Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lis' first time

Well I had intended to post some of the entries I'd written over the past few weeks, but I'm sure you'll understand why I decided to go straight to this one... I haven't sorted the album (or even put all the right pictures in it), but I've put the pictures of the Lis look-a-like in a Picasa album for you to see - now I just need to see Lis naked to see how similar they really are...


I only found this out yesterday and was wondering if I should write about this, but given I’ve put pretty much everything else on this blog, I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Lis went home for a few days over Easter and met up with some friends from her old school. They went out for some drinks and ended up going out to a club. Lis is getting a lot more confident about telling people that she is gay and didn’t hide it from them. There is a girl (Margaret) she went to school with who she always knew she fancied and she was hoping that something might happen between them (but it didn’t).

I hadn’t actually known that Lis had known she was gay for so long. I was under the impression that it was something that she had realised (or admitted to) only in the past few years – no wonder she is so worked up and wants Holly so bad.

So she didn’t actually come straight out and tell Margaret that she fancied her, but she says that she dropped enough hints that it was as clear as possible without her actually saying it. Lis and her friends then met up with an older sister of another girl in the group and someone told this older girl (Orla – no idea if that’s how it is spelt) that Lis was ‘now gay’ and that maybe she could teach her a thing or two. It turned out that Orla also gay and she ended up flirting with Lis while they all danced. I don’t think that Lis was forced to do anything, but I think that the fact that she was drunk might have had something to do with what happened next – the two of them ended up out the back of the club making out.

Lis said that she was already horny as she had been fantasising about getting to do things with Margaret and before she knew what was happening, Orla’s fingers were already under her skirt and rubbing against her panties. Lis said that she knew that this wasn’t the way she wanted things to go, but that the feeling was so good, that she kept kissing her and didn’t push Orla’s hand away. She then felt her skirt being lifted and her panties pulled to the side and for the first time she had another girl’s fingers inside her.

Lis fumbled around under Orla’s skirt and started to rub her (she decided that if this was going to happen, that she may as well experiment). Orla’s fingers were now pumping into Lis (a bit too hard for her liking and she asked her to be gentle). In the meantime, Lis pushed a finger into Orla and wiggled it around. Orla was quite dominating and told her to put another finger in and to finger her properly. Lis didn’t really like the way that she was being treated, but she did like the fact that Orla knew what to do with her fingers. Orla had two fingers inside Lis’ pussy and was using her thumb on her clit. Lis said that she knew that she was about to cum and didn’t do anything to try to stop it and felt her cunt (Lis didn’t say cunt, she still only uses pussy) explode around Orla’s fingers.

Once she had recovered, Orla pushed Lis down, pulled her own panties off and told her to eat her. Lis didn’t really want to do this so just continued to finger her and rub her clit. Orla kept trying to get Lis to eat her, but Lis’ hands were in the way and she managed to bring her off with just her fingers. This is probably a very good thing as it turns out that Orla gets around quite a bit – to the extent that the others had a fairly good idea of what had happened between them when Lis went back in to the club.

Even though I (and she) knew that her first time was unlikely to be with Holly, this really isn’t the way I had wanted her to find out what being with another girl was like. I know that I’ve been fantasising about doing things with her and that I don’t really *love* her, but if I had been lucky enough to get the chance to be her first (or even better, if Jen and I had been her firsts), I/we would have taken care of her properly, been gentle with her and let her explore and learn.

To make matters worse, when Orla returned, she told Lis that she should really shave herself. I think that this possibly hurt Lis more than anything else as it reminded her that her first time had been with someone who was just having sex and not someone special. She also says that even knowing that, the actual orgasm still felt wonderful and I think that we’re probably going to be talking about this a lot more in future – hopefully I can help her sort out what she feels about it and some good can come of it.

On a more positive note, Lis and I have been planning things over the past week or so of lunchtimes. The intention is to get everyone (or as many people as we can) to go on holiday for a week (or maybe a long weekend) by the sea. Given a few evenings of alcohol and possibly a few days of sunny weather, we’re hoping that we can get some topless sunbathing done and maybe a few games of truth or dare.

I don’t imagine that things will be quite as interesting as the slumber party stories (which I promise I will get back to eventually), but we might be able to get a few of the girls topless. I certainly don’t mind if any of the guys see my breasts and Lis has said that she will do it too. I guess we’ll stand a better chance of the girls go off to sunbathe by ourselves. We just need to find a time when as many people are free as possible and then find somewhere suitable to go (and hope the British weather helps out and gives us a good summer).

Of course I’d love to see Lis get a chance with Holly (but sadly, I can’t see that actually happening). I do keep reminding Lis that Holly has never shown any interest in girls (or at least me, but then Lis is an incredibly cute girl so if anyone was going to turn Hol, Lis would probably be the one!) In the worst case scenario, even if Holly won’t play along (which is certainly one of Lis’ main aims for the holiday), I’ll get to see Lis topless. I’ve been wondering for quite a while what her cute little breasts looks like and whether her nipples are similar to Jen’s (and if they are as sensitive)....

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