Monday, 26 April 2010

Shaving Lis

Another break in the chronology of blog entries, but I thought this was too exciting to wait until I’d caught up with things. I should have really posted it last night, but by the time things were over and I had relayed them to Mike (and then we had ‘enjoyed’ the events together) it was too late to start writing.


I don’t know why, but the whole hairy pussy comment from Orla still seems to be bothering Lis. (Okay, so I think I know a little bit – I’m assuming that she is still somewhat upset and confused about having enjoyed her first experience but it having been with someone who wasn’t very sensitive or caring towards her). This has made me realise (even more) how lucky I was to find Jen. Maybe I’m not quite as sensitive as Lis (or maybe I was just more desperate to try things with a girl), but I’m sure that while I would have enjoyed the physical experience with someone else, it certainly wouldn’t have been as wonderful without the emotional side as well.

It’s very difficult to talk properly about this at work (for fairly obvious reasons – I can’t imagine sitting in Edge and talking about the best way to hold your labia while shaving them!), so Lis and I met up again on Saturday (not to talk about shaving, but the whole Orla thing). I thought it would be good for her to talk to a couple of her other friends as well as I don’t have any nightmare stories of people using and discarding me (possibly the one advantage of not having had any sexual experience until I was 19). Holly had a story about a boy she dated (in school) who got her to give him a BJ and then told all his friends and Cindy had a similar story. Between us, we managed to convince her that she (Orla) wasn’t worth her getting stressed over.

The rest of the evening was much more relaxed – there were a few more stories of bad boyfriends but it was mostly just general girly chat (marred by a bit of ‘how is the thesis’ going, but I deflected the conversation away from that). When we left, Lis walked back with Holly (they live in the same direction) and I wandered off with Cindy. I got a text later on from Lis saying that she wanted to talk to me about something and we arranged to have dinner the next day (yesterday).

Lis came round to my place and we had dinner (I cheated and bought some food in). Lis had brought wine with her and during dinner we didn’t talk about anything too heavy. I was wondering why she hadn’t mentioned whatever she wanted to talk about (given we don’t exactly have many secrets from each other now), but it was only after dinner when she went quiet for a bit and then started to tell me. I now finally know why she was so nervous about shaving – she showed me a patch on the back of her leg that she cut very badly a number of years ago when she was shaving. It’s not actually very noticeable now as it has healed, but the skin is still slightly marked. When it happened, there was quite a lot of blood and really hurt her.

I told her once again that she didn’t actually *have* to shave herself and that she could just trim her pubes if she didn’t want them long, but she insisted that she wanted to look like the girls in the photos (yes I do feel rather guilty for showing her them, so you don’t need to point this out). I tried quite hard to convince her that once she found the right person that they wouldn’t care if she was bald, trimmed or bushy, but Lis was adamant that while she was happy to have the hair on her mons trimmed, she wanted to only have a small patch there and to have her lips shaved.

I’ve got used to Lis talking like this now (which given some of her fantasies involving Holly is rather tame talk) and I said that I was sure that it would look beautiful. She then asked if I would help show her how to do it without cutting herself. I teased her a bit and reminded her that last time I offered, she said it would be weird, but she said that she didn’t want me to actually *show* her, but to tell her the best way to do it. For a brief period I had really got my hopes up and my imagination had already raced off down the path of Lis and I 69ing after we had shaved her (just to test the smoothness of course)!

I brought myself back to reality and said that the best way would be to go through it as if I was actually going to shave so I didn’t forget anything and we headed up to the bathroom. I’ve just tried to write this as it happened and had so many ‘I told Lis...’s that I didn’t like it so I’ll just write what I told her as how I usually shave in the hope that I might get into Google as ‘The best way to shave a pussy’!

The Best way to Shave a Pussy – According to Andi:

I usually shower first to soften up the hair and have the water as hot as I can take. I also put the shaving gel into hot water to heat it up for a few minutes as this seems to help give a smoother shave.

I then sit on the edge of the bath and lather myself up while keeping the shower running. I soap up my lips first, ensuring that I cover the whole area, but making sure that I don’t get any of the gel onto my inner lips. I’ve found that Simple shaving gel is good and doesn’t irritate my skin.

It is very important to use a sharp blade. I always use a new one and I then use the same blade for shaving my legs for a few times after or Mike uses it to shave with. The best ones I have found are the Gillette Mach 3 blades (but they aren’t cheap). I run the razor under hot water as having a hot blade also seems to make the shave much smoother.

I always shave my lips first so that the gel can be rinsed off them as quickly as possible. I open my legs as far as I can so that I have better access and concentrate on each side in turn. I use smooth strokes and frequently rinse the razor (which also reheats it). I know lots of people advise that you should only ever shave in the direction of hair growth, but I find to get everything, I have to do a couple of upwards strokes to finish things off. It also helps to stretch the skin slightly with the other hand.

I then rinse off the lips and lather up my mons – this area is much easier, but I still use the same principals of rinsing and heating up the razor frequently and use a couple of upwards strokes at the end to get rid of any remaining stubble. I then rinse the whole area thoroughly (and if I’m doing things myself I often put the shower onto pulse and let myself cum – if Mike or Jen is doing it, they will usually test for any remaining hairs by licking around the whole area – and then keep eating me until I cum!) I did tell Lis both of these facts as we crossed the sharing intimate details line quite a while ago – and I’ll take any chance I can get to get her to equate cumming and me!

We then went downstairs and I showed her the bottle of gel I keep in the fridge that I use afterwards – it just helps to reduce redness and irritation – and the cold gel feels really exciting after the hot water (and possibly the hot tongue).

I asked if there was anything that she wanted me to explain more and she said that it was all fine, but that she was still a bit nervous (given her leg-shaving trauma). I assured her that she would be find as long as she did it properly and took her time and that if there was anything else I could do to help, that I would (you can guess how I *actually* wanted to help).

Lis asked if she could do it here and I tried to casually say ‘if you want’. I advised her it would probably be easier if she showered properly first and got her a dressing gown and towel. While she got undressed (in my room), I got everything ready for her and left it by the bath. I told her that if she wanted to trim the hair on her mons, she could use Mike’s electric razor (it’s got a little trimmer on the back). Of course I was hoping that she would want help, but she went into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard the shaved buzz and then the shower start up. I reminded her to make it hot before I gave Jen a call. I told her that Lis was currently naked in the bathroom and about to shave herself and that I was going crazy and needed to cum.

Jen told me to go and play with Lis’ panties and I dashed into my room and picked them up. Lis must have been getting a bit excited by the conversation we’d been having because they were slightly damp – only very slightly, we’re not talking about Jen style wet, but enough for me to get the scent of her pussy. I really couldn’t take it any more, knelt beside my bed and plunged two fingers into myself. I didn’t know how long Lis would be and really (*really*) didn’t want to have to stop before I came, so I ended up putting her panties on the bed and burying my face in them while I rubbed my clit as well.

Given my earlier fantasies and the thought of little Lis naked in the bathroom, it really didn’t take long for me to cum. In the throes of my orgasm, I may have done a little more than just smell her panties (okay, so I licked them a couple of times). Even after I had cum, I was still horny and ended up drying off my pussy with them before putting them back where I had found them. I went back to the bathroom door and asked Lis how she was getting on and she said she was fine. I waited at the top of the stairs and idly played with my pussy until I heard the shower stop.

Lis emerged a few minutes later and asked for the cold gel (which I had forgotten because I would usually wander downstairs naked to get). I got it for her and she went back in to the bathroom to apply it, but only pushed the door shut. I was very tempted to peek through the crack, but I resisted (and I wish I hadn’t). I heard her yelp when she put the gel on and I told her to rub it in, before adding that I quite enjoy the cold feeling.

She returned again and I told her that she should probably leave it a little while before getting dressed so that her skin had time to adjust (and her panties had a little time to dry). We went downstairs with her still in my dressing gown and we sat and had another glass of wine. I asked her how it had gone and she said that it was a bit tricky right between her legs, but wasn’t as difficult as she had feared it would be. I really wanted to see what she had done, but assumed that she would have offered if she wanted me to see.

We sat and chatted for a bit and I kept hoping that the dressing gown would fall open but the most I got to see were her legs (which are damn good). My desire got the better of me in the end and I had to act and asked her if I could have a look at where she had cut herself again. Lis stretched out her leg and I lifted it slightly so I could look at the back. I gently stroked the area and told her that it wasn’t really very noticeable. I got her to turn her leg a few different ways and finally managed to get a glimpse up her dressing gown – her pussy wasn’t really exposed so I couldn’t see very much, but it looks like she has fairly closed lips.

I told her that she had beautiful legs and admitted that legs were one of my ‘things’. Lis seemed to enjoy my stroking (and compliments) so I kept gently stroking them (only for about a minute and only below the knee – as much as I wanted to go higher, I think that I might stand a better chance if I take things slowly).

It was getting fairly late by this time and Lis had to get home so she went up to get dressed. Either her panties had dried enough or she didn’t notice (or maybe she didn’t put them on), but she didn’t say anything. We arranged to go out and buy a set of shaving stuff for her later in the week and I said that in the meantime if she wanted, she could always pop back and use one of Mike’s razors.

Having written this out, it has just dawned on me that I should have described how I shave Jen as then I would have had lots of opportunities to tell Lis how I hold her lips open or stretch the skin on each labia to make it smooth (and then how I lick her afterwards to check my work). Oh well, maybe if she comes back to do it again I’ll go with that explanation (just as a reminder on how to do it).

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