Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More washing machine fun

This was also written quite a while ago...


After our reunion night, we haven’t got up to many crazy things or long sessions as I’ve had to spend my time working. It’s not the case that we aren’t doing anything, just that we don’t have time to do the sorts of things i would bother writing up on here. Whoever wakes up first still usually wakes up the other one in ‘interesting’ ways (it’s quite easy to get Mike hard without waking him up and he can get me quite a way towards cumming if he works gently on me).

I ended up telling Lis a few things about my week with Jen. She seemed very interested to find out about what we had got up to (but I didn’t tell her everything). I told her that I would be making sure than Jen was suitably punished when she next comes to York (we had hoped that there would be time over the Easter vacation, but between my work and her having to prepare for exams, it wasn’t possible).

The following weekend I did try something out that I had thought of during my week away (it’s amazing how my time at the moment is defined by ‘what I did with Jen’ versus ‘my time since I got back and had to work’). I had enjoyed the washing machine incident for a number of reasons – obviously the climax (literally) was being caught and knowing that a stranger was watching me. Even without that, it felt wonderful and I knew that I wanted to try it out again when I got back home (on our own washing machine).

I took a bit of a break from work and went to buy a new dildo – one of the clear(ish) rubbery/flexible ones shaped like a cock with a suction pad at the base. Now I can imagine all sorts of uses for this thing, but I initially purchased it for a specific job. Mike and I moved the washing machine out from under the counter (and gave the top of it a good clean). I tried it out by just sitting on it while it was spinning and found out that on the high speed setting, with a few heavy towels in it, I could get a pretty good vibration going. It was nowhere near as strong as the ones at Jen’s Uni, but definitely felt good enough.

I let Mike watch me perform a complete system test – I was naked and sat up on the machine with my feet up beside my ass (to spread my pussy and give him a good view). It took a bit longer, but still I managed to cum by just pressing my fingers against my clit and letting the vibration of the machine do the ‘rubbing’ for me. Once I had recovered from that (and we had put the machine back to the start of the spin cycle), I broke out the new dildo. Mike stuck it to the top of the machine and I lowered myself down onto it. I could feel it vibrating a bit as it entered me, but the vibrations also kept making the suction cup pop off.

After a bit of experimentation, we figured out that the best way was to squat over it so my weight was pressing it onto the machine. Like this, it was fully inside me and transferred the vibrations into my pussy really well. I was using my hands to balance myself (you try crouching on top of a spinning washing machine) and so Mike ended up pressing his fingers against my clit. My body wasn’t vibrating as much as when I had been sitting on it, but the extra sensations of the dildo vibrating deep inside me pretty much made up for it.

I managed to have another orgasm like this and it felt very different. It wasn’t quite as good as I had imagined it would be, but it certainly wasn’t bad so I’m not complaining. Having now watched me cum twice, Mike wanted some action – we wanted to try things with him sitting on top of the machine and me sitting on his lap, but we couldn’t find a position that was stable enough. We did find out that if he sat on the machine and I wrapped my hand around the head of his cock, the vibrations felt pretty good (he didn’t cum as he wanted to screw me). After a little break for him to calm down, we went and had regular sex on the rug in front of the fire.

I’ve made use of the washing machine a few times since then, both with and without my new dildo and we also had another go with Mike on it. I stood in front of him, wrapped my hand around his cock and flicked at the head with my tongue. He said that it felt really good and when he got close, I stood up (still holding his cock) so I could watch him cum. It was quite impressive and he let out about 3 shots that splattered over my breasts and then he had to get me to let go as the feeling was rather intense.


  1. Dear Andi,
    How about sticking Your new dildo to the saddle of Your bicycle and going for a ride wearing just a short dress (and a bra, if You insist)?
    I know this would be a weekend activity - until You get used to dismounting discreetly!

  2. I'll experiment with the saddle later on today, but I'm not sure the dildo will actually stick to it - I'll report back.