Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Holiday plans

It looks like we’ve managed to convince everyone (well, not *everyone*, but a reasonable number of people) to go away on holiday sometime this summer. Lis and I have selflessly volunteered to find somewhere suitable to stay (everyone has agreed that renting a big cottage is the way to go). Our definition of suitable will also include some private beach space so we can hopefully convince people (the girls) to do some topless sunbathing and Lis will finally get a chance to ogle Hol’s tits.

The difficulty is that we don’t know exactly how many people are going to come along so we’re having to investigate a few options – I think we’re just going to have to book somewhere with a few extra spaces and if other people want to come along, they may have to sleep on the floor.

I’m nearing the end of my second draft now and really need to have a bit of a break. Both Jen and Sue would like to see me (I’m sure that Sue is more interested in seeing Mike). Their exams are nearly over so either of them could come here, but I think that we’ll have more fun if I visit them. Mike can’t have too much time off work, so if we go to visit Sue, it will probably only be foe a long weekend. Of course, if I go and visit Jen, then Mike won’t be coming!

I’ve been informed that Mike and Jen have agreed upon the ‘outline structure for my activities during my next visit’. As far as I can tell, that means that they have thought of a new set of things for Jen to subject me to. I’m a little bit nervous as they have said that this visit should be a lot more ‘interesting’ than the prior one. Of course I’m not really worried as I had such a wonderful week last time, but I do wonder how on earth Jen is going to top it...

Jen has volunteered to gather some extra ideas from people and will try to work them in to my visit (as long as they don’t get us arrested). She isn’t brave enough to give out her email address, but wants people to leave comments on her blog (it’s not really a blog, she only signed up so she could leave comments on here). If you've got any ideas, leave them here.

That’s all for today – nothing else new and exciting to report. Mike is getting back late tonight so I’m by myself for a bit. I’m planning on being naked in front of the fire for his return and hoping that he’ll have the energy to ravish me. I think that I might go and spend an hour just teasing myself – lube myself up with tingle gel, put on some porn and keep myself as close to cumming as I can without actually having an orgasm.

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