when someone cycled past us (from behind me). He turned off at a little turning we hadn’t noticed and was gone within 10 seconds of us having seen him, but I remember feeling really embarrassed (although I didn’t get off Mike immediately as there was nobody else around).

We were both laughing (and still fucking) for a while and then decided that we should possibly find somewhere a bit more private so pushed out bikes into a field. We flattened a small area of the corn and put the blanket down and started up again with me on top. Given we were now fairly well hidden (we weren’t far from the path, but the corn was quite high), Mike started to unbutton my dress and pulled it open. He then pushed my bra up and off my breasts and lifted my skirt so he could watch us fucking. I felt really exposed, but was enjoying it so I didn’t complain and after a bit we switched so he could take me from behind (doggy style). While we were switching position, he got me to slip my arms out of my dress and take off my bra and I ended up with it all gathered around my waist. Mike reached around and rubbed my clit while we fucked and we both came quite quickly after that.

We lay on the blanket side my side for a little bit (still exposed) but we heard some people on the path and I quickly covered myself up. Mike wanted to do things again while they were near, but I wasn’t quite up for that back then and so we ended up getting back on our bikes and continuing with the ride (after he had put his cock away of course).

His cum had started to leak out of me as soon as I stood up so when I started to cycle, I couldn’t sit on my skirt or I would have got a wet patch on it. As such, I had to sit on the saddle and let the skirt of my dress just flutter around as I cycled. Mike’s cum continued to leak out of me and ended up being smeared all over the seat, my ass and my thighs. Because I was continually aware that my skirt could blow up at any point and I could feel the seat rubbing against my pussy, I was continually aroused for the rest of the ride. We had to walk part of the way home (when we got back to places with people around) as I still wasn’t able to sit on my skirt. This just made things worse as I could now feel his cum running down my legs and I couldn’t do anything about it. By the time we got back home, I was so desperate to cum that we ended up dumping the bikes in the alley (with my seat still wet) and running upstairs to fuck without even stopping to say ‘Hi’ to Holly or Rachel.

As far as we can remember, this is one of the first times we did things outdoors and I’m looking forwards to doing something similar with Jen.

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  1. "Frig her clit" I haven't heard that one in years.