Saturday, 24 April 2010

Jen's success

This is about a week old - not long before she went back to Uni


Jen has finally managed to cum while cycling – she went out for another attempt earlier this week (I think she was mainly trying to avoid doing revision, but it had a nice corollary). She put on her pair of tights with a hole cut in the crotch and fiddled with the dildo until it was held along her leg and buried nice and deep in her pussy and then got her bike and set off. Jen has found that cycling on dirt tracks works better for her - because of the extra bumps, she gets a much more varied stimulation by the dildo instead of just the smooth in and out.

She said that for some reason, it felt a lot better than the previous times from the beginning. We don’t know whether she actually did anything different (slightly different placement of the dildo or a different way of sitting), but she said that she was fairly certain that it would work after just a few minutes. She cycled down her usual path and then went off down an even smaller one that ran through the middle of some fields.

It was a fairly long straight(ish) track and Jen kept going, feeling every movement of her legs and bump in the ground being transferred to her pussy. She was in a very low gear so was able to cycle quite quickly without going too fast and as she felt the familiar build up, she pumped away even faster with her legs until her orgasm hit her. Now when Jen is cumming, she varies quite a bit in how much stimulation she likes (or can cope with). Sometimes, she just likes gentle licks on her clit and sometimes she loves being fucked hard the whole way through (but she then usually wants me to stop very quickly). This was one of the latter times and she kept cycling as fast as she could until she was done.

When she was finished, she stopped and rocked back and forth on the seat until she had come down from her orgasm (to just give a slight movement in the dildo). She tried to cycle back home but it was at this point that she realised that she would have to take the dildo out and had nothing to put it in. At first, she just pulled the end out of her cunt and let it wiggle around as she cycled. She thought that it looked quite funny – as if she had a cock waving around under her skirt. She didn’t mind this while there was nobody else around, but knew she would have to do something else when she got back to where she might cycle past people.

When she got to an area with a few trees, she stopped and tried to push the dildo further down her leg (in her tights). This was fine, apart from the fact that the bottom of it then came below the hem of her skirt. She stood and fiddled with it for a while (and I love the thought of her standing there with her skirt up, her tights down to her thighs and only being worried about where the dildo was going to go) before finally giving in and putting it back inside her (but not quite as deep as before). Fortunately, even though she was still a bit sensitive, she’d had enough time to recover and managed the rest of the ride home.

She didn’t cum again while cycling, but did go back up to her room to give me a call and tell me that she had finally managed to cum on the bike. While we were talking, she started to pump the dildo into her pussy and fingered her clit (speakerphone is a lifesaver!). I was actually at work while she was telling me this so all I could do was listen and make general replies to her (and felt myself getting wet). She had her second orgasm down the phone to me and then promised me that she would actually get some work done.

I really wanted to go and have a quick play with myself, but I’ve been very restrained at work (it’s amazing what deadlines can do) and just promised myself a session on the way home (which I had, and came while imagining Jen doing the same thing). I may have pretty much mastered cumming while cycling, but imagining Jen doing it at the same time definitely was too much of a distraction to be safe so I think I’ll be saving that for cycling around her fields in future!

Jen says that she has thought of a way to make bike-cums even better but she won’t tell me what it is (she says that she is saving it as a surprise for the summer). I have a feeling I know what she has planned, but I’ll wait and see...

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