Monday, 19 April 2010

My return to York

This was written a couple of weeks ago...


It was quite a while ago since I wrote anything (for the blog) and I haven’t really been keeping my usual notes to remind me of events so this might be a bit more like my early entries where I recreate the events in my mind and write as I play through them.

I’ve had a few emails asking what Mike got up to while I was away with Jen (and a few comments as well if I remember correctly). He obviously spoke to Jen and I every day and sometimes he listened to us playing (and might have had a bit of a play with himself while doing this). He also called Sue a few times and continued her ‘training’. He told her some of the things that Jen and I were getting up to and got her to imagine herself joining in things with us (sometimes with him doing things to her, sometimes with her actually joining Jen and I). I know that Mike’s aim is to get her to actually want to try doing stuff with us (Jen and I) and he’s going to keep trying (and at the very least enjoying fantasising about the situations with her). I guess that the fact that she will join in the fantasies means that he must be getting somewhere...

Mike held back from cumming for the last few days I was away so that he could greet me properly on my return. While it would have been wonderful to arrive back in York and have dived into bed with him, I got back in the early afternoon and really had to go to work to meet with my supervisor and talk about my thesis. This went about as well as could be expected – I was given a load of corrections to do (nothing too major), but I then had to spend all afternoon in work trying to figure out exactly what I needed to do. I had decided that as soon as I left work, I wouldn’t worry about thesis until the following day so that Mike and I could have a fun evening together.

I had considered taking my long dildo into work with me and wearing it while I cycled home (but not letting myself cum) but decided against it in the end. It was just as well as I was already feeling very fidgety by the end of the day (I’d gone from almost constantly being played with and made to cum to an afternoon of work with no distractions). Mike got home early to greet me and we had a big kissing session in the lounge. The kissing lasted a fair amount of time before his hands started to wander under my skirt and stroke my pussy and I was certainly ready for him. He pushed a couple of fingers into me and started to rub my clit and I told him that I didn’t want to play around and wanted to feel him inside me.

Mike didn’t need much convincing and we dashed upstairs and into the bedroom. We stripped ourselves naked (even though he quite liked my outfit) and fell onto the bed. He said that he wanted to eat me before he came and we ended up in a 69 position with me on top. I don’t think he could really taste Jen, but he ate me quite fiercely and I did the same back to him. I know I had only been away for a week, but it felt strange having his cock in my hand. I wrapped my lips around it and licked, sucked, kissed and rubbed it, enjoying the way it pulsed and jumped.

He had to get me to stop (because he was going to cum, not because it was bad!) and I told him he had no stamina. This made him eat me even harder (as well as push his thumb into my ass) and I came in a very short period of time. I made sure he knew I was cumming and was fairly loud and he kept kissing and licking me slowly until I had finished. It had been a good orgasm, but I still wanted to feel his cock inside me and I mounted him. I didn’t jump straight on, but I positioned myself over him, spread my lips and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I savoured the feeling of him entering me and sunk the whole way down until I was pressed against him. (I was fairly wet after having cum so he went in without any difficulty). I stayed still for a little while so he could enjoy the feeling as well (neither of us wanted him to cum too quickly).

Once he was a bit more settled, he told me to start to move and I slowly started riding up and down on him – moving a bit more each time until I was riding the whole length of his shaft. Mike was concentrating on not cumming but still felt incredibly hard inside me. After a while of riding him, I lay on top of him and told him to give me a good fuck. In return, I told him about some of the things than Jen and I had been getting up to. Because I’d been emailing him my blog entries as I finished writing them, he already knew about most of the week. I treated him to verbal account of what we had got up to on the Monday and he loved the idea of the competition and the naked rooftop walk.

He was amazed to hear about Jen making me cum in front of everyone and said that maybe he should come with me the next time I visit and both he and Jen could stroke me at the same time and put on a proper show for them. I quite liked the idea of this (even though I know Jen isn’t going to agree to it) and got him to describe it to me in more detail. It was a rather broken description as Mike was guiding my ass up and down and he was pounding into me and was getting close to cumming. He said that he didn’t know if he wanted to cum in me or over me first and I told him that I didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop before I came (I was having fun). He said that he would hold back as long as he could and kept fucking me, pushing my ass down with each stroke so my cunt slapped against his body.

Even though I had cum already, I still came first and did everything I could to get him to cum with me. I was moaning, telling him to fill me with cum and squeezing my cunt around his cock but he just about managed to hold out (really only just though). While I was still cumming, he rolled me off him, pulled out and gave himself a couple of strokes. He was kneeling up between my legs and I watched him squirt more cum than I remember him doing in a long time (it was probably only about 6 or 7 lots, but was enough to cover me). I rubbed myself to help finish off my orgasm and felt his cum land on my face, over my breasts, across my stomach (the first squirt missed me and landed beside my head).

He knelt back down and let out a sigh and I looked down at my rather wet body. Mike asked me if I wanted more and I said that of course I did – but needed a minute. Mike said that I should give Jen a call so she could listen in to us (and he could congratulate her for Monday’s work). I called and she was out (she said she was taking her mind off the fact that I wasn’t there – how sweet). I told her that I was lying on the bed with Mike’s cum rubbing off my body and that he was starting to lick me (she couldn’t reply of course). Mike then double fucked me (one thumb buried in my cunt and the other in my ass) and I came while still talking (mostly just moaning) to Jen. She said that I was being very mean and that she would call me back later on to ‘finish’ our conversation.

I’d now cum three times but Mike wanted to ensure that I was completely satisfied and said he was going to fuck me again and fill me with cum. I wasn’t too sure he would have much left given how much was on me, but I let him raise my legs up, put them over his shoulders and slide in to me. With my legs up, he can get very deep in to me and once he started to pump in and out of me using the whole length of his cock. He then started to rub my clit and told me to keep squeezing his cock with my cunt (which I did). It was an amazing feeling and Mike kept saying that he wanted t to feel me cum around him and I said I wanted to feel him cumming in me. Given this would be his second orgasm (and given we’re talking about Mike), he had no trouble holding back until I came. Once I started cumming, he stopped rubbing my clit, held on to my legs (which were still up on his shoulders) and started pushing hard and fast into me.

I tried to keep my orgasm going as long as I could but I had just about finished when Mike came (to be honest, I have no idea how to actually do that – I just wanted us to cum together). He slammed into me a number of times, letting out a grunt with each push and then let my legs fall down so he could lie on top of me. This got him covered in his own cum (which he isn’t as keen on as I am), but we kissed for a while anyway until he had started to shrink inside me.

We needed some food so went downstairs – I decided to stay naked in the hope that I could entice Mike to do more later on (he seemed quite tired after having just cum twice). A little of his cum had begun to run out of me and between my ass cheeks while we had been kissing, but when I stood up and started to walk, a fair amount more came out. I was very impressed that he had managed to cum so much twice in a row (which is possibly why he was so wiped out). It had been so long (only a week really) since I had enjoyed this feeling that I made no effort to wipe it up and just let his cum drip out and run down my legs (I did take a towel to put on the sofa).

We went into the kitchen and Mike gave me a bunch of flowers. He started to get a snack ready while I put them in a vase and then I knelt down and sucked his cock until it was hard again. I stopped at that point as I just wanted to make sure he would be ready for more later on (and I was hungry). We sat and ate and discussed the corrections I had got along with Mike’s calls to Sue over the week and the things that Jen and I had got up to. He was very impressed with how obedient I had been and I passed on Jen’s gratitude for his help in planning some of the things.

I made sure that he was actually okay with everything (given I masturbated in front of a group of stoned people, came (naked) in front of someone and came (clothed) in front of a group of people). I found out what ideas had been his, what ones Jen had contributed to and what ones she had come up with by herself (just so I know how much I need to punish her on her next visit). We also talked about my latest crush (Lucy) and I assured Mike that she really looks like Pavlina (when she started her career). Mike was certainly as interested in her as I am (he is the one who knew about Pavlina first) and we agreed that I could do anything to try to get her to join us in bed. At least she has already seen me cum and still wants to be friends, so I might have a little something to work with.

Having relived the latter part of the week with him, I was certainly feeling ready to go again and a quick check showed that his cock was nice and hard. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do but I assumed that he wouldn’t be too keen on eating me given I still had his cum covering my pussy (and thighs and ass). Mike was still sitting at the table and I just straddled him and sat down on his cock. We kissed as I rode up and down on him and he then asked me to stand up and turn around. I bent forwards over the table and he slipped into me from behind. It was quite a quick fuck – Mike pumped into me and I rubbed my clit until I came. I didn’t hold back and moaned quite a bit which helped Mike cum very soon after me and he came in me again (but I don’t think it was much as not much came out when he pulled out).

We decided to shower after that (which was desperately needed) and then went to bed (jut to talk). We discussed wedding plans and some ideas that I’d had during my week with Jen and Mike agrees that she should play a large part in the wedding – even if that means that we can’t have a traditional one. We called Jen to let her know the news and she was incredibly happy – Mike said that she could reward him by repeating what she did at the party in front of him.

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