Friday, 30 April 2010

Sue in lectures

I meant to post this yesterday (it happened last week), but I was rather busy and forgot. Not long until my next visit to Jen...


Over the holidays, Mike managed to convinced Sue to try to masturbate in a lecture – I gave her some tips on the best way to do it and she has just reported back to us (so I’ll report it to you). All this information came out with quite a few leading questions from us – obviously Sue didn’t know that we were gathering information for a blog post so it might not be in the most logical form, but we’ve tidied it up a bit.

Sue wore a suitably short black pleated skirt (she doesn’t really go in for the schoolgirl look – unless Mike is around in which case she will really go for with in her Japanese schoolgirl outfit to get him going). She has gone without panties and tights a few times now, but given the weather isn’t really wonderful yet, she ended up putting on a thick pair of tights with a ‘strategic tear’ in the crotch. At least she didn’t wear any panties, so her pussy was easily accessible and she said that she had freshly shaved it just the night before. (Yet more proof that her claims of needing Mike to shave her are just to get him to eat her afterwards!) Mike suggested that she wear her Japanese outfit the next time she tries this, but she said that it was for ‘special’ (her emphasis) occasions only.

Anyway, back to Sue’s lecture... She chose a lecture in a proper lecture hall and arrived just after the lecture had started. She found a bench near the back of the room that didn’t have anyone else on it and sat as far away from people in the rows in front of her as she could. She had wanted to take her vibrating egg (the one that Mike had bought for her on our last visit), but I pointed out that in the relative quiet of a lecture, it would probably sound very loud. She waited until the lecture was about 10 minutes in and nobody else seemed to be turning up before she started. She wiggled forwards so that she was sitting right at the front of the bench and spread her legs. She said that she was very careful not to lift her skirt too high and just slipped her hand under it and up her thigh until her fingers found her pussy.

She gently rubbed around her lips while looking around to see if anyone had noticed what she was doing (I had told her not to look as it generally draws attention to you). She said that she remembered this after a little bit (and she hadn’t seen anyone looking her way anyway) so she relaxed a bit and let herself enjoy the feelings. She said that she was beginning to get wet enough to get her fingers inside her a bit and started to work them into her pussy. I had told her to practice pumping her fingers into her pussy without moving her arm beforehand, so she was happy to do this bit without worrying about being caught. (It’s actually much easier for a girl to do this than it is for a guy to wank without his upper arm moving).

Sue kept this up for a while and said that while it felt really nice (and naughty), it got to the point where it wasn’t doing any more for her (she rarely cums from just vaginal stimulation and like most girls needs some clit action). She wasn’t prepared to use both hands at once, so stopped finger fucking herself and started paying attention to her clit. Her fingers were nice and wet from the time inside her so she found it very easy to rub away and get herself very excited.

She said that by this point, she really wanted to squirm around and found it difficult to keep still, let alone quiet. Sue is only just getting the hang of being loud when she cums, but she usually makes a bit of noise and had to concentrate to stay silent. Her pussy was now pretty wet and she was dipping into it to keep her fingers nicely lubed while she continued to rub her little button (I love it when she says really cute things like that). She knew that she was fairly flushed, but was now close enough that she said she didn’t care too much and just wanted to cum.

She applied a bit more pressure to her clit and felt her orgasm start. She actually bit the end of her pencil to keep quiet and kept rubbing herself through her orgasm. As it peaked, she rubbed a bit more gently and kept tailing off the pressure until she was just brushing her clit during the post-orgasmic glow.

She said that she had another look around (which is a *really* bad idea because if anyone thought that you were up to something and then you check that nobody is looking, it just confirms that you were probably doing what they thought! She said that she thought that she was still undetected and slowly pulled her hand out and straightened up her skirt. She sucked her fingers clean (in a surreptitious way) and went back to concentrating on the lecture. At least that was the plan, but she said that her pussy was still tingling so much that she didn’t really take much in and had to get a copy of a friend’s notes.

I’m quite proud (which I know is a bit odd) that Sue has now managed to migrate from only being brave when on holiday to being able to do things like this in her own lectures. Mike had a wonderful idea to get Sue and Jen to visit at the same time again (that will certainly be happening) and to get Sue to agree to do everything that Jen gets me to do. It sounds good, but I don’t think that Sue will go for it. I really can’t imagine her cumming in front of a room full of people (well, okay, I *can* *imagine* it – and I can imagine pulling her panties off, diving into her cunt and eating her while Mike fucks me - but I still don’t think it’s going to happen!)

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