Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shave offer

Well I had another conversation with Lis about her first time, but it didn’t go quite the way I had expected it to. Our little Lis is getting a lot bolder with her questions and asked me directly if I shaved my pussy. Needless to say, this wasn’t a lunchtime conversation – she invited me round to her place last night and pretty much as soon as we got to her room she asked me.

I was a bit taken aback at first – not because of the language or the subject (well sort of the subject). We’ve obviously discussed various things about lesbian sex before (and even things than Jen and I have done) but this was probably the first time that she had directly asked me something like that about *me*. I assumed (correctly) that it was related to Orla’s comment and told her not to worry about it, but she asked again.

Now I could clearly see some potential in this and so told her that I generally keep myself shaved and that Jen does the same. Now I know that Lis has seen plenty of pictures of girls with various states of bald pussies (a number of them being from my collection) and I reminded her about this. She asked me if most girls keep themselves shaved or trimmed and I pointed out that while I would love to have a representative sample, I’ve only ever seen two (this was a bit of a slip and led me to having to make up a lie about having seen Sue coming out of the shower one time when she visited).

I told her (again) that she didn’t have to worry about what Orla had said and that plenty of girls either trim their pubic hair or just let it grow. She then asked me what I preferred and I wasn’t going to lie to her about this and said that personally I preferred the lips to be bald (at the very least) as it makes oral sex much more pleasant (at least I think it does and I know Mike does as well). Lis kept asking about whether I shaved myself and how hard it was so I told her that Mike was the one who did it to me at first (and it’s still usually him who does it when I’m in York).

I told her that as long as you use a good razor, hot water and the right gel, it’s not that difficult or dangerous (I’ve only got cut once – which did hurt quite a bit but it healed in a few days). I jokingly told her that Mike is very good at it and I was sure he would be happy to shave her if she wanted (and that maybe I could charge him out to all my friends). We spent a lot longer talking about Lis’ pussy that I could really stand (not that I don’t like thinking about her pussy, but it was really getting me worked up).

She kept asking and in the end my desire got the better of me and I told her that if she wanted, I could always show her (I didn’t specify whether I meant by letting her watch me shave myself or having me shave her). Not unexpectedly, she said that she thought that might be a bit weird – I wasn’t surprised as I really don’t think that Lis has any desires towards me, but I think I had got my hopes up a little bit through the conversation.

I decided that after having offered to expose myself to her (or her to me), I should probably go. I said that I could send her a video of a girl being shaved (which I now can’t find). I’m hoping that my offer isn’t going to make things too strange between us – I’m fairly sure it won’t bother her and she’ll just think I was making another joke.

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