Thursday, 1 April 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 12 - Sunday morning

Almost finished now - only another 2 days of entries to go...


I woke up feeling quite rested and not as aroused as I had hoped (I thought that by being restrained last night and having sex dreams, that I might wake up ultra horny and we could have spent the whole morning in bed (or the kitchen, or the shower...). It’s not that I didn’t want to do things (I only really have to look at a naked Jen and I want to have her), I just wasn’t as fired up as I had thought I would be. We were both fairly hungry so went for breakfast (I got to wear a robe this time so didn’t have to work at keeping myself covered).

Jen had to copy up some notes from a couple of lectures she had missed while I was here and I took the opportunity to write up yesterday’s adventures – I got all tingly again while thinking about my little display on the roof and *really* wish I had at least let them see me cum – maybe we’ll go back tonight and I can try again – mmm.

Damn, Jen hasn’t quite finished copying things and I really want some attention – aha, back soon.


I gave Lis a call – we’ve exchanged a few texts during the week, but I haven’t spoken to her since I left (all my phone time has been with Mike). We chatted for a bit and I told her that I’d been having a wonderful week and would tell her all (well some) of the details when I returned. While I was talking to her, Jen came over to the bed and started to stroke my breasts. I tried to bat her away as she was tickling me, but she persisted and started to suck on my nipples. She got me to lie down on the bed and started to stroke my pussy – just tracing around it at first and then pressing her fingers between my lips and onto my clit.

I tried to keep a composed voice while I was chatting but after a while Lis could tell that something was up. I told her that Jen was just tickling me and Lis seemed to believe me for a while. I tried to hold my legs together but she pulled them apart and pressed her tongue against my pussy (not that I really wanted her to stop, but I had least had to pretend that I was resisting). I managed to stifle the moan that I really wanted to let out when she started to lick me and I thought I was doing well (other than breathing a bit more heavily) until she touched an egg to my clit and I couldn’t help but yelp.

Lis asked what was going on and I told her that Jen had me pinned down and was tickling my thighs (which was sort of true as her hair was brushing against them). There is a light chance that under different circumstances I might have been able to hold back, but given I had been thinking about yesterday’s fun and had been fairly turned on when I called Lis, I knew I was in trouble. Of course, I could have made my apologies and said I would call back, but a part of me liked the idea of cumming while talking to her. (I’ve occasionally played with myself while talking to her on the phone, but haven’t yet made myself cum.) I got Lis to tell me what everyone had been up to so I didn’t have to talk much and pressed back against Jen’s mouth. I tried to enjoy the sensations as much as possible so I would cum quickly and only really half listened to what Lis was saying.

When I came, I managed to keep reasonably quiet but did have to get Lis to repeat a question when I had finished cumming (about when I would be getting back). I relaxed on the bed and Jen want and got her new dildo – I thought she was going to use it on me, but she knelt over me and rubbed it over her pussy (holding one end behind and the other in front of her so she could move it back and forth). From the position I was in I couldn’t actually see her pussy as the dildo was in the way, but I could see her juices making the dildo shine and I told Lis that I would have to go and Jen kept ‘distracting’ me. Lis just laughed and said that she bet she knew how and I promised her that Jen wasn’t even touching me (also true – at that point). I did add that she would probably love to see what I could see and we arranged to meet up on Tuesday for lunch.

I considered ‘accidentally’ forgetting to end the call on the slight chance that Lis might continue to listen in on us and I wish I had tried that now but I did actually hang up, put my phone down and pull Jen to me. I told her she was a bad girl but she knows me well enough to know that I enjoyed it and would really like for Lis to knowingly listen in to us (okay, so I’d like Lis to join us, but the listening is more likely). The dildo was now on my stomach (well, pretty much from my pussy up to my breasts) and Jen was still rubbing herself on it. I have to say that I’ve never really understood the videos of lesbians who are giving blow jobs to dildos or strap-ons. I get the point of BJs of real cocks (and now I’ve grown more accustomed to the taste, I enjoy sucking Mike off and making him cum), but I don’t really see the point of ‘blowing’ a girl when it doesn’t actually do anything for her. If someone could make a device that transferred the feeling to her clit or up into her pussy, that would be a different matter, but (as far as I know) that doesn’t exist yet.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear about my random thoughts when we were in the middle of Jen humping herself against me. I grabbed her ass and moved her a bit higher up my body and told her to lean forwards so I could reach her breasts with my mouth (I wasn’t just licking her nipples, I really went to town and sucked and licked all around her breasts). With her so high up my body I also had easy access to her ass and cunt and took advantage of it by running my fingers over both. I tried to get the gel bottles from the bedside table but couldn’t reach so had to get Jen to pass them. Given I pinned down, I had to work blind, so I just squirted a load of tingle gel between her ass cheeks and let it run down to her pussy. Jen continued to rub herself on the dildo and this seemed to nicely smear the gel over it.

With the extra lube, I could easily get fingers into her (and help get the gel inside her). Enough had made it to her clit that she could feel it there as well and she started to push a bit faster and moan slightly. It was a bit harder to keep her breasts in my mouth, but I kept licking and sucking them as best I could – I really wanted to put some gel onto her nipples, but she sounded like she was enjoying herself and I didn’t want to interrupt things. I teased her a bit by alternating between rubbing her clit and fingering her (so she had to rub herself on the dildo to get pressure on her clit). I know I could have made her cum fairly easily, but I wanted her to hump herself to orgasm so I left her clit alone and let her get into a rhythm.

I did help by pressing on her ass to help her get more friction (a dildo covered with her juices and tingle gel is somewhat slippery) and I continued mauling her breasts with my mouth. It took her a little while to get there, but that just meant that she had a strong orgasm when she finally made it. I could feel her shaking slightly as she came (and I could certainly hear her mewing). Her chest was flushed but I couldn’t see her face when she came, which was a pity as I love the expression she usually has. She kept rubbing against the dildo through her orgasm and then lay on top of me. I had to get her to slide down to that I could kiss her and then she pulled the dildo out from between us and let me taste it (or rather she told me to taste it – not that I need to be ordered to taste Jen).

We kissed for a while and Jen said that she wanted to go out and practise with her new dildo on her bike. Now that we had a dildo each, we could both have fun. We got dressed into suitable skirts and opaque tights (and tops, obviously). My skirt wasn’t quite as suitable as the ones I would usually wear for this as Jen made me wear on that was just too short. It wasn’t really obvious, but the bottom of the dildo was just about visible (hidden in my tights). We helped each other get their dildo positioned properly (see one of the posts from Friday about this) and headed out. We called in on Mel to see if we could borrow her bike but she wasn’t in so we just went to get Jen’s bike. While we were in the bike compound, Jen ran her hand up my leg and gave my dildo a wiggle – we were overlooked by lots of windows but I guess that if anyone had seen us it would have just looked like she was stroking my thigh.

I said I would show her how I managed to cum while cycling and we walked to the same park as last time. It wasn’t that I could actually feel anything different, but knowing that we were both walking along with things in us did make me feel more excited and we had a conversation about what we were feeling without actually mentioning dildos or pussies, so we didn’t have to whisper. When we got to the park, I cycled around for a bit but Jen’s bike is a little too big for me (only just), but enough that I when I pedalled, my legs weren’t moving up and down as much (and hence the dildo wasn’t moving in me quite as much). Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a quick release saddle so we couldn’t lower it (we spent a good while trying to force it though).

After a while of getting frustrated (both with the saddle and the fact that we weren’t going to have as much fun as we had hoped), I had the brilliant (and obvious) idea of finding a bike shop. We didn’t have to go too far and found somewhere that we could act all girly and get them to lower the seat for us. It was much better like this and on our return to the park Jen watched me cycle for a bit and now that my knees moved up and down more, the dildo had a better effect. I didn’t keep going for too long before I stopped to let Jen try and it was even more pronounced a difference for her. Technically, the saddle was now too low for her so when she cycled, her dildo was pushed and pulled a lot more (note to self, must lower my saddle when I return to York).

She enjoyed it a lot more this time – she still didn’t cum, but said that there was more feeling and that it was enough to get her aroused a lot quicker. I really wanted her to be able to cum (preferably without crashing into something and being mangled) so we found a relatively straight road and she set off down it. Jen didn’t really care how silly she looked so she put the bike in a really low gear and her legs were spinning. She made it a fair way down before she turned around and came back to me. Given the colour she was (quite a bit redder than her usual orgasmic flushed colour) I assumed that it had been a success, but other than getting her really close (and I mean really annoyingly close), nothing had happened.

Given how close she was, I told her that she should try again and she set off at full (low gear) speed. Now I actually prefer pedalling at a lower frequency, but I guess Jen is still new to this. She came back again and was panting but still hadn’t cum (she said that she found it difficult to let go enough while concentrating on not crashing or falling off). I know that she was meant to be in charge this week, but I thought I could have a bit of fun and we rested the bike against a wall and crouched down as if we were looking at it. Jen reached under her skirt and rubbed her clit while I kept watch (we were shielded on the other side by a car, so I only had to check our path). Jen frantically rubbed her clit and leant on me while she came. I told her to keep squeezing the dildo (which was still in her) and after another quick check that we were still alone, I reached under her skirt as well and pumped it into her. I didn’t do that good a job of balancing her and she fell onto her knees (no damage other than a bit of a bruise), but she didn’t really care as she had quite a strong orgasm.

Jen stayed kneeling while she recovered and I took the opportunity to have a fondle of her ass (I’m definitely understanding Mike’s opaque tights fetish a lot more now). Jen let me suck her fingers clean and we had quick kiss. It was now my turn and Jen was very keen to see if I could cum while cycling. I cycled off and kept the image of Jen’s orgasm face in my mind and let the dildo do its work. Because I was only going up and down the road (in a higher gear then Jen) I kept being interrupted by having to stop and turn around (the road wasn’t wide enough to easily turn while cycling). It felt very good though and after a few laps I was starting to get close. I stopped to tell her that I wasn’t sure I could cum unless I kept cycling and Jen rested her hand on my thigh. I felt her fingers slide up under my skirt and then a fingertip flicking back and forth across my clit. I instinctively leant forwards slightly so she could apply more pressure and thought that she was going to make me cum.

She told me that there were some people walking towards us (from behind) and that I had about 30 seconds to cum. My body was hiding what she was doing to me from their view and I told Jen to rub faster. She gave me a running commentary on how close they were getting, which partly helped as it made it even more exciting, but was also a bit distracting. I was sooo close by the time they got to us and I really wanted her to just keep going, but she slid her hand back down my thigh and let me suffer. She told me that I had to cum while cycling, so we returned to the park where I could go in a circle. I had calmed down a bit by the time we got back but was still feeling frustrated so I started cycling while Jen went and sat on a bench. There were a few more people around, but they mostly kept off the cycle path and I could enjoy the dildo sliding in and out of me. The number of people around made it was a lot more exciting than normal and I briefly stopped to tell Jen that I would probably cum soon. About halfway round I knew that I was on the verge of cumming and tried to hold back until I was closer to Jen, but only made it about halfway back to her when I couldn’t take it anymore.

It was a very sharp orgasm and I let out a cry (and wobbled enough that I nearly ran into someone). I quickly regained my composure and kept going until I got round to Jen. By that point it had mostly passed, but I still felt a bit shaky so I asked her to hold me up. When I was a bit more stable, I dismounted the bike and we went off to have a late lunch in a cafe. We obviously still had the dildos in and I felt quite tender (not painfully so, but I was glad we walked there and I didn’t have to cycle). We talked about the best way for Jen to practise so she could have a bike-cum and she has an action plan that she will work on over the next few weeks. After lunch, we went shopping to get some food for Lucy’s visit and then returned to her room.

It actually felt quite good to get the dildo out and Jen kissed my pussy better (no licking, just gentle kisses for a few minutes). While she tidied up her room, I wrote up today (so far). I’m now going to get freshened up and changed into something prettier for Lucy’s visit.


  1. What a series! I can understand a certain reluctance to post video or images but have you ever considered recording an orgasm session with you and Jen and posting the audio file?

  2. Dear Andi,
    I've never understood why a Woman would want to fellate a dildo either, except perhaps in terms of domination and submission. However, when You win Your Nobel laureate, perhaps You could use some of the prize money to buy a feeldoe and ask Jen to suck it while You're wearing it!
    Happy Easter and please write and tell us what You and Mike did with the Cadbury's cream eggs!

  3. I considered the audio file but Jen thought that might be ever more personal than just pictures (and I think she is right)

    I think I need to get my PhD finished before I can start work on my Nobel (and completing thesis seems like a long way off at the moment...)

  4. I meant to add that cream eggs aren't a good idea as they are for too sticky!